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Thursday, March 22nd

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Nobody's better is a columnist in this country I'd I will stand by that and dyed his latest pieces up. On Charlotte Observer dot com under Tom talks and you should go check that out at Charlotte Observer dot com and he's kind enough to join us right now on this technique I'm guess like Tommy how you doing minutes into law aren't very aren't good hamburger or so. I'm doing well I gotta get to this first is and you're listening yesterday could you were tweeting at us though. Staffer cam you only get one retaken if you only to get one guy in this city for ten years which one would you take. Who you didn't think about that. I thought about yet agent acted good question. And mean there's no wrong answer is no right answer I just think it's bad. It's better what he. Plan can't duplicate what you'd know it's not a glamour camp but they're definitely. And eight PP did hear match yet him and it looks great at it David and I'll watch him real decade while. Well and I would I would I would wonder this time you've been around here long enough to know I grew up here. And now you had you had some seasoning while I was young and web pioneers and so I I probably didn't have the now the full context in the full awareness of what was going on I. I was talking about this with somebody the other day in that example say hypothetically got stiff curried to play for the hornets in his prime for ten years. I still think get its corn we haven't been able to see it because obviously the team is really under achieve but. I still feel like at its core. Not only this state but this city is a basketball city in my wrong on that you've been around your long enough to eat. It's obviously changed over time in the team leaving an up coming back in a lack of wins but I still feel like at its core this is a basketball city through and through. Not just to create power rank in the popular sports Charlotte NFL would be Warren. College football would be to really I would bet on the screen and be before then. But we don't knowing it is they start to win and not talk him vita and eight and he's not play out and come out really win yet this unity that he engaged. It wouldn't gave the way it did in the old days. That Warner throwing cash. And back in the old days you know of a lot though Larry job Joker marked. And that badly not that aren't. And they just gave Charlotte a jolt. But right now we just become accustomed. Myth Spanish we on the basketball side. I mean I really electoral personally in the early right. There are just that bunch of that Matt minute match to pieces. That's Eurostar sorry for. He'd because it's just that's got to be attacked to when what do you look at camp yeah these two would go and work campaign has improved every. I mean he comes to that they're the team with the New York jump shot. You can be shattered outside of you see these tests and to the baker into the wind and things like that. Like he just to cheer will it become a leader and a path there and shoot and acrobat certain because. The only way to panel Erica when it. I can't play at a unique circumstances under which it beat good to you next these. G your acting camp but it stay in look in your prime right now but you're gonna have to wait a few more years. And it's a lot. We get Tom Sorensen the legend with a seize on Twitter at Tom Sorensen you can check out I his latest piece of Charlotte Observer dot com talking about the painters of getting to that coming up in a moment on that point I was remarking about this the other day and it's really you know when you're on the air every day for four hours you get a feel for this and we have a text line or we just get a running stream of consciousness from sports fans which is. Never safe it's always nuclear so I. I remember you know I'm I've been fortunate enough to be able to be around Steve Clifford enough and do a weekly appearance within which is pretty rare for an NBA head coach and he's always been very honest and I think very transparent and authentic any eat you always walk away learning express something from it Tom but. It feels like in the last year and specifically in the last few months. Hornets fans of turned on him and they just think he's part of the problem what how do you see it with Steve Clifford and and in his future with this team moving forward. I think an excellent coach and he's a grinder I think. He shares a lot of that to do with that Robert bear it you're an immediate you are fortunate to have these guys to work well because it both is repeat good. Human being. Cook ray hit the mismatched pieces MP. It's just not work and they didn't lay down on me it's the trademark of a coach still had teams that they go are. And they went right now he what you shot repaired that that we have got my record here. But. With the court this season. Laid there happened they might doubt any can just see it but why don't we do and you are they moral thing you know. These clothes you can create a minute game at ninety and they look for awhile if I'm in the news that meant that Dwight came through with but it just picked out. But it's just eat it it's that the more the product that the work on the witness stand Kirk Whitfield it worked. The bats well and if it bit more what what do you think that is Tom give an answer on that. Yeah act I think and act get out like show but he he'd. Studied law that it engineering degrees in both. At that he has one of our analytic tactical mark I remember how excited. When he grabbed coat he's out. You know because if you look at the merit ripples through the guys ever eat. To run really well jumper really. And you also and there were a lot of spot. But you know require that you. And you know he he's a good athlete but I. He knew he'd never convicted double team you might not be simple things he ought to do what mood in the post. And there's just too many gat that the other team dispatched to kind of. They're back. Derrick he would say they're just arm. Is nothing special about and and that's. You can't win with that and you know you look at that you're seeing there's always somebody they wrap it with much better than it is there. And you don't see that in the league would camp but that that that. Who can't bear it and our hard work that. It is a steal and a draft you know farm and there aren't there aren't any and it's just. It's just been a testament that mismatch they mismatched pieces. That's the voice of Tom Sorensen Charlotte Observer columnist and you can check out his work Charlotte Observer dot com he's on Twitter. At Tom Sorensen he's with this on the technique on guests lined. What what are the qualities Tom in the next GM you would look for things that you think he should be skilled at his job responsibilities. But even big picture things what would you look for in the next GM. A warrant guy who had been not respect and that building. That he makes the decisions we don't know that is simply may not that there I mean I know pitcher rich had. And they distort it you'll power I'm not sure how it works Michael. Which is somebody who has Michael's back in the teen suspect. Maybe somebody young. Maybe somebody who is. You just tepid at this deal for the game and and adept at spotting talent to develop the L. And Ian dispel it pays a fine that they're out there or it is higher import or effect. Oh I agree and I eat it feels. If it almost I hate DB use hyperbole somebody you don't must feel seismic in this way when you when you hear about some of these names like a Mitch Kupchak. And nobody could argue with his credentials but. He feels like the old guard in the NBA compared to may be a guy like. Gerson rose susser mark Evers Lee with the sixers who are considered to be new guards. In the NBA who made it may be marry some of the old stuff with the new stuff this feels almost seismic in terms of a direction you're about to take in embark on over the next may be five to ten years with your organization as well it feels heading that way. Seismic is perfect word I think Kupchak. Had great success with the lakers but how much. Of that was your work. Goodyear wept with Hector and expected for a long long time I mean I hope. In this tire they go with the new guard I hope they go with somebody who. Actually and it kept tied Michael extent has respect. Thought I'd like to require a lot but it is one of the first outsider. The alternate based it is not a runner Michael FO app with a guy who just. They had no relationship. And it starts acting out. This next I would like came to the court she beat you need analytic not recover all but just the guy who is that the deal for the game. In steel for develop finding talent development talent. At sport that so that it. Well I wanna talk about your your latest piece that some Charlotte Observer dot com talking about. The Panthers and this big shot reeling thing really stinks Tom because how could you have known it really would have been a nice signing bunch. Now I got a bit of a wrench in the in the plan and there is an opportunity out there in free agency still but it's one nobody's pursuing and that's Eric Reed why why you have so much conviction about. Other theaters or any team for that matter I trying to trying to sign air greet. Well first angry is really good bye to detect where. A decent side its warranty thirteen coming in response its second contract 26 years old. And I'm not thinking that black while manned is the guy out there and give them and it caught some more real I would think in but not many here. And he just to share this team shall well good you are now. And man you met imminent deal with the line back at a climate and I just. I think he'd be spirit and I know if the tiny bit. What happened here at the barrel. After the planned attempt just got to. In October Mike Tolbert to XE coli debris you caught what Tolbert. And Reid went down hard and spare. Performing their loading. Covert program crate he you know he could really get hurt. And Reid's father is the minister in baton urged him and he wrote electorate that at the Hispanic. I'd as well you know how special this young man it suck up October. And dies it letter and the year Rick showed it to me that taught the Covert spot reach father that her and her doctor pretty. And it wouldn't go read a member Eddie. And I know or football where the world look at. In Koppel what an important not to Wear brother. And that's why would Tolbert did meant so much Tibet that moment what what what where. You know being out he's a bright guy I think Aaron diamond taken knee understand what offense people. But it's bad it's not anti military it's not anti leak. It's a quiet way to bring it tends to problem but it's really torn the country are. And I you know if you don't do fine but you do at that spot. And I think that you'd been a real good out there and boil it well. And and I know Troy Smith hasn't been active in in the protest in that way but Torrey Smith has always been very socially active and and outspoken and I was looking this Twitter feed earlier today he's not afraid to speak his mind in in stand behind his beliefs. And he was very active that that eagles' locker room last year and now they have the support of the runner Jeffrey Laurie because of that but. I mean is it possible I don't know you get one of those types of players in their Tom maybe maybe that's a pathway to getting getting another in their that you could sustain that Malacca my just on. I'm with you and I wonder how realistic it is now if if they were to pursue that. But if you're at which matches Smart guy. I went to Baltimore went and not speak at Percy is good for the Panthers played. And locker room closed in on this story. And PR guys that look let me ask and we'll talk to any future and just been great guy finally the guy was who would be what. I don't think that's been the factor you know up what I wondered is. The tier Richardson built school and he or suspects strongly is not gonna want players who you know apparently aunt. But is he still own brand that he still have veto power I don't know and I don't know anybody. On the outside. I say I think read for the money Epps and steel and I think he accepted what this team needs. And he will make them so much better defensively and he'll fit the that would keep that would promise David that was Shaq. That would that defense to actually I mean I'd I I think it's to match or. Tommy will let you go this at any thoughts on the ownership transition any thoughts on the sale anything that interest you anything that's. That you have found it's a T cure your interest either a name Horry storyline here anything jump out to you over the last few months. Yeah I I would really Parker's body do it's it's a trend and I outgrew like. And secret speech remote interstate owner in NFL it snowed out black and but I think he got a bank. I don't think he has ordered 32%. That you would need. But it to be a front man to beat you know and you have to one diet or dinged you know he. I would think that the guy and the leader that this thing and break that it was Japan that he's great with it but yet. So maybe could via a really rich guy with the with the body and they ever expect it's a lot of money into that quietly yeah interest. I Charlotte Observer dot com go find his work the great Tom Sorensen he's on Twitter. At Tom Sorensen Tommy it's been too long I hope you're well and thanks for drop combined channel what this for a little bit. I am I appreciate it and been at the era I well try I can't guarantee that actually.