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Thursday, December 7th

Kroeger discusses the state of the Hornets with Stephen Silas & Pat Delany.


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Please please you or. Hornets coach you show what an inside view from the bridge of your Charlotte hornets. I. Brought you Michael wrote a life of crucial partner about Charlotte hornets in WS busy game on the Miami Miller got a good save their. Got to stay together as they almost say about this here's Chris Kroger. It's W offensive orders coach's show hornets awful loss man that was tough last night 10187. Go down to the warriors and hornets. Fall to one I want on this four game home stand two winnable games coming up Friday and Saturday as we now know both now know the hornet's announcing an the last. Forty minutes that Doug Cody Zeller and Greg Kaminsky will not be a part of those schemes because Cody Zeller is out indefinitely with a medial meniscus tear in his left knee and Duff for frank Kaminsky so writing goals injury and it's gonna have him out specifically for tomorrow. I NT will be updated from game to game from that but double hornet's. Are struggling last night to run to score once again 35% shooting overall 31%. From behind the three point line and the hornets getting down by as many as 26 points in the second quarter the warriors they closed within fifteen at the halftime break cut that lead down to eleven go into the fourth and it could've been a five point game by Michael Carter Williams. Are unable to budget to hit a layup and it turned into a nine point game up right after that so big four point swing that was kind of it for the hornets last night we hear from Stephen Silas. Twenty plus minutes with him pat Delaney hornets assistant he's gonna join us as well other Kemba Walker last night after the game I saying that there are things that need to change about this team. And eat your your your don't hear the furor that was thinks. Yes things are pros. You know we we we have have carried over. Moshing around. Military today. Of course is very close to listen and establish it was great this place and every night to what your excuse. We haven't been doing that and that's all I was saying no we just we just have to be better. They'll lamb after the game last night saying now borne its missing wide open shots. And they're good defense saying should we missed a lot of easy shots I know I did on this wide open shots. Home. In his life he's shy so again they know. Very long inside they can socialize cousin might consider revisions obtained com. But I feel like tonight we. Be remiss last I write this anointed him. Am so unfortunately for the Warner chairman Glen last night by the way just six points up the hornets got 24 from Jumbo 77 rebounds. I shoot six rebounds five assists nicked or two with fifteen points five rebounds forces Dwight Howard fourteen points. Seven rebounds so but the hornets that that defensive struggle are against the warriors were those open shots you can really see the strain on that hornet's offense and dot unable to make those looks and you can't get down 26 points to a team like that and try to turnaround for Victor really get some answers hornets have dropped five out of six. And others got two big games coming up Friday and Saturday both at home against the bulls. And the lakers this is a stretch of eight out of ten being at home ten out of thirteen and home overall and assorted steam now sitting at nine and fourteen and with these injuries Steve the first being out indefinitely as well it is a real sense of urgency surrounding his squad we get answers from Stephen Silas. Associate head coach assistant coach pat Delaney they join us next. On our hornet's coach's show brought to you by corona light beats slime time by seeding game on line may end. Prop Porter of the hornets we continue on 1025610. WS NC. Back to the hornets coach you show me an inside view from the bench of yours Charlotte hornets walker. Go for the kill shot. Brought you Michael Rona life official partner of the Charlotte hornets in WM DNC game on my me. Here's Chris Kroger. Sorry we're go to the technique come guess line and as so we roll on we we welcome in now the the interim head coach for the Charlotte hornets of course the associate head coach for the Charlotte hornets and Stephen Silas also lost last night to the to the Golden State Warriors the defending champs at spectrum setter one of 187 just the fourth loss at home one year for the hornets put up. Two big games coming up on Friday and Saturday against the bulls and the lakers will talk about that and how we welcome in the head coach Stephen Silas coached you do a picture make it to our force. I appreciate her doing pretty good finish you very much have a media. Course so let's some bullets dive into food to last night's game and then rule look elsewhere will start to it just been afforded talk well with with what's going on with the team right now but it's. You know that's been his toughest it challenges your gonna have an MBA on any given night especially when they're at full strength and even when they're down dream on it's staff I mean. You you're worried about a guy like TD going off and he went off last night but does it in general obviously that that stretched the lead in the first quarter into the second quarter before you guys clawed back in. That that was a that was kind of an area where things go away for a little bit last night. Yeah you know we had some open shots says that oh. Could have made then they just didn't go in tourism and Golden State that is very good job keep enough perimeter. Send their kids understand the pain and make an ocean jumpers than yeah those jumpers and saw at that point there and we really went era. Deride direction I think we only have four points for a while we're really struck on. Two to put the ball in the hoop Britain and I'm not there was just doesn't shots some of it was the ball movement and are the lack thereof. Standout player with a little bit better pace so once. And of the second quarter came where we were down 26. Clear whatever was. Certainly Paramount just like hey let people get it took fifteen go to the halftime of the guys respond that they did a good job and played a little bit better with better page there's no and got the ball before a little bit better we got it to fifty you know halftime got a perfect ten or eleven. At the end of the the third quarter and actually had to put seven of the court. So I'm definitely proud of the guys that I rallied in the and came back after their comeback so much early. There were talking in associate head coach an interim head coach for the Charlotte courted so Stephen Silas is with a shred now on the tech become dislike all that loss to the warriors. One of 187. On Wednesday night and a hornet's now nine and 148 and four at home window won Intel on the road but a lot of home games coming up right now two more on Friday and Saturday big back to back against the bulls and lakers are winnable games. I mean in general. Coach when you look at Kevin Grady went for 3511. And ten and it was the ninth triple double of his career I think the highest scoring triple double he's ever had. How many you don't overall is thirteen to 2080 was three of ten from three I mean even clay clay at 220. And he was not a fourteen was the only kind of a clay ninety was 47 from three I mean if if I went into the game last night before the game instead. Hey you know Canadian player gonna combined for for 57 and there they're gonna shoot overall 22 will follow 42. I'm not if you would have been surprised right like I think in general outs of a few possessions you guys got a big did a pretty good job defensively on those guys last night. Yeah you know Katie is so tough Kirby doesn't go much you handle them pick and roll you can catch and shoot he can isolate them. Indonesia's special and make some shot third this stately I'm carpal I had been out for him that I have 35 point 128 shots. Mean that we did a decent job on mom and dad like says look quite Korea. Clay type game. Where we help them daughter from one point so. If you can hold Golden State 200 while sports regardless of who they have on the floor they have to meet scores on the floor last night we don't know what a lot. We just have to score you know in the hundreds or refute that coming you have to to have a chance to win the game. Smith Stephen Silas would do so again he's with us on the technique I'm just on off the loss to the warriors bulls and lakers coming up big back to back on Friday Saturday we got boats the calls right here on WS frenzy pregame starts at 630 James came on by the way is gonna pregame on Friday and Saturday. And then now Steve and James and Matt Carroll on the call. At 7 o'clock right here. On WS NC so well I mean what what what started to materialize. We really after that that what that two minute three minute mark in the second quarter of the rest of the way the ball movement was a big part of it. Public who what what would you say we gave you guys a chance the rest of the way it worked last night they did try it like to he would like to harness and try to move that Ford to Friday and Saturday. Parallel to sorrow and the defense and then really started getting after him give a given to him a little bit better without ball pressure are the totality. And we're getting stops and we're able to run a little bit bend not necessarily on for fast break so we're obligated early pick and rolls and let the defense wasn't that serious. That is that half court set and we're getting the ball moved moving need to write what computers paint catches up off ball movement and that's important for a man kemba obviously. Having his creativity in early pick and roll blues. There's always good drugs so the ball moves better and and the ball moves better and what were able. Play with a little bit more pace we can we about better opportunities to score. It is a new coach had talked about that is times last year coach DeForest government that Stephen Silas with this right now I picked. You know getting going and running in at times and it can't be you know you can be every every possession public getting out running at times to open things up a little bit you do your talking about there right now you mentioned it last night and you know Golden State's a team especially right because of their length and ask lettuce is a once they go once they get set and a half court I mean it's OK can be game over sometimes writes so. I. It remains alive I mean like that a lot of our best runners and do premium part of head of the ball and get paint catches early possessions are. Deepening catches against our home is man or if you run well enough you can have this match is down there and oh will be able to get an easy baskets and that's all running you know this but as far as having that mentality because the ball up before early give the defense on the move keep them on the move but also get an easy baskets where you're not playing guess is that he got stalled the car meant. Really haven't worked hard earth for baskets where you have to have your. Multiple pick and roll juror isolation or whatever may see. It's getting out and getting it in transition and Dick Morris did a good job in the Orlando game we had nineteen points in transition and banking and I think we only had seven last night so about disappointing but going forward that's definitely something warm and we've been talking about a for a full awhile but it does take a little bit. The time that kind of growth from the mindset of slowing down and bad. And playing our flow game as opposed to playing a little bit more vote transition. Well we knew going into last night you may disappoint them this is that Doug Golden State just it is a team that does you know isn't isn't as proficient on the defensive glass and so there worsen chances on the offensive glass and you guys took advantage of that last night I know that matchup dictated that more and more of it less than 152 chance points in the probably should have been even awesome mortar some bunnies miss to the rim last night put. Is it is that something that Kim can continue to grow moving forward with this team given the personnel lowers that kind of a nut by night thing. No I think it's something that we can take advantage over get another way to get an easy baskets are you ought to work so hard for. We have to be careful with dark transition defense especially last night you know. They had 24 points in transition and hand out to you have to really. They can choose your spots that you you have. The blame to go get offered the rebound or feel like you can get it go do it but it there's no chance to be getting it. You have to make sure that we give back and get our defense that against such an explosive fast break he so. I'll let I would Gooden ever and we're gonna keep doing matter Cody they're great W up at the glass door it always does with the Taliban up at the flat. Our memory can get Kate he had there a little bit could give some of the law won the band. Britain but that's another way is that once we get our offensive rebounds. That's a good way to get the grease you know look defense has sucked all the way here and you get your offensive rebound he chickened out to the three point shooter. And that's the way that we can decree thirteen point shots as well so. Bob Beckel and all kinds of chemicals together by the giving them easy baskets with opposite without the deftly help. Well me in general defensively you guys have got to climbed up the rankings the last the last few weeks here and tonight Europe to twelve I think coach Clifford said it before the season Stephen Silas witnessed by the way didn't eat your. Your goal was to be top ten in offense and defense which is what you guys were two years ago one of five teams in the NBA you do tabloid. And no it doesn't those usually the marks of the teams that go deep in the playoffs. But he wanted to be a top five defensive team so defensively. Obviously you're not there yet but do you feel like your your your pretty close to where you guys think you can be from a from a capability standpoint. Yeah we're pretty close for me with those guys back or come back in the line that would bring it back in the lineup better KG LP and they're ready to go what. What those additional delight in his seat and I think we. Definitely have the potential to be a very good defensive team a lot more Barbara Williams to preclude rumble he considered so Smart he doesn't make mistakes could. Well everything you want and a defender you have food there as far as versatility and smarts but. You know players. It's just the first twenty games and he ordered. Dealing with injuries and that sort of thing but it does seem like over the last little while confidence start to turn the corner all the things that coats quipped. Has been talking about are starting to click a little better than ever got to start and take pride in being a good defensive team and that's where it starts. All right that's the first part of our conversation with in her home and associate head coach for the horrid Stephen Silas against Steve Clifford dealing with an indefinite health leave and attending to his health and no timetable for his return right now on the hornet's not giving any update. 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That would trade and dot job. Back to the hornets coach you show up in an inside view from the bridge of your Charlotte hornets walker. They kill shot. Brought you Michael Rona life official partner of the Charlotte hornets in WM DNC game on my me. Here's Chris Kroger. You along on our W offends the hornets coach you show brought to you by corona light. It slime time by city game on lime and proud part of the Charlotte hornets and us here at WFANC were a year from all associate head coach interim head coach your Charlotte hornets Stephen Silas coming up. A little bit more in the next few moments but we talked to win them another member now of the assisting coaching staff as we welcome impact delay needs. Are we go to the technique come guess line NW talks hornets basketball followed off a tough frustrating loss last night to the warriors so 10187. And double what it's now nine and fourteen although. Beaten four home all for those losses against really really good team so far this year. I mean what Cleveland Houston San Antonio and Allen now warriors and they get a shake it off big back to back Friday and Saturday against the bulls and lakers. And we welcome in hornets assistant coach pat Delanie coach thinks Rick in time for us. Have seen the British government. So glitz let's dissect the game I mean that's it just feels frustrating from disregard like KED get the 35 and we had a triple double he was he basically ran appoint semis so I put. PS 35 but on 28 shots in the enclave had. Are relatively good clay night I mean it was 4722. I mean that that lead those numbers defensively you guy he's. Overall gave your chance to be in that game and you if you were in that game I mean that that bullets in the second quarter just maybe he can mean this seems so obvious she can't get down 26 against the team like debt. Yeah policy you know either way you want to say real step out under him on now. The no harm but still there a championship team they grew medal the last couple years. What they're depth. With the versatility. They don't gut. Spiritual scars on the core with KV enclave and your year right year old girl wandered one point which inevitably well below their average house in what they're capable of doing and you know I agree we do being given no. Until all movement against that defense against her which she is there money and you know what owned up to you yet you got to make them pay and we didn't. And noble route today and you had to load QB go home game as we can. My iPad two ladies with this he's joining us right on the technique I'm just on hornet's now. I'm 1914 he is it almost I mean it's it's kind of 6211 half dozen of the other I suppose though when you know derail its gonna get the type usage she got less that emits. That creates a whole other animal right compared to defending all those guys and knowing that everything is gonna run through him and it is isolation and all that stuff I mean that that's a whole other animal away that they played last night. Okay get a different ball though you said like they have more than enough they have color depth dialogue between them we all got to uprooted over there years another good look amber went up to our morals. Video west Iguodala. Living in Gaza you know how to play the game at a very high level. Bomb you know end related to temple billion so excuse we we had our community and when new. Did you originally got to leave it they redid the second quarter and you get away from you quickly we have been kind of grinding back there in the second half. It is a double digits Leon we just didn't make enough plays you're gonna get the momentum over. Do you think you've found something and not this is is a surprise did you guys see this guy every day and you can you guys were quit them and obviously the minutes are what they are with the rotations but do you think you might have found something here which would trading on Graham last night what he's able to do defensively especially in and knocking down some open shots. Tell you felt so we've we've got a number that good a player. Personal maturity is ready. You about the team he competes. You know night in night out every day in practice. Are one of number's called you know you're gonna performance. David great energy really try to make the hard on the given the remnants or mold clay KB. You know made where are being open periodical pulled back just amenity claim that replaced or I'll friends bomb. You know obviously would be you know the injuries to both Korean credit he got an opportunity. On the last play and what you'll see without these two going forward but. Trade you gotta we trusted him they won all we know we've been ready in Nam we know there have been remembered as cold again we know what he can provide. We are talking to pat Delanie hornets assistant also lost to the warriors 10187. And don't hornets try to shake it often dubbed big back to back bulls lakers Friday Saturday coming up we are both of the games here. On WS since he starting at seven both of those nights premiums can fire up. At at 630 so when you when your talk about the ball movement out I was listening on the hollow a couple of times last night and have such a point of emphasis of guys were all just kind of sit in and around the ball's not moving its stake in and when it when he was working it opened things up the way what do which had that look like coach we how could you explain that when things are working properly. In the half court on offense what what should that look like for you guys. You know really there's certain route oral overall course and I'll considered your car for our screening you pull off the ball roll your ball and pick and roll into and dogs are. You know in the putting pressure on the defense obviously there are you very unique team. What Serb villages which you almost become one through five are they gonna cut a link across the board. The mission really are you're everything is contested. And we really did after a handful possession of last night. And you're gonna stand and try to play one on one or not ruled that defense at all com they've been a top five he's a good team. The last couple years everybody they get a lot of credit bureau and the nurse guilder shooting. Well but they've done a bullpen and spend. You know that they relied on an I blew last night and we didn't put enough pressure in the paint. Paul one Peter British aggression over suddenly. Which we've got to touch all of a little bit and also to women are MLB com automation and explain moorings Edmond note. But it certainly did you do it looks you go you can look at any and we just didn't dispute must Lola. Is it fair to say coach they wouldn't know where things are right now what needs to change especially on the offensive end for the steam this might seem like an oversimplification does this team's got to finish shots at the rim right that's a major issue right now. Yeah I think you're like I don't really talk about it she America triggered getting to all of the we tend to be stagnant not screen standing around not cutting off the ball not claimed any force. I don't normally struggle and achieve my goal Wednesday. You know can really suffered that you. Give attributed team of that caliber. And though we need to get back to that every game we needed to sustain it not her quarters not hurt. I have carried like W news team but for forty minutes a bolt and lukewarm and we do that we more like dirt so you have to win and not that we're looking for moral. Hornet's assistant pat telling you is it is that more you know again you begin to use the term maybe symptomatic were people look at shooting an eight think about shooting percentages and shooting numbers being down he has struggled from. From the field and from three last night you've struggled from three the last last little stretch here but that's that's been up and down at the main. I chart that every game you guys were in the top half of old in the league in three point shooting not all that long ago so he's. Is this this this shooting something less worrisome compared to the quality of a shot creation and and look you guys are getting. That is a lot of you can go to the types of New York shots or getting whether there at the rim. In between a Norton three hours they are being generated cook. How did you orchestrated and argued our best 12 and and the numbers show for our team and you know warplanes inside out every game but not necessarily always just posting the ball or. You know going inside but it really starts with our transition attack. It is catalog early early attacked you need to pay drawing help. He put so much pressure on the defense but Bolton you know Mike dean dean this intractable facility and schoolwork. And obviously RB you know you probably heard or promote throughout the years your particular a big need to create the action news and and that all the ball boys being on the war. And what we do desk the numbers show our article shows. You know that the kind of success we haven't obviously you know finishing possessions in those shots. It is all part of it bump you needed it Cutler the type of shot you're gonna last night. Everything was acceptable that the random from the perimeter ought to get it to Mike Talbott that late got versatility. I won't be good no call unclear procurement you're so just went. The screen setting different even from just a slight nuance standpoint of of Dwight in Cody is that is that something that's still being worked out what that first team offense is that something that and it's making potential difference right now to. Laden to put a hold firm to veritable lot of really good screeners. Com good quite slow to produce in terms of his car. Who ruled David suppose simply presents you know as well off from calling you my the dynamic is there trouble because we've seen stretch of the world all crumble global you reported a team. Issues that we needed to be sustained. Bomb from everybody across the board bomb. You know and won't play LA and we have got off an energy. Whether it's a missed shot or mistake on the defensive end we have to give to continue to closely liquid and structure Asian plate who speaks and finally got to grind out game like when you have a game like LS play enough the bulldogs' only in nor your what I do in the have a shot on what we do we do good to change it they were more horse. Don't find a way to get better shut it activity dipped that's very close and points to kind of relief some of that pressure on that have girlfriends. And again we we've done that time this year oh we need a much more it's a double play on the amount and. Well they 82 games and so to be 23 games in eat eat eat you can't overreact to come but at the same time even with the injuries and a schedule. Five games under five under and a huge stretch at home what were the urgency level with this team right now. That contributor and cheaper surely you're there do you know there's a long Q and whatnot it. We we don't want a real hard time to wait for. What are doom and injuries or for any else for that matter we we know we do begin our game going a future we guys truly very important only in the first Smart I would bold Europe and we know blow. You know I've been up before and play extremely hard. And nothing we didn't look lured arrangement to abuse we. On and there it is centered achieved with our guys and you know what are sat in terms of you know getting back on track and well and being this much more consistent with our raw energy I'm open to the floor and all but that's our morning Chicago. You're in the locker room every every game so is indeed dead the attitude leveled the approach she is is how how is that with the with the guys right now where we're or they had mentally. We've got the guys who go there who obviously. There's frustration leaders there they're there and they wanna win. Bomb and opened I think individually to a man they don't like to you'd do more and played better and you know we're all this together that's kind of been our mentality is. This organization without you plot Kumar coaching staff is. On the dole more worried together and that's above approach to the right type of personality or race be picky about the right thing you want about the right things. That you give your yourself a chance sought to play well individually are part of group play well. I won't I won't warm won't do that you know we were real and sustain our play and a bachelorette in the group right now is regrouping today heading into a back to back. We got a broad enough you know again this kind of ability on. We do we need to work on we believe dorm as successfully as I know how to reduce that rodeo for forty minutes they're good enough for twenty or not the twelfth. Coach has less thing here because he talked to cliff in the last couple days doesn't hold up. No protests rhythm you know a little bit obviously we will miss world think the only you do your thing you most important matter. You know take care could tell that nom. You know all of we you know and obviously this up and they fear in this organization who is behind them and all we have which in the best and number one when you actually when you're ready to go look. Want to be excited about that these when I wanna mutilate her the most beaten about the Chicago Bulls news team and you know getting ourselves right from all and not try to get a win. Let's see assistant coach or Charlotte hornets pat Delanie get ready for bulls and lakers Friday Saturday big back to back home and frank Kaminsky bubble head on Saturday night for somebody 500 fans in attendance will be at that and that's going to be good time so our coach thanks thanks for making time best of luck this weekend okay. It we close out RW RNC hornet's coaches showed next. When we return we get back to the associate head coach the pyramid coached for the next little while Stephen Silas again Steve Clifford. Dealing with the medical issue he's on medical leave right now no timetable for his return the hornets having no further comment on that in so Stephen Silas stepping up a spot. From the associated coached being need to head man. And go get back into the loss of votes of the warriors last night what we get to see changing for this team if they want to climb out of this five game holder underneath. The 500 lined right now with her nine in fourteen record and a big back to back with a bulls a lakers on Friday and Saturday that's next on our WS then he reported to coaches show brought to by corona light. On 1025610. WS density. Final segment of our WS frenzy hornets coach or show brought to you by corona light is slime time by city the game on lime in proud partners Charlotte hornets and us here at WM DNC Steve Clifford dealing with the medical illness and does taking some time what from the hornets right now. He is a timetable to return is open here would want an answer on that in so watch the associate head coach Stephen Silas acting as the interim head coach and go week join him once again for the second part of her conversation. Are talking to Stephen Silas associate head coach for the hornets. As though we get ready for big ActiveX Friday Saturday it's going to be the bulls and and the lakers. As the hornets continue a four game homestand this district for eight of ten Erin home tonight a thirteenth as though the hornets are filled eaten four off the loss to the warriors but. And no one of the better home teams it in the NBA so far this usual let's talk about the offense her second. The coach because CBO kemba as on off numbers I think. I saw yesterday are our second best or at least the most stark for any player in the NBA right now. Army and he means everything to you guys and you know it does seem like he is shoulder to Bigelow and there's been a case over the years at times but he shoulder to big blow for this offense so. On it in general we're word worded things stand with this offense and where worded things need to get to over the next few weeks. Polygamy in midfield burger broken record. They're mad about kemba. He is a special player and he does so much for us so we're gonna have to have our a variety of our offense that can't just deal the pectoral gamer got to be. And kept us that the way it's gotta be played sir nick coming up and I think mixed. Especially in the second half spammers grew a little bit better. And coming off an injury it's been taken on a little a lot of the first gave me great great story you know how it is he played. Maria looked up on the first game when you have so much. And he and your adrenaline flowing hair and benefit bit drop off and then here kind of start from from ground zero and it seems like he's starting to get a little bit more or start to play. Plate bigger minutes and start to get in the flow and we're gonna need that we're gonna meet the scorn from him coming off a handout accusing him impeccable and and maybe let Campbell play a little bit also all aware. Make plays the first pick and roll there we kick it to Cambodia can play after that it. It all starts oil a ball movement the pace of our play of men having a variety of ways to score. Well and I you know I was I was asked about this last night after the game about you know did the shooting and LSU but immediately if he beat of the shooting is symptomatic go. They lack of creativity on offense in general would you agree is that fair to six people look at the shooting numbers and say oh you guys can issue but that's. Two in general though the look sure getting to meet our they're not consistently quality looks for this offense right now. Yeah you know. Part of that is patriots get their defense on the move like we are talking about earlier and I'm on the move and keep them on the move to where we can get start driving kids game. And then having multiple action and other multiple pick and roll booty and and dribble handoff so he didn't flash actually hit the big cut off of him again get. A lot more movement on the floor and know so sometimes your little stuck in our and our pick and roll game. Last night I think we did go a little bit in the first half alone there. What we were struggling here and amid important because they're 11% have a variety offensives that have multiple ways to get two defenders to the ball so now he can play your driving kick and you can get there open threes. Mark the reviews were. Not necessarily a big problem at the beginning of the season but it seems like over the last. Stretch of games they're they've become pretty big problem as far as darkening. Good three point attempts. What is there any explanation is Stephen Silas who this associate head coach for the hornets get ready for bulls and lakers on Friday Saturday is there any other explanation other than me you know it's Emeka you know people say it all time it's a make or miss league but. I'm in kemba this year has been I think a prime example of this is great is he's the enemy and he said he's missed some. There's some great looks for him that it did he's made in the past and and you know he's missed some shots at the rim too is there any explanation for. In general why that's lingered or is that just come of this game right now. I think that's just kind of a game right now palm there's nothing really there at 2.2. It's very camber is getting a lot more attention. As he comes off bigger role as she is dribbling the ball up the floor you to get those a lot. We're right have you come off the bigger role he would get those three of the most of those computers arbitrate goes away a little bit more I would also say they're switching that teams are doing here against us make cool well harder to our computer I think it gave could be out of one on one game and there's a lot less rotation defensively. And these are playing pick and roll different as well you know there are dropping the big get their force saying. Cart should pull out they're taking away that the reason and then take your way to roll what the big defender and not having to help as much on the rolls so that's really limited rotation that you limited three point attempts for teens so they're forcing prisoners of Jews and and kind of take a little bit more ball movement to get in to the pain so we get some of those three. It got her fans ask about this coach is there any. Crashing often have less often because you wanna get back you don't wanna give up easy transition buckets you know you tried not to sell you don't wanna send teams to the free throw line give the number one free throw a disparity in the NBA by by a wide margin I think by over fifty free throws to the second closest team. Somebody like last night seems like it's a math problem right where we're Golden State's happy to port to trade two for three. And another comedy out liar and in the league buddies it is thirty bending of that philosophy were your your your less concern may be with getting to the free throw line is much because the teams are willing to send you to to to the free throw line it's if it means they're gonna trade two for three almighty does that make sense that Eddie Eddie handle that. Let it took a delicate one and it's tough from here we have our our principles normally live Simon we believe them or we're gonna stick with some but I. A lot of its personnel driven number if you look at the the home state team and that goes the way that they Aussie football they can play like that and we don't have. But knockdown. Shooters so on our roster that that make it. So where we can play better in a way that which is a ton of the results. You know one pass sir trickle up or whatever that is so I think it's a combination of those few things but a lot of it is dictated by your roster. All right what a lassie things and speaking of personnel do we have any update on on not Cody your franc after they they have some separate injuries for Cody was and it was a left knee strain for Frankie was it was the ankle Woodward do you know do we have any update on those guys. No no update these thus far American checked out this morning there are greater action right now so hopefully in the next. Few minute session to hear some the next half hour or so home warrior some but hopefully it's good news could you both those guys. All of the two obviously and they were playing doctoral bigger brother to Cody seemed to be may be less severe than to his affair. I don't know I don't know made he you're pretty did it seem like you let them. Is liberated Europe so I'd know later they checked it out last night and they're gonna. Do you more tests today but I wouldn't say that it was there any left and play. Okay if that's good it's good to know what's fair credited to to point out three it's even socialist so we saw more trading on Graham last night that should continue correct in and maybe some Johnny O'Bryant if if not there those guys can go on Friday or Saturday. Yeah how that neither of those guys complain a couple of futures you know what definitely Johnny note I mean trivia pru last night he had glade and paragraph here in the 789 game that came in right away if and do everything that we are doing defended. Kevin Durant defender Klay Thompson. Quit before position or to move for this position that he never plays he's usually took out three. On the wing and didn't make any mistakes soft preferably a display of super Arctic and always stays ready dummies that they have always stay great. Working on his game he's upstairs right now or economical or Mike Batiste so those guys they're ready and there is gonna have to step and and produce in the U. Think if someone is we can't. I I don't mean to overreact to make a like I go back to last you were trading on the distill stuck in my mind Friday night game I think this is like seventh or eighth game of the year against Toronto was he has the Toronto yeah and what he did on DeRozan a nine DeRozan got his but he it was an efficient and that would that was all trading on that night. Yeah yeah I'm in Melbourne great game for airmen and I'm not sure that he played very many games after that yeah he's always ready always ready at the way to Iraq stirs. This setup you know it's hard for him to get minutes but he's always ready to those minutes when he gets them and we know. We were gonna get a great effort on the defense demanding some really strong and guys can't back down Napoleon. Into the post could mean he knows all of our coverages doesn't make any coverage which states saying. You know he can make a shot he made a good three last night and he gets cooler give into the pain. He children's summer league that it can score some of dwell so. I'll ultimate role player a guy you love that and your team who could fill in any spot them producers when he called upon. Well I had. How would you a grade your performance is a head coach you do scouting to how how was a last night. It was OK you you know to get down as much as we did a bit and comeback that they go book a credit to the guys that are burned more than anything and their commitment to. Playing well and end up playing the right way and they're not giving out there and say in this situation because the cut situation worked cook out curtains and all I can about government. And missing him then there would be an easy. He. Out for the guys to just say quicker than a year and then. We're just gonna oh there we do our best and there there release listening him. And we're responding and then he. You know give me a lot of respect that there is based on. What I've done my guess would quit but also as a reflection of Claire. And and though the guys that we have blue coat and you know it could substitute teacher who had a kind of situation and it's on the guys like if they wanna treat it that way there who will go one way if there's a very serious minded and even have a great attitude about it. So we can go another way is so. You know that would coats should it hit active Arctic grade myself that he dark there's always bring feel like mechanism that her war earth. They're currently year. Kurt guy in what has. Didn't know or sort of put. I'm really describe trying to help clip. You know that's my doubt that the health cliff he. It has changed obviously but parts of wanna do do the best job trying to. Yeah and your dad is so he's always see any sitting right behind the bench every game he gets to traitor to the huddle so I'm sure you'll get some pointers after last night hundreds of words. Yeah you always have towards or earlier and they're graded based on. 45. Years experience you know how to hook so it's great to have their may have a bomb there every gave him and and could especially. Special situations because. He to have both of them here through good times through the bad times at every game is. It took a lot about them is that Barlow a lot about how they feel about Charlotte hornets and be too. Yet and that was cool the other night too because Dwight Howard and surpassed your dad on nineteen colonel I re down list. While he was sitting right there so that was kind of there was a comical moment as well yet less thing here did what would what are we would have house to house coach do when what was Lester we talked to my housing holdup right now. Apocalyptic game last night for me had a few pointers and hold onto reporter for two observations. And he you know he's he's clutch hitting that. Getting better. You know we still don't have really a timetable on when he's coming back but he's definitely. Someone that I talked to quite a bit of Tex you know all talk film you do I want to better protect the couple times a day and it really just checking in more than anything else but object about him too so. Like a couple of days ago it's if you remiss could go to where we could miss the mayor yeah there's a great great person that badly that I'm a clutch. BC in the building an all or no. Now now you are people prepared and better day before yesterday there's no real quick cuts and now he's not he's not our. Until the rest up and or we are all thinking about him and good luck to you on Friday and Saturday okay there's a big back to back right I mean it's night and you do you do to hold take a one game at a time thank you you gotta have both of these are right I mean this is the back to back both at home on Friday and Saturday these these are must have three guys. Yeah how many invoking the plan betterment Chicago played those big game last night against the yen electric car OK so. We're gonna have to play well is to win. Now let me just slow roll out there and give you a meet UN but we have these new super locked in America that's all the guys that after the after the game last night we have a day off today but everybody you to do. Whatever it takes to get their minds right to have to win a game up Friday. That's associate head coach for the hornets Stephen Silas get ready for Friday Saturday big back to back it home bulls and lakers both games to 7 o'clock we got pregame at 630 right here an offensive coach thanks for making time toward corporate here that's gonna do it for us and our WS plenty hornets coach show it's brought to you by corona light it slime time buzz city game on line in prop partner on the Charlotte hornets and here with. Us at WS NC we're going to have both of the games on Friday Saturday bulls and then lakers 7 o'clock tip offs and pregame coverage begins at 630 and since myself when Tyler gonna be up enough Philadelphia. For all the army navy game James K one's gonna have a pregame coverage so why he'll be a little pregame both nights Friday Saturday starting at 630 listen into that field which is set for tip off on our countdown to tip off. And then Steve Martin met Carolyn James like the rest of the way starting at 7 o'clock both of those nights and Star Wars tonight for frank Kaminsky get a special frank Kaminsky stores Bobble head. Brought to buy a Nissan and you can get that if you're one of the first 7500 fans in attendance. On on Saturday night for the lakers game and somebody will be able to issued a half court shot to win a Nissan Titan on Saturday night is Wilson get your tickets imported stuck comets gonna be a fun night will be back next Thursday six to seven right here each and every Thursday answered WS Lindsay hornets coach you show on one or 25610. WS DNC.