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Friday, April 13th

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To go to the tactic I'm guests on we love talk and this guy and now we always have thought it's been awhile since we've done a real welcoming former panther. I former charger is well north Carolina tar heel through dirt trail Boston Macon Tom force on the tactic I'm guessing on trade you demand it's good to talk to you. Our nor are or to grow the much know what you don't like right now exactly right now what do straight Boston doing at this very moment. Men don't watch the QB Lewis of plant but while quiet. In law that was weak beer okay not a debate we get that. OK so what do you got plans for the analogic take him out to dinner you gonna fight it's a nice weekend unifier the grill at home what is what is true boss and if plan with city in Los this weekend. Yeah yeah Obama are the groom kids by their threw the ball with a badly. Belgrade click the output in the back. Oh you can putt putt placing your backyard to have a tone to hold on now EC had happened that we can all there was to click what happened literally or who you're not heroes because of course we. A little closer I got back out of our side putting green about back. But really as well we call humble weren't like days. Do you have one with that like volcano where the giant windmill or is this just like history for putting putting great yeah. I completely agree or don't you know we have a little the cool report put out the very little slower but Jack up my book seven poll. Whitaker seven holes. And that's like there are it and you got the Augusta national drug courses in your backyard all right mark tell her yourself right now there are group are vulnerable point let me guess you got an deletion you have to read to green all sources to you what's the stint meter on that we would I would read right now. I agree oh record prepared to welcome the band he's a little bunkers and you look. Delegate that's fine white sand that they have over it over to gusted to that they got to get to that one quarry here in North Carolina that's when you got that place and you do don't like. Our I'd do that way all of this guy right here is the ultimate and make sure we come home this weekend to we come over with you the first or foremost even if you do have brought over were part of the group out there are even if you do have a lot of announcements that tell everybody that audit. Yet here ago said the mood. Gartner put Harvard ha tradition is unlike any other betrayed Boston's backyard. The immaculate seven hole pudding greens. Nothing quite like all right Trace where this would put Israel on the technique come back just like you're pretty good here of Alvin LA trade up that was I think that was the best football I've ever seen you play your career had daddy steal things went last year. Yeah I've heard it felt great you know to finally go out there and say you know give people an opportunity to compete for a starting job. When it started probably all the big game and so what I can do to all these in a plane. Not a debate you know farm to get up there are also would go a ball out. And to go out there put the number that I did you know. You not elect upset myself what in the street this week but we are about ago. So what's I mean we did you hear from teams what happened there I'm I'm sure you're still hearing from teams are so he's I'm sure there's there's something that could come across the what do what's happened so far through the first few weeks. I don't know pretty bad market you know you know yuk. You know appeal to aren't going through you know they do want to deal with what they're given fourth receiver but. It's an error. And it and it and that's tough shots at the road home managers are very noted they've quit. For our Republican paid whether. If you got your back be predictive look at got out of planning you know the government they have you know you're gonna be a part of it. Well and you wanna start right you feel like that's that I mean based doctor played last year and how long you've been in the league that's. That's what you wanna do right. 500. Certainly tackle what do you believe you could see yes I don't I don't orbiter where you're back go and I agree with you trim Boston's with a stride now on the technical and guess what did you virtually the cancers and all trades. All of you know I did a beginning but you know I think you know they want what people Wear out are important what kind of organization you know the big on the gulf front seven. And you know that they're active how they are nervous and beat them you know what what they liked it out of practical about the business there where they care of their martyr of the teams so. You know I don't know poppy back there. But you know outlook everybody got a little ball on Peter that are still there they'll organization. And you know oh my god look we saw a look back. Can you talk about that for second trick is that actually been mentioned that on the air reseller like I get a little frustrated does that look I've grown up here Washington after football it's always been. Defense run the ball I get it on and I like that I like that there's a style play here butch. You don't some heat a great pass rusher and helps a great it can help the secondary but. That works hand in hand right like a great secondary can help them pass trust be even better and I feel like for whatever reason here. This team's never really invested more in in the secondary in terms like a guy like you would spring trip Boston back they always wanted to wealth we would've put anybody back there for got a great pass trust that works hand in hand together on porting. We've IDF would have thought sort of supported on a second I'm all about like I just it's a little frustrating sometimes I think it is and I believe this was two you know I think if you look at bill but Lipitor is you know we are doing both so we are both Ingram but it. In the backing we ought to let you Lumet died KP they were you know myself. A young guy like Trevor Williams you know what we are practically no direct who didn't play you know pull it it it is compliments are bought they keep you talked to anybody who's been to be epic trilogy. You know when you have a couple of at a ball between the back into the front not how you went Balkan a cup championship teams do develop. You know folk. You know what you would like that you know change big where pay people out there ways Q what you don't they're recipes that are probably wanna win. And you didn't how they hope to win you know also you know I can't you know. Quickly how the threat now is that the pain but it it's very good very true or. I think you know like this so people do understand what they're treated like in you know they wish to change legends. I don't know what happened. You think. Not discount loaded question period OI don't. Include it figured out menaces tong has answered trailer no I feel like trailer I take similar stuff. You know there's ownership transition happening here right like we don't know that and you talk about a way in organization wants to be run like I know for you wait when the when the protest for going on two seasons ago now going into that Minnesota game like he was important for you to do something. Odd to just did you show. You were aware of what was going on in the city and and I'm not I don't know of that fact I don't if you could speak to that if you thought hey because of who owns the team in the way he believes in the way he wants his team rawness that. Ultimately led to maybe you know being on the team anymore and if that means a new ownership transition could also mean. Are you asking him he's I don't know what I'm asking trailed just like nothing I don't know they are they receive trying to get to do you think you're being cap predict here at the Carolina campus. I hardly let the reputed. Who. Five interceptions. Coming up if you don't want it to under certain respects and you know it because he tackles. It talked to get rid of blue player who's but the great one point eight in the starting safety yeah. Put in the same being. You know. You just never know you know what why would why would you get rid of the straight become you know apply people speak before you in. Is making pretty what's pretty you know I I don't know. Well why do and I have a and I have you know five interceptions. Sipping their attack was coming off the season you I don't. But that's a thing all right let's I'm not trying to that's a semi trying to get your trouble I'm not trying to put you at bats Bob that's. That's a thing that happens alike you made a decision that was right for you and I'd I would have just the utmost respect but. I mean I mean that guy owns a team and he wants he wants his team run a certain way correct. Yeah you I think at the end of the day. You know a player you know. But destructive remarks numbers and I think it's always have been about that. And I think the later we go on industry to see the dilute till there's you know exactly where it you know got a speaking about. But you don't look for us you know it would we we don't know if it's not that we can prove. Sure you just prove they report what talk about there yeah Aurora. Do you respect our I would wonder trade do you trim Boston's losing and by the way do you respect is almost a weird way do you respect Seattle. Yesterday when you find out hey we're now working out college African they signed another backup quarterback instead today but for them to at least be the first team I've seen come out and say you know what. If your gonna keep kneeling we'd we don't wanna sign new do you suspect got away at least they're honest about it. I mean at least honest about it but I think. No in the same sense they give us the message yells. There and you know I don't know how people wanna take the I can't because no audit myself look at you know I don't order you don't get in trouble but. I think it took the message that you know people need to hear. In this reality that the reality of what their business that I think that's who we lose track of this stay here and players and owners that. You know at the end of the day that the business in this power that put the pop Warner running. And you know as players we got you know choose whether you know we have you know. Police that we want to go we have dealt or we want you know to do with the balked opens the duke. All right Uggla yeah good as Aureus or are now is cost was a subject so from a from Sergio might keep you from in the job to the trying to help your butt and get on our economic team somewhere. What system do you work best in. When you go out there and you're looking now at all 32 are all 32 teams. And you're trying to figure out what defense the system you wanna play and what's the one that you feel that you slide in ready to go today. I think because Saddam I've been in the quarter system with the parent doesn't have been in the third system with you know charters I think. For me it's funny or compete and start all over again and again you know. My topic they would appear that would double always you know on guard for the people of well he beat you they typically keep it that was well it. Look at my numbers you know I think a market like. Sixteen days but I have optics overall you know. I had five pick who the target what I ordered another exchange gains and also. The dollar ought over the ball I wanna move people around but it epic there's that business so part two. Do we want to got to accomplish what you can accomplish so we got the figure but they're that they you know we cracked out where. You know a couple of the contract in that I don't you know that they you know they say aha he started one year at all. Known to accountable back Coke guy. Truly expressed at all about your opportunity and I think you know the blessing for me what to chart is good. Are they able to get away from that environment of just go. Back up got back up back up not backed up it's starting all all all that being gay isn't true but so what I can beat the weight fool. He's in the you know to put the numbers that I did you know they were. Popular in you know all the category of state beat it and I think you know top five in interceptions throughout the lead you know so for me. The call about you know just trying to put out on paper what I can do back and play in BP productive at all in it's all about this article out there so the people there. You know. This could it just one year you know look at the stats you know my effort you know a mark there with the best of them and not only started one year. It's a man who knows is worth Tre Boston Panthers safety chargers safety north Carolina tar heel with us on the technique I'm guess I would love train around your odds we're really EO this tray. I you know we love talking we are we if we struck up a real connection with our 49 cent ice cream cone expect Qwikster OK I feel I dare you remember that. It's backed by the way it's that time a year it is yeah oh OK okay you've been warned crow bar your view the war and I would I need to ask you this OK you like this a question we've. We've really kind of brain did our show with because we find it's a really good way to get a gauge on people and who they're who they are what they're about okay. Thought of it okay if you like buffalo and strength. Yeah okay good man you'd like come by the way boneless or traditional. Traditional okay good answer do you like we are you are if you care to get a preference you slats are drums what do you prefer. What are our tech award hair out there yes thank you don't get out of double tried to like I like the extra crispy drums if I could. But if you really good okay you feel and are now or are cute guy already are. I like our way. I'm seeing here I like hot honey to the hot Tony's a good flavors you can find that. OK okay so we had like OK you got your honey barbecue I got my hot honey and you needed to dip your wing in something would you dividend rancher Dellucci strength. Rich who. He's the only guy gotta coordinate you don't pagan all the sides. So. It's easy for fully a true test of I got a rare at Putin and never very good trade to agree not to try to recently. I have just it would create a better way. Now I guess not dry heaved for about half an hour to do that's fun. There. What are you up like in oak -- absolutely yeah it is appears no absolutely volunteers well within Tressel had tears with a is what happens good listener hole penicillin thing that was just a ploy to charge people more boots he. Are you re argue I don't either but he would be branch of into an island Monterey emote. Geez they couldn't we couldn't we've asked this question probably a hundred times and there's maybe ten of us it's a blue cheese it's the right answer but when there's there's very few of us are already in spirit deal. Hey trade partners enjoy the weekend with family man seriously it's always great to talk to you and don't be strange we'll catch up soon okay. Aren't they got good.