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Monday, June 18th

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Ray Jones Florida State Seminoles golf coach choice on the tech become guests like. A tray is also a serious exit PGA tour radio host beyond. The tips which is where I never placed on is the title of the show tray first of all he got to be happy for you Garrett. I am extremely. In the moved on. Yeah I'm always trying to figure out the color coding scheme to figure out how close I can get to the front right to move moving up to the beginning of life. How how good was a guy's game this weekend because you know that course. I mean I always say it's the greatest test of golf it truly was and maybe even more than it should event. Well and and yesterday you. Or her own line and it can be the other so. When the got your everything you know so many other things in golf but a bad. Yeah. You're dot swinging in the 50 well life and that kind of played in Japan. This is the guy come and it you know is the defending US open champ he's had some injury issues. But he he knew he was saying coming into the tournament that he he felt like he was the guy so certainly confidence is not an issue for verse for Brooks Coca. Now if you if you drove the ball lower. And it ought to keep air. Stop that's going to be there and well when. Citizens receive top that's an area and anxiously been well I'm doesn't pay attention to other people so. Is competent is that the back in tuna others. These are out well. I can drive or he dries it just takes me two shots are there. Now they they make they do mini Coopers and stuff we just as I was on a golf course drive there. When you see. A term like this where I mean Brooks wins he's he's won over party wins tournament. Is is that something where you know you've created and that's just a mental toughness to not be. Intimidated by the golf course is a lot of guys who clearly looked like they were just intimidated by the courts. Well. I think when you get better so well taken out solar park. You know what you take two or are out to play each hole. And over part of the matter or for that matter which port it don't matter. So well when you remove that equation. Then it becomes the big board game and they are pretty cute. Trade trade just Florida State Seminoles golf coaches with a solitary become gas line also serious sex in PGA tour radio host and you know it's one of those things where we we've been talking with fans little bit today and those who watched the award do they want to they like to see this. Kind of set up you know what happens with the US open how difficult with the can be for these golfers. You know your thoughts a little bit on on the course and the way the US GA obviously they want it to be like it finished where everybody's. On the plus side if they can get that way. Almost feels like torture a little bit your thoughts on the course and and the way they set it up and also knows. What you saw from Phil Mickelson which was clearly kind of a protest in some ways to what the US GA dot. Yeah I would agree that and used GA and once again gonna separate and well from the other and that each heater on outline. And being a sport they think they admitted on Saturday. Called on. But they get big cycle ago of course on their all the cans. We're talking about it right now we watched it. Entertainment values. You know I think thing about the PGA tour picked to run so the players. On the tour there are torrent. The court never gonna make members look back. This series that it beer you. Or oh. Don't build beautiful silk pension lecture today at nine belt people at all sure. But with the bill saying it is that you know it was made out almost to be a national outrage on the broadcaster with fox on the hub how big a deal. Is it or is it just you know more fodder for us to talk about. And technical and or got to go out. And and he just. Don't think clearly you might do on Saturday is down around mental or do. So. He apologized so that then that'll make any difference bill Arnold picking email you can pick different elegant brick rule. You know should frustration and anger gripped and on. Humor about. Trade justice describes me after every round other place. That was I do I ask myself that I can tell you after every round that I explained exactly zero around. Hey coach if you you know works pretty well Lou what is it from when you first met him to now that he's improved most about scanned. All of that and it took about six and it kept chipping panel that when we became sort of statement. I give him credit for recognizing it. Making changes. We have. Oil player in Europe. And bank a year ago when Oprah and Jerry Buss speed and strength. Is unique vehicle to be dream. He had a period at a peace and it leverages and into whatever. Area. And have and recognizing that aren't. Let's fly in and he had a great putter. Am now giving. Russell credit for recognizing that I'm. And then then bill and I mean he will come to campus and imported never shot. This is the guy who either way he's had the wrist injuries had a couple injuries on the way if he stays healthy though is he is he poison your opinion. Mean Dustin Johnson has been world number one those two bodies they obviously keep themselves in incredible shape and and the way they work out is is Brooks poised the end to be there at the top of his game for the next couple years. Well every level but he got it is particularly to a senior year when it out well I mean you're on ACC basic. If you freshman year due to damage you hear what you wanna won three times. What you want on your Pentagon's Torre won a couple more arms and got murdered anyone on here. Sure and you know who won on the got slower it's gonna be tough challenge it'll be to do that. I think Brooks is going to be got Richard C play well on. And if you have the temperament to probable Horry. Focus a little too much on the meters of that appeal although it can be oatmeal. Now or later urged greater than. Or. All the British Open would be the wonderland. I think that'll be next. Rituals of the next guy in your stable. Right now that we should be taped and on and on the next guy and you're stable maybe that. Has a shot to become a premier player. Take Libya and on the web calmer now he's right on the money. He's just weird. McGwire will come guy. Paste respect and in your so at a college where. An area I'll do. Martin this year. One of British amateur and eight PX late in the match and this week that examiner in turn pro next week's. Three of those guys. You know. Collect me and the other. One that seemed to portray. Spoken like a true coach Wright their trade Jones Florida State. Golf coach in serious sex in PGA tour radio is joining us let's I think I guess like coach thank you very much I think he should take our credit. As much credit as physically possible for back to back US open wins Roberta Brooks kept going good luck to you and the seminoles arrest the way thanks for joining us coach. Well thank you I mean and he kept approach and actually yeah right now well go like mark. One in North Carolina. Or salt fame inducted this year so. Absolutely Tug tell coach hello forced minutes and that's and that's he's great. I don't ski coach back to the around it and straight.