"Three To See": What Panthers Is Josh Watching Vs MIA

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Friday, August 17th

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And now we're gonna get into a segment that nick and I will do every single week going forward throughout football season it is called three. To see 3-D C three players story lines that we are looking for. From the Carolina Panthers going in it too big game this would be a regular edition on Friday as the game. Tonight of course. And the number 01 thing. The storyline rather that I wanna see from the Carolina Panthers is divine Seymour how does he bounce back. In this game tonight he gave up four receptions Kelvin Benjamin last week including the touchdown struggled to Al. The evening in buffalo. You saw him get beat multiple times over and over again was one of the worst performances of anybody in the pre season across the leak last week he. Then I had the birth of his child. Just about 48 hours later to a steady emotional roller coaster of a week perk about Seymour he has been replaced in the starting lineup by the rookie Dante Jackson. He's got to step up. Tonight and let's hold it for what happened last week in buffalo. The secondary is a huge question mark for the Carolina Panthers there in the division with some of the most prolific passing attacks in the NFL. We know Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints have one of the best passing attacks we know what Matt Ryan and Julio Jones can do even endgame is Winston Mike Evans in San debate. They're going to be a very very tough act. To try to defend. If you're the Carolina Panthers still combined Seymour does a guy who got the first crack the starting job a week ago lost that opportunity now it's gonna be up to Dante Jackson. What is Seymour looked like. This Miami receiving corps. Not really the most intimidating bunch of characters you've got guys like Kenny stills you've got Delonte Parker Danny Amendola. Those guys are not gonna strike fear into the hearts of the panthers' secondary so Seymour as a good opportunity to respond and the question we're asking you guys earlier is what is one thing if European descent if you miss earlier in the show what is one thing as a -- there's been you wanna see tonight what they that'll make you happy is it come on Seymour bouncing back and and keeping whoever lines up across from him quiet throughout the evening is it something with Cam Newton is it something really offensive line it could be anything what are what is the one thing you're looking for text 7045709610. The one thing you wanna see from the Panthers tonight so come on Seymour high. Asked to bounce back tonight. They lost ross' cop role in the pre season camp. The good depth is at the very thin in the secondary. Dante Jackson as greatest he has been so far you've heard Ron Rivera speaking earlier this week about him feeling better about the quarterbacks. Now that he has in the last two or three years that is because the emergence of Jackson. I tend to believe some of those comments from Ron Rivera is a little bit of wordplay trying to. Boost the confidence of a group that has been much maligned throughout the course of the training camp. Up to the last few weeks at least through July and August. So Seymour is gonna be someone who you wanna keep an eye on early and often when he gets onto the field. For the Carolina Panthers. And wearing number 27 number two we are three to see today is Greg van wrote he's gonna get the start at left guard you have injuries to. Obviously a media still told Lou. And it Gerald Williams at tackle. Tiller mode is going to be the starting at right tackle he's been moved over from guard right ankle will start to sinner but Greg been road is gonna get the shot to start at left guard Brandon man is another guy who's gonna fix it factor in. To that and mixed. Can pit road to hold that spot down can't they keep Cam Newton could pull off the line is gonna be under the microscope tonight because. In the second and third pre season games this is when. You're really not. Hoping that your feeling things out you're really trying to just see what we have. You know we're not tinkering as much as you do in week one and we want you were messing with lineups you were interchange in guys around the line. Now it's like do we how the group do we have the group that we feel comfortable west that's what Ron Rivera is looking for and Greg and road is gonna be the one under the most pressure. Out to left guard position. Again you'll see Brendan men at times as well I wonder how long the offensive line will stay in the starting unit on the top of the line they don't have a lot of depth. You typically see the line get more playing time in the pre season games in the other units just it's a numbers game. But Cam Newton you wanna try to get into uncomfortable into a rhythm in this new offense it's going to be very hard for him to do that. If the offensive line is putting him under to rest throughout the night so we'll Celanese the us snaps Cam Newton plays on the series he gets. He'll be with us are nothing to want to Al. And then once Jim Newton takes a seat for the night. It's the backup quarterbacks as well and you wanna give them the most opportunity to play well to perform under pressure. And you're gonna need it off and it wanted to protect them and able to do that Taylor and I think he took a huge step forward against buffalo last week in the race for the backup quarterback job. Garrett Gilbert struggled at times he did have the touchdown pass late. But hi T seem to have a leg up after one game dealt. We see the pre season games and as some fans tend to use that in and narrow their scope then use that as they only frame of reference for Howell can't has evolved but remember. These coaches are seeing these players day in day out and practices well so Gilbert I think still has a slight edge in the backup quarterback race. But you wanna see those guys perform under the optimal conditions. And you need to have a healthy options and want to do that's fun watching Greg been wrote specifically their offensive line but really I wanna see that unit as a whole can they hold up not only the pass protection. But also in the running game and open up some holes for Christian McCaffery and that leads me to my number three on my list of three to see tonight CJ Anderson. Investigators it was signed late spring as a guy coming to be the number two running back on this team to really provide the thunder to Christian McCaffrey's lightning and last week really. Not get an opportunity until much later in the game that we expected to every artist paid actually came in as the second guy on that unit and CJ Anderson I have four carries sixteen yards he did have a touchdown. In the second half. For Carolina. Decision isn't gonna have to be a guy who's a factor for the Panthers this season yesterday on our show if you missed it equals and I discussed. The value that he could act. To this team. It looked if you look at what New Orleans did last year with. Mark Ingram and Alvin Camara. McCaffery. Fits the role of Kumar on this team is that versatile chest BC could move all around the field. He's not the most. Physical input physically imposing guy in between the tackles intercity can provide that. Or maybe maybe even Cameron artist paint you hope it's CJ Anderson Anderson. Has proven in his career he can beat a Dell cal guy he could be the guy who can get either short yardage. She third and shorts second and short move the chains type of player Anderson. You would hope gets a crack earlier in the game that he did last week against buffalo again last week only sixteen yards on four carries. What are you see from CJ Anderson's and how does that work with the offensive line the running game needs to progress because you cannot rely on Cam Newton. So rushed for 760. Yards again this season you need another guy who could takes that physical pull away from him and CJ Anderson he's to be. That player as well. The Chris McCaffrey's workload is going to increase no doubt. In the running game and pricey similar acts in the passing game yet eighty receptions a year ago you're gonna see much more of the same. But Anderson has to be able to relieve release some of that hole off of him. All the militant attacks lined somebody wants to see Taylor boat perform and wanna see the young pass dressers step up in the rotation on the defensive side that's a very good point defensive line. Markey say to someone at mile last week. Policy and he actually hear his name called this week is relatively quiet against buffalo he's a speed rush guy who could provide some much needed depth of on the defensive line.