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We got Thomas Davis Panthers linebacker joining us in studio earnest Tuesday morning first and foremost TD we appreciate it meant and we we were really glad you're here thank you very much a move from the guest room before we get to do. Who say it's game on Sunday are gonna ask did you see what went down last night in a Monday Night Football game Steelers and and I have been talking about this for our abusive Korea must know gamer so that's always a toe physical arm rob remand those guys did after I have a question to frank and I've been doing this if you looked up well it's not there anymore but all these. TV shows and in social like showers across the country did seem dressed in some variation of this question. Is this a black guy for football is this bad for football and no one ever wants to see injuries out there. No one wants to see a kid like Reich easier to dig. You know court and all the fielder bonds has Bershard recorder off the field but I think the unfortunate reality though is this is a physical collision violent sport at times a week we kind of see this stuff before right. There it is it is of a social physical game and I think I think all the nominee if the Ryan series there's situation never happens yeah. Then wouldn't be talking about that right community and there's a day. You know those Tug plays happen week in and week out which you never see you guys really get. Carted else to all the new way to rise say easier to deal with with no movement in this league thing you know. Proves that to him his family you know he's able to troop to bounce back in. And eat and live a healthy life none of us know we're really happened I'm always going on with my now. But at the end of the day to me football loses the gladiators Borden at the end of the day you know guys do give banged up guys do get hurt Richard number one synagogue while Ryan did. You know did he would (%expletive) me off was gruden. Over blowing that. And when you look at the like all of a sudden guys just stop supposed to stop playing hard. I mean and you know as well as I do you stop play and aren't a physical game like that you get hurt doesn't stop playing hard it's one it may be sometimes even increase the temple voice they play so they don't. Get hurt and I think it was so hypocritical to go out there and put the initial blast and say it was terrible for the game in this and what's going to be the demise you know of the NFL and those types of things. I thought it was absolutely hypocritical and embarrassing for him as an ex coach. I know course and I think I think. You had a situation in the game well there were there was a true indicator of you can never quit or you can never stop on a play refuse lifted. On Jackson from Cincinnati and he didn't push blade or gun out and lay the onion they're going to score a bank. This is true indicator of you have to finish every play in this league. Note in it. I just once you kind of define the difference right because we also saw grown over Sunday you know go out there and NB selfish right now I think there are two different things right one was a football play within the course of the game the other one was a selfish act you know what they guy for. Whatever the reason that true debut as whites don't we did her wide rock attacked him but those are two different things in the reason why gras. Want to be suspended his wife verses why did you do Shuster shouldn't be. Amid one reason when you look at the ground plea was premeditated he had time to sit back windup and bumps early to say about his. Susan before he did is I mean he was clearly the key was down you've got to bounce and he doe loan amount fewer kids juju mostly last night. He's cover bad committed to a bag but isn't legally in the league now. Arm for a for received the peel back on god like there but disallowed as simply is not something Mitt. You know I'm gonna give extremely disappointed about it if today is why it was with my teammate and I'll stand in right Dan groan did that we've polished every fight right now but. You wouldn't think about it too is though and I don't wanna. It's outta trouble here but I do what I asked the book is there's gotta be some frustration on the court players where. You know these the links of these suspensions are kind of all over the place and you got a guy who's out for PD usage it's got a guy got a game for you know as you said I hit where he clearly in -- took his time wound upshot his feet and you know what dug drilled true debuts white who knows what's gonna happen did you just miss Shuster at this point it's got to be frustrating if you guys out there not knowing what's gonna happen to you based on deal play deploy this in this distinguish first. Demand especially for a guy like me because if you know I'm taking him back to the temple player would mean and you look at me begin 540000. Dollar full form just close their nominee. At the end of the day you know we we go while we love playing this game in he noticed this is the aggressive nature of the game you know we go while we we have far compete mint. You know it's got to take a summit underway with these five and in the lengthy suspensions there were given for some of the stuff that would door and there's there's all game categorized into wine category you know you can't. Figures stated this is exactly like dead that is is acting like this and you put guys in the same group because my situation was totally different from what he's got the door. Let's rewind let's rewind to your Sunday talk about the game a little bit because we're talking about tackling a lack thereof and unfortunately you know we didn't tackle very well and listen to me. There there was. Buffalo are probably one of my worst tackling games in my career me from from high school collars to a two pros now another plan a lot of football. In ought I don't. Known as one of the things that did that I've been struggling with since day game because I've always try to myself Ambien. A really good tackler and it was to support this past weekend and how we've been don't know that this was just use precise I don't. I don't really sit back into speakerphone on of the Gaza and how they go out of play and what they do you know from the hole must have to a higher standard and for me to go odd then and in particular into situations that got out point two on third down situations where if I made to tackle clean. You notice stops points from being in on the board and ultimately we have been a better chance of winning the Gainesville we know is something up. That I struggled with since we played a game on Sunday but I'm looking forward to getting back out and. And that's why you classes loans you have and why you may control bulls and why you know Euro zone players you are because you are accountable to that but don't what was. What was it about the saints. Was it skill the speed was it. Don't people are gonna look at that say they wanted it more they're more prepared to go to Riordan and you guys ready or the just lack of execution. It does fit especially when you have situations like that do it it definitely. On breaks down to a lack of execution no guys. Really stop and she thought stopped and she don't talk to do stuff that's that's something that you can't do in this league in something that we that we haven't really done all season long you know we've been. Armed traditionally really good tackler and then you know we worked get a lot we'll work donut this weekend will be better this week I can guarantee you. I talked to Thomas Davis Panthers linebacker joined us here in the studio. I guess. Ledges or second guy that's been kind of bothering you since so since Sunday at what point do you turn the page the way it is a present individual Don lemon got as a team as an enjoyable or do you turn the page. Social media a turn the page yesterday when we we watched the film on we cleaned up some of the mistakes that we made we talked about it. And you know now with total focus is going on and on planets seem there's this player from really really good full ball or not particular offense those Gaza. Very efficient and with their dornin we have to be your goal we can't conceive continue to sit back into along with just happened this past Sunday in New Orleans. We got to be ready to go out there they're really good by casting. They don't tedium Zeljko Garcia over here but you can talk about you can be about it right and need to be about he got to go out there and practice it. How do you practice getting better tackling with the league's. The doesn't tackle prior. Activists have a tackling circuit. Noticed something we do week in and week out and some we've done for the last couple years and that's why we traditionally been really good at tackling nom. We work on vice tackler we were going on. Amanda meant tackling then we've really been really good editing nudges you know for this past Sunday resist. Flat out didn't go hunting get it done across the board tackling you know you had. Guys did a really good chuckles Lamar football team missing tackles that they never miss you know on myself included both. Good candidate as they cal still happens and as we thought samba Gasol about how you bounce back in their salute before. Absolutely it's not the fall this could be curious you're not getting back company and you guys would get back up on your street and your terrible stand up guy. To your bill to do that I know he also the guy the dark and make excuses out off you know and it's. Last time you're in here last week. I don't so like we talked you enough about him maybe that and thigh bruises and injuries that you had. And again you're not gonna make excuses but how much of that factored into your maybe some of the play. You everybody gets hurts you know but you didn't play some of the plays we saw in a male come and there are a little bit more than maybe you know he has where you help a 100% healthy in that last game. I was no good enough to play in the game. It in the day if if I can't. Play if I'm not have the enough to play them I don't need to take the field from a member Garcia make an excuse for myself in no way. I'll mum on the note today it played it up put on the field in I doesn't have to be better into the discussed. There's there's this stretch in the final four games the regular season and it it's obviously got Minnesota you got a Green Bay you've got to Lenny you got Tampa Bay not that order necessarily but in these final four games it's going to be very very competitive stretch especially north Packers when this week and it's all about bring in Aaron Rodgers back to that we fifteen games so that would sort of the message I guess in that locker myself knowing that you still are where you wanna be used to right there in a while course Bob that you got to finish what was the message always say they would necessarily. Where we wanna be blue and a good spot right now and we control our own destiny and now the football team you take pride and in knowing that. We definitely take pride in and nor did the real those last four games there we have remain in my schedule will be right here Bank of America Stadium so. Would definitely decided about their but it the end of the day we got to line up each and every week we go out and take the field and we got to play the game we can't. Passed Pippen against anybody we got to put our business forward and we have to really look at each game now like restore an awfully offerings right now. Does it make mistakes guy's gonna lose guys you can beat. How much pride does the guy with a team have is is going to be the character. In that kind of defines you know where this team is gonna go in and play Minnesota are you Arnold for myself UT and oh see yourself as well. You want a lot of against the best and go up and you wanna take yourself and see where you stack up. Are you super excited thinking about that as an ex player gets 2% think about as a coach ultimately the best team. I want to play the best guy I want to go against the best guy well Minnesota's best team here SC right now so there's got to be looked more juice in this. Team and you have to let last week go in you got to focus on this week getting ready for Minnesota to know. Course yes no question if your true competitor you welcome games like this when you look for its opportunities like this arm especially this late in the season because right now. Armed teens are really starting to establish themselves in. Are more they're gonna be in the playoff hunt so we gotta make sure that if we want there. Remain relevant and we wanna bomb be everything and do everything that we set out to do as a football team we got to take care of this week income and Steve still a Super Bowl absolutely no question. I'd go on and I've had the garage and brothels were opposed to an honest question I'll tell I look relatives say shut up front Hillary are so I know you can you saw Matt Roth is crucial a sort of on the poster right jester Moses came FC north football you know that's it. Really yeah that's at dodger silo like the answer and I would also ask you this. Still on a day to day basis Franken I talk to their defense right we did the calls we get the tax people's yards it's this guy's fault it's a player's fault knows the coach's fault it's execution no slacker preparedness and you know you guys have a very different perspective on the stump because his players. You show up you take to coaching to take the instruction you take it out on the field which you and I and I would assume the mindset and is that you know lays in the bar we been given what we need to succeed it's all estimates place. Absolutely matter in it's a take I do real folks there when I hear from one phase that is the courts follow. The coach is suited done a better job coach is this lineup simply wants snapping any game that we've performed in. You know Soros is all about going out and execute the game plan as clear as we sit there we. We could coach is putting game plan and we came to reach out. And you know we Dugas of drug a week of execute their game plan then. It's important for us to David Caridad overall Sundays in Gilani execute the game play in the same way and when we don't get it done. They have nothing to do the coaches. There's all about a player has not given their job done a job it will pay to do and we just got to get it done like I think it. Marcos and this is tackled as we cannot be. Michaels didn't miss a third down stop is we can't IDs so it's important for meat on the stand and put that in perspective another player will always do that. I'll always. Critique myself first and foremost and then go on and figure out ways that I can give better. Figure out ways that I can do a better job of hip and his team win hip and his team secede in a no one of the things for me either stood out from last game was I didn't tackle well. Period in OT I couldn't agree with you more it's a slap in a player's face you know when you hear you know people say it was a coach's fault you know and you know we talked blog about that yesterday. And there's places to be made you know you're still not been on both sides where I've felt like. You know we're not giving ourselves the best chance and opportunity you know some of the things that we're doing and also felt like we had every played that was out there dialed up we didn't make the place you know guys wide open. Dropping balls you know you guys turn the ball over. You know not protect and you know sometimes laziness or lack of your concentration may creep into those things and you know those are the reason why you win or lose games. We can't predict you know guy dropping a football on a putt. Stuff happens. Ends you know you have to be able to be good enough to overcome that the saints are good football team you're not gonna when you make those type of mistakes and overcome those and the same thing applies against playing against Minnesota this week he can't. You don't have to play mistake free which you have to play better then. Or as good as you expect to play to win those games. Of course you know you don't eat there's the margin for error is is extremely small when you play any games like this thing do you plan of against really good football teams and in noticed kind of world we are not scared doing it as as a football team and we just got to go out and we got they excuse this simply would it boils down to. The team that executes the best on Sunday will win the game. Point blank period. Welcome to Kirstie award last set and you're you know around there and you had to. A former dog there were the current dog there right now do you play for on the national championship and a semi final game. You know against the Oklahoma's against the Oklahoma Sooners. You know Kirby Smart speak in you like Kirby you like we're Georges that and you like the chances to win the national championship. No course. You know I had a chance to sit down south to row Kwon last night man accused amazing kids. No he's earned everything he did this come his way from a recognition standpoint he was able to win the book award in. This is the defense player of the year and we all of those toward where you know four row Kwame and he he's still team oriented focus you know he's he's all about the team's success than he's not really. Didn't caught of one individual awards in this one of the things that I love about their keys his love to go out of play the game and I've been talk of form for awhile. And is really good this the other stuff done come to fruition for. He's picked a good mentor for sure you guys the play you that you that he plays with compassion played with my eyes Milan fashion the you play with and in good luck this week and Judy appreciate your. No I've slicker and agree more we said don't Brooklyn yesterday met for about five minutes he was a fantastic kid so good luck to your dogs and double talk to you before and I'm sure we appreciate stuff by sounds good thank you guys have.