Taylor Zarzour Interview

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Friday, August 11th

Sirius XM Host Taylor Zarzour joins Primetime to discuss the start of the PGA Championship.


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Our primetime live at the 99 PGA championship and we could have a major event especially major golf event in Charlotte and do the show here we couldn't talk to this guy tailors are there. Taylor how are you man Brooks good to see him a friend we get a major in Charlotte like look around that this is this is big right this huge well. View being the gatekeeper of the community now eyes you know this is this latest custody. We couldn't get this in the czars are era of by the yet and see it took Chris Kroger. Being a lifelong Charlotte team to bring this kind of of this town says the man who's the voice of the tournament this weekend all over the radio on Sirius XM you name it you hear it and so. This has got to be surreal for you Reich is like you you were on the year. He kind of the aero where I remember like what 031 quell the first what Kobe at that time it okay this is. Cool like it will get a PGA tour event that it became all this is a hidden jam him and it became know this is one of the best non majors on tour. And you you kind of saw that berth on the air front your eyes and now. It's Syria at a major it's kind of surreal. Yet you know I think it in over four when tiger came. And tiger and Phil or those chasing Joseph we set an alarm who ended up winning but tiger and Phil both being here and kind of was like all right this is a really big deal. Anthony Kim in 2005 when he won was a really big deal tiger won in 07 and then by that point you're like all right this is. One of the ten best tournaments on tour. 2012. Doing your show. Wind roaring deep raking it irks me when Rickey knew Rory and DA points who by the way is on the board today but that. Atmosphere for Ripken's first American win that happened right here in Charlotte. Was. That was the most powerful moment I think in the tournament mean Rory winning two years earlier in the way he wants great. But you're right I think that that's the only Australian envisioning okay what's next in. You know listen in there's been tremendous sacrifices that the members have had to make it. Or their golf course having access to their own golf course in order for this just happy established. Johnny Harris first and foremost is Charlotte's Ian and he's pumping over a hundred million dollars into the economy. You know what he's doing for the city of Charlotte. For his first major championship I think it's worth it I really do and and I think date you're going to see more tournaments that are. Similar to that this is not the same tournament here back in Charlotte in years to come. And it's going to be interest in me the president's conference when it's when he wants that's come the next thing to look forward to see Taylor's ours is what is. Gotta talk golf with him we're here quail hollow PGA championship course will be on the radio all we can all call on this thing he's gonna be up in the Booth side coming up in just a little bit. This course is snarling man like the Bermuda changeover I think everybody thought it is going to be different when we discourses and orally right now. It is it's much more difficult than what you've seen for a Wells Fargo championship win Bermuda grass it's that dry grass which is much more challenging to play out. August temperatures. Are up back during just how hot and humid it is the green speeds. You know sensing Brooks kept cassette after his round Thursday near the fastest greens he's ever played on. I mean think about that think about that guy who's contending in the masters winning the US open making a comment like that so it gives you. An idea of just a quick that they are so. It is it's a really difficult golf course played it a lot in the last year because I was trying to prepare for this moment and I loved. The golf course my golf game love of the old golf course more than the new one. But you know the condition of the course Chris is great to grow it is incredible but if anything and I don't know this is a critique. But if anything the responses then Howell parred displaces long. The other thing sold like locating greens really firm I was asked earlier watching guys have four fours greens can be tore officers has turned its oversold. Read into that whatever you want plus it. I mean a world where there were watching guys try to throw darts and green and agree like balls are just skyrocket skyrocketing into the air they're so firm out there. OK so maybe we get some rain tonight or later on this weekend soften the greens that Bermuda grass in the rough. Okay now you're now you're talking about just some really swampy conditions so you get one problem solved may be trade on other what do we get some rain out here. Well one thing that you might hear Saturday afternoon and or Sunday afternoon shameless plug on WFNC. Is and and certainly you're welcome to watch it turn the sound down. And and let's not us but is what you just said is just how hard it is to control a shot around the green and you know the green mile to me is the three that toughest three hole stretch. Finishing stretch in all of golf I know that it has an average that every year but I really believe that to be the case and let's just hypothetically say Rickie Fowler is in contention in order leading. Which and all of us would love on Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon if he hits the ball would be short sides themselves. On Saturday on the sixteenth hole war on Sunday on the eighteenth hole. I don't think he's getting up and down I don't think anybody's getting up and down and when you see that involved two inches below the surface. Hey it's it's almost impossible to control I mean Phil Mickelson got a great short game ever. And I know he's playing the worst golf of his career right now but he had no he had no chance in this rough day by day on Thursday and Friday is tough. Well and then here's the other interesting thing watches as we head into the weekend. Are we gonna see some of these these younger guys who can and hang around Rory has been up and down all day today he's kind of hanging on by a thread for rookies played really good golf right now giving kids are local stories hang around or nobody can South Carolina Grayson Murray got from your aerial Raleigh. So where are hanging around and elites and young guys out here and of course the big question is Ricky. C'mon man you won here before close the deal you were so close earlier this year finish like that we want right Rickie can you send a. And you know probes no matter who wins I'll be exciting is among golf right you know I mean it's kind of like. Just based off listening to you you are so obsessed with the hornets for example and he loved the NBA. That no matter what happens Chris Kroger is going to be excited. About what happens in DA. To sing with me applies to golf. From a broadcasting Sam went and you're the same way these you manager for the best story you want to cheer for whatever is going to get the most people listening to you excited. And I don't think there's any question dollars that guy you know listen it's beast completes the career Grand Slam that would be the top I think the top story at CPS one chance to do it. As being the youngest player to do about Tommy to suggest that you'll be older than tiger wasn't 2000 but. Fowler brings in so many additional eyeballs. To this event. That I just I think you know you're doing in a show every day that's geared almost totally to the NFL into the Panthers. On Monday afternoon on primetime address Kroger you'll be taking calls about Rickie Fowler with all due respect and DA points or Grayson Murray or someone else like that. Chances are they when you woke me. Well here's the real good story got to run to really go but the real big story is can we get Ricky. Vs speed does the playoff is a three hole aggregate playoff on the green mile right like that's the story now we're talking an outlet for your heads I'm looking for a mental outlook and out of try to take Kerry we got Taylor's archer it's gonna be on a call you'll hear all evening. All afternoon long tomorrow and Sunday and of course we got all sorts of coverage tonight after we get off the air so last thing here what's the future and asking this question everybody all week because. Yours plug as anybody the members of this course and you play in his course and it's different. What 500 trees and taken off this course it's much more open one's been changed force created out of the ether because of the changes so. It feels like. Discourse has been now made for big events but does that mean you lose the Wells Fargo every year I don't know its weird what's gonna happen. You're right the big events are gonna happen I mean we're gonna of the Tony one point one presidents cup that you referenced I think we're certain to have another PGA championship here and seminary years. I wouldn't be shocked if the Ryder Cup comes in the next fifteen years or so do. Because we know the big events are and down the pike for. Just for quail hollow. I think Johnny once the tournament I think he wants the tournament to continue no matter of wells Fargo's on the name or someone else is on the name I think he wants turning to continue. Two weeks before the PGA championship the first weekend in May. Actually I think they would have a pretty good field yet in between the masters and and the PGA. And I think he wants that to continue its but listen I also understand this the other side of that remember standpoint of I want to play my golf course man. I don't want everything to be about the tournaments so. I see both sides of it. I think ultimately you're going to see a golf tournament here for the foreseeable future on a recurring basis on an annual basis if I had to guess. About 52% of me that says. You're going to have a tournament here. Each year but up going back to what you said about coverage this weekend. Chris I live in Charlotte I'm probably the Charlotte everywhere I go people say I miss hearing on the radio I'm like yeah. I'm on Sirius XM and Andre else Bryant's shot was my producer it's true. Ed but everybody says the mission on the radio and when they when they say that they meaning miss me on that yet density. And the big sacrifice have had to make. There is no longer being. Like you are now an extension of the community and international now your big time and but if he was so fulfilling its. To be an extension of that of a town you live in and you love and I'm probably Karl called Charlotte home so. This weekend being able to be back on the via tendency on Saturday and Sunday aside is a big deal to me so I hope every bites instant. No it's it wouldn't be right to do this event without you calling it for some ever gonna major yourself I'm excited for you. I love talk going to give me a we're gonna do a hotline on the radio off here this is that that was good match security of people can't see this but we're just we're embracing right there Taylor. I love you man half on this we cannot get back catching crooks thanks god.