Willy Hernangomez on being traded to the Hornets: "I feel like Charlotte is the right place for me"

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Wednesday, February 14th

Newest Charlotte Hornet Willy Hernangomez joins the Mac Attack to discuss being traded from the Knicks. 


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I prefer Billy and I believe that it use. A lot of tried the right outside going to be dearly Billy. Okay you want so we're gonna try get that don't want for a right call when you're right name all right it's okay where's that matter it's the least we can do here as far as coming your Charlotte's. Let's talk a little bit of doubts you know what happened there are New York because. You're with the knicks and you have a really I mean encouraging great start to the careers a rookie you make the all rookie team. And then this year you know not get no minutes I think that you hope to each you've got you know they make some changes on a roster bring in cancer mean. How oh how frustrating was it in new York and in what really happened there. Mean listen we're really a. No not a great grip Lisbon New York an outcome or turning Gump. Let being. You know about it the blacks are part of heritage. Ultimate target to be there aren't a threat to blip or two or army today they recognize that a first of what I want to thank you. Where all the near Detroit city journal to be put as working there. The court's moderate and immunity issue mostly years you know the senate have to put me on the arms or not. Are determined how are numbered arbitrary. You well let's look at school and an and I want to ask you about that I think that's classy touch reviewed you know make sure hey I appreciate what happened in New York even if they didn't. You work out long term you come here Charlotte does it feel like gays and like just a fresh start aspect to this feel good tee it. Yeah Philip the first and you let this thing and so that community here in your portray the other side they're being. These are greater crisis on a great quickness are great players. That they meet the rip Greg used the are there any issue duplicate. I'm not you know the series is not playing the way it is night is cool saw Arianna let me Gary Osama. We're talking with Willie Billy earning Gomez are screwed up my own promise to. That was gonna get everybody is safe to say her name correctly and then album screwed it up we're talking to Billy Aaron Gomez from. Your Charlotte hornets brand new addition via trade last week. Now have now you you are officially an employee of Michael Jordan a guy and I think most of us would say as the greatest basketball player ever have you met and Jay yet. I don't I don't I went through there are meant there miked or not for me is going to be Bristol is a moment. Did the best player. An award and is very so I'm very excited who can make it matters you don't think I'm used to it as a pleasant for me. What do you what do you think comparing Amanda you just got here last week but it's a big difference from gone from New York City biggest city in the country. To Charlotte I mean what you were to meet to many were perfect nice size yummy we have some big serious things the we saw the smaller city feel. But to you it's got to be like wow this is in New York anymore what do you think Charlotte's like compared New York City. Let legislate from his side grid sizes are all I mean they're in the city are clean city. I've been a smoke for the new article that there are other terror two would not access some blends well police cars. No trust it also these all go to be here. I'm like dad Z you don't like smelling food all time that does that does that trouble for a. Charlotte is way different. Bernie you're. But he's going to be there right bliss army. I don't really address at a reduced total. I think to be and you know going to be a great where experience not to be curious some of from the beginning so let's say it's. That's a great town it's a great staff would like to welcome here we're we're talking ability earning Gomez. From the Charlotte hornets I was in New York City racquet smell food all the time out even Saturday and am right now. At and T and it would never be danger for me. Mom thought let's let's talk about you know something I find interesting too is. I didn't realize this until you got traded here we start reading about you your you weren't just teammates with Chris stats forcing us in New York I mean you and him. Go back the way you played together in Spain you ended up being teammates here. You guys are really site I mean is that a hard aspect of this you know not plan what it was Krista apps. You're going to be our social I never played against response allies we are best friends when I turn. Boxee there's a goal and you know we've spent more time to read our pharmaceutical at least they're not as they. Buddy going to be aren't going to be excited to the special agent in a web front political it's I want to guard him because federal you know he has so you're gonna be gonna disperse them. I want to rule you know use this opportunity to wish him I'll be. Article very to the the other day of the surgery so I think falsely prosecuted under you know. It would be about is stronger. Better social. Now how would you describe your game or would you compare it to somebody like cat who would you compare your game to how would you describe it the hornets fans. That haven't yet seen you play or or or don't really remember seeing people you know. I think I'm high energy guy. Very so. Inaudible though my aunt flora nightlife and Laura likes their screens and angry about it might not do many things at both ends of the floor. I'm on a depressed but you know especially delicate political blows so you know one of my my favorite player. Went right to learn everybody's Smart so and so I cannot say on the center equities and away this what do Michael. To be here Lara took to be better. But you have got to discredit in the low post. Struggle you're there are so it was a gut. So Lauren opened the opened the core you know summit. It now when when you look at this roster are Sanders seems like it is one of our best positions when you talk about the White House ordering and Cody Zeller. Arm in the first and second string. What is as coach Clifford talk to you about a role like what role they have in mind today almost bring you in May be more for the few sure is their immediate role that they're talking about. Mean you're right now this is things so. It's where all star break everybody it is in our our usual I have come mural art school you know war council might seem except on the budget stuff. But they're really kind of not trust me our ridicule. That think they can do. But I have been have a great big Gary's. The large. Similarity and although there was and we are going to be great to learn. When those guys are up front I'm not a bargain. Or sort of that in the book without a gauntlet to their outside. A look at each other or permit being. You know there's not much respect there's so. Persona that's what our when the courts in their gonna be ready. December copy it is so critical traditionally. I'm not or sort of what are learning going to be very art but who you know magnet you know that it took.