Two-A-Days: New York Giants

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Thursday, August 16th
"Two-A-Days" Part II on Thursday featured the New York Giants. Nick & Josh dicussed the impacts of adding General Manager Dave Gettleman and the loss of Jason Pierre Paul.

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It may be over. Wilson and Josh Marcelo aren't about to let up getting you ready for the start of football season. It's time for two days on telling you can see. Now you can do you radio voice thing. The text little football trial so violent all the Harry Carrey I have no idea. All right so the giants. Today and last year they finished last in the NFC east. Their final record coming in as I got there in thirteen in thirteen and the over under this year's. I buy it as a over under. Won't get into what I think about it here in just a second but talking about their key additions daequan Barkley. Obviously the key addition on this team. And look I think this guy could be. One of the best rookie running backs in the history Italy and he has. Every single possible tool at his disposal as a running back he's the dvd week because the perfect. Modern running back. I was talking Eugene Robinson yesterday. I ever in in him what we're given a Panthers preview show and humbled for a couple brag that I pick of that name you just dropped. And and Al outs Cuba Eugene Robinson I'll say it again he was a scene it you know who does he remind you of and asked him and we were talking about names like Emmitt Smith and and I said he was a bigger LeSean McCoy and Jack. The guy is an absolute freak and he's going to give the dimension to the giants' offense they haven't had. It at any point in the line Manning era. You can go back to may be the the Tiki Barber days and he's going to be better I think in Tiki ever was while I was stock in the Tom Brady the other day and he's definitely agree to and that we do you broke didn't Jim Brown the conversation camera Jimmy Jimmy. Well he had been later last night Iran and Barack Obama for dinner and he says. He said well Hernandez was a good pick up on the offensive line audience anything about Aaron Hernandez that would have been weird could've could've it could've gone off the rails there but it's all there also in addition so I several key additions to the ovens of line with the weakness of the giants last year. And for them to address that was older and Hernandez. In the draft. Was an outstanding move for them a look I think this icing is going to be very very good and the biggest question mark is Eli Manning I think we know that I. I think the smartest thing they did it. It it was ironic some of the concerns that we've had about the offensive line in Carolina. Considering the first thing Dave government did when he got to New York was put hole held a lot of cash innate shoulders pocket. And then draft will Hernandez who win one pick after Austin Corbett out of Nevada the Cleveland Browns I thought well Hernandez is going to be Cleveland brown I was shocked. When he did not win when he ended up going to that the giants. Phenomenal player nasty personal talent the giants you needed some nasty at their offensive line they've not had agents guys like OK are in Snead. We don't win the don't know. I really love this offensive line I think sold there was more risk than people wanna give credit for. Because he is passing that that little age limit there are there for offensive tackles but it was a necessary risk. I think they've done good work on the offensive side of the ball giving Eli Manning the right was it the the requisite players. To move forward to it didn't give him the final two years three years of his career to contend. I still I still wonder if they have everything they need but I thought it was a really good off season for the giants. That they really have any excuses this year on the offensive side I mean Eli Manning last year you can point the offensive line you really can't do that anymore and it receiver they have one of the best groups are receivers I think in the NFL. You can say what you want about it all back on the what he's done in the offseason is antics but with a guy gets on the field he is for my money one of the two or three best wide receivers and all football the only thing I. Say is you you did get rid of Jason Pierre Paul I know you've got to. I who are some of the other guys and them Olivier Vernon who everybody likes I don't think she's lived up to the billing quite yet since signing in Miami. Is still in the you know in a delicate Avery moss or a Kerry win one of those guys guys have to step up is it cannot be all Olivier Vernon here. I think that would be the biggest thing I would worry about though is can you continue generates that that consistent pass rush. Good news for the giants is that there's only one other offense in the NFC east that really puts a lot of fear in your minds dallas' lead. Average to below average offense this season the Redskins are an average offense at best the Eagles obviously I'm one of the better offenses in the league. The giants can survive with an average defense. If their offense was up to the billing and don't forget my breakout player Evan Ingraham yeah and is gonna I'm entered god heard phenomenal stuff out of. And then from from camp there and what he's been able to do if he he's going to be an Antonio Gates type tight end I think for the next ten years NFL he is it an outstanding talent at Ole miss I think we're really looking back at last year's tight end class is something special I love DeVon Ingram I'd love David to Joseph coop who is a physical beast there's three before the other name actually buy and then his pre season though let's not get too excited. But now I all of fame I really do. I really do like that tied in class by the way those are just two names. There's another three or warnings out it'd be really nice players in the NFL all right prediction time can do it ten and six. They miss the playoffs because the NFC's delicate I think the giants win ten games this year and a lot of that is on the backs of sick one Barkley who's going to be one of the five to ten vessel with the players in the league not as a rookie not not rookies by the invest players I think real contention for the playoff spot I think is gonna come down to the holes and mental aptitude of O'Dell Beckham junior and whatever his future is their New York. I would say nine inch yes. I think they're going to be on the periphery I think we'll have an opportunity I don't believe in Dallas I really don't believe in Washington and a I think they're gonna get at least second place in the NFC east I do think they come up short but I think I think will be talked about him as a team to watch. Going into next off season that could certainly with wood more help. Jumped four well had something to keep it on as a Carolina fan too because like you mentioned Dave Gelman is the one rebuilding this roster and Mike Hsu went on the offensive coordinator under pats are.