The StartUp Radio Show

Brian Church is a founding partner and Chief Executive Officer of the Virtual Idea Incubator,  Brian is a bestselling author and accomplished speaker who is dedicated to helping people in the US and abroad in the art and science of incubating and growing their ideas.  

Les Stouder is a founding partner and Chief Information Officer of the Virtual Idea Incubator,  Les is a multiple Patent, Trademark and Copyright holder and lifelong serial entrepreneur, with a genuine passion for helping people take control of their intellectual property potential and leverage it to generate amazing, life altering results!™ Show is a one hour per week, nationally syndicated radio

show based out of Nashville, TN. The show is about Startups, entrepreneurship,

intellectual property & innovation. Every week features at least one

guest, at the top of their respective field and expertise, providing valuable

information, insight and opportunity.


Entrepreneurship & Startups

Current statistics pertaining to new business development and startups project over 50,000,000 new launches globally by 2020. The reasons for this are numerous and diverse; but the primary driver is technology. The effect on employment and job displacement, as well as the resulting changing paradigm, is leading to another age of enlightenment, and the catalyst is entrepreneurship.

Becoming an entrepreneur is an alluring influence. As romantic as the idea is, few people possess the proficiency in every category required to go from napkin sketch to market shelf. Ecosystem ™, with years of experiential development and refinement, is a collection of proprietary software(s), that provides the tools and accountability to build, grow & sustain a new project, and, ultimately; prosper.

Until now, it required up to nine different websites to complete only a fraction of what can now be accomplished at one destination. The Ecosystem is based on our Seven Pillars of Development, and the Entrepreneurs Bundle of Rights. THE virtual incubator. Placing the power of your innovation, back in your hands.