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Friday, April 13th

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Welcome back to W opens in Charlotte I'm Ryan channel we saw there at the end of the college basketball season a couple weeks ago in San Antonio with a Villanova hoisting the national championship. We saw Duke's season and earlier than that you know in the tournament. And with some guys you leave for the NF for the NBA draft in Marvin baggage through trade on Duval and Gary Trent junior. And who knows when Carter might be right behind behind them in terms of declaring for the NBA draft. Obviously you know it's always fast policies and here in north north and South Carolina. And it's all about rebuilding and kind of re loading and we're gonna go out to detect come guest on here and talked with a guide. That your gonna see in Cameron in Cameron next year for the duke blue doubles. That is us or and is a local divers here which is even more important. And now we're not to detect and I'm guessing he's actually out in important organ with the Nike hoop summit. I will talk a month that put their regard to the techno guests on welcome enzyme Williams and Zion Dario. It think things are good you know how to start you know I know you know you've obviously you know what we'll talk about this in the second you know you've got to the wrist injuries you're not participating. You know practices this week in you know you're not gonna play in the game tomorrow night but it's still a really cool experience a long long way from Spartanburg resident. On both ours and greater burden on because. It that are in us as well those little here and are delighted being Mubarak or stood by yarder even darker marked armed. Pay edited shorter as pro live their lives. Though. Young it was a very earn experience. That's let's I'm going senior on now on W opens a again not you can you can watch these you can why design and and the other team missing guys that he's out there with you can watch that that the Nike hoop summit tomorrow off Friday night on ESPN two at 10 PM eastern. I can also follow on Twitter at the hash state who saw it and I can also also on Twitter at Mota senator as well as Nike hoops some and I believe. Design in kind of how the last two weeks been for you kind of I know you've kind of been move around the country and you were in the McDonald's all American game and that was in Atlanta so wasn't that far for a in terms of from Spartanburg but Doherty where you know how the last couple weeks been for you already feel like you're right we'll put your game right now. And you know kind of with the talent that you've been up against how we're do you feel like you're at with your game right now as you can prepare the next level. Armed the last few weeks you're very and a new coach drew because. I've read about it because America is sort of reckless and I keep them here Erica there's there's. I try to experiences beyond here. Well on the report coroner would that aren't summer's low aired or Gaza. Answered as he did robotic or is there but by the old remark into another level. That's the voice of design Williamson a Spartan day Spartanburg Daze star here on the W opens in the tech can guess line. Design you know and you her bureau your thumb a couple weeks ago at that McDonald's all American game hi how you feel on. Uproar aren't aren't. Are released on the arms still work and I'm still working out my body shape. Is gonna do physical player. Canada and a lot of duke fans here is Suzanne this is they heard that there'll they there was little oil like ever was gasping for you know everyone's like oh my gosh it was the OK without Al. Yeah how many people you had like checking on you in terms of you know if everything's okay with the. In basically everybody. Although Larry are you okay I'll Lori are you now. The bottom right on the police as they truly already. Slowed our son of the two weeks and are proud. It isn't nice to have that level of attention with all those people kind of making sure you're okay is and and is a nice to have all those people are worried about him. Odierno mariners you know and it. You know I have a lot of people lowered. Oh Thursday he Saudi this sunrise there. Doug design Williamson here on out WFNC I'm Ryan sell unit Zion you know I know you even know you got injured was still kind of cool that you know reboot if you know you were able to win the slam dunk championship before your injury and that somebody can still hang your hat on right. Are yet elegant and very fair torso and the crowd. They were really into it. You know what it is that you grow it a current and Olivia. You are are arguing that aware. You know you missed the guitar explorer. I don't ya. It. Good stuff. That's the voice of Josiah Williams and again you can follow sign on Twitter you know through this journey if you you know obviously with has been for a far away from from from Portland organ you follow signs journey on Twitter at designed W 32. Design you know I know you know you hear Yemeni look Chris participate everything this week it's been kind of cool that you know your future teenager future duke teammates. In cameras and Trey Jones are out there with few are closer to be able to be there with you can and connect with those guys are gonna share this journey with them. You on a tray was excellent the guys who's gonna have a big part in kind of you were in the recruiting effort for you. The good to go to duke you know how cools and having those guys out there with you through this process. On this very court date of all forma per McDonald's. So we are like eight to get there were wearing each other roles are always in I'd suggest. It sort of reduces the imagery that ought be you put our donors still learning about the other in dominant chance will be together. And at the new army you know aren't hurt you sort you know we're always sorting out each other's distilled it down. But we are. What's the kind of stuff the guys studio like is it is the plan for tonight is in the in the dorm room like what's what's the kind of stuff you guys are doing together you guys are to be teammates for. Hopefully the next four years like what's what's what's the Bonn and the guys are doing together. Art amateur error border layered look at yeah targeted large. Growth is we generally. There's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong what what what would Zion dune is fair in his spare time what what do you do your spare times and what's the thing that that do you like to do when you're not focusing on basketball. Armed and largely kept lit love for birdie. Just like in the music group jerk it. What's what's what he wants on Netflix right now aren't will be more than a game a cut coach who. Wrote it. Okay you get your good taste of that stuff. Talking to resign Williamson here on not done on nine W offends he again he's out in Portland Oregon at the Nike hoop summit again you cannot find more information on the Nike hoop summit at www. Nike hoop summit dot com. Again you can now also watched the term or watch the game tomorrow. On ESPN 2 at 10 o'clock eastern. Design you know in going back to obviously you know it was sort of a long awaited decision for redefined to find out where you gonna take your your vast wall to the next level. And you know I know you had yet to take the court yet Purdue but also looking back on it now you're do you feel you know blow you know what's what's going on your mind and you feel like you made the right decision. They are seductive are made to write this loser. Good hated that it floated a lot of start to Wear team USA. So all oil western there are. You know is guarded our that I can make you. Or members. And I know why you're going back that decision you know obviously it's it's it's near the decisions yours and you know and you and you had your family around you and your friends are kind of stuff was what was the biggest factor in that decision two. Unit to become a blue double. It was really my decision on. The biggest factor was just the am who I was cool look that I can go to Lou who you know. They weren't doing it because it was their they're going to. They just truly loved she shared. The game of basketball. Are. And also work our current weather I don't barking in the glow. On the you're listening there to resign waves and a Spartan day star again you can bomb on Twitter at designed W 32 and you you've heard this before obviously you know in the number three prospect in the country number two in the ESPN top 100 number one power forward in the country of and the number one prospect in South Carolina so I left and I know you love to hear neck and it's a he has signed for you you have he had the opportunity to talk to coach insurance and your commitment. Article scared yet. Of course those are with our allies aren't as good goes slayer Bart atlas air before that. But so was a thing that you learn what's the what's the thing you learn the most from him obviously not on campus yet you're not that you have that kind of one on one interaction yet. But what's that thing you've kind of learned the most from him just in the conversation you guys are fatter over the phone or or whether it was a visit like is it. Yeah you're going to be with them for next couple years what's the thing you feel like the you've already learned from him. In the limited action he's been in the limited at interactions you guys have had to go. That I have more potential. Each unit you know one of the great to play a game. A voter keep my body see all my aircraft. Direct guidance. You know because record in the Atlantic braves. There are some are really learn grow. Talking design Williamson here on now on WF frenzied. In design and you kind of got the royal the royal treatment from coaching I can't I know we came in visit do you Daryn Spartanburg on that stuff but die and you also had some interactions with that which with coach Capel here he's moving on to Pittsburgh and things like that. What were your actions with that with coach Capel. I mean all re kind of memories are or you know what would you take away from your meetings with that with coach Capel. You know while he was little he was part of that your recruiting process. Oprah's always say I'm happy for courts people move bird. I was in the best look there and minor of course it will very. You know he's you what to do you look good evening occurred to respect the players when are you all ain't nobody gonna just Hollywood with the weather net. That's a voice of design Williamson here on RW opens the again Zion is is out with his his future duke teammates at the Nike -- some and again you can not find more information if you're interested. In getting tickets sets a Nike hoop summit doc commonly can watch the tournament tomorrow night Tony is into a 10 o'clock eastern. Or not on television. You know Zion you know I know coach K is like the coast is the guy. Did you ever and I know and it's one of those things where you have insider national letter of intent yet. How many people that's who they're like he sign are you gonna go with coach cable to patently how many times have people asked of that. People. On what are going to be on our mark article is here with a bird yeah it's an effort to look there where. Mr. glucose and do. Designed waves in here on now on WF Lindsay. Zions is one of wish you all the best the lucky guy again and they're not participate in the game tomorrow night and you know you've got obviously a lot of letting you know lot of your plate you know kind of moving moving forward here the next couple months but there were certainly you know. We're certainly can't wait to see here in Cameron not in the fall. And certainly wish you the best of the rest of this process okay. Thank you. Thank.