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Tuesday, May 22nd

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What will Kennedy's down in Atlanta NFL owners' meetings were about to see if if it will be approved as easily as we think that David tepper. Will be a new owner to Carolina Panthers restart there though we know what's what's the thing that you had. The route your childhood or your early. Our early adult life the look back and think man what on earth was I doing wearing that we're styling my hair that way what was that thing for you will Kennedy. I'm a little bit older we're gonna go parachute then no questions yeah. See little. I have heard that parachute grant brought Dan Marino where before you would ever. Doctors are talkers you wanna know the soloist to a quick Google out but they had little zipper pocket he could put our optimum. Oh we oh I see yet who that Ian we'll know that's not a group that's not accurate rocket or Eddie Van Halen OK. Got you so like I'm looking at a bright red pare pare shoe fits right now is that we you would Wear. Doubt probably black okay she's a human thing that was I don't Drudge Ottawa look at what to do to pull off the Redman. All right so we will Kennedy was WC CB. News its and also does a lot of sports stuff form as well you can catch their god game show on Sunday evening as well on W ccb here in Charlotte. He's our resident mediocre or we love willow around here okay follow him on Twitter at will Kennedy news so he's embedded deep. At the NFL owners' meetings down in in Atlanta right now set the scene will what's been going on the last last 24 hours down there. I am here and indeed that there will be adequately hotel at about kind of like that that the Kennedy bill which they are on vacation is are. Market night. Our advocates and it's kind of been you know wait it her weight kind of atmosphere down here that your body is waiting for David pepper to show up he got here. Last night it out of the meeting. Scheduled for today the heat here at the building. Every been staked out outside waiting for Jerry Richie sent to show up he's going to be here. To kind of they despair well the other NFL owners here this afternoon. At a meeting that the vote will take place finance committee met earlier we understand that he would approve the activity David pepper was the failed Pampers them. Now move on to abort the owners into the 24. Out of the thirty you are the mortuary and what if it maybe lamp not publicly could be unanimous within the depth. I love that the finance meeting was probably this day I'd David I pay in cash okay seen a few hours the wire transfer complete received darker did you. You know the problem is when you break two billion dollar bill knows it's gone before you know it right. Man it I mean it's wit what's crazy about this whole thing when David tepper you've been you've only been around him loosely I think crime but. You see some of the other owners their does he have a eighty. An aura about him because he portrays he claims to be the every day every every man's billionaire and he reportedly would drive a roster whatever that means that would drive a rusted through minivan into his hedge fund when he was operating now for while conceding want people to treat him differently because he had a lot of money and I I would just wonder like being around him do you feel like he's a larger than life personality or does he feel like just a random dude who blew just pay 2.2 billion dollars for an NFL team. Typically carry them sell more like you know like the average got more like that random dude WE. He does how to have maybe that he hasn't been in the club yet he's the minority owner of the you're pretty not been part of that the public. In our boat to the other article about partner that morning become into the building it is that we lack the way they're threat quote there where. David tepper not wearing the same kind of do you know the super that the Armani suit. AP PW look more like it got to let it extort you so I got an interesting. Aspect of Pampers spent maybe he's going to be that guy like some of the game. I look now to have appear to shore up capital worked out but may I make Gulfport. I thought to your eyes of the same thing Esther will Kennedys will this again by the way WC CBI told that yesterday to Damian. I would have never said this about Jerry Richardson for obvious reasons there's probably big age difference we probably don't have a lot in common that I'd wanna talk to about public. David tapper does strike me is that that the guy I would love to hang out them for a little while it just pick his brain I think he's got interesting things to say any. Seems like the type of guy you'd actually probably wanna hang out with for a little while. I think so for sure I think he'd get a brain I'm not the other out of the box kind of owner may be a Mark Cuban or some other than other sports but. And you bring the different ideas. To the table here and maybe promote business side of things he can help the league right now. They've got you know collective bargaining around the corner they've got to negotiate with the different networks that'll be coming up for too long and I imagine he's going to be a player in baton yet it just blows your mind I think it's this guy has that I am now. Access to catch that he could think this is Steve. Any of them didn't you know we knew it a good deal good deal on the stretch that begins at that price weighted. I know he's excited to join the cup we were talking outside the that the ball like you know getting yet to be invited to going to go right to do you know be part of that. Where the masters is played and that's what it feel like you're you know David tepper with the one they wanted to invite to the club. We'll help promote. I guess the body language the Specter of coverage and Trevor comes into this thing has the second world the owner in the league wants this thing is approved that's what you mean position. For somebody that's start now the waited this thing is gone now how do. Since the other owners. Respect David tepper. I think he'd he'd come with a built in respect simply because he does that that minority stake at 5% that'll sell. In a Pittsburgh Steelers. And I think everybody in this league respect the cure organization the way it's been run the tradition the championships there. In other kind of they're kind of a role model organizational model like the patriot right now but didn't have been that way. Really they're you know that there inception I think that brings him. Built in credibility the stable at a and that money that you're talking about his business record it. In this the guy who's been out products Domonique are ready keep that on the banks about fact. During the recession he kind of that that vision that sports site. Be ahead of the curve and I think. That's what some of these other hours are hoping it would attract superior to combat the I wouldn't want that scene. There's going to be up they'll and you're gonna have some of the Stanley run organizations whether beat out what potentially. Which even. Don't take it over for his dad Gerry were in transit and other organs they that the government knew it felt like we did. Where a guy like David shepherd jump and I think he does have to sit back in weight. That the fairly I think it peace see an opportunity he's got an idea. I think he can jump in and get better. So I'm right I can see right now a lot of other folks there or down there are saying tempers gone back into them into the meeting some maybe just a moment of truth and I don't know if you're nearby will at the hotel will Kennedys will this again by the way W ccb. That there's there's a rural home. With a with elect turn and two TVs with Panthers logos on I mean it seems we're gonna get a press conference so. Do we know if we will hear from. Either tapper indoor Jerry Richardson when this meeting is over done with this Jerry is down there in these meetings as well also do do we know. Who we will hear from this afternoon in the end maybe at some point the next hour to. That's the power better approach is the media has not given any kind of schedule Ernie Banks. We can app after rat at Purdue don't at this meeting at 130. The two at 230. Where the vocal take place. And it is my understanding doctor Q people and just makes sense that they would bring David tepper I don't know mr. Richard in common they can make remarks as well. But bring demand for quick prepped up and other. Unscheduled meeting epic from like 23530. Not quite sure what that point could be for but I I would imagine and end. Somebody a doctor at the apple opposite laps which. You know there understanding is that and a belt want to get David tepper out there they wanna get him in front of cameras and and you know as the new order even though Walt officially. BB all buttoned up until July they wanna do about that because they wanna put. The scandal if you will in the rear premieres quickly Bob we'll move this franchise spoke so we do expect to hear from them. I'm count on is that not an IMAP talk a lot of the 10 o'clock show I'd rather have David pepper talk. It won't kill I guess I'm not expecting this with Jerry speaking but do you think will the jury. Should speak a do you think you should offer some sort of final hole. Closing or I mean he is not apologized for any of the any of these accusations dollars in a Cinderella semi IDC is simply said I'm selling the team so do you. In your mind. As a guy that is a news anchor. I do you do you believe that the speech or release issue a relief I mean do you think any batters this likely just gonna go away the way it has gone so far for the last few months. Obviously up a lot of you be able to ask a question or he directs them. But you are rich and I would love to get in front of the microphone I have a feeling that if that does happen to be to be a prepared statement here I doubt. Is it take any questions and I I would be out of shock radically pro is if you address. You the issue this scandal at all during the state out of that it would be just the more. The retrospective and and you know going on about the source David tapper. You know aren't our part of Jared is PR machine. It is people I would not put an up and take questions. I'm obligated apple will use and operate there are other things the interfere in the being appear tomorrow well you know it there's another thing including. On the other National Anthem at the other thing that were open to get Matt is properly be Roger Goodell I'd loved to what David tepper. About some of these other league pitching well but yeah yeah but it it's. They're really uncharted territory where you have an older selling like this under these circumstance I think only of Donald Sterling. And the NBA is an example. You know and and I can't imagine Donald sterling and a proud Papa don't you know we've got about that you team from you know what sort of. Yes and and we'll let you go look there's an and you got to work you come again you know. Get a bird dog a little bit just wait for things to happen down there but we'll we'll let you know this insurer in the news game. We broke big news well you're way down in Atlanta today OK we broke huge news in the city Charlotte I don't know if you're aware this. Enough of no infected doesn't need fixing a you don't wanna fix this we we've discovered by. By way of it intrepid listener we've now dubbed him saint Gary if she's fallen strangers here for exactly that chick filet in this city is a is a test market. For their chicken minis which are now available. All throughout the day as chicken sliders okayed only in Charlotte right now is a test market so we broke that that news on our show today. This dispute with his breaking news we're gonna we would give it the banner. All cap yes and we grow at a base across the screen while we were talking about it and I think we could probably at least three or four hours. Covered out of that with the right panel Kroger could you be Arnett and. I will be on that panel Tre Boston will be on a panel stand Norfleet will be on that tails and could we flash I would just ask the would flash that lower third graphic is Willits got a flashback in four sort really grabbed attention. Oh yeah we have what are yes pulsing some people's eyes can is this the furcal away from that screen. Our 10 o'clock tonight good when I'm super corridor at its if we're gonna happen toward its gonna be media opportunist. Rather then then then BO report. I'll I like Richard joined there will Kennedy he's on Twitter at will Kennedy news he's down in Atlanta a follow him. And he's on tonight W ccb music sand and of course the guy got game every Sunday night as well so I'll go check him out we love will William the best my friend that you make in time I don't enjoy.