Titans Broadcaster Bishop: "McCaffrey will be the next Marshall Faulk

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Friday, August 18th

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We're gonna get some insight to the other side we're gonna go out across the border will go over to Tennessee check in with Nashville and dot org to see tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock kick off titans and Panthers and dads can't become a regular thing the last couple years we've seen these two teams Gladys or hear from former NFL former pro bowler you hear on the Radio One 045 in Nashville Blaine bishop may can time force plane happy Friday man how you Dylan's. And and you gotta I'm doing pretty well now zombie to attain greater I'll be doing a critical game tomorrow. There any. Let's say let's ask you this from from your perspective we're talking about what we wanna see from the Panthers from your perspective what are you looking for from the titans what are you watching for pre season game number two. And actually you'll know a little bit better than me but I think didn't see some more and he couldn't complain in a technicality from the optic blocks. I'm actually yet completely apart these games are really good ebitda blocks advantage that she probably going to be there'd be available on the current evidence is album can compete with anybody in the National Football League cup I think look the bill would the public who have the mentality in the run game. And actually you would continue to create a market shown they eased back and fully healthy look. You know being hidden and Cano ran around it and not have any Olympic anything. You know back for progress and the rehab then everything out and make sure he's fully LP about the key but I didn't happen in an office. It probably top. What you know deep it has gone around because the ball but our thing and its tiny take time he got a gap between guy that they're healthy. To get that timing down considerably with the receivers. I think there will be look at draw that and in some more if you're talking about trying to BA. Contending teams. Reports a Nashville are the Mario looks a little skittish in the pocket so far what we've since coming off a leg injury what do you see from him so far as training camp. I thought I would say he looked competent they they kind of held them back until you know last week and then before the treaties and gain I think there will only want Tammy got banning open fields. You know I could have been aware and to hear from this training camp you know you're cream that you look at learn media and it. There is critical of real critical I had screenings. Look skittish about it to be honest. It did. I really wanna clean take a big hit on his lower body. Heat and it. And but hey we've got hit you know in the pocketing it did get in get knocked down and was I but just to give you that reassured. Any don't have that it gets. Mentally to get over that hurdle coming back from an injury he wanted to know that it tactics. And you wanna deal comparable. Eight under rated international player like her but when you come back from a surging you have to believe the you can actually do everything in Baghdad believing you can actually do which. And I think until we get hit there we all know that he put behind they have durable enough to make it is these. We're talking a Blaine bishop former four time pro bowler in the NFL you here among our pregame post game Monday a titans radio network of course 1045 the zone in national as well talk competitors. I in titans tomorrow afternoon speaker Marcus. His numbers are pretty incredible and Jane this is a guy this played well Tutu were first two years they've both been actually pretty good we're normally maybe one that's of a study once that that's a boss. Are these two appear to be very good I still people still under value and don't realize how good Marcus Mario is it just being. It quarterback just what the average fan thinks this guy's just an athlete or is out there running around and make him plays. But how how do you think Marcus Mario despaired durst first two years of what the perceptions and images national. Well I think actually I think now you are gonna get a little bit of recognition they deserve serving went very in the red and what I mean interceptions. For a long period of time and man of the guys who have pretty accurate quarterback in reactor means gay don't react great thing. So. You know he's only the ability bar you know coming out they were like our game you know I don't call plays an economist and but it got put in the work and that time. Not only that he performed these tough he's now finally shown good leadership you. What's your vocal leadership of in his whole way not you know anybody any of that nature but ducks have a conversation got you know culminate where he wants them and everything else and did they will be market team I think Olympia to show Olympics he's going to be tough he had all the qualities to be a great quarterback there's probably nothing that beats it didn't mean anything to get better and a lot of little things and it comes with maturity and experience. And you know one level it. I'm extremely back going into having a good day you have a bad day at either had a bad day he's having a bad day become their last Iraq and you take them downwind that gains. I think that's probably the next state scrutiny that other the last one. Did say that he he didn't do anything and everything. You know the dollar gonna go to much Italy great debt making there and equality it adds I think market activity because I've mediocrity. That they needed a wartime over these. Had two years but after the next. I think we need to see more of that and intake and ownership that this is fifteen I think that the next big step and then he's a big time quarterback lead happened on the stays healthy. The titans GM John Roberts on these and a marvelous job of building offensive talent a run Markota whether it's drafting does conquer last year and bringing in. Murray and and Derrick Henry and this you're adding Corey Davis Eric Decker how how those two looked so far especially Corey Davis a first round draft pick out of western Michigan. Don't want or can't go up something about time the court David strain it and certain that a multi you know they get it either don't we do we they didn't practice. This week let alone last week Canadian in the preceding game. So that aren't that Decker sprain his ankle just a couple of days ago. Immortal words are also have the Panthers so that kind of thing you know that's something we need they need to get that timing down there you know it's gonna take some time in as HR Olympics. You know a late round guy who showed. We are well with forty something catches. I am glad he he's been out with a foot injury videos Sergio and so sticky start practicing here the next week or so. He's got the weapons very transition and exceeding that you didn't have dependable and Delanie Walker. Jamie Mitchell edited they drafted look very on the beach he looks really get it and I think he's the next coming out Delanie Walker. It tidy position. And you know so I think they're building where weapons around them but they got to get them out on the field now unfortunately. Some of those guys gauge you know got nicked up then you don't want to stop pinching me Tom how wide receiver you just never know there. We'll be acted so great Indian and actually. Inning or your town for 63 weeks till they could try to take the slow approach would bet David peace treats guy can take the top of the defense tactic you generally old not. Everything for the whole alternate them. And Matthews in dealing walk with that is that I made a mockery of murdering here until volcanic it looks sultry yet. The tigers last year or import in the secondary and John Roberts and Adam lo and Ryan and Cypriot and drafted Jordan Jackson how those three look to the secondary so far during training camp. Cracking wanna pickle now weak link to email Italy's second aryan. They've basically redid the whole thickened air 3 guys. I am really four new starters. Not to look I'm not tiger looks really good I think he sees an open government data that they could be pro bowler at some point in his career and maybe we get not a terror to assume that. He showed bigger plane it was funny recovery can blip deacons played BP to play at a crowd you know I've increased safety. They're not do anything that he can do really well I agree it's gonna bring that hammer. And I get them intimidating physical force out there. Do we Jack seeing and film protecting your gas. It's cold and Adori Jack it up but I adore Jackson gets a at this rally started did take it to the next level and with it it can't though a lot of Obama get interceptions. Either special special talent. Out there and Logan Ryan. As a veteran gas. He got beat deep early jets game or early in the game. And that I know he's going to be out to prove that he deserved a little bit better. He did a worthy of a money in a contract they gave a lot of three year thirty million dollar contract. Coming to see how well he response that he even though he's a better than I think right now the rejection will look like it's too bad quoted boosting. And we'll look the I think global Ryan professionals a couple of pro big guy like mean he had studied the poem in an understandable it. It was funny that she gets through he'll well they they give the keynote compatible actually with the patriots so maybe they know something we don't know maybe I look at it from deep into with. But I know booming gas will be get don't have any big name is Peter. Grain right I mean just beat your guy has a case of last year but not somebody who should've beat down low liner with a Timmy about a guy created two. Sports gambling bishop former four time pro bowler titans Radio One 045 the zone in Nashville too with us on the technique come guess like talking Panthers and titans tomorrow I'll okay so to speak to the DBs the Panthers had their lumps a DB last year specialist at those corners. I'm Gerry Worley and James Bradbury Brad very I'll a lot of people are bragging on him saying he's ready for that big staff. What what could you tell us you played in the secondary in your career your four time pro bowler that that jump from year one the year to what can we realistically expect from a guy like James Bradbury this year. Why not reelect him coming out and I think he's going to each. It's accomplished deal understanding that you'll be targeted Chinese custody opposed contingencies. You get a better feel for I typically let. I think had deep into me you guys for a seventh I think dominated. Pretty much a bowl practices. They knew that tie into an effect in practice. Overall bullet did this front seven have you guys this Panthers is pretty impressive that they have to be up there with the top five in the league so. I gave a bit stagnant dictate. You know. It is secondary if you had to equally huge effect could be really all the right content you can get on the complained about it because. Pressure different forwards it goes going to be actually and it's so. I think he's I think he's admitted that he added that any it is only everybody talented. It's a good thing got to come in and understand when he bit louder each. Formation that they were and I could believe in the cinema setting of the game to take you to the next level. Let alone the confident that you can possibly top level each and every week is that Ted that they're feeling guilt the room until he actually you know make it happen and angle Google gained entry like you're gaming cabinet that he got. What would you do with Christian McCaffery you're you're you're lining up maybe you walked down into the box and you secrecy McCaffery I emotion out the formation or maybe he's in the backfield in the he slides out into the slat. Or restart for a week or outweigh when the place fires of what do you do how do you stop a guy like death. Maybe make some guy looks up yeah I think he would be like old war remain in the year ago. This summer league right before somebody might interact at a time and I remember that got somebody in the beauty. At least he wouldn't go after it was a little hurdle that he actually had little or else he couldn't believe I was like man this act. They've got maker and he'd do can be an excellent. To put you know Italy will gathering at all that but that's become available right on me either weren't wrapped like these Marshal Paul. And if you put anybody I think more so called on Iraq and quickness I think you got something great there man but it that would be I don't the link sat out attack inside shoulder. Make it a foot break it open I got up over the top because I'm not look silly obstacle attacking look did I miss a well in that example would it happens he will put your little one. Now you're in a bind and end up until approach to the same way. Because I'm a model that be glad you I'm back and get after the quarterback. So that it won't be perfect or not to make a play on the ball. Boeing will get jetty here on this I know there's you were a practice but I know Marty tourney was now the interim GM again was I talking math writing cap Bryan county to see it's a director of player personnel for you guys who have seen or Carolina. Forever so does that mean it's been brought up is the painter actually hire somebody else to be the full time GM when the offseason rolls around next year. What could you tell us about Ryan named in any opportunity maybe for him in the job he's done for you guys in the short time so far. Well I think. Let me is person while he dresses the part that machinery he dapper baby each and every practice each and every game and and I'm surprised that that you guys haven't hired him back are ready Cambodia. He would be a blow up in this wherever that ties these last two years we'll get a guard down Robertson and crew in this SPD's could begin as early shocker really played a big difference there with a tie this into. Putting together also lost a bit added just where exactly he couldn't do it goes lover in the Philippines because they're good enough to be in the NFL so I had something similar to get that opportunity well deserved and there have been some might be Mitt let the right now we got app. That sound idea density of that's an us problem for now we got Blaine bishop on titans radio here on a pregame post game of course what a fourth on the zone and four time pro bowler you know is a thing or two about what's going out of the game blamed it actually can time it was great to talk do you thanks for the insight. I think it.