Two-A-Days: The Philadelphia Eagles

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Friday, August 17th

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Training camp may be over. Wilson and Josh Marcella aren't about to let up getting you ready for the start of football season. It's time for two days on WFANC. All right guys got today is coming up here Josh ourself back with you from that doghouse in real quick on this the sixth annual Charlotte high school robbery series kick off night Allard I ortho Carolina. Saturday August 18 that's tomorrow guys at memorial stadium. North Carolina meets South Carolina and a high school at double header the action begins at 5 PM as Butler takes on Scott and I annual knowledge in this. The second part of that double header Mallard creek burst dot sport at 82 games one price just ten bucks get your tickets now its deal to kick off night dot com. And you could hear the game right here live on 125610. W Athens the it is time. For two days Philadelphia Eagles style we're wrapping up the NFC east with a recap of the Super Bowl champion. Eagles and last year Philadelphia. Finishes the season thirteen and three. The over under for this year's team had an. Half wits that is the second highest total in all of football. And look when you look at this team. There's whole lots of change. This is very much a team that they said you know what we want at all why not running back. Okay they win the Super Bowl last year they catch fire at the end you saw them win six their last seven going into the regular season. They're going into the policies and I should say and then obviously taking home the Super Bowl over to England in what was one of the most impressive performances by a team. I have seen in the Super Bowl ever. Dominant office of performance they ran the ball all over and threw the ball all over the New England Patriots and really big bottle. It was the first time you ever seen. Bill Belichick lineup on one side of the table. It just bats against somebody else. And lose I mean Doug Peterson out maneuvered out steam to patriots every step of the way and that is why they took home the Lombardi trophy this year's team. If you're looking for a key addition. You could probably look at the defensive lineman out of whole loading not a he's good at some insurance on the interior they also added Michael Bennett a defensive end. But neither of those guys here to be back players to Jernigan coming back from injury it even to tackle inaudible probably fill that gap until Jernigan is ready. Michael Bennet is just an insurance and added depth behind their Barnett branding gram dose of Chris Long is a veteran on the defensive line. So I have Ryan shelf producer Roger he's gonna chime in on some of those as well ride what do you see I mean it's a penalty much difference between. Last year the Eagles team in this year's Eagles team it means that's got to be a good thing I think in your mind right. Yeah I mean this whole thing about you know if it was if it ain't broke don't fix I mean near they went out there and they kind of just sold at a couple holes in terms of depth pieces they brought back Corey Graham a guy that had been part of the couple Super Bowl teams like you just mentioned floating not a Michael Bennett. Chris Long guys that you have don't either been on this team you through their playoff runs are guys that have been through this process. If you look at that seventeen years for their defensive line that's a unit did a couple of years ago much was was losing a starting unit out there. I'm mean if you look at there and if you look at their offensively the other their the office on the other side of the ball. And I want to mark this week from the Chicago Bears a guy they can fit in and there's this three wide receiver sets. Did they drafted arguably probably the top tight end in the draft in Dallas Goddard they already had Zach hurts. Used who arguably maybe one of the of the top pass catching tight ends in league so. I mean Yemen this was a team that you just want to kind of bring back that the team that that one than the Lombardi trophy year ago. Anything you're improving a couple other places and in the the interesting thing I think that that they're gonna have to. In May be kind of worry about it's frank Reich on I think frank Reich in terms of him as a play caller. Along with your Doug Peterson was this something that you maybe missile little bit but I like this team on paper going into the season. The new offensive coordinator in Philly is Mike groh boy pretty tech fans remember that name he used to be a part of the staff of that you VA. And yeah and I think you're out there right look there there are very content running back the same velocity they had a year ago and I think a question mark for them is going to be quarterback depth at what you do with with wins in poles. Just before the break talked about nick fault going down an injury doesn't delegates all that serious. But which is not yet been cleared for contact so you're looking at probably going into the season with polls loser guy even have wins I think is help the without that limited or with the limited action he's had in the pre season camp. To me it makes sense and maybe start with polls and then once you feel comfortable Atlantic ease him back in but. It's a good problem to have and in a lot of ways but again that can be the sort of thing that maybe divides you going forward. How Doug Peterson manages that is going to be I think what dictates whether or not the Eagles are Super Bowl team. Or just a team the contends the NFC east. The LE any team out there you know you're all gonna goes as far as your quarterback Jason of course who wins and it falls is not out there. And your haven't tried out Nate son daughter or Christian Hatteberg date they live picked up up that off the garbage he plastic from the jets right. And I mean if they're thrown those guys out there this this'll teams and a full part from the from the top bottom. Yes the biggest question mark no doubt with the Philadelphia Eagles is that quarterback position how they manage that you'd stay healthy all those things and just you know be honest fight complacency. This is the team that had never been to the top before they won their first ever Super Bowl a year ago. It's easy to sit back and rest on your laurels a little bit once you've won a title that we see it all the time. How many times have we seen Ryan the last fifteen years the team win the Super Bowl and missed the playoffs altogether than it is an after it happens. And in the other thing is on this defense they're kind of go on defense accountable the same way that this Carolina Panthers defense as though where it's on that fronts that front four. And they've got some guys are a little bit older I mean opera grams get not their Chris Long you know polluting not a yes let's Cox's army private made the best defensive tackle football but I mean is not a lot of big names in that secondary Jalen mills Ronald Darby mob running McCleon. And now Malcolm Jenkins but you know if if there's any point this season where they have an injury. Or are you some of these older guys just you know sort sort of slowed a little bit that can be concerned for this eagles' defense. So I was looking at it kind of fun to break out player on this team and it's hard to do that when you're just bring him back basically the same exact core the had a year ago but it. You mentioned Jalen Els knows the guy who came up pretty highly touted. When he came out of college was a high draft pick somebody I think Eagles had high expectations for. And I mean let's be honest LSU had a reputation as drafting guys with. With a great pedigree that you come from LSU you're expected you picture actually drafted seventh round I was I was the signal that rapid but still a guy has been the starting lineup now for entire year. And last season in the playoffs a court approval all focused he held Julio Jones is one receptions twelve yards in the divisional round game. So you saw some signs of him late in the season when he really had an impact in that secondary. That's just an opportunity to get I don't see somebody really emerging even build and becoming a superstar. Among the names that we don't already know for the Eagles but if you look at somebody might take a step forward he's a guy that I am island. I'm Thomas stick with the secondary mistake with Sidney Jones years ago eyelashes that was dressed in the second round from the Eagles was it was a very high pick I think 43. I knew he had a torn Achilles itty bitty suffer on his pro day any mistakes of the entire season I think he was activated I think in the last week of a December I think he was inactive for most of the playoffs including the Super Bowl. These guys made some plays so foreign pre season and got it easy got it may be if it's mills are Darby. A struggle bit or he makes some plays yeah lower and lower in the on the depth chart I think he's got a could rise old leaves a playmaker Washington. And now he's got it was warranted of a first round pick last year as if he makes in place was eagles' defense I think he brings a lot of stability. To the back end of that that defense. Well in Philadelphia could use a shutdown type corner last year they allowed ten point one markets. To the opposing team's number one wide receiver that was the most in the NFL so a bit of what I was getting open on the other side of the field. Four Philadelphia so it is vacant house in my you can kind of take half of the field away I don't know it's going to be one of those guys or not but they do need if you're looking at similar to improve. That's probably the area where the Eagles have the biggest weakness. Another set to keep in mind as I go to my prediction. Turnover differential is something that has a huge impact on wins and losses in the NFL Philadelphia was thirteen and three year ago they were plus eleven. In the turnover department that was first in the NFC if that regressive back to the mean that could impact the win loss column. Several games. If Philadelphia now all of a sudden goes thirteen and three team to eleven at five grievance and it sixteenth the NFC is showed deep and so talented. If you don't win twelve games. You're almost certainly not hosting a playoff game against divisional round. That matters in Philadelphia having home field advantage in the NFC title game last year against Minnesota. I think made all the difference in the world they rode that momentum all the way through that game it is Super Bowl Minnesota didn't look like a belonged on the field. After playing that are being so hot going in that game so you wanna have a home game in the NFC it's going to be so tough. I think to win on the road this year in those playoffs Philly needs to continue to build up what they did last year that turnover differential the key step for me. Yeah a lot of weapons to I mean they're gonna have Darren Sproles back this year guided. If he broke his arm and his Eric broke his arm and his tore his AC on the same play last year and I've been in terms of that and that running that doesn't mean there's been used to it they've. Other one got Josh Adams in the in the draft. Whenever bonds are weapons there and in the you know in the in the backfield along with the wide outs I think there's a lot of weapons for whether or whatever quarterback they trot out there. You know to use as longs as two quarterbacks with a score some points from Nichols are healthy. Lot of talent on that team no doubt about it I'm gonna go with eleven and five I think they fall back two games they go to eleven and five I think that earns them. The division title but does not earn them a first round bye which is gonna mean I think they fall short. Of reaching the suitable for the second straight year but it'll be good here in Philly Eagles fans have a lot to party about vilified on broad street no doubt about it all year long celebrating a lot of way.