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Thursday, January 18th

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Or is talked a formal morning longtime NBA that you can now see him up on NBC sports Washington up in the capital area Tony massive bird making some force Tony you're doing men's. It. What I got a deal on his side jerk mover not a jerk move for the for the wizards to put join on the free throw line when he was sick cold in the fourth quarter last night a blow out what's a jerk or no jerk. I had the notes are we're gonna look at the that it is required. It is that it one or better in order to go. You look better sitting on the there. They're probably well they'll though they may go to me and that the got there though. You don't know how they did the purple well the black guy we got what it all although they got there it why not in doubt we are a bit. There as pretty falling to casino and this is what I love about the NBA you play in this league for so long Tony NASA bird witnessed. On the tech become guess slide I love the theatrics out and enjoy played along and does he played up to the crowd a little bit of standing ovation and end up. Still it was a little respect towards Scott Brooks and it was a special status such there's leagues all about little theatrics did to calm down the situation afterwards. Oh yeah are there in the third double double weary look all but there are ordered that the worker. What but yet you don't like being addicted to oddity is no doubt a lot. Entertainer at least. In moments like that you know you don't need for a well but it grout who worked. Are all we could try to figure out disorder Steve is Toni Nadal would a lot of injuries but they went into last night seventeen and 25 there once beaten three home. Then they loss not the last twelve home before last night they were once to a twelve on the road than they went one for the last five on the road. Swept all nearly swept a four game West Coast road trip that they opened with a win over the over the warriors and it's hard to figure out who this team is so you see you've seen this team off and on their editorial against the wizards and I mean that as you said they demolished Washington last night when you see this team BC team both. Okay this is a team finding its way or is this team we still can't figure out you think there and and in ending well what do you what do you think of the hornets right now. Are we think there are being part of where I sit there about the awful full and do what they really. Did that quite a bit this week is. Clearly though it will walker is here at the thought that the war in order that you typically. At what hour. Bootable well. It may be popped out that though they are well for. What is very active all right. In the right to wait. It BP order expected to be Dominic. So I think you look there. All orders fall practice. So there are. Fact is why they're they're all our other. We look yeah wait is no way in oh well it is. Well it would look where that all of there. So if you're gonna stop what they're. Well. Will ball player 04 out there it's so I'd say it's sort of is there anybody you'll be that there. Tony we we've had a lot of our fans in this what happens you know it goes you've been in the league where things are going well and fans wanna see a new direction or how we act we make this thing better in order to ride up. Here's a luxury tax just underneath and he never really been in this situation before and they've got to get some young pieces but they're they're not young by any stretch jumping to necessarily old by any stretch other but they feel like they're backed in a corner a little bit we've had fans say and blow this thing up tearing up what you think go all the hornets roster overall and their and their flexibility moving four or whether it's. I seem that you should Terry down because I do not see it that way but there are a lot of our fans around here senate sort of seems got no future what do you think of the roster overall. Well a lot out there all they're it's so much like it is what it is NBA is bigger it out a way to. Well. I think it will walker why how there are. Like Ogilvy the other is that he. Ultimately. It's all about fallout of the body like you know a lot of the problem for a lot of it being there. They they're adequate but I won't say what the thing what they'll lock is a bit the and L is part of but helpfully at war at its is that there. Noted the weather or erupt there it. All record in their are there is they were there any debate be. Are we so loud out you're there maybe when we brought the opposite they're all we thought. Or are we so I think the dollar order it's very well. We. What that was yeah they're they're well what late. Bow out and it is because that is where order and they're. Don't there are in the fight it's not think that they're out there. There. Are talking to Tony NASA berg NBC sports Washington. I and longtime NBA vet formal order is well back in 9192. When we we they let these new look court it's another another dump big logo and the arena is a little bit different the way we think it affected the hornets are back in Charlotte against. Are a lot of luck out. Bob. Our. That all the ball they they bet and Bob all we're not what it's all. Great. Apple or for a four. He really beat. Oh what do you beat that we are all. I like that woke back. Expect that it for where you're very well well I think you know with both. The if that's all we're saying. Is what we. Yeah they are all they know that. Four that their real affect people that fall in debatable but like. So that order. We saw it it is right. What do you remember about that 9192 season because those are still the early years out number so the coach back then and if for being honest are you cut you guys weren't that good and yet you know you're on the team opening night in the original sees Ortega standing ovation when they get their brains kicked in and that this city was so one Loveland pass I still think it is deep down but what do you remember about a year 9192 year earlier we went 31 games while the what do you remember we step on the floor every night like meanwhile does this city keep supporting us or not that good what do you remember about those days. Well art that number are all we are I think they know Larry dark that it. Both the in the field now outlaw it by yup and it in your boy in the bank wrap glad. It you know still very really brought up well. Period what our city because we don't know we gave white that they're not a lot or info at all. Certainly the war expected when a lot of what our. Red. We all it was Bob Bob you know if we don't expect it to be good old sports you're here well. We were able order. Well there. What. Remember. Forty and our Barbara it's not like you know. I think in orbit you know that that would. About what. Four. That the feedback we got there and 05. When they ought. Because it well that there are about. But it with order if we get our. We didn't Wear it and we you know where you know you're so apple lot of 000. Spec it's what we were. We all debate it at the city and it's self. Out what well orders. Support why. Are they political or. Two were false mugs he boasts 53 mugs you folks who just turned 53 not all that long ago I used to Wear a full length fur coats around the -- its locker true or false the most evokes. Yet it there yet. 401. What little bit. And that takes a lack Greg Tony that takes a serious lag to pull that off. May well opted not wipe out there where you know. Well opted for a goal what well in order for there are you could mugs you don't find streak. The Atlantic it's all well at. Are we opera. Bob Bob. Well. Saw the spot we got that's all it is by the book well so while. This buzz but did an editor at his size is blowing it out with the always a rarity we're talking to Tony mess amber will will let you does the million dollar question okay and Dell might be listening so be careful here. Your former teammate Dell curry. Still the all time leader in three point shots made hornets history that's gonna come to an end perhaps by the end of the season come as a on the verge of passing him in that regard but if you had to take. Three point shooting competition and you're gonna you're gonna shoot and you needed a teammate in their prime dale or staff we take a witch which curry failing never would you take. You know there are way where. Is that a date oh probably in a hurry if we look bad. Shooter I ever made about like our guy back there. Well it's being you bet all four. By one of the computer that I ever made it there though is if they want. For the oh per 10. Yeah our goal with all I expected there. All right Tony massive burden it would bullets she go what's it would so what's gonna double the wizards I know those guys are saying after the game last night Scott Brooks toward the pain off the wall. So what what's what's gonna apple would you guys you guys gonna start eager to get this thing figured out at a certain point you're too talented to be this this this this record right now that the wizards have. Word out about it's like you. What it is that. People still got to figure out what order are. What for what before people of spiritual but the same thing before or it and watch it BP unfortunately because. If it's available lot of experts say well what's in it you are that it makes both probable. But they aren't that his body. The other well we know it it's it's been well there are for the people think you know it was very dark. Or we read more on the other that well well well well. All way. What is not laid out that way our web app that would and I did they or won't they all what I see. They're what the V it's been a bit that this year. Where they're way. Well well or mobile there are. Well that's not gonna wait and see what well. Well. What he is very well we're still where people. All what we're gonna figure out there there were so because it broke the ball stop where it is that you quit when it really hit the well it. Tony true or false last thought your true or false or more fake tough guys in today's NBA than twenty years ago when you're playing true or false. Article about you know for now you know yeah they're they're well they won't the what other. You know what you're the bow you know with we're awfully bottle that all. 10 Mo mobile she's she's O. Watt. Because. CA or four or five we simple law expects apple look. That. The NBA wants to straightforward later they don't want for your pilot. For me that the police. That tactic yet beautiful and that could fail if it is so. There or god we don't want a little bit. The contact people what they're they're now at a lot for. A lot more volatile than. Really one. Like if. Yet in about that like Tony massive merger and we appreciate him making time former hornet and Al longtime NBA that NBC sports Washington often DC Tony thanks for making time was great to talk to you. Art.