Two-A-Days: The New England Patrots

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Friday, August 17th

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Training camp may be over. Wilson and Josh Marcella aren't about to let up getting you ready for the start of football season. It's time for two days on WFANC. I'm just parcel with Damien Lewis and it's time for two days and this is the one I think everybody was anticipating. The New England Patriots there their fan favorite around around these parts were gone through the NFL two teams today we're wrapping up the AFC east today we hit the the last three teams. Our earlier in the weeks if you wanna check those out go find him on the website W Athens he but now we get to the patriots and look. There's no secret this is the weakest division in the NFL OK that that the patriots. How a lot of drama that'll there's a lot of question marks concerning this team in new England and if they were in another division I think there'll be a lot more. Reason for concern with the patriots but. Given the fact that they're gonna play six games against the dolphins at jets in the bills if they're going to be back in the playoffs again this season the blaster they went thirteen in three. The over under it up at Westgate. Eleven. That's the highest over under any team in the NFL so even with some of the question marks and in some of the drama. That has taken place over the course of the season no team is better at deflecting distractions they have the patriots. And it sounds like Vegas expects that again eleven wins is the minute this is the team. Damian that has won at least twelve games each of the last five seasons when he thirteen I mean they've there's no question that the dominant force in the NFL and it starts at the top. It's going to coach in his book report on those who work together it's going to. It is what is true is certainly seems outlive bill that way it OK okay we played a year after year after year. You'll have bought you know Robert running back receiver office Leavitt that the players know it that it would have vehicle. And those two are back in place against us here at Tom Brady 41 years old is gonna give it another go around for his eighteenth season and built they'll attack back as well. Look this team did make a couple key additions you saw in the what was the only one year they have now basically off the particular. That would be when it went through who threw. That would be well I have a brief review of so technically two years the Brady missed the area so it well Brady's been healthy they've missed the playoffs one year the year after they beat the rams in the super right thousands of our be correct that went 979 here. But in the when Matt Cassel started it went eleven to five but missed the playoffs. So this team is gonna be in the playoffs again I get that is as much a statement about the division I mean the pacers are good the effect but the division is so terrible. I did that that almost twenty years better date in the best quarterback in this division is planned in bank of America tonight mind you know outside Tom Brady. It is that bat and you might see two rookie quarterbacks guardian NCMR Josh out. Is named autumn I'm sorry I I had ended up logo report. You use on the Josh down that way men and this dispute got two things you've got to do. Lleyton. All of these government politics and do so this. Which dealers ultimately give me if we grow in York and deal. While listening and let's get Democrats or something of that nature that I take a couple years I've only wanna kiss the ball for the ball or are they got to put on both kids involved. The only oven mitts who dat dude have you rocket helpful with only way to good morning hope so yeah I expect big days Dario if you. Down down the line for shares of any of the patriots this season the key additions that they've made. A look at Adrian Claiborne on the defensive line he comes from Atlanta he had a we are a year last year at six sacks and it came actually with two thirds of its total sacks penalties that it that title NFL record did any time you can do that that's impressive. What was actually ever had a game. Both to do a Kansas 66 an event that. Jets have been argue that night as they don't that's expected that they would not now legged dog to that to blog that a typical. Aging Claiborne is gonna be a big issue. Deep into line or New England. Did their team that lacked a little bit of pass rush last year it really expose them. In the Super Bowl where Philadelphia went up and down the field over and over and over again they struggled in the secondary as well. The key departure on this team there's two of them Malcolm Butler. Not just for what he provided on the field but the drama that that ensued with the whole Butler socket is suitable him leaving. There's been a lot of questions about the quarter in New England moving forward. There's a certain way they've gone about that for a long time the Celtics never gonna change. But the attitude of philosophy of I think that we get some of the players in this generation may not be as attuned to what Bill Belichick preaches. As the guys from 1020 years ago that he comes easy veteran more bullet like those guys that came up in the nineties. I think at a different kind of mindset that maybe some of the younger players that day to day absolute. It's days completely the whole world but there's two bring up everything instantly the two days and totally different what award. Two years ago. Nowhere even close and embellished jacket pitchers have to fight that right now that's a big thing for them to fight the one key they have in the locker room to give them fight it is still bring yet. So nobody UV to reach young and you've got to look over Gaza that walking victim. They'll bet there's got that a body is to feel both six because it worked. His own deal to make sure that your government. No question to keep departure on this team is Neitzel the office to tackle they lose him to the giants he's not a big back contract in New York easily it is to work on her. But now New England look. The times that doing what has struggled as when bill has been when they cannot protect Tom Brady who. That probably won't be an issue throughout the season as much as it will be when you get to the playoffs is our faces dominant teams think about if England does make it back to the suitable. They're probably going to be facing a team like Minnesota or a team like Philadelphia teams with Italy dominant even the lines and the board of England as a Super Bowl. And you're gonna have to go through teams with some of those great defensive lines if they cannot drop the opposite like throughout this season. They just lost Isiah win to an ankle injury last night the pre season. That looked fairly serious were not sure what the diagnosis is on that. If they cannot drop off the line that could be something that ultimately viewed this team this might be the least talented. Patriots team. In probably the last 78 year they've done it before they've made it to Super Bowl when they've had Brady and Belichick as a matter. But again because this division is so weak I think they're going to be out just fine the break out player for this team. It's sort of followed up a 67 Michelle the rookie running back at a Georgia council he's gonna fill that Dion Lewis role Lewis is now in Tennessee. Michelle was tremendous at Georgia it part of just at a three headed attack that not only did ethnic job but also the countries where they were one of the best. Collection of running backs really in the history of the game. At the college level so Michelle's gonna come and it separated he may be the featured back in that office they've got wrecked Burkett they've got teams like. I think even at Jeremy hill who's going to be more of that goal line short yards with your blood type guy. But what can shut it sort of Michelle bring to this team they're very excited about him in New England. If he can stay healthy he had a couple minor injury issues that Georgia nothing related deal lied about Michelle could be that breakout player for the patriot. Right now I mean you got to do with to him being his big thing yes the do you have to be picked up the playbook offers. That's with blocking schemes obviously don't know what he's doing Gordon on route. But what he needs to do we have to pick up blitzes. And be able to block. You know block income blitzes that we can get that in mastered that this year that he will be argued yes it all the way. You can't you'll which you do with the update to office. With him on the field if he can't get that third. So final prediction for this team opposite the patriots coach Walton for. All argue to the ultimate. If they want to appear every air. Our outlook for awhile but but but again what they're gonna have success now as a division it's not gonna lose I don't know what they did I wouldn't say they're going with a little I think The Beatles may deleterious to get him and hold. Maybe. Other than that and it's going to be able to who want a fictional but the problems that. They go on the road to Jacksonville in week two that could be lost early on to that we agree on the and New England has historically struggled even seniors that as a rule they've struggled early in the year last year they lost that game Kansas City we want. Loss to Carolina. In week four people should remind me of that. Fun fact the papers and I did wanna get that through it throughout the rest of the segment but I objectively speaking this is probably twelve or. I think ultimately all sort of suitable I think this is the year where Pittsburgh might overtake IQ to city at all about the expectations might surprise some people. In his first year as a starter.