Tyler Larsen On Primetime

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Wednesday, March 14th

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And Dell were to go to the technique I'm guess slow and welcome in this guy might be part of the solution. On the interior that offensive line for the Carolina Panthers are guy Tyler Larson Macon some time for a Tyler are you doing man it's good to talk dia. Good thanks hurried nor until well you have you reached out danger rescue for alone or receive easy to throw a few bucks sure way to talked over the last 24 hours here. It outside movement but Kenny finances because as you know graduated there are not yet be happier forum I mean you earned it and no really great players. You know I think don't entirely agrees. Yeah and it's it's one of those things right Tyler thinks Hansen times reading it's hard to get maybe a little while widening guys stay here only cares about his money but you guys. On inside the locker room at any time even if it's elsewhere like a guy gets a chance to make. Life altering money you guys could I mean you're over the moon for a guy like that whether it's star injured go get go get paid to make that kind of money is you guys can be happier for a guy like that. Yes no doubt I mean obviously we hope were always wish you know in its statement. You know I got to make the right decision for themselves. They got people they got to take care of so. You know right. You really you can't have it that you're about. Toward and you just can't be happier forum and you know on this forum where he can't. Well you get some good news because I don't know if you seen but in the last what hour here the old man's coming back against seventeenth season he's clock him back in Julius Peppers resigning for one year deal. I to come back after eleven sacks this year Roy what do you think it Julius how much how much is he had left in the tank I just saw Aaron Curry say he thinks Julius could play for another five years how much how much gas is Juli is still have left in the tank. On the and I agree I mean in the way you want to put it looks like you're brave face not. Tonight I can hear him put a number of current how many more years he has bird eat corn hurt our other people we. And you know his body he's he's though proved gave you you don't agree travel what he does. We're talking to Tyler Larson panthers' offensive nominees with this right now. On the technique I'm guests lined so hey you guys gonna have to retool a little bit at that things on the offensive line with. I did wonder not see I don't know you guys if you you lose your personal to a certain extent. I have you ever played left guard before injury is that something you could do a giver played deposition before. Yet when I played guard. Three years in the league and I've been. You know it. It's who have a different senator Byrd program in view the more you do the better. Viewers got to be ready for the call so. No matter who would it. You know are it I don't know but I doubt that the line coach that we have coach Matt go and you know he's gonna make sure whoever is that guy he's gonna make sure Wright's spot. You know get frustrated for this season. We're talking to Tyler Larson red up painters offensive comedies with this on the technique come guess like you had any conversations with with the coaching staff and all about that -- like KB you know this is. This is a possibility for you're or no. Not powerball everything. Pretty much are going to be up in the air and so we give back for OT is only can actually a popular with the coaches. So yeah I mean better. I need to do is prepare. Whatever you're there order they are you trading and you know. If you wanna go for the other. What you can you got you getting a new offensive line coach come on in with with coach Matt's going Travelle and we we talked to her coach drug coach warden a few months ago but. What what what what could you tell us about Travelle Wharton what what coach Wharton's gonna bring into the mix as CAC replaces Ray Brown went out to Arizona. I mean. When he was here are very destroy any tips he was. You're very core of the difference what the young guys. You know he's Smart you know what he's going to the game. Obviously had a great. Career I think he can bring that arrow and a lot of books. For working with them I think he really has an understanding of what this. Locker room. Like especially being here for over the years was about eight years. I'm I think he's he's better jumper rather than it or get it could be. In only weird fear grade dope. You know we're a completely better there welcome and in the taken that spot. How helpful is that to have a coach shoot not only played the position but not all that along with the long ago right the least change wrenching that change so much so last year's is going to be super else will be able to just. Have conversations would Eminem understand where you're coming from. Oh absolutely I think you know South America you know that level of connection. We're people you know are removed newer type we. And you know I that's that's so what are we trading here but it is so it opened opal well he. Can't understand it could then what good news CPAs everything you are they role. You know where I think he he really understood he really connects to a America in a global during training him. We're talking to Tyler Larson painters offensive lobbies with this right now on the technique I'm guess on you can follow Tyler on Twitter by the way it's at Tyler Larson. Up 58 I did did you have any familiarity with what we Torre I know it's not officially official yet but this this trade I don't know did you add any. Interactions with him over the course of your career is this is this going to be new for you. No I haven't actually knew. You don't try to that in here and and I think he's been making huge impact the results yeah. Well and you get a got this won two Super Bowl is right about everybody I hear from says Mays agree locker room guy awesome dude awesome teammate I mean. How much to stuff like that mattered Tyler like talent matters obviously. But the talent gap in this league I think people don't understand some times it's so thin needle when teams look like there's so much more talented. It's a sense of getting guys like Jeff how much of an impact does it actually have. I think did you do expect to hear how long. I mean he's he's going to you won't like he says and you know he he knows what it. It takes to do so so. I think. With that type of leadership. He can really bring you know to that level then. Especially with the younger you know wide receiver group. I think you know. That really will. Turn aren't they go so well really what it's given these. And what it will take threats to its low where were you that we are where we know we should. Well what would you make of by the career that he's Joseph Thomas I don't know if you seen this Joe's gonna retire after eleven years in the NFL. Ten years he was a pro bowler the poor man never made a playoff appearance in his career. How do you think it a career for Joseph Thomas Tyler. In the army he had. You know the streak so most consecutive starts yet. I don't think. They were able to say. Joseph Thomas and the guy who'd been made it to put a great thing like that I think they're gonna they go. Particular offensive lineman who. Really love the game and you know but I I think there'll have respect for her. Aspect and not even bring up food. I mean not obviously Republican below this point a forehand. Toward you know I mean. When you mention the streak and for those who don't remember it ended this past this past fall 101363. Consecutive snaps. For Joseph Thomas and running games played snaps Tyler how you played that position like the amount of things that could go wrong for one snap where your shoe comes off. Or your helmet as a has an issue you have to go off first apple somebody fixes it. The idea that a guy deposition took like 101000 snaps in a row. It that's mind blowing they're so beyond injury there so many things that could go wrong and a field trip for just a single snap. They're really incredible. You know I just I can't help but sadly such use so that had that not and it's a couple plays that he not figure out there in that back on more clothes than. So like and you know it. I can't even imagine. Having that. Just make sure everything's gone right for that many snaps its current needs. If you're trying to think the total numbers twenty but at the time he was asked or call all the eighteen different quarterback sees blocks for could you do that if you were asked to remember eighteen different quarterbacks he blocks workers you remember those. You know you don't. We're of the problem here work eight. For. Used to tell a story Tyler where he'd say I think the story was a forget when this happened. It got so bad one year where somebody literally came into the huddle and introduced himself to Joseph in the huddle he said on pot odds on Joseph on nice to be chief. Created have you ever had that happen where Arthur. Her or knows his savior had that have to win an offensive lineman before we're like your deal lines and so Ding to appear like I am your senator it's nice to meet you relieve blockage for the next little while here. And I experience is is that. Currently countless stories. Come out of that sort of stepped up. That's great Tyler Larson threw this Panthers offensive lineman he's with this right now on the technique I'm guess slug it we're gonna let you go he would even up to a even doing the last. Last couple months here. Thought man just working now yeah we've been staying out here at Charlotte had a big boy. We actually a month grants morrow congratulations and yes sort of ordinance is just an amateur kid now trying to get sleep the in recruits. Routier's session they'll. How much or how little sleep I guess I should ask is Tyler Larson getting these days. Geez. But I did it sought three hours mostly. Picked you open it well actually so I mean I'm I'm probably averaging around. Or six Paris movie you run an on call she would she's what you should go once. Just motivation. They're it'd be generally pretty much. Parents agree that's the great thing to keep pushing forward man well you you know we're big fans ears and we can't wait to see what happens throughout OT is it will be here before I know but it's good to catch up and congratulations on the new addition to the family man it's good to talk to you. Here are important to thank you.