Voice Of ACC Football Wes Durham: "I Think Clemson Handles Louisville"

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Wednesday, September 13th

Wes Durham joins Primetime to discuss the big games in College Football this week including Clemson and Louisville. 


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We go to the technique come guess slug bottom it is 3 o'clock hour. And we're gonna welcome in voice of the Atlanta Falcons voice of the ACC network he hates it when I say this I'd love to do it anyway to get under his skin. The mayor of the ACC west Durham with us on the technique I'm guessing on west are you doing man. Kidding we Kroger early or you buddy it's good to talk to us Kentucky's. I know how laureate and be reviewed and I guess had a doubt about or are all about you have a bottom up about Karl. I know and for those who were unaware your dad who's just the best story to talk about him coming up before I let you focus you guys are doing some awesome stuff right now with the Asian awareness but if your dad I and Bob Harris who just you'll finished his his career duke. Your dad art and Bob dropped its bright on the street from one another Albemarle north join the voice the Blue Devils and the voice of the Tar Heels. Who would've sunk that day had they would go on to what they achieved when they were there are kids growing up. And it didn't Bob was you about my dad. And Albemarle high school where Bob almost editors. All the ball in the mud have played on. I think Margaret target the story writer mark Graham Boller sold Bob dead. A car is first call our first car. Was from mark Graham followers. So there are made it attributed to reveal it also where they were both ordered the mr. on this been derelict outdated as so what pride is let the ball all it. Mr. grace period now it's hard to believe because how did armor brick. You know B and 3040 minutes from out of Charlotte out double oral our grandparents live been out almost like a bedroom attributed Charlotte so. Some it's amazing product Albert growth of the Charlotte area there's just increased so much spelled it Albemarle like Oreo that's part of what about oral drug and every bit. We're talking westar voice of the Atlanta Falcons send out voice of the ACC network as well as with this right now on the tech become guest on so I've been saying all we quests with when he came to the Panthers game on Sunday. You don't. I kind of expected them to do what they did now score was I was actually surprised that they won by when he only help the 49ers to three points but. I really thought they'd work out the kinks on offense to be a little slow out of the gates the defense would carry the day and that's really what we saw her off for you had a deadline of two what you thought about the falcons on Sunday as they become a hung on to win 23 to seventeen in the final moments. Yeah it was a Tuesday because Chicago it retooled their defense and slow. You really got to know what they're based slowed quote but you torture works out of exotics there a packed. In the victory in your game plan does not art but I will say there's that they don't want bank bit. Atlanta also had good just to Atlanta had not had once they have the pre season with Derek are starting to level the field. It goes about their perimeter play in the first David didn't play the rest of the way and Julio don't always good or staff to alert day. So the reality of it was no mater how much you. You know like about how much you talk about it how much you get a rabbit or whatever the days but it pretty. There's still going to be very game back on the place that are what every wanna call back operation. The starting eleven below I think they were fine how little say they're sucked all the Atlanta has experienced a year ago probably helpful. They did block rubble all well I've made yeah absolutely. You know blasted it all beat the corner kick from Parker a lot of eight yeah great to be brought ought. And I'm not I'm not at Chicago's. Complex every day but I would you visit was more directed that toward. I make Chicago so got off the sublime but to work out. But on the whole out of Atlanta played well they'll have to think it was important for the beware it hurts a bit idea they. If you can't come off a series of occurred about 483 every day. And then lead back and in the fourth pollutants in order of age you just can't if you do that it's just gonna it also Michael walk along with a at a gas ordered the bar so. I thought it was really nice when we're glad that now the dynamic Jake entirely but it hybrid goes. The crowd that you I'll in the NFC title game governor here audience. In a number twelve also number twelve were the yellow haven't we get regular book everybody in the league so a bit or Euro. But then that's the take away go west right is he going to soak it you know this Super Bowl talk is not gonna go away you know it's first a mile to two or three game losing streak it's gonna fire up as well are you couldn't go in always one maybe steering owing to in the face. As you'll open up the new stadium on Sunday at the. Always need to go let's go back employ you up yeah. Unrated puts everything back deploy it puts. Or create three back and play it puts the pop those are two years ago bark if I have made. Because there are on the peppers long and often just series closer than most and you can still find out that you're almost playing good bit the media or I Bob they're gonna I've well bit. If you go into and so I've got that one alone but it was important that. West so much pressure has been on Matt Ryan you obviously don't do what they want to in the super ball these seemingly is handled that. To the offseason free while what have you seen from them. But don't blame you saying coming he's told curry coming up at these deep and very transparent about walked in the game of learning Robert what he would do any game. Obstacle course in Gaza domain old it would. Summer a little bit longer than others I think I handle it what do ardor than players. And I think players processed it and it awaited plans duke. What did a radio announcer processes to different players they have to update I have planned to ask me all the time about it. And I've developed quite frankly what cargo plane whose beer bottle on Monday to go to basketball gave Miami. What I'd done with it. And people look at you like what you're an idiot from like let's just Bordal processors and you know you stay in this business all about everything at or below. If you gotta gotta. Process that the way you do but Matt is it is handled it beautifully and I think what he's done it. He's also shown younger guys that are on this day in the what you amble up but I. And I didn't in many respects about a quarter cup that's out there on. Because of the way he does processed stuff like this to move along from a but also Moodle promised by learning something from it because remember now. We're not that far removed from their bye baby is the worst quarterback in the league in 2008. And those you know what he would still all that it it really changed is dynamic especially with a walk. You mentioned how important it was to win night team obviously Daytona and the Super Bowl hangover talk to think that's finally over now and the team won't have to worry about that kind of stigma of being Super Bowl hangover type of team. I don't think they have to worry about it when it's just the seat. I think the only time anybody ever bring it up as ordered not to eat when they're doing media or they're doing. I've dealt with guys individually or collectively about the start but he also. Not one Condit to come up those conversations. Well I mean all that was a good thing. Because. That to me was like OK great you know they cut understood what are what are they beat you ought to do it there. Whenever unique dynamic everybody thank the goats speaker. Go look at phrases or things like that. I mean he's how to got a real good feel what their real good handle. What you do you know remove all of prominence because he was right there may remember his last game in Seattle. Was big welcome Boller interception in the end of the year after they want it peacefully get relief from took her away. And I think they're something to be said for that and I think it gives them a unique perspective with what the deal would be dealt seventh grade goes. We don't know god. Made a you're Mike Tolbert played in Charlotte pat DiMarco played in. Atlanta and other played a buffalo though made it. The processing. Deal that goes on here that everybody gonna get comfortable where topic Atlanta that a good place but it broke order earlier. You know they lose two or three in a row all that stuff gonna come back. Now we're talking Wes Durham voice the falcons voice of the ACC's with the some detect become guess line. Are right now lasting and or attended to some college football Wetzel talks and ACC. I pay your first reaction is really early in you can do it by you know get a full picture of it yet but. Your first reaction in this division I felt like going in it was going to be Carolina Atlanta I I in week one kind of confirm that to me obviously we haven't seen Tampa but they don't play sixteen straight weeks in. New Orleans said they're gonna run the ball on their play defense we all know how that goes so that's what does what what's. The supply you solution right now. I didn't say anything else alive by the way that would none of that was a Lyles that was true you know extra. You know and and look beyond it that we can all agree to it like to fight so we can witness. I'll. Price just ordered to have a good result I got to look at it go to the other I mean that was why it. They debate here we got it right yeah. I don't understand Bayside hey drew bigger and thereby you go to Atlanta they're all look like the undertaker. We will not go all the ball thirty probably game they're not that many plays in the game got a our main and the other night McDonough incurred were part of about or democratic retirements are great public Marlow like until they fix the game. Our main. It's just what this says then yeah they still don't play defense up all the nick fairly injury I don't know how you got all the nick fairly local one they couldn't have you know. But one injury and somehow or another they're normal like six years further wrap up a cab I'd. Blow I don't know I think that Tampa playing. To be honest with you guard is harder than people leave and try. I agree I agree explain straight weeks just or. I just don't blow. Socialize or things were all solved yet finally called a softer don't call me soft colored eggs I said dad that I like how are your byways to mentally you know from the game he sees Coleman saw he never had a bye week Schwartz that's why you are soft you never have what I just thought I have the mental grind of sixteen weeks it's more about about just getting a week away from football. But our group that but also are remembered for a site you are so so so good that you don't saw. Yeah but don't. While I thought well here's the other stat I'm giving you can put us under lord west just throw this in their get this ready for the Tampa game since 1990. Six of the seven teams that have had a plea sixteen straight games in the NFL have thought miss the playoffs so since 1990. Six of the seven teams that had to do with the Bucs are about to do. And the dolphins for that matter to if that's gone on to miss the playoffs that's it it's a death knell honestly before a game I feel bad for those guys. Well and look Tampa and bill not part of Miami mine would get a total capital yeah in London to little history. Dare come on top venture I'm going to now that London bill wouldn't Obama back and call it brutal. Temperature let our team their for the NFL let's sounds like a good idea I'm. Well I mean look look logic aside here I do believe Carolina and Atlanta decided to visit Tampa has elements of it. But not now I mean not not where you have this we didn't know but we didn't do you think about it now ball put a bruised sore. And they can claim it's true weeks then oh well they comply you know we get him another two weeks before the bar. That doesn't exist anymore except that trouble from the problematic or. Project Samantha Kirk Carter who I think you know there are real life got better but I doubt bill that Beatty foot. All of a sudden that the dynamic of who they are I think change drastically because this and the goblet of people Communist claiming you can do about it committed just ordered isn't. Bill Clinton some ways it's it's awfully awfully difficult for both those are dug. Are less cost you the million dollar question I got to count Alaska last week because I said dukes hit it to answer this question and I think I might still believe this but in your mind it's early. Best college football team right now in the state of North Carolina who is an I I think I go with coach cut Daniel Jones that Duke Team right now we got. Well let me after 4117. To have 4117 left over the scene that was supposed to win the brick and glass there are coming. I'll promo there because I think the first call Jones as the Taliban army. Just to beer on the get a couple different times. So impressed with just embassy young man. And now Watson the table to northwestern game. Really impressed that he broke their search on the opening drive and it comes back it's just. You know goes 30100. I'll remember I think is that criticism gets vastly underrated yeah. They do to build big carry the ball. Is huge for how effective do today. Also give goat cart credit and are echoed program closely as well because they've gone in around the ballot in the run game. Where we're both were also there in the first for Burton well. And they act how likely they are defensively. Always liked Al Harris and bumpers are allowed back Xbox fields is an acceptable quarter. In this slick. But there are a lot of our power here this is going to be huge thing to say because. I think they go to Korea those Saturday and then they got Carolina in Chapel Hill in the all the let me get badgers big goes. You know I was told somebody earlier today fellow you know we're not to examine the coastal already showing chaotic and the yields. And and that's a good thing create these safe. Because the Atlantic is is gonna come down to a couple of prize fight. And what problems Saturday night and and that's that's good create these states those. You know those two schools over there Florida's stated at Clemson and they have little bullet have been staked its back. To where they're capable of being not that that's all a good thing for BAC. All art Breslow real quick thirty seconds give us the the prediction for unlawful Clemson on Saturday in a Lamar is better than he was at this point last year and constant defense. Is is well they eked out the winless shutting him out of the best defense in college football on this sequencing gets it done on the road what do you think real quick. Dare I concentrated on the road cutting constant handled that moment out of a little look yeah but I do believe bears it's it's all those games were you talk so much backcourt would be below the locker. Oftentimes little tout come down the clubs and off principal speaker. All right get out of here the mayor of the ACC Obama. Is don't do this is important to get this and I'm really sorry I meant to get this and I cannot forget west. These shirts. DDD go or you go shirts for your dad are awesome and their incredible art and and this is so awesome to raise money first Asian awareness so how can people I if they haven't got one already how can people do not pick these up now in an at a minimum that the people just make a donation and help out look at people do here. Well they do way to get asserted simple log on to troubled real sportswear dot com. And the two Serbs are available at Carolina blue and as my mother so for non believers in great tennis hall. And if you wanna make a donation. That awarded are remote Glazer of foreign for a major research programs. UNC medical foundation it's pretty easy go to goat dot UNB dot edu slash woody. And Chris thanks we have then just overwhelmed which sold about 2000 shirt that a month but I have. 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Go we go do what you do and that's an incredible shirt and love you brother thanks to make it time and double talk release. I'm coach. They are calling it dumb gravity do a great to be with you got.