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Thursday, February 22nd

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For basketball insider stock up Steve good to talk demand are you doing. You guard your double speak are appropriate for her apparently. This is the last time I promise that we got Steve with the summit technique come guess like. I I felt some of the stuff so fascinating the other day go back and reading Curtis talks I don't know if you got to see this from Rick Bedell put reading some of Curtis pokes. Quotes about where this team is what they need to be thinking about where they're going in I guess my skepticism. And number around the seem to be said about Steve by my skepticism is. I see Curtis Polk every bit is facing at the same if not less than Michael Jordan and he still was the guy they could tell Michael Null and all this business ventures so. I I love the idea the gatekeeper. But that assumes the gatekeeper has a vision and understanding knows what he wants to do. And what's best for the organization and so that's just to be it's just another wrinkle we've throwing to this mix of mean what are the hornets were they going and had a they get. There. Weren't in there you know why is here it's twenty here that they're big and what are the where were the car to go out and they get there and in fact what they want an easier back here holding a picture. You know there in your kind of putting the world that I was in here having gone through a couple of feet your cart office here. And talking you guys this you know you know popular support recently human if you could Milwaukee buck has Coker our front office job that. And we got talking about what it like you weren't there a lot of or are you accompanied. With a book in a point here and tell me that you understand our last arc at the record don't really cute guy. The method for talking about our coaching staff are to you about our scouting department shall we worker who can't. What our problems are something our ball stuff. You compare that record and in your particular art as. You know I've mapped out plan but the ball out novice they're you know compared with walking away and we're here in town not that they're eating get kicked out as. Your phone or over this one either so why are car you're going through this process look at this very. You know. Market yourself like circuit Opel because for the younger he. Needed to battle the brickyard before characterizing this as. Eric get and now or are there because then you went his way furcal that you're out working such far YouTube way to make it work here. You don't when he Benny Hill current term I think that this thing I'd like to vote about. Whole province corrected conferences. All he says he says it's not decided yet we want to talk to you didn't it. Share Mitch Kupchak and everybody else righty struck a verdict that they feel he opened the idea coffee for more candidates. And he walked out there think who was in different viewpoint that maybe you don't hire problem but maybe help. This is direct connect your team we could talk to awhile though more people may come up with a really good right. Steve I think coming after the Bob Johnson administration in Charlotte which ended there or which began so orally and in it even worse. Michael Jordan was gonna perceived early on as a breath of fresh air in NBA circles is working for Michael Jordan. Perceived as a positive or negative. It's gotten that I I think there was no court in the early in my whole career that the thought all the way back the walked in here. But it was too and that the fans friends Jordan in ordering and then Michael victory here. Nobody was it but they know his partner. You can declare our play our basketball I think Michael Tucker there it. That there are a lot of things that he would yen this week you retreated fewer than the foyer changed. You seemed a lot more open in new ideas he was one of those guys that didn't see a lot of doubt when he Olympic a lot of doubt Hewitt. In some of the things that are kind of corner stone that the people they're pointing at it as an EA or impeach him. That all you people all those things are varied interest in taking and I can work it girl. Because he wants that the war is not like he's just check out playing ball. There are certain want this to work it is very big way he's a lot more open mind who has the heart are the people specifically without. You know order it was a here or increase in working here. You know it is medium caliber in the executive that there there is he in the number of years. They think more importantly play here or don't view my goal is to make it anymore of these you could see huge positive and it's a great hurting school. Well and on that note he collars were this basketball insiders that Connie can always follow him on Twitter great Twitter follow always interacting there at Steve Tyler. NBA you know we can make the argument we can't won't do right now with some of these candidates of who should be who should an upbeat. I'm skeptical Steve we talked about it you not had this conversation Mitch Kupchak from the obvious macro picture stay a point of pace Charlotte's not LA. You don't have a Kobe Bryant here. I you've got a you've got to have some sort of interest in the draft I think he'd be free agencies not going to be a major tool for you to build your roster at least and adding top tier players. What I would say what you just talked about in terms of OK if the guy again the knock is still out there Ken Michael Jordan produce a consistent winner as an executive. If I'm Mitch Kupchak for any candidate for that matter. All these guys heavy dose Mitch Kupchak if you come here and weighed in Charlotte not LA and Charlotte with Michael Jordan measure rotor. I mean that's a career walk off right if you could deliver a winner here with that owner. That changes your whatever doubts people had about you all we will we said Jack you always say Kobe you always had the elite level players and coaches. Mitch Kupchak could end his career with a walk off home road to delivers a winner here. Yeah but I I think that's always the far this. Really tough to clear out of the barring a winner when you championship you know he is because they're gonna be able. Outlast the Golden State warrior rock for him as they're going to be younger before fight or here by. Compared to the point where your upper actually want their conference every year that you're talking about conference finals or in his final book that I feared. You know what were your feelings right now that the home rock. You know they're the right mix that league championship here in fact I think you're friends when they're used to it but they fall and now he. Armed but I think for mr. cougar couples they say they are often every walk with Fitch. You're the bracket will be what would be written about this could affect what he was out he you know. Two by the rules wouldn't call free agent before twelve vote more law or the back channel. You know to buy the book he's in this process. Not a few weeks creative I've been under a little liquor organization. But were the last ones on the analysts train they were the last ones desperate for their tickets to the slow nano with a conference then off it. They were banking Salt Lake who Borg checkbook for us have been wanting to be defeated. You know franchise that was under which is why our staff somebody say that was the bulk sample you how doctor about what this thing done or is that he needs to. But they've walked Omar or unity Sheehan and I think when you're trying to build the competitive sport if you featured in the Martin yeah I mean that the right guy. Maybe that's the right guys if it is between he would Michael Jordan or you wouldn't incur poll and the people in some guys are certainly fit. It's all about the truck further fall off that I think there's this romantic guy yelled you want diet full of all what leper. In the front office of the reality is it's generally weaker side they're really happy that you're you're. Either get a leader by burger until my going to be willing to bet there are or what people. It's our office in some capacity. So not just Water Cube guy anymore the small he got up. Steve Connors who this basketball insiders not comment on that note good to a completely different candidate he's the op he you know he's the antithesis of what you just said Mitch Kupchak. What could you tell us about her sobre Sus what we know about him. You don't hurt our. And then you're you're unifil more breaking at the end you've been there were all it you know who left solely for minutes. And what you're Dallas snapper they're for like six feet in the city you can rocket. You know yes is spiteful look does this fit to really understand the martyred very. Arm we will use that no maker like you've ever had accomplished that all the listened to a proper fix it would build more yelled out with maybe a cop you know. Our luckily he has got a call I like it off her for her contract. He's the guy that you believe interface that really think he you to leave it guys that it is you know more of rounded off the ground if you will it. No we Jupiter every day at the end he is everywhere here that thought we. I hurt your effectiveness player he didn't he offered plea for somebody or if you are you laugh without the work himself that her stop the war for how. He's got all the event. You're bad news showcase every day you became gym during draft he's been. You're not somebody that you think can on the job the. He's physically through more I like it if it's hopefully he'll he doesn't play in consolidating and can be learned that he imperiled their. Well and then here's another name that opt for obvious reasons. Has been lobbied has logged out there the last few months is. He's David Griffin who we've spoken to Dave a little bit I think he makes sense for a variety of reasons as well what we think about David Griffin what would he bring to the table if that's a candidate their look at net. Look on his ticket these extra containers you're gonna Ali you know he's warning here in the the third level. You have go to Cleveland and make the harder for her situation. Not only want but deliver you championship. The parent regarding our replicate kicker certainly is that he's going to want to lower your own show. You can one of the key personally eat them wanna have authority in Albany. And kind of let it be thinking that's what you'll really feel like they're backed away. And that's really hard for help organizations to view it but when they haven't had a lot of that. Thoughtful way it did you do it with Jeff what went which is less fit than the money that that's important and rebuild in foul her partner beautiful office. And didn't completely calm match what you have to view you're gonna Carter gave restricting you can't expect it gonna come here. And polian next to the order cheer the faithful travel with and everybody company he company indoor show. You've got to make it's you can you've done enough jobs for five. You look around believe you Brian planned well got that team in Philadelphia. He would any factor that in but they'll use. You know that kind of a call current main you've got to not only you will find Jack that little half hole. It is there grave beside me in maybe it's her summer assessment is there any. It beside your jury out there Steve is there a guy that the average fan would know where man if he's doing good work behind the scenes he's earned his he's earned his due. And if he could get a chance he would do a heck of a Japanese like Toronto as the team I keep using them as an example they were kind of thought to be stuck the same way the hornets were five or six years ago. And they've built one of the Brady all consistent teams in contenders like you're talking about they might not ever win anything. We you know that's a fifty when basketball team with star players every night when they show up. Is there is their messiah you jury out there raptors GM who's gonna underneath the radar who could do a great job if he got his name called. Or three guys that I'll tell us that he got a call that. All the first thing out of our visit my easy when you look at all the great he is buying it may most of them have problems throughout and fun whether find it. The diamond in the rough guys you guys show stopper we secure our. He came up through the ranks video guy at this home that guy that thought that guy he's number three guy in Marley and me and he's gonna take it on the pull him out. Would you like that you're forced guy everybody thought you. Big trainer Tommy Sheppard in Washington. Mom he's the guy that make the trains run for the Washington quicker. All of you know there's an impossible decision to Washington but I think they were normal really important speeches and he's the guy from a fall down your careful if you would do great job. Because you left your candidate what will profit that was you went off. He would rather be Atlanta Hawks fall off that's for the bike but bowl Perry and Matt Lloyd who is probably the quiet evening purple boats. Maybe one of the more respected another guy because incredible war party going to factor for his picture he was there in Iran. All through the draft process. He will not find any thought eating create circle couldn't say anything that very thing without fat always so you're what people died in Iraq died. Adam Scott and Miami for sure or all but then what we'll talk about Lloyd's problems that it. Steve Tyler basketball insider stock car warn it's gonna play tonight 7 o'clock 25 games to go. Fourteen or on the road and they've they've got a lot of work to do five and aim for half games back of the final playoff spot. In the Eastern Conference Steve always a pleasure my man thanks to repay shall innocent and thanks for dropping by. For you guys and stuff.