USA Today's Luke Easterling: "Calvin Ridley would fit perfectly in this Panthers Offense"

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Friday, February 23rd

USA Today's Luke Easterling joined the Mac Attack to discuss the Panthers possible prospects in this years draft.


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A man with an outside the box panthers' first round maneuver. And let's talk about two Luke Easter length he is the editor of the draft liar USA today dot comedy joins us here is stressed wired dot. USA today dot Kelly joins us talk a little draft what's up Luke tell you do it. I'm doing good I see you have the tea thirst. Because I would love the dancers to get disc player you have them giving Calvin Ridley but I think your realistic about it you have them trading up mid first round to about sixteen herself. What what they have to trade up to get to that spots. And I mean how good is he he seems like a guy that is. This wide receivers lately of not really been ready to play right away he seems like a guy that would be close to it if not ready completely to play right away. Yeah he is and I think he's he's a rare bird and that enact Peyton and people who cut it out in the spectrum can say that. You know he's going to be 24 is an NFL rookie gonna be you know too old and it. That that's only a problem if you still all you're still developing you're not a polished at the dialect Ripley if you. I mean out of the box ready to be an NFL starter at all but rather. Very reliable and and and it didn't take a short route but there's been broken in the a couple of the defense neat so you get the complete player. I think he's the only receiver in this class but I would say right now is they don't lock to go in the first round at all. When that happens bag and I tend to get. Valued at the top fifteen pick and I just think he's the type receiver. At the campus have some some talented crafty veteran but not a guy like him. They can be that reliable number one target they can do all of those things got out of water to drink well so. I think considering the campus have that extra third round pick. Maybe it took their second round pick the doping did and maybe it took one to a those bird may be open now. I just think that there in a position to make that move. Get ahead of a team like Baltimore in the situation that could in my mock draft bulk what did that leave the player like that we know how did you look at Alabama you wanted to get and that's got to the spot where it felt like they had yet to him and there's not if he. Missing out on some of the top quarterback thought that was kind of a natural that the turret. OK okay here's here's a here's there's the natural next question is okay let's talk about the other receivers that would be available. Where the Panthers take a twenty floor. And why so obviously you're not sold that those guys are difference makers right guys it would still be on the board 24. It's not a must but I'm not sold on him being different maker of the budget that they're two similar. To what I think that the tip authority cabinet on Iraq to the next guy public courtroom but Matta has spent you know but he more of a big physical guy. I think they can't have that bat already needs somebody like Ridley is more explosive or complete as a receiver. And I just think he's been he's the better value in the first round acrylic if you get it decor 124. You might as well wait until the second round get a guy like maybe or mutate at Florida State. A bunch a guys in that rain the day to value beavers. It is gonna be ridiculous like that that Ripley elect act and it it is the first round lot after that the second bird there's going to be starting caliber receivers belt or fourth round I think. OK so there is so the more value per movie is if you don't do the Ridley saying you can't get him. It's too late may be in to those rounds in a position that I look at that as a big wanted to interstate young pass rusher even if we get peppers back. I mean he's not getting any younger Charles Johnson could be capped casually he's not getting any younger. We need to next young pass rusher but it feels like when the Panthers are picked 124. I don't know if there's value theirs or any pass rush or it comes to mind for you in meant in that area. Yeah that's a bad spot in these up after a threat and the bad year. That guy and it's a great year I think they need all the deployment and their the last election of the art by terrible. I think it is it is don't go receiver there I think often apply whether order apple. Probably the better pick there to make it to away on a receiver. This year's past trust class up Brett which up from North Carolina State who I think the top five player in the buyout. After that herald Landry from Boston College sees it more urban underside of a report out by linebacker type that don't Ian. But it did in the third full time I didn't incident at a port three. But after that I I just don't see anybody that I feel really confident in the first round or keep from LSU. Boomer but I really athletic be kept in very concerned maybe the law but feel concerns about market Davenport kind of the hot name right now at a packed and Antonio. Really really raw athletic director of the doubt about they like too much of a development project debate in the net up 25 range so. I think that often applied might be in that he had the best value for that apparently. I were to lose blue jeans easterly in the USA today draft liars for round mock drafts a draft wired I USA today. Dot com okay. So we covered a little bit aligned their pass rusher wide receiver. This running back class smarting Ernie our own GM here in Carolina has raved about just running back class. If the Panthers I think that I think the thing for them to do would be too old now do first round back to back years. But I do think there's a chance Johnson Stewart to cap casualty or even if he isn't he wanna find his eventual replacement. Physical running backs in rounds two through four who fits that bill. I tell you what would you like to be nick child from George snot off don't dispute Christian McCaffery oh Mort. And intact that the guy that you see a horrific knee injury like that we just don't see guys bounced back. The way he has the rest of his career after that and bring that's just been in that bet that the bank to watch after that. I like invaded their fourth round could beat a year's version of Korean hunt ignited at a forty year career production. Now Royce Freeman at Oregon that the cat 511245. I got there at the side the B a all time that he got experience and spread system I think it would fit really well. Armor would replace a guy who played a organ and got a short. Arbor shot and he competitive state of I don't understand how he still he declined at the radar grossed her out are that baca thought out on three years ago and was returning kicks. This year he budgets for 2000 yards another diet it's. Big you can carry the full load can get the ball out of the back field propagate the you know and prevent the pass protector but those guys if you look into that more brooding back there and in the Orkut Kyrie did it to match with the skills that. That they already have on that offense though there's no doubt that that really well. I do you have Durban James going to warning wanting your mock the safety out of Florida State. Arm and I seen him in that range on other mosques is there a feeling that teams aren't that high on him because I would've thought going in the last year. This dude is a sure fire south ten taken maybe even top five. You know what what are they what are people balking at in terms of scouts and and evaluate yours in the NFL including possibly drop to 24 or is that too crazy. I definitely agree that he's the top ten player in this draft. You go back. Two to 26 teams don't I think there's. But what I will probably go gonna be one of the most impressive athlete that become buddies is gonna crushes because he's such a ridiculous. Athletic player for its side especially I think the problem or at what. After that leg injury but it took him awhile to get back the whole brain to feel completely confident in that way. And it just beat a player needs to be so. I think we saw a completely different player the last maybe quarter of the point seventy feet. And I also think that I think Florida it was kinda trying to find that spot deploy it meant. And I don't think he ever got really comfortable in India a different way try cute and so I I think this team they that it. See the potential in him if they can find a spot that that fits what he does well and end in dot got to move the ball over the plate and do what to different bank. I think they're gonna end up getting a cup and where and I think it be in net wondering if that was possible because they eat that kind of dropped a little bit. Out of there quicker more withdrawn bait he did in the Barak. I just do that kinda guy may be slipping down you know people trying to take those apps structures of those off at the tackle that more premium positions. Might it get scenic it's just as a raw talent a cup and talent but in terms of additional beat that guy in Connecticut pushed on the Portland. No good stuff good stuff they did a great job he killed little news interviewer does it talks you. As a process unfolds. On Twitter at Luke easterly it'll follow and again draft learned I usaid dot dot com check out these fourteen earth for round mock. That is up right now a great job loop we'll talk to down the road man's. Very got.