Willy Hernangomez on being traded to the Hornets: "I feel like Charlotte is the right place for me"

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Wednesday, February 14th

Newest Charlotte Hornet Willy Hernangomez joins the Mac Attack to discuss being traded from the Knicks. 


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First wanted to know from hurting Gomez is let's get Scott to the chase. I've heard Billy I've heard pronounce Willy which one is it big Fella. I prefer Billy and I celebrated our viewers. I want to try to ruin both sides of the ability Billy. Okay you want so we're trying to get dragged on for you are right call your right name all right it's all right where's the career. It's the least we can do here as far as coming years Charlotte's let's talk a little bit of ballots you know what happened there are New York because. You with the knicks and you have a really meaning courage and great starts of the careers a rookie you make the all rookie team at. And then this year you know not get no minutes I think do you hope to each you've got you know they make some changes on a roster bring in cancer mean. How oh how frustrating was it in new York and in what really happened there. I mean it was sort of there you have nuclear nudity. Who are really Rivera. You know they don't have a great group Lisbon New York at a scum or turning come. Sort of being. You know that's central time sort of sort of near an edge. Ultimate underdog we're very not a struggle blips are two or army their big lets you measure. First of what I wanted to thank you. Where all the near nick sort of say general to be put his working there. Because they remain myriad of issues brought so yes. You know percentage of the premium nonchalant. I determine how some number of degree here. You what let's split that's cool and enact and I want to ask you about that I think that's classy touch if you you know make sure hey I appreciate what happened in New York even if they didn't. You work out long term you come here Charlotte does it feel like eighth leg just a fresh start aspect to this feel good tee it. Yeah Philip the first person you don't let this thing into the community here and incorporated this side they're being. There's a great administration on our great quickness are great players. That they love me the rich to be used to hard finishes though we're a team. I'm not you know this series is tonight clearing the way it is not it is cool side Rihanna looked to be hearing some. We're talking with Willie Billy earning Gomez Harry screwed up my own from Austria that was gonna get everybody's sake. It's Saturday correctly and then I'll most screwed it up we're talking to Billy during Gomez from. Your Charlotte hornets brand new addition via trade last week now hey now you you are officially an employee of Michael Jordan a guy. And I think most of us would say as the greatest basketball player ever have you met MJ yet. I don't I don't ma got away to Europe meant there and Michael lure for gates is going to be a very special moment. We've been this clear. An award and it is very so I'm very excited who can I came out you know playing fine he's been I saw it as a for many. What do you what do you think comparing them and read this guy here last week but it's a big difference from go on from New York City biggest city in the country. To Charlotte I mean what I do Warrick to meet to many were perfect nice sized snow on the and we had some big city things the we saw the smaller cities deal. But to you it's got to be like wow this is a New York anymore what do you think Charlotte's life compared to New York City. Let legacy that phrase such great size all I mean here in this city. Our clean city are gonna smoke poured through article relating to your site and Paramount to winning not access some Valero slope police cars. An atrocity can also my I think he's always going to be here. I like Datsyuk you don't like smell good food all time high that does that does that trouble for. Challenging way different. Bernie you're. But I think going to be there right blissfully. I don't uterus so I don't really focused on what I think to be and you know going to be a great Griffey and not to be sure some of from the beginning so particular trick. I'm Nancy great town as a great Sam would like to welcome here we're we're talking Billy turning Gomez. From the Charlotte hornets and I was in New York City where I could smell food all the time out even Saturday and am right now and India and it can be dangerous for make a mom died let's let's talk about you know something I find interesting too is. I didn't realize this until you got traded here we saw or read about shield you know you're just teammates with Crist asked forcing us in New York I mean you and him. Go back a ways you played together in Spain you ended up being in teammates here. You guys are really tight I mean is that a hard aspect to this you know not playing well it was Christa asks. We very are for sure I never play against crystal in our lives we are best friends when I turn. Boxing years ago. You know we spend more time to their know what pharmaceutical which they're not as they. Buddy Tony are going to be excited especially on the brilliant in a web front of the court so I want to bury it because certainly no not so you're going to be limited special. I want to rule in or use this opportunity to wish him I don't see. Article armory. There he edited acidity so I think closely I was skating under you know. It would be about is stronger. Better social. Yeah how would you describe your game or would you compare to somebody like cat who would you compare your game to how would you describe the hornets fans. That haven't yet seen you play your or or don't really remember seeing you plot you know. I think Paramount energy very very so. Inaudible though my aunt flora and I love Laura likes her screens Greg rebound I know do many things looked at a slower arm. I'm on a guitarist but you know especially delicate political blows so you know what my my favorite prayer. Why try to learn everybody's as Smart also had so I demonstrated on this and very good news is no way this one of my goals. To be here and parents are to be better. But Jim kind of newspaper in the low post. Got to do it they're not suicide attempt shall more on the open it opened the core you know commit. Grace now when when you look at his roster are Sanders seems like it is one of our best positions when you talk about the white cowering and Cody Zeller. In the first and second string. What is as coach Clifford talked to you about a role like what role they had in mind they almost spring UN maybe more for the future reserve meeting several are talking about. I mean you're right now who are this is what is its. It or don't celebrate everybody in this in our control and eskom Nero are doing you know. Order so much you guys that's on the budget stuff but they're really gonna not trust me. Aaron what a dual. Well I think I can do more I have I think we have a great big guys are. The wives were alerted although their readers what do we find it's going to be great to learn. When those guys I'm not trying to I'm not Barbie and or sort and I think it will be without what I would completely bare I slide. Well Nevada solar 100 do. You know whose members are start there's so. We're so let's go to war when the coach mean they're gonna be ready. I guess I'm very happy you're so good at what traditionally. I'm not or sort of what I learn and going to be very but who you know mid nineteen hundreds of. There you go brand new hornet's com Billy don't call me Willie. Hurting Gomez.