Tom Leach On Midday

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Wednesday, June 20th

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And a gentleman that we're gonna bite into the program now a friend of mine I've known Tom leads for quite some time now the boys of the Kentucky Wildcats join in as you know middays on WF Lindsay did that occur on gas line. Tom was don't know how you feel a bit awhile. They narrowed it. It sounds like. Now have a typical cat outside the season and Stoops is got his troops gone in right direction down there in Lexington Brooke. Essentially this is about the what do people call in Oslo somebody write about it. NBA draft has become the John Calipari invitational every year and he's got a couple. Did you know I don't know them did go soup dog and every time NBA draft rolls around. They're coping period. Picked up the outfit for the Greenberg tomorrow. And he's talked about high import midi is no going all the way back to Arizona while draft but before we go there let's start where Michael. That's when you when I met Tom on that historic championship Ron when Anthony Davis. I've got to admit that the Charlotte faithful were disappointed that they didn't do it the number one pick which the would have taken a Michael Kidd Gilchrist development you saw him from the moment he stepped on the floor Kentucky and I got to believe occasionally you look at him now how would you describe what's going on we're in KG are you surprised overall thoughts on Michael. It can't think. I'm not been all year. Better. Teammate I bet. W my cop compared to all yield curve. Are. You. Eat you better. Not eat. It all out. 000. Hard worker won well at the wire ED. Michael. Or. At. Who. Bad habit. Are you surprised that she's non animal to use your quotes. Goes on beyond which you on big crush Michael did you Chris and Sharaud. I mean not he's a bad guy which is it that number two spot or use so try. As your quotes that he's not more productive on the four win L. You know he was never a great. Shooter. Michael again would you drag and ought. Comes with expectation. And probably people expect. They that I am. Not. It gave out. Little. Bender. All. I need. And you're only a good piece and make it great. But. They do it. On little better buddy. I. Or. It is apparent to me that Michael Jordan. As an affinity for Kentucky's players. Working at him KG number two overall. I'm belief Marat just display this year there Harrison has come through prodigy Lee and he's gotten called the appear in there. I think these other two gas Sasha deals as Alexander and of course Kevin Knox are potentially available. Yeah widgets would let them before widget player. What is the relationship do you know in need their relationship in a report between Michael Jordan and Jon Carroll. More. Insurers know they are currently at. Burkle a lot well I don't know any particular. I would imagine. Our NBA. Ready. Well. Will he. Be out. It's on meals and you got to see you as she day in and Kevin Knox a lot this year. How would you I guess if you we're gonna give a scouting report for those guys to that the fans of Charlotte. How would you describe those guys as players. To the fans. Kevin. Probably. Oh. The only year. Is. There 00. To. Pick a time. Out. Can't really good. And you get it started out trying to. Look at that. Create. It shot at big heat it get there potentially but what they've banned. Credit coach art and year out. Start at a screen. Which you. Running. Oh. Or. I think. It still. It. BA. Cheap rate. Court out. Or. Well but he. And and shape. He did at the lowest rank. Let. And there. L beat. Are. Rarely occur. Not that. Street. At all. Jaber a show at that he made I doubt he. I. Deadly war. Little bit. All our. Very old and a lot of work and KT IR. Bigger. And. Tom Ahmadinejad here and I thank you so much for dropping by the details to come get slime we we value your opinion very much an army give you a simple one on the way out. Yes or no bulls say jones' Alexander and Kevin Knox will be lottery picks tomorrow night. Being. That there's a lawyer. Tender will go oh. Yeah. 08. You know off the top U how many moderate picks that would make for cal. Of bold but these were and I used to notice statistic come beyond some problem altered overdo it is just over the due to keep track of what you may have little choppy yours how many is this hotel. Do not edit number doubt about it for lottery. Or router. Graham. Thirty. Osama. Rasho are producers say in this would be fifteen lot of read as and is just alluded to. That some thirty first round is so yeah. Brooklyn all of our new Soo great room dark all of our invitation to all we gotta go with that brilliant a lot of girls thank you so much for your time. It.