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Friday, April 20th

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Welcome back to W opens in Charlotte I'm grind shell here we are about a week away from the NFL draft seems like yesterday you know we are we're here and you know we're talking in the in the panthers' season in. And that we're talk we're thing about all these guys in my view potential Panthers and here we are about a week away. And it's a little going nine and we talked to Marty Ernie on Monday and there's GM Marty Ternium Monday. And Darin gantt pro football talk estimate if you had a draft today would you draft today the obvious he said that that they be ready to do and I think all of this is gonna get this thing out the way and these draft prospects also wanna get the subway just finding new football teams move move across the country. And it just get back on the football field why weren't welcome in one of those guys here on the tech contest finding guys that we know here locally. I'm here in Charlotte from from covering the Clemson Tigers and that is offensive lineman Taylor turned to follow Taylor on Twitter. At Taylor underscore earned 51 Taylor aria. A pretty good you know like a set and over a week away here from the draft in it's been a long process is that if it's been a long process here for frost covered and it's probably been a longer process for UB you know being in this for you know being a backs are doing this thing. Kind of where where's your head that right now as were about a week away here from the NFL draft. I'm just so anxious. Do it I can take at all it and one odds on thing. Just just those focus. They say. Is get better every day. Folks I mean I know I know it's obviously kind of like a job interview but yeah Alex this is also like an exciting process secure all gonna go through this once like you mentioned. You know what's what's been your mindset through that kind of with that with that kind of thinking. Just cherish at all you know. To be considered. And it broke frustrated slow lifelong dream. Is so close to mature. And I'm. All the motions put. This. Very four so. I'm very blessed. You're out talking or we're talking to our clients and offensive lineman Taylor turn here on W opens the I'm Ryan shell out Taylor you're in a pretty good pretty good group of interior linemen and near for us here at the Panthers here locally and over in Norwalk and moving on has been. You know is obviously a much news this campus team one of them being that and that left guard that you know with the future rankled Leo there might be as you know and I job opening there at that senator spot and you're in the you're kind of the mix in terms of a pretty good group of interior linemen. Have you kind of got indications kind of where you're gonna end up or where you're kind of where he kind of rank yourself and I know everyone you know and and -- and I would hope that you would say this he says you're the best conference alignment of the best car out there but you know that he kind of got an indication as to where you're gonna end up in the stress. Not really. Instrument trying to control control their home. Not China. Emmy for generations and saying. Desert dirt here on. Not much control sure that the coaches. Soul patrol Sharaud this. Trying to get better every day. It's stuff they get the right they get the right idea talking to or learn here on now on WFNC. But they're now looking back on this now and kind of goes this whole journey you know you're you're you went to the senior ball he had become vine. You know what was kind of thing you learn most about yourself and you know through this whole process. Just let alone packet. Well. Nolan and and you know what else to worry about them alive and so on to. They never do. And be an grade. Out better. This is a smaller numbers as well. Talking into a turn here on WF and Xena tell you mentioned kind of you know the you know you know get ready for an NFL playbook making the jump from the college level to the to the professional level. You know you know I know you wanna Connie you know ev you know you wanna get this out a way over the same time like if you had more time to yourself what's the thing that you would that he would work on if the strap for push back you know it appears gonna strap was in May like if you had an extra month what's the thing he would work on. To my body. You know. What. Be in addition. It never beaches that are sure. You know. But the voice of tell her here on W opens the I'm Ryan chug and you can follow Taylor on Twitter at Taylor underscore turned 51. I'm Taylor word you feel like in terms of that in terms of those guards wording where you feel like you can say yourself aside as the best guard in this draft. Or physical major. That's the way. I think a lot of pride and where global. Just and that's the end. That's military via regarded there and so on as prime example. In physical. On the. Going back to your timing clients and you know obviously. You're you you're going up against you know pinnacle town every day in practice I mean yet here that that defensive line that that you went up against it was is just full medical talent. And this couple prepared you for the next level you know how did that make you better each and every day. She's right you know just compete against those each and every day. All of and now. Not only a mama and them that McNamee and all. That would benefit form. Talking to tell her you're on now on W opens the unity Som on Saturday is your growth we've seen here at the next level tell Odyssey for us locally here with the Panthers there were robs him you know like this ever missy misdemeanor nor while to the Panthers have a interactions with you throughout this whole process. They have. It was America's vote these Senior Bowl and the that would be a lot of love to be sure not old. The great place. I've debt load and a there. When things I was asked these guys are always ask you guys went when I talk about it when we talk about those interactions and Disney's your memory talked to. I did not. And ran out well so maybe this thing. It was every direction after a series as most now like to yeah. That could stop. That and more we're not going to be jump for that that that's you you feel like you said you've got an often to play talk with their learned here on non on W opens a a Taylor you know despite all that despite you know all these guys that you've met was or was there a memorable meeting for you like was it meeting a certain code sure. Or you know walking down a hallway become mind seeing another weather was another draft prospector like and other professional player. Was there any memorable meeting we had throughout this whole up throughout this whole journey for. Just all of the kind. You know around coaches. Those were our growth from not simply people go to college my. It. Well divisional football here. Reduce. Being around averages than just district. All of bird papers special. Talk Mattel earned here on non W opens the timeline shows Tim this is kind of this is a three point oh or 33 part question here. For some nasty who's the guys who would wanna emulate like Tuesday that the guy to go our whenever once he's the guy you wanna emulate the next level. Is the guy went on line up against it would that you know on that off at the line whether the regardless and whenever it is. And who's the guy that you wanna go up against on the other side of the ball who's the it would dons are podium obviously were hoping that you you find yourself canvassers knocked up against onto revoke it. So who's the guy wanna go up against the next level since as the guy wanna emulate as I wanna lab again. And I who's the guy you want to line up next. Me. My that are out quote here you can mask in here on month. But one what allowed not live. Oh. You can't fool. Great leaders straight. They've split out as well. And on ago. And and Arnold bill one bit so that. Or or electric Alec the company is now with no Jason Kelsey Yuri or your fan of the wardrobe did you like his his outfit for the after the Super Bowl. There for the that the after the rate up holes yet. The net and that's that that was pretty cool. Taylor actually we've been talking all we are obviously we're in spring ball here. And now you were talking about in this next Clemson team in you would talk don't have to battle between. You have to for for the quarterback for clustering Kelly and and Trevor Lawrence you know you obviously play without with Kelly last year. You know who we think should be disorder an extra for the tigers. All. You know and a lot of it is the battled dorm there Chile and Trevor. That your remote and you know it just watch China talked so much in its own name both got competitors. Well probably winning games where. I agree is that one going out it would matter. Tigers order. You feel like it was you think Kelly is getting kind of a bad rap here are no you know obviously easy you know it's if it does to sit here obviously tremors in a five star prospect in your boosters come on I got to play away or they play right away don't like kind of stuff. But Kelly let me tell you played really well for you guys last year and got two guys up until that until that Sugar Bowl and then it to seem like you know you have one bad game in the nature of college football in the major professional sports at this point. Is here of you know that's next man up and you're you're you didn't perform what do you think I was gonna get a bad rap in this whole process. No. I was there ought to pillage he's in jail just Simi is the player is. Just the man. You know these programs so. One bad game and defying generally well at all. One blog all. Sort of won that game. But the voice of us to turn here on non W frenzies opening to draft to hear god next Thursday in the NFL draft. Taylor you know well you know I like you know and then he talked do you guys especially is now you're kind of making that next the stacked the step to the next level. You know me and you've already kind of started this I wanna ask you about your other reps for rare disease campaign you've got a little laser can tweet on your on your under Twitter account. And not in how we on the outlook we have like little things like that. How important is this for is this for you and how do you feel like that that you are becoming an info athlete can kind of help that process and I teller tell the list is out there to kind of what this things about the. Right ribs rare disease didn't thing where. Just low. Wage raised money for people murdered these and Jews. It in my platform. Anyway oh vote and give back those in the all of. We're we're this idea come from like you have a family member affected by this like you know what were this idea come from. Well we always development. Of the of the athletes the credit Marco. Which is worked out. It is in the system needs. The respirator is these things came about while my teammates been contacted me. NAFTA I would do it and well as a great idea. I did. Though is that you know my platform. Give back in of those. It's good stuff they're still that's the voice of Taylor turn here on out WF Wednesday as he prepares for the NFL draft next week again you can follow Taylor on Twitter at Taylor underscore Hearn 51. Until I was I will send you off with this comment because of the green sought to do is have to take a grant take what a recent on the Internet with a grain of salt. You have not considering your major what does this your major clients and what does this mean to you. He recommends songs yeah. I think about it on and what is quote what we're we're looking. Like what are you playing you know obviously got your football career. But tell what's what's next for you in terms of which one do after football like is that what you wanna do with your with your life after your dumb football. All. It must you know I'm spokeswoman in the in the opening works nor cowboy. Almost. Are you. More as it as good as it should be so therefore it vaulted back home. And days and graduate crew that the road. Area. Good stuff won the one thing at a time correct is that just worry about next week worry about where you're gonna get drafted we're gonna play football for the next 101012 years in the hall fame and then worry about that correct that. Good stuff again that's the voice of a tailor her knock on south as a lineman again you can follow Taylor threw his journey is you know as he gets strapped in next week. You thumb on Twitter at Taylor underscore turn 51 Taylor certainly appreciate the time today. I want to thank you Odyssey for your time clients and not in covering your last couple years and no matter where you end up. Certainly would like to have you here locally for the pandas but wherever you end up certainly I want to wish you the best in the regular -- process okay. Are very remark that.