Three To See: Miami Dolphins Vs. CAR

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Friday, August 17th

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The three missing from the dolphins tonight number 11 and foremost I cannot wait. To get a glimpse of Mika Fitz Patrick. The number eleven pick. In the 2018 NFL draft. Out Alabama we have Dre' Bly on earlier he is actually spent time coaching with the dolphins during training camp and before I could even get the question out. Drake told us. This kid is the real. Deal he brought up India's Williams as a comparison of some of some new young bucks may not remember any as Williams he is a hall of fame defensive backs and a long time to the Arizona Cardinals. And was an absolute ball hawk. In the secondary for a long time and Mika pits Patrick has those same type of skill sets. He is versatile he actually started training camp at safety. And because of some personnel issues to witnesses the defense of staff decided they're gonna move him down and play him at the slot quarterback right now. He is an absolute chest piece test peace rather for that dolphins defense he was an amazing player in Alabama he was the anchor of one of the best defense is in the country. And if you look at the tradition of what Alabama has been able to do they always turn out NFL ready guys we know they've been dominant. At the college level but when they get to the NFL most Alabama defensive players transitions so quickly so easily. In two. The National Football League and I think it's Patrick is gonna be one guy who could be a difference maker. For this dolphins team. In 2018. And it's going to be interesting to see a lineup across from Cam Newton and Christian McCaffery it's of those first during guys. DJ Moore may be a guy who lines up in the slot tonight for the Panthers and he's gonna go right up against make a Fitzpatrick. In that slot and those are two of the best rookies. On the outside in the NFL this year that is a bit past that match up if you're in that sort of thing tonight keep an island that's Patrick's going to be a star. I think and I and I said this last year as as someone who covers college football very in depth. Fitz Patrick reminded me of what Troy Polamalu did. At the college level USC about fifteen years ago he can play at all three levels of the defense you do not find guys who can do that very easily and it's Patrick does that one thing that Dre' Bly told us is that he is shelves more. And he's so hardworking you hear guys talk about that all the time this guys a hard worker this guy his you know he's a grinder his first one last one out. Drab lives there he's he he has. It's seen firsthand the work ethic of the mentality of me if it Patrick and I think bella that comes from his background with the Crimson Tide. Dave Reid guys to be prepared for the NFL it's it there is no stepped up on the you're stepping up and they and only the sense that. Yet the guys around your bigger faster and stronger but your work ethic you're dated today the way you operate. There's no difference between being an Alabama and being with the Miami Dolphins of meat puppet Patrick is going to be a star for the dolphins going forward and I'm just very excited as a football fan. To be able to seat fits Patrick up close tonight. Number two in the three to see for the Miami Dolphins. Ryan cannon hell. This guy is coming off of two straight years of injuries it's been almost 700 days since he took a snap of the regular season. Last week he completed his first four passes ran out of the gate through to a completion of the drive stalled and that was the all the action he saw against Tampa Bay. But this is a guy who. How has potential and he's really really I think. Frustrated a lot of people because athletically he has all the tools. He just hasn't been able to put it quite together yet two years ago when the dolphins hired Adam gays to run this offense. They thought he was gonna be the guy who could on salvage. Rioted hill's career. Dole forget. Ten with 85 as a starter before going down with the injury and Tony sixteen. Under Adam days so the dolphins have seen Tim hills succeed they have won games. With Dan hill under center. Does he take a step forward in his second game he'll play probably two to three series minimum tonight against Carolina he's going up against one of the best defense is in the NFL. To an elegant he's 37 and forty overall in his career with he and I would out of date. Gays came to Miami with a reputation as a quarterback whisper as an opposite wizard. He did it in Denver he did it in with Jay Cutler he has done it all over the place the NFL he's highly respected offensive mind and with a healthy Ryan can help. There's the chance that Miami could challenge after the second. The second spot they're not gonna count the patriot but could be the second best team in the AFC east it up for grabs after New England. And it's at hill can get on the same page with its head coach can stay healthy the dolphins have a great chance to beat out second best team. I'm curious to see how does he look what is mobility like tonight how to handle pressure because sometimes coming back from those lower body injuries you tend to be tentative. In the pocket wins and on the heat starts to come. Carolina's gonna be able to bring the heat tonight Protestant he'll respond the number three on my three to see for the Miami Dolphins is the running back battle. Between Kenyans raked. In detail symbolized no may not be so much of a battle if you just look at what your injury was able to do production lines in the last season you can make your case. King Andre with the best running back in football in December last season several 100 yard games down the stretch he finished the year 644 yards three touchdowns. But that really doesn't tell the whole story back that JH I the early in the air and diced local. In Miami before being shipped off to Philadelphia. Drake on the field really does not have any question mark the question marks for trickled off the field he was rejected the game against buffalo last year in week seventeen. He also got into a skirmish earlier this week with deep right in practice gave Wright a veteran defense of climate now right was cut. Other dolphins got rid it gave write it sounds like based on the report. There was a skirmish in the physical intense practice. I don't know exactly what's going on directed in the entire situation but gave Wright even apparently blind sided. Kenya on Drake in some form or fashion. Leading to an escalated issue in practice so Drake has had some issues is behavior relieve trying to keep him under control you know how talented he is. If you're out of gates. But you also have this young running back into on the lot too with a physical week. Fourth round pick 63230. Now all the guys at absolute monster revise that Derek and re. When he came out Alabama couple years ago just an absolute physical specimen. And Matthew Berry who is out the fantasy expert ESPN. Think that terrible lies could be a sleeper. This season. If you're that sort of thing and it is that you expect to see some production from him he's gonna get a lot of touches tonight. He's gonna see the football early and often I think for Miami and last week against him today the dolphins lost that game to 4624. But Caleb a lot had ten carries 37 yards. Did I break off a fourteen yard runs you saw little bit of a flash of some of that explosiveness. At that 239 pound frame. He is going to be someone who lost quite a bit of tonight as Miami tries to figure out what that running back rotation is gonna look like today gathered my three to see me go Fitz Patrick. Bryant and help and then the running back position for Miami both Kenya on Drake and available lots.