Taylor Heinicke on Primetime


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Welcome back to WFNC Charlotte I'm Brian shell. Voluntary OT is starting this week for the Carolina Panthers we're getting that the first look for this team with new office coordinator Norv Turner. Robs tuchman this whole thing with Greg Olsen in the AFC Bakken copiers whenever we also wanna talk some football and as a guided you know in the middle of all this talk with Greg also think we got some news on Monday afternoon the Panthers had signed. But they had picked up quarterback off waivers from the Houston Texans a guide has familiarity with that Norv Turner from his time. In Minnesota and that is former old demeaning and Old Dominion quarterback Taylor Heidi Keane he's gonna join us right now here on WF Lindsay Taylor RU. Are you good I had you know how you feel right now I know yeah we talked about that talk of this before brought you on air but I know. It's always weird kind of when he tees tees and things like that but the how you feel right now with the with the new with a new team. Oh great. They're the first that go on and Needham and to really cool PM very thin atmosphere so I'm outside beer. An area I know you you know about obviously spent this couple years in Minnesota but you know he kind of had a that in new didn't near first day of school like that new first day or kind of thing up in New England is laws Houston. I know what was it like coming in the tour the building and how was your what was your first impression on this campus organization. You know vote by way to equate they seem like they're very hard nosed guys. Work forward and other physical and that it's kind of grown you know kind of blue collar and and I like watching them so again under and be here. At first but it worked out there on Miller Bravo so again I'm that it. Talking to new campus cornerback to a hot icky here on WF and C. I you know tell you know you've been in the league here for a couple of years you kind of had the larger work as a rule with some really good quarterbacks are going back to Minnesota or New England whatever was. I need you do you know you've become aware behind Teddy Bridgewater Tom Brady was you know you had your short time with a strong Watson last year. And I got Cam Newton what's the what's the kind of thing you learn what's the most or listen to support the color from these guys are too short NFL career. Yet critical had it back the other day you will Marcy these sensitive or you know he'd glitz interpretations are like that so. I really sit back with a cool. You know trying to pick their brain a little bit just right now. Something new that pops out spoke again I've been I've been. Very lucky to be around a lot of good quarterback so well I think that's helping a lot 34 years. Right shall herewith until Heineken on WF and C Taylor you know obviously you're familiar with norv Turner's play about is probably one of the reasons why bring bring being brought into this team. Your tech clearly the smartest person the quarterback right now given the fact that cam in. And and I Garret are still gonna learn this offense. What can you do person can help cam and Garrett out you know kind of learn this thing. Yeah you know. Now you'll walk through grip and it will go pick up W a lot of guys go I'll learn it and it's not indeed the office but learned. So I remember my rookie year when I came in the many camp and departed at hardware and it buy it again he's got a Smart but it who have again at that any question that I mean. Not be happy into the question but again are Smart guys they're not not really quickly so. We're works out about it. It we've talked to numerous guys who have worked under Norv Turner were or played with them or whatever early in a play undermine whatever it is we talked to the Brad Johnson's world Stephen davis' former panther was a quote was a running back in his system. What kinds of things has he done and what kinds of things does Norv Turner due to make you better as a quarterback. Armed you know it you just each adult and very well. In that pretty much they have people understand why. And certain things. On our way. And to make the big picture for everybody but he understands what we're trying to do so. You know emblem being on the same page it is meant either for everybody. Talk until hiking here on W opens he can file Taylor on quarter at Taylor underscore Heidi you know what he kind of introduce himself to paint the fans last night in the middle keep sounding so. You're you're officially a panther now. You know kind of where the what are the you know you kind of mentioned as one of the greatest things about this opposite nor do ultimately on panther fans obviously they're looking for you know we. Yeah we are kind of you know cringing every week and this on this my actual offense the last couple weeks from panther fans you know and and the sort of a new kind of a new toy hero whatever what can panther fans expect to that's really exciting out of this offense. I think of the very now they're Nancy now maybe one week Christian Cadbury has you know under your direction and then. You know the next week amateur foreign your teenager never know which is which part on opposing defense since I don't. So it's it's exciting. Again you know. Very now please never know again we get we get out so. That's exciting part about the proper. Talk on Taylor hiking here on WFNC do you tell our members from your time you know I'm I'm I'm from Baltimore remember and you know I covered taos and remember from you for your do you days. You know you know where your where you have right now on your career I mean you had a great career go to you and I Hernandez thought court not now a lot of him you know oh he's obviously taking the jump in. In terms of at the collegiate level from where there on the program where you back here and in your career right now. Magistrate apartment home again I've been out in Minnesota two years it was it was great two years. On the net and bounced around again New England Houston what you just said it. Untried and try to find a home and all over the place well again. Mistrial two. That was much well wait and hopefully. And stay there for awhile so. Again you know I'm just trying to. It's. Certain spot where they want me that he depicted need Meehan. No matter. Talk until I'm thinking here on W offends a you know Taylor you know Derek Anderson was was this tees back or for a long time hearing Carolina and he was sort of became a mainstay here. You know and looks like him obviously the team that would bring back in Norman you know they're obviously. In cup there UNAIDS and you know who knows when we might be talking you know there's been talk about maybe drafting a guy to back into back of cam and you know cam is all here with the way plays in their call is being chance were you know if you're the back of you have to come in this game. Into you know I know and I know you got claimed off waivers but did this team talked to you all about kennel where you might be an on the step Charlie could you to potentially be. The backup this team come week one. Yeah I don't know better or are you about that at all again I just got right here on. We gave the playbook they've been studying and working yeah. Again whatever they need for me. We'll give it. And not just connecting better. That's the voice of a tiller honey key here on W opens the I'm Ryan sell you know Taylor won your new teammates is Garrett Gilbert who I know. You know I was you share agent with things in in leans Leigh Steinberg in these kind of this guy does grab a lot of these great quarterbacks of the last couple years have you have you have you talked Gary at all before. You know when your previous kind of endeavors. Yeah oh yeah actually. So we actually hold Steinberg party at Super Bowl a couple. I think two years ago and has been Houston. We met there we could talk him. I'm so excited well enough of them to work and could do. You know you have a show me around a lot today so good that it very epic work. And we we you know we you Garros he came here you know midway through last year and and exit the Panthers are two what bright Ky gotta keep getting to keep Garrett. And the teams talked about their their you know their love for for guys that you know like Garrett like yourself for whatever. You're giving your connection and whenever you know how can you guys can make yourself better in the quarterback from and make him better at the topic at the top of that depth chart. Yeah I think just let you know push each other quit each other. You know stuff like that. Does that really make ball better so. You know when Motorola has questions. You know the other has an answer we just you know give creature super team here. Number trying to make a little better so. Before you do that it you know hundreds simply that we will I think we'll be fine. It's voice until how to key here on WF and Z you know Taylor first off you know nine passes for before I asked this you before Bieber brought you on your from Atlanta correct. Yeah are you a falcons fan. No I'm not okay good you're gonna make a lot of panther fans happy here so you you get this you get the right answer and we'll have baseball team your bigger I know your brace anchors a solid from your Twitter correct. Yep yep Brit who's your who's your who's your favorite brave of all time as it is a chipper like is that is that the go to answer. To respect that. And and net and how how big of a baseball fan or because I know why I saw the you've got to work your way are up around you know couple baseball parks are solid so the thing. So you take a picture Wrigley Field I guess not that long ago how big of a baseball fan are you. I you'd you'd pick one. Well for him stop without him Kirchner high school in. Again what's chipper and smoltz fanatics all those guys the last. Bird not recognize being. I saw little bit. Com on get back into it lot of young talent out there remember. Well my buddies from all the butcher homage used weight bright harper krona a cut on the kind of cool you know. Seeing guys that. She played against Goran and it made potentially put it again. In the league now so at this critical view that. Vegas is south of I mean and and we Dartmouth is again before before Russia on Nye EI guess is tough be embraced him right now you know even know they're like 197 right now but. I guess it's a little tough via braced and just because they're the fact there is that star power their correct. Yeah it last year with a year and then they get accused I guess you just brought in as they qualities though. On an amber scored a lot of runs so it's it's exciting to watch that good stuff talking to Taylor. Ironic here on on WF and -- Taylor certainly is obviously just you from the moment that we've we saw the news that that you guys claim wanted to certainly reach out to to do your guys agents and you know above the one thing I have the one thing I'll say about this this organization is it's a it's a real family friendly atmosphere country saw that. You know coming in the facility of last cold days but certainly when to walk you here in the Charlotte. I want to welcome you welcome you here's a panther and certainly wanted to we should the best as you can come here this and as are assays are certainly appreciate the time today. Thank you entrapment that good stuff.