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Tuesday, December 12th

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We go to the tech become just like right now the bottom of this 3 o'clock hour we welcome in this he's one of the smartest moves don't always let's talk Norma Sheila we walk away learned something and and we welcome and Tom ever Shura Bleacher Report mag and done now is new work respond like media as well and -- full disclosure Tom I I wanted to light up the hornet's yesterday eight coming into today with you and they messed around and got the best one of the season for them just last night against the thunder so I don't know what we're doing right now what's up man how you doing. Has good other IQ why do you know what that at strata got a triple well all this. They are Charlie Charlie came up you to reconsider the law of Cody Zeller had to go to LA Mina. Think based on OK Ian and having that keying the under having. The struggle they had this these I thought it was going to be a and it turned out. Oh loss to 66. There have been. Then that don't cap of erupted you ended on all over and KG and then they want on Iran not the other orbit and so it whatever. Which usually present but I I wonder if that win last night kind of gave them some Paul Hoch going toward court giving give them. You know a great energy through the degree competent boost going. You look at the standings right now they're closer collapsed in the east and 500 there's sixteen under 500. And so right now they're actually closer to people worst team in the east stated required that he be getting to 500. He and it's so weird last night to Tom could your right to go on the 22 to run Tom ever show us what his Bleacher Report mag and on Twitter at Tom have Bursch throws with this right now. Are on the technique I'm just undergone a huge twenty two's tour tournament or shoot lights out of the ball but a lot of toys just. Hustle stuff I mean they were down almost for a lot there were forcing turnovers getting out running I mean I was remarking earlier I don't know the numbers on this to be exact but I I did seats on Dwight post ups last night. Well I mean a lot of it seem to be getting down running in and get both getting Dwight and bubble for the defense was said and that to me has been part of the problem with this offense is. You know Dwight put up good numbers really good numbers but this offense has kind of been bogged down pace wise and stuck in the mud because that ball sticks and he just didn't see a lot of adolescent part of that made might know Casey come enough fighting back with us off hornets did some stuff to kind of just. Get some easy trash buckets and that may become a change the way the game looked overall 'cause I don't think necessarily offensively that they played as well as maybe the numbers would indicate overall. Yet totally I think they really do need to get away it looked like host because that body even in our you know let a couple of hours and I think he tried to be that. In Atlanta tried LA at it and try to be that he's been hectic after back surgery he had to really have a you know. Rude awakening interred there. He's not that twenty point scorer anymore he's got a good number in terms of points per game that she didn't turn the heat. He got one of the highest turnover rate of any player in the post and Lucic beat pop a lot of guys wipe down and reboot of the ball. When you stop the opposite to try to dump it down. Content a lot of problems and that not that you know hornet basketball and sustained read and or Atlanta. Really struggled last year says you know incorporate right in the all that because you know it just required a lot of stopping the ball movement and getting it done in the pros spec. Credit it's quite. Some guard help great family market just too young predict NBA. You know just the competition when he on the floor in that 373. Minute but he'd been on the floor that he would. Court and been outscored by a 109 point. That's really that. Really fast you know on one hand you like kinda in confidence and an ability to because Jamal Crawford out there really pull up eat. Well that he's nineteen. And it's really Hartford nineteen year old player other than what brought it to be ought player and right now Michael Carter willing it's really struggling. Come back from the knee injury in the top seed in surgery a couple of years ago. It could really hard or the guard play behind kemba because when camp Obama for a spot. Is that what 111. When kemba on the war which is great. Prominent when he gets the best there is nothing wanted to eat three there's not been there Michael Carnoy and police haven't a real tough time. Being met backup point guard for that orbit right now they're distraught and find that part. I tell you guys is as early starters gives his numbers you're like what the heck knows apostle Tom has ever churn out Bleacher Report Maggie and his is his spotlight media ventures is well on Twitter at Tom have a stroke so again I'm I'm I. I heard you correct your Kerr are right it 377. Minutes played from week marked the hornets are minus 109 and point differential when he's played in those minutes is that correct you said that that's right. Yeah it's really tough and and you know what number out of the became the Cody Zeller it's in this Cody Zeller was that the aim of what hurt. It really you know torpedoed the entire unit or go to bet that they just I don't death last year he's seen that yet concerned at point guard where they. When they when they have to go to another ball handler they just don't have so much other that cap that well. But to keep you backed up for stretches but he's just not in a deal that cable that we kick every single time down or. He's not healthy right Tom like he's not right so NA he admitted it's Saturday but he I think you saw that last night would Jeremy lamb just getting a competent score in the starting offense amid he's mr. nick tombs not right with an elbow right now right. Yeah that he came back earlier than initially the prognosis. You'd have to wonder whether you know he was rushed back just because he felt good maybe not article that. So good. And he knew that the team needed him out there. I don't know that they would is that there's somebody higher expectations that it would keep the Detroit I think. The talk about why and Hedo Turkoglu nick the QB he took Turkoglu couldn't keep. I just I think that maybe he's just not a 100% and it's really hard to perform that level yet it PG in the play when he's just help. Would you say that the arm reported Germany issue in developing New York chairman as well because I mean when you look at all he's the Jeffrey should be borrowing and is always taken them. Out of town to get up to playing NBA you know more acceptable basketball. Yeah it's tough I mean I guess he could put the Michael Kidd Gilchrist I've read a bunch of injury and developed. As quickly is do you think Britain progressive liver patient and it is a lot of young guys that greatly depending on. You know when you gotta get my trigger on grant park when he became a week month. Even one of those guys that he'd want it that they hit a big way in order for this show or to keep the compete at a high level and out of so far. And really made that you to leap brain computer died did you speak to step up and eat that five. Cody Zeller out and I don't outfit that certain of player development because you look at Kemba Walker were what five years ago where he is now. He'd fit in here you managerial and particular a night. Over this here. It just. In this league you need more than one star and so far strata are at Kemba Walker corporate and other at a six keen understanding. There's only if he ends that PPI if you're there but that's all power intact. They have supported at a if teen percent chance of making the playoffs who are 85%. Of the the you know simulation that they cat. They're not as so they uphill climb to get capital they had passed the Miami Heat at. You know in Vienna neutral rate and all the teams are playing good basketball and it just caught the uphill climb to try it. Your would you look at Kim Morgan he's no different maker of this is tough physical you know Russia rarely it's just tried kid you know he's a he's regulars from Karachi you know he's brought so is okay Blake opened our he plays a gay right approaches is different than these other guys. Yeah I temper any candidates have bet Gutierrez Korea kappa BE a guy who stepped up and he. He's the backbone of the team but the question is that it happened up there are other guys have right now it. You know the numbers don't lie that production off the bench when he cop or is awesome and they they need to figure out awaited. The compensate for that and in Egypt abstract what Moly Mark Recchi nineteen years old he can't turn 25 to borrowed so. Michael Carter Williams certainly they're hoping he PP Jack died. That he was in Philadelphia a little bit it up into Milwaukee but after two major injuries it's just hard to come back and play at that level. Ranariddh so Tom I sure as well there's two more things as well what do you wanna get some answers on some of this stuff speaking to come by you know I'm I'm would you Lama amicable waiver because of what he disguised by the numbers what he's turning into into the NBA over seven years in this league and then as you said the numbers speak for themselves. We've got a lot of fans though Tom that always say well kemba is kind of a mascot around here stands here value of more than people around the NBA and I I don't think that's true at all anymore thinks of the rich that the stories out on kemba I think there's a healthy level of respect for Kemba Walker are but put us into context what Kemba Walker is. Around the NBA because there are a lot of fans that think all you can't win anything when Kemba Walker should best player which might be a whole other argument but I think there are people that thinkable Walker's overvalued and he's not dead goat he's just an okay player on a bad team. Yet you know I think he's such an improved player you talk about what he wants the 33 years ago either what he is now has all the triple game. From the ticket oh I think we're all pulling up from three. You know this is that what they're part of his game a couple years ago and now it straight and so it is absolutely. No doubt in my mind that he is it on a boat never quite guarded this week. Idiot all our I don't think so this year hit a great year last year. That you know right now in terms as his production. Keep the top six point guard according to ESPN rpm. They're all important metric. As and that that popped the point guard. Because of that plus minus we talked about earlier. It just when you look at his cheap meat production and you look at what happened what he believed the war is huge discrepancy. You know that we were attacked and there are few players in the NBA they have had this kind of impact. When they're on the floor outside of Kemba Walker is is it a while west so you know camper that kept Kemba Walker absolutely out of really good player of the week. It's just people have been yet around and took really it is that it did certain to get around it because ultimately you know what Portland. They had he gave a call for people are you look at step curry could they keep decorate top and you look at. James Harden that he has Chris Paul I agree your big. Has got our corporate and then Gordon Hayward he accused you look around the FDA. These guys haven't and other additional all star or all our count the player I just don't think kemba has its vertical well are there. Just say he can't lead a winning team when he just doesn't have the kind of part. Tour false a lot of people bang on this guy tool and dye his numbers by the way three point shooting best of his career 45% as look at today's 48%. From quarter threes which is unrealistic only three guys have taken thirty or more corner threes and shot is that high the percentage in the NBA at the four position anti shooting I think like 44%. From above the break which is on real Marvin Williams is is he doesn't get involved in the offense the way people would expect the Marvin Williams has been a god that make might be the most consistent player in this hornets team on both ends of the floor earlier correct Dermarr wrong on that. No he you're absolutely correct and I think you just wanna see a little bit or adequate defense simply I think that's where they just need help. Could be a great corner three point shooter about a guy in a put the ball detect it bucket. But Britain this you know he's a great role player a is our player. Most most winner I would say most championship contenders would love to have breached article in the doctor king's but right now. You know he's not the number two guy he chipped in at number cute I like got to be excite the or efficient but it market oriented Corey. Player for this bowl if there is that a three you know our superstar that reposition our superstar if you position an orgy stock at. So I think my my smile feeling on this Tomlin to go this is you know you do schedule sets this up this way December could be this month three climb out of it but if you don't in this this this tailspin kind of continues. Do you got to sell at the deadline right you got to think about the long term future of what this team's gonna do with kemba he wants to be a part of it and what you're gonna surround him with correct I mean that this month is gonna come a make or break the season over the next couple weeks. Yeah I really think so and you know life like you have to ask yourself is that all there are you actually hear it packet that B care. For Michael Jordan organization. To keep pushing trying to win or they're going to be you know what we need to meet at the respect partner can be really tough couple weeks go ahead. And try to assess what they keep it to that Ritchie movie you know that it. You know really only teams are going to be trying to figure hardly contenders in or later though Indiana. Are really get a push forward as a asphalt or they didn't try to rebuild for the future at Charlotte in the ultimate group. And right now the stated attendance sixty closer to the bottom at five under. It can be a real pot gut check for a show at my. But George what would you do if you were in charge what would you do this team right now. I would probably look very hard hitting the reset button being pretty honest about the injury center at this team. And you know the question of whether you want to be a good. You know particularly the 5045. Win team or he wanted to reach that could have a really really struck class and try to get. Hi first round pick it it's really hard all that they've. For themselves so far that he intended sixteen. If they can still make the playoffs. But it's just gonna kick so much without Cody Zeller out there that he's such a underrated player. I would kick off very hard look at credit pressing the reset button weather with a that we training camp I don't think Haiti that I think that might be going too far. But I think you know you have to look at the rest of the roster and say maybe other people value this he'd have to. I think it to a championship contention. Rather than you know languishing around 500 chart yeah. What you get for return for kemba get a first at least tried the would you get to what would you get in return for him right now because the contract for at least another year's great wolf what would you get a return if you treated them. You know I think you get a first round pick might be protected at you know three or something like that because you're looking at a undersized point guard they don't have it. You know they don't tend to eat very well. If you're getting Kemba Walker. I don't think you're gonna get him unprotected first round pick way to achieve that the seller. I don't think you're gonna get to. Firfer Camelot if you look at here what so who's just traded I think kemba the better player. Then is there an air blitzer and I think a much better be heaters and air play so at this stage of the career. I think he'd get a first round pick her pretend about it. Ultimately is that or the identity of your franchise heading into all start eject next year when you just don't have anything to show for it in terms of you know start out but it really talked. Question first try to process where Laura chick got all his work on us what your age at Tom never sure doing great work with sub which report Maggie now he does he stop light media ventures Tom you're the best manual is make us think thanks for dropping by. Eight.