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Monday, May 21st

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I can't just slot and we will I miss and a two time Super Bowl champ we will talk football with him but first we start there. At the most important question Tyrone Poole rancher blue cheese what do you prefer. Well Chris Bennett appreciate you the lab to be on the shelf saw what I won't do because that caught two games up on go with both. Fly home to thank the Austrian T. That's feels like I'm not a case look I wanna almost as big in the past I'd actually articulate she's just saying that seal hurt my feelings as you can be honest you know. There were you know way that I politicians don't point fingers bell reported. But what I would do it depended on what situation it is apple pulled out jail if idiot who whipped Lucci is the best. Don't go with Eritrea. If this rants that go rent that Acadia is potato I think rich girl's great live. Yeah I agree on that see I'm just not a fan ran through my chicken wings Tyrell that's where this whole thing starts sum up on the blue cheese guy from my chicken wings. No saint particularly. So be it it'll be a politician. I can't boast that well. Odds are ticked at his victory OK even if it's if it is very surface about a victory feels very fake it not a knock on Oprah did but I'm gonna take okay that's a victory as terrible as some victory. Tyrell for what this two time Super Bowl champion ordered to him he didn't that's okay but this guy's a pieces of Panthers history because. Behind Kerry Collins he is the second pick ever in Carolina Panthers history back in 1995 what did you know Tyrone take me your from LaGrange Georgia. But take me take me back to win you got your number called. On draft day and you find out this expansion team from Charlotte, North Carolina called the Carolina Panthers was selecting you in the second round what did you know what that time. But did get it back to call out excite. I remember I remember like it was yesterday. And that's why it out of trap calm all is like eight who like out there you know what I want people sure are also understand it is. They had not simply cannot happen given bots are. It would be what I am today this. Except that the others don't know which they get testimony yet here column with Burt aptly he would burst out keep out there at the the elk in Carolina crappy history. It is abruptly collapsed in their outlook or deepen this selection so out of all of the because which was the deep Atlantic because they've. Yeah its apple backer. Say he you don't get a tablet that that they know what you want appealed the defense around this. Look at rob worked out at the university. And bring him to Charlotte to team it was tragic it is that yet so I take that was great crash of flight you know I'll have our trail. And you know it's not place. And if you're gonna politic Tyrone on a politic to because as we all know defense is when championships correct. That's probably true that's true that sister who grow just that's right. David says that's not them politicking those are just facts right earth those are just facts it does. It does feel like I Tyrone I would love to know as you've been out of the at a league now offer for about a decade as somebody that was a defensive player. And was your your craft was predicated on shutting down opposing quarterbacks how do you feel about. Today's NFL which is still pass heavy such me an emphasis is put on wide receivers and quarterbacks in the passing attack. How do you feel about today's NFL and the value of a defense and a secondary. In 2018. They wouldn't and they're out all of our own. The game has power to support where. It could have should go back and gentlemen we did visualize this or signaled. I. Know there is a part get a look at it. Okay he beat that it dole back in who. That is okay like being. They played cal out at the bit he's got a well dispersed in the as well based they haven't changed a bit. Apple bought out part no run the ball so he sent out. Opposite lines that run the ball that well which the majority of the teams do yet seen them out to that line out. With the rules in the unity. Now it is up they hit it down. You're seeing. In and out of the war. It is it would go to what would they have changed. It give it to me to open I would look back. Give him out. There. Shellac on it came out in the speech would get people back. You get out quarters the deck is that looks at how game has changed just thought I'd take. You go to a game you what brought it to tighten. Credit initiatives and patty. Who put up a couple that way when it became has changed so I would deputy put out acts in. About a ball. What a thought let's go back in the time machine what if I tell you twenty years ago that it that nickel package that you're talking about not only would there be a nickel package should be. You gather on a sub nickel package with maybe a bigger. A bigger safety is more yelled for safety or linebacker he won a sub in which is what we see now but also. The teams would basically played bass nickel defense that their base defense like 60% plus of their defense. He's in a nickel package would you believe that if I told you that twenty years ago Tyrone. Now I would. Look at it like a kind of brought by the Pope had Paul Byrd back pedal. But it it is can stretch it. All right we're talking a terrible two time Super Bowl champ. First ever draft pick on the defensive side for the Carolina Panthers are second ever draft pick. But he's the first ever defensive draft pick in Carolina banter histories with this right now. On the technical I'm desolate I need a great story from Tyrell pool. Could be 9596. I don't know you give me the year where. You guys are the new show in town everybody loves the NFL we love the hornets here but we are start to find a home in this NFL things pretty cool we like this painter's team. Give me an example or Tyrone Poole. Reaped the benefits and rewards of being a pro football player for the Carolina theaters in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1995 not paying for a meal. Or you could stroll up to anywhere and didn't even need a reservation I need a good story of Tyrone pool being larger than life in the in Charlotte, North Carolina 1995. We pray god I 14. All we've already done this story. I. Rappers got canola achieved got you become a bad day. All he was played man to man advantage and I Tibetan and I wake up in Italy where he gat G force ED. But I do a lot. Of talent he is ignition key to first epic upset draft pick Kerry was written by. Was that the Epoch. So we've taught by. Kayla there's new territory yet look at that gamma. We've got a New York AA we feel or is cheaper to let it speak. It got to normally now you know. Back in Carolina you know due to gain. You gotta get come out of black comedy historical fact are listed Uga will be lucky if he would repeal what you know it out of that support that. You keep their daycare land and take pictures and you don't beat it into due to repeat our ownership in Carroll learned it. I'm trapped at a street went today. Detect and stop trip like Luka. And back to take pictures but I didn't know it was gonna turn out. Like that out spam deal you know got his spear. Due partly brought them and not yet been the key say lesbian victory. It would take advantage and yet so I'm just by track like. And unlike his dog look you know Ed hooted at C. Now yeah Olympic at least so what I can build. Their victory speak. We. They. They would like you know yet I want which. Are you gotta do is go out to let history look at Tyrell will be all right. Codecs. A couple of fat I forgot to get by the panel will be it would take a look like but that was you know their trade but it was exciting. That war eagle socket eleven book came out all over the place but it was it was Spanish. We're talking to Tyrone pulled a great two time Super Bowl champs second ever draft pick in Panthers history first ever defensive draft pick competitors history. He's with this for fuel moments we got to right now what this on the technique on guests like give us a good Samuel story and any good Samuel stories Tyrone. Just. Spam is what been 31 of the field in Atlanta Falcons. It really. 31. Got outward. I would base in brilliant tied to deepen the bag most arbitrary date is in it. We are all you know is there and I wanna buy it that. They got all ought to be right back seat which is it. I hit it would give the ball and the whole. It's like obstacle to camp about they'll watch it iron hit it give the ball. Big gap there about about his. Sam he is about about you know. Hard as a rock the typical high of a lot. The spam had a lot of heart and with AT. I got it in world war. I. Well I've right at. I'll dubious he opened up. Big guy that would be a little bit about it being well this Abbott it is this spam. That's fantastic do you see Tyrone I don't know how much better football you you you watch over the years but. Everybody talks about Thomas Davis and his representation of of same spirit of keep pounding but do you see. Any football comparisons between same and TD DC because the east. Thomas is as tough as they come to wanted to play with a broken forearm two weeks after the NFC championship game and a Super Bowl to get back on the field do you see any comparisons between. The way they played a game between Sam and in TD on the field. Of course played saint position loud backer multiple hard nosed that all these leaders and sale of there in relation leader. Let you in relation. And an Intel on the day is this you know he played with local. And yes it despite sale at a it is. You know Barkley and brought it can't encouraging that we bandit. Three what he says so Sam had a Q3 other Brothers played with a minute left back position. It. Topic is hard nosed. A lot for the community. Some think it on or about trying to come back to. Carolina is being with my level pretty trying to cavity where. On the day is he you know he's appealed are a bit. Brad back or they can I have to beat it that's why. Wouldn't advocate Catalan people speak the defense because of that he boot and all they don't cat and it beat into line. Opportunity to give people recognizing that all this came out he's taken some receivers so. Out in the open court. Or turn it you know I played against but you can't if this lead you know court. Great he has Vietnam and east they're chilled it is adaptability. Taking it all been. And they keep it you know the two day gain so up at a site Kayla and hole it's. With the underdog comes to a program. What are you feel like the changes are going to be for cam and a growth for Kim with Symbian at hill. Right at the same type you'll turner which I think he will be. Can't what I learned dropped back. So the ball. Look at quarterback is who turner turner all intents and ball. I get way that the court he's chipped it to take today's game to be a deterrent if it is saying. You know yet are in itself. Yep. If he pirate car chain. Steele got outlook. So don't give too far away which you do so or medical dipped to four away from what you want is that you look Britain's. You know you look at the trop. Quarterback. So that they can't happen at this to get a way to try and that his athletic ability. Coming back. Yeah it needs to be so I think can't shoot prosper in it all. We don't have that double break he can't go to ball work and the mechanics of war. And also if breakdown yet that it truly is an active group is hair. He has applicants who like to also I think cam of happy that they or turner is and is well. Our organ applaud Tyrone so football academy coming up in the second before -- two quick things first you were politicking earlier you can no longer politic Tyrone pulled two time Super Bowl champ faith. Rory did it pain you in the slightest. To win your first Super Bowl Super Bowl 38 against the team that drafted you did that pain you at all to win what is your role with the patriots over the Panthers in the slightest adapting new at all. See no way it is indeed the they like it's okay. Rappers out there. Mr. pitched in game you get out there first he needed it there out front. This is about sport council who took out. What became Ian he's out there or even East Asia to Europe play. Beechy Carolina into the Super Bowl okay you know of course you know that it probably would have been where it went to. A yeah not bad yeah well about three but I don't why would you place it in action. Just what happened how it out in person he didn't. It would mean give him the Opel epic epic all the things outlook. Is it true. You know like get play and it can't count operatic bass is. But it's different but I. You know when we first came about via Italy by the eagle on the scene here to all orders. Do even. Coach who coaches in our that would there earlier it would Jim we are great. And you know low in iron about what hey. That bit and we. That's and oh by the way what he does citizen no is he said arena slight chance of snow is and if it is very navy's politicking again I don't blame them on that heat is you can't feel bad right time rolling through you you want you ever get a response piece but you want to include displeased or now. In the columns as and to witness what was his third everything I I think this Tyrone icing 1998 NFL hall of fame game what comes to mind for you. It at a in you know if you're taking things that happened in that outburst these first it. I feel that Opel. And you don't see the site and MPT at four. He what CD that was not a bad boat guys. Here you know that's it that's screen. He'd be here about eight feet. And Jack and Carolina came bottle top. All right Tyrone pulled two time Super Bowl champion second ever draft pick in Carolina Panthers history first ever defensive pick. In the drafting Carolina Panthers history he returned that interception eighty yards in the hall of fame game in 1998 he's got lots of stories that we should be talked a longer. Odd maybe we'll do that soon but first you got out before let's go to get a plug your your your training academy when he when he got going on Tyrone. And not consistent not to talk about that it and it kept yeah of course at that level. There is their incomes above number. Let the capital. You know came up is going to help those who has been decent Tibet in pop who. Those who eat at the camp O. It was neat but the most important thing you'd like. We as coaches the inside we teach in upbeat after the key to. So it has got a yes or a lot of work to get the big that the contract which will propel it the out in the inner part. In our interests there might steal a is that what is it in my that he is gone she. They don't have handled the pressure comes with so that it cannot yet. I'll teach you treat it trade that know about the call gets polished to wish this didn't hide it gets where you call it even even more and but what they embody that you're. It opinion in India came out to Wear you out to prove they're kick in. Who can. Help tell lies he has taught how to help is that although he ought to be. It is now you'll eco Condit a cheap they're about trouble. It's been so they put the bat the bat in practice even though it's a great capital Abidjan. That are. I've going to be electric power would be topical beat egg will be. Is that is that went past the it will be Ed. They get more information informed about web site at who. 38. Com that title who do that comes at great people of Tibet camp have can't get there. And you know what people want a lot of information. My crew and basically took game go to it here. Now and Tyrod is on Twitter too of course that linked to his side he's on his Twitter profiles to a you follow that it's at Tyrone Poole saint think Tyrone Poole. 38 Tyrone it is a pleasure to undergo a memory lane in and talk when you shall we appreciate you Macon some time we'll catch up soon okay. Are right I appreciate you being beaten.