Stephanie Ready On Garcia And Bailey

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Tuesday, January 16th

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Stephanie righted. Friday for lunch fox sports southeast courtside analyst Horace broadcast crew and they have won six of nine knock it off the pistons yesterday up in Detroit they return home for five straight at the spectrum several sprint Stephanie on out of the tech become just slide and Stephanie first and foremost do you think you could take the clippers roster and a site. The pilot and he got I never know what. It's. There is no I mean but that it happened at the certainly. Welcome any thing not gonna ever back at. Bad enough. That we can handle what. I love it a love Osama disorders that go up and they only get away yesterday on MLK day and they're doing at 1230 units in -- look they they went up there Madonna's gone today they played well the second half of the pistons made a run but it never really felt like did the hornets were in jeopardy loser and that tick. I felt depressed about that yesterday. We tricky to use something that don't normally DO you know we only talk about how professional they can teach digital what they're supposed to do. But they're imminent. And probably late evening being. Thirty is super early and he even if he Catholic and eating Sunday game I caught earlier at a lot. Thirtieth the time of the day like right now we're having a lot Jim you're not. Prepare. Can perform at a peak level when you haven't stopped well it's yeah. On. Top of the well. The Arctic say what it was not written at the ball in the battle acting. But that's what impressed you the most about the eight ball. Great and then they alma N and add an act acted to try it over Iraq. You know haircut why not out it bottoming. Out there you go to outlaw all. And they are very impact I read on the. These Nextel attend games and who keeps talking about this and it kind of keeps getting pushed back how important are them beat they are they because you talked about you know maybe what we've gone through with tougher schedule. The next ten games arguably the easiest schedule that to our part of the schedule we're gonna have. I cheered and LA you know when you caught the player. They acknowledge the cricket at the beginning and you know where they're gonna they eat you don't going to court at a picture book your opponent but we don't eat there her. You doubt that it Beckett after the defense. It set up for the sport to perform at a higher up all bonded our planet and I think her timing of their starting to get their read them. We knew her camp I approximately air. Put four or are there not a part of our impact the game Kyra he'd mention that my. You know that they got out there. And they aren't paying and they honored that terrible. Act. Those that role and it has been tracking and that is what they need to do it we all along about this team. It got the potential certainly there is skeletal repair but what is that it can can compete in the cracked a neck I think we're starting to see. And Martina we've been expecting. Talk to Stephanie ready fox sports southeast courtside analyst Charlotte hornets broadcast for joining us on attack become guests lined. Frank and I ran into discussion last week about Michael Kidd Gilchrist and it will be the first or Merritt does you know he plays hard and he certainly improved on the offensive end this year and you know that's all well into the given the way the league has shifted and and the way things have. Have moved to where you know you need your three in the NBA most teams anyway is to be a strong two way player a guy who can shoot from the perimeter and you look at a guy like him JG was I think attempted 36 reporters and his entire career on doing it. Is this situation we look at and say they're trying to do things differently than a lot of other teams and in no. It Iceland is that can work that way I guess is my questions FBI and they won six of knob which you got a three and his team that it doesn't shoot from the perimeter all that well and and can you still win in this day and he's doing it that way how do you view the way they want you to Gallic and JJ. Yeah I can steal. You know obviously if you're picking you know like your plate trying to sneak peek airport runway. Certain type of player that you're gonna. It is about where it's like you don't get to continue to do you want it quite a great job on the court but he tactic here. The which they dean you're tiger are there. Now you've got you. Played the practice out at and click EG career in the active issue of the of the few well you know and that's remarkable account. If someone who and anyway at what they have whether it be this out they wanna play or not what are out of it or not you've got you play a car even. Talk about Steve is Allison what he's done does and in close absence because. There are a lot of people say he's done a great job as say yes a fill in by Tony maybe others would say that he's just done a mediocre job and this team really hasn't gotten better and hasn't got worst to give me your thoughts on us Silas. Term I don't. Batted there really heart and to bail. And and it. It's hard to you under dark you know in professional sport yacht or actually after not a quick trigger they either cut it lasted right. And then eight and trying to go to our current account what are you. Our transition to me in the middle but he did get married. Yeah you know may have. I haven't caught the Cuban people that would. Particular. Market caller and counting I didn't know when our coach speak for what's going to returner. You are basically eagle holding the reins. And you're not sure what's happening. Yeah and and it really challenging the coaching at a lot of stretching it a lot of planning. Yeah actually plant so our pet. What your tax Eric you're gonna be sitting at acting next week I know you're part practiced what he did it was just a matter hammered. You know holding tax and it keeping it steady I thought he is that I caught at least seen them play. We really get back our our cost of doing that cut copper while. And an academic and court acting. Part of this strategy could occur at late athletic team in the key critical Arctic he IP and that all that Eden. Part about it because cut pilot in their you're gonna try to. And that. You know I'm not really not I think I I think you direct and you think are shot at a high. What they've what differences should we expect what different should should anyone expect we will Steve Clifford come back obviously during what they get their leader back they get their guy back all those things are born in the matter but in old to bully with cliff Cullen back to the sideline what if anything do you respectively are expect to be terribly different change. Circuit Court in. You know I ain't. When you pretend practiced citizenship or are we may see it different in who do we want in terms of coaching staff. I think he's going to pick corporate going to try to delegate mark you know eating peanut and a paper. That he is going to try to build. This is detergent do you even more open or black and you know I think that a kick out of what am IR will be. Could try to help him out and turn it Hitler like about in terms of the pop up on the floor. And I think it got our our events in their entire back court it'll walk him a person after the cut but it gonna be Carell and it helped. Much better condition where he can't return and build healthy by the Vatican about it they that I did that Tina Barrett. And a team that understand that it's our interpret that term that you are getting to that point where Eric have to make a polish. They've got to get within striking it that the that prop eight are. We can't keep our Q are a high. The number of team is gonna start to matter that taking that you have laughed well in not. Put it there they understand that right now. This contract is extremely important. Well yeah okay on the same vein where does this team need to be at the all star break. You know I. Like to protect exact number of terms that one topic that you just don't know what people are you. I think the cutting off our protect the base should be. A couple of team out of any you know they shouldn't. We stop every one of them are opting. Because say. When you've got app and it is even if you funeral we your game. To pass people and they open to expect really tight. Direct ad in the back. Nine or by the time all star break get back and Aaron Gray confession. I know I've I do when asked Joseph the non towards question here are stored with one island with one and you know they Cleveland Cavaliers the big story out this morning didn't know there are off. Players that won the media it's no kind of anonymously they feel like this roster is lacking in you know they're not going to be able to bounce back or had that done you know post January push like they have in the past and you know criticisms of Isiah Thomas or concern really that he's you know a steep drop off from carrier and a lot of folks maybe didn't expected he would be but you know as you look at this TV they still have LeBron James and this is a guy who has made his store try to distort number bronze to the NBA finals but it actually really looks like for the first time that they may not get there when you watch to Cleveland Cavaliers right now Stephanie where you sit. Well I think it interesting that these people are talking about. Don't think are bad enough I've a lot tonight about it. I like it Ira how soccer if nothing else but you make me more angry. But Andy here that I'm liking it and we don't have a shot at yep that act but are a bit and I. Up. He would scheme that is much about not where we thought it would be. But potential I'd been looking that kicked do you think are doing now on what outlet according. I don't don't know what they're true like and it it you know now that they can go out like I'll eat and what that. Chad at all app and a lot more Eden on that. Their chance of winning are really early but are not the pre thought well you know they know back. I think the cavaliers are still trying to figure that out because they not really click on the beat and then. Tricky chip older you get harder but that's what. You know their thinking like in Iraq he didn't. Mention it right like no problems like turn out. Interesting apple and the Detroit Pistons you're cracking on the chicken you can still go to a hearing I don't. You can't pick cannot predict these things they didn't care and they little channel on a warrant I get older it's harder of no I think we're gonna see creep on a bit and it is like a. What's the number one thing Stephanie TU that it takes to be a great defender you know because it seems like that's where they lacked in with their their numbers. And I think to have the outlet is schism. And to me I think you that's where it starts you know and then the venal toughness is in the next thing which you have to have the god given ability you know to to do. I mean you know eaten at an underrated in terms of people thinking that. You know when athletic it only got shot and obviously it got quicker and higher at all. You are your body picture it it made you are under to get right there are starting with them the basic thing that you need. But it did not like three out. It required a lot at her. They're required strategy. And it required actually you can't. Go back when you think some of the players that are not terribly athletic but it can be Gary. Don't that the pact acquired by an techniques and look at it takes dedication and a cup match and it takes trot in your teammates and trapped in the it can't. Be paid. Why I act but connect an up or you can't pick out a box. We haven't seen them string it together according. I Stephanie ready fox sports southeast courtside analyst Sheryl towards broadcast for joining us on the technique on just like it's ready to launch every Tuesday at 1230 or it's back you don't tomorrow posting the wizards they've got five straight at the spectrum center staff we appreciate you'll see you tomorrow night.