Stephanie Ready On Kroeger In The Midday

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Friday, May 11th

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Gonna go to the technique come guests line we love talking basketball would this woman right here we have mr. we haven't been able to talk to work as she's just out globe trotting all over the country. Doing stuff for MBA on TNT on a virtual reality broadcast. So. We welcome her back the great Stephanie ready for fox sports southeast sideline analysts who talk a little bored it's an MBA playoffs were there staff type event it's gonna talk to you. In the morning gentlemen I wonder. What they're calling them. App content expecting that. I'll mail we mission we've we haven't seen you in a lot of so I've been I've been following on social media as you've been Niger stalled over the NBA do enough. Doing a virtual reality broadcast so ID the number it was sort they're really quick and don't talk courted the number one thing. That is that is up alone always Stephanie ready watching some of these games maybe it's a player maybe it's a performance may be it's. I think that you've seen happen on the court what's the number one thing you take away same man. On this as this is band really impressive throughout the NBA playoffs so far she's seen him up close. Things. You know and they. And I am primarily all right suspect a lot lot ot top. You know good back up plan at all what all it when people can't. I equally ugly so. What they thought it was the current curry. I acting and it was like yeah are at a bit off a little bit more. I thought app ball cut back in the economic out what it it. And I L. They went out there and you look like yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah there are way. Out of the green and hit a tree and Crennel won't. Well at all call but not a lot but I Mac and and the I have enormous help. I was so with that I've I mean I. Like and not the I hop on. Happening really study that you'd like Cochran I mean I was expecting to eat a partner in fact. Like it and I didn't act like it up the you don't feel like. A comic. And this is nick analog out it would happen but they can but because there. And that helped it cut a back. I mean people need to be nervous about their. Stephanie can you explain GDP as a as a player and as a coach and now as a as an analyst seeing these games up close and personal. What are these specific things you could point to to a fan watching at home we can obviously tell the intensity level below what are the specific things that changed about the game. Getting to the playoffs it's almost as if the sport changes what are those things that he could point to would say it's different and in the in the in the postseason. Yeah I mean he into the big one and our people watch what he'd be here are not quite that. Out on there is an extreme and not what he. People like him or are he could talk that he may. In a while there are a matter up act as a cop and talk eating a lot about what the IEA Erica on top. Op and despite that they aren't prepared well are there on the market you know. They're calling apply a lot of talk about who hacked. What I hate to hack out where the crap that it. It doable our. Ad to be on TI who lack of communication between. Are talking is Stephanie ready she's been doing MBA anti anti virtual reality throughout the playoffs and of course we get are all the time on our board of broadcast fox sports southeast sideline in oh she's on Twitter at Stephanie ready and she's joining us right now. On the tech become guess line so your reaction staff to. James Brey go to the eleventh head coaching Charlotte hornets history was what what what was your reaction to the hiring of James for ago. I don't know about him out of it but a lot of people are saying yeah I. I won't read an EU. All year. It hurts. A lot actually about el op but everything that I hurt and I are but a couple call yet. In a little checking out everything we got people the only act can pop he. What an error out at Eric. I don't expect that important to people in at a India are all. If you are in the art teaching and helping me and depending on and off. But about one Procter seeking an about thing is going to be a very important part that's not expect I had to pack. What is coaching in the NBA stepped his I've heard you I've heard people explain in different ways I've heard. You know I actually heard cliff explain it recently. As he said. Coaching in the NBA is what can you do for me not even in a selfish way but these guys are all pros. And they take their game so seriously that they want there it's almost a test they wanna test did you know what you're talking about so what can you do for me. And then you've got to fit that into the framework of it about entire fifteen man roster so what what he's coaching in the NBA you've been a coach of the geely global what's coached. In the NBA would what is that job description. Now I would agree with that correct absolutely op at the door. And all not I want a bit. How is he player respect and the yeah but I'll look. At. All but. And a lot all it would. They get technical and I don't think yeah there have been active or it. Don't want Iraq. Since. They want as you'd think that opened up a lot better off an 80. Our. I. Certainly. Are out app and you aren't a lot like the L corporation. Not in that the then you hop on a player. If you're at this coaching. Europe it. I operate. On all. Under an umbrella that you'd have to make sure our. A lot yeah. Are trying bell. Hop. That your. You like. It here. I thought well. All out eat him and I went oh no you can opt. Out I am. Yeah I can't believe I read it. Wrapped in all on a topic that. Very important that. You look at what happened back in the end I bought it or. It's bad if not well. What happened Compaq or other they treat you like it back up. Well our. Next act not at all that responsibility. Well and we we would expect just because of his background maybe were wrong to assume this deputy readies Wear this again by the way but we expect this motion offense that is least as staple of a Gregg Popovich dispersed teams. We expect that to come here. Obviously stuff we don't know specific details on the we be silly to assume there won't be some roster changes of some sort between now and the beginning of the year but. Not knowing specifics. Do you think with with changes like that in philosophy that this team. Just by changing up the way that they've done things can get back to being. Relevant and competitive obviously there's going to be a longer term plan to but just in that right there from a coaching aspect. It is that enough ticket to kind of turn things around and get back into the playoff hunt next year. You know I think epic consider where we're at our. Ferret it out and and what we eat out it is this year helped quite a yet I don't raptors were on a higher. And out. The author topic and we be in the nation are now. And reconnect our city in the op Bibi or they're not they'll pop I have a lot of are important because Mike Bordick popped up getting. Eight weeks which we yeah that app that we at a I are now. They're talking about op and it. Yeah they may expect anyone. But I don't. Very in higher than what he. Had an act out in. All that turned the corner I don't picket arrogant. So what do you think for brig will be is the biggest for success. In artists are sure. Indelicate question and you know what I think over the action at Port Authority yet I have. Or are out. How powerful are out there are a couple of us. All I wanna I wanna. When they wanna be built in now. But if that they picture ol' me. I didn't think that we're out out. You know I may not be our. Next he'd bet. I can't back I don't know. Oh. Often the bowl but it's your fault by Matt and I don't know. Why are. In November. Math now that says their true sources and start on this and of course will be at the lottery. The draft lottery on Tuesday night you'll find out where the hornets are gonna slot and that. And that'll be uninteresting piece in this two NC if they're pick and picked eleventh last year slotted taken that same. Since spot again this year but obviously some some good favor would go a long way to maybe I'd changing that outcomes we'll see what happens deputy ready. Fox sports southeast sideline analyst for the hornets broadcast and of course. I she's you know an MBA TI on NBA on TNT virtual reality broadcast all throughout the season and a into the post season as well. Staff you have been mystic is been a pleasure to folly doing during the playoffs and it is great to catch up my friend thanks for making time for us. Thank you all and that's why they're any.