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Friday, April 13th

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Talked to Stan Van Gundy about that Stan are you doing man it's good to talk to you. I'm doing well look what he is above what's what's what do you make it this Sunday he's talked to cliff I know you understand this situation you've been in this situation before what did what did you think the decision this morning. I mean I'm supported a quiet literally. Are they any doubt that a guy like what are your victim in this study is done. In Derry the wall and I'll do what he did there. Is the sparrow midnight I think people some. When you get why you're there were you know oil that was why we keep JT didn't you up and Charlotte waters that are probably did that or not they go right. You know they're at what it it refused to hear. It's beeped at minute forty. Why should there be safe orbit cheers it's it's one I think it's thought he did he go to. Oh all Clark street Judy do. They were all pitched really well there. If they'd never see themselves Q you worked but it did. It work that it is easy but it. They weren't gonna tell you import edit it's you should ditch our. Our big men were wanted to vote went artist why did you didn't eat. And then on the are considered just really solid fundamental basketball. And it got really really stroked. I've been in it for five year Orlando. The exact estimate it sort of desperately gave it any time you Greta I like that you're should go to Warsaw for. We're talking to Stan Van Gundy pistons head coach she's with this right now. On the technique on guests lined Steve Clifford out after five years as head coach for the hornets are I was remarking about some of that stuff stand and I've been fortunate enough to. I get to know cliff I was talking yesterday for a little bit and you and I was saying this earlier the thing about Steve that I think is why he's so goodies he he's a teacher the game becomes from a level basketball that icy even at at the highest level now he still teaches the game of basket when I walk away from every conversational. Learning something from him and those are rare qualities correct even in the NBA the way he can speak to anybody the layman. Or the expert in teach the game of basketball on a pretty simple and profound way at the same time those are rare qualities and head coach but he's got those qualities. It's certainly done a great teacher and yeah it's great to get cheaper these what are. They respect they listen to what they know it help that I was were not symbol walked her targets today. Not surprising at all by an outstanding chartered sought what. It is here he hits career. You'll have guys metres being put through suspect. Whether which you don't Turkoglu or were shark lure. Guys like they ought to shape what are. Optic dike is huge can connect with people all. Is one of the strategic approaches literally. I teach you to read apple or that you agree you have spewed what a great talent and the outskirts. If you'd be watching the cook cheated by this indictment couldn't. In order believe it and I just don't chase it out you're there she is better there's a shortage bronze clipper to someone. Stand what do you think in an NBA circles not not not in me. Circles honey in here in Charlotte and I just being brutally honest what what is the pursuit of in general this job where does it rank in MBA circles and even now after clipping cliff has lifted the Specter of like you said the wearer. What does the Charlotte hornets head coaching job rank in the NBA. Well the bottom border sure they are. There it is now about the attitude you looked like. True issue at all so what do you think like what they've been willing to trade not only had structure ensures big. It didn't like that it certainly not going to be on the boats sought out there you don't want your vote sought after jobs did the torturing and I think there. In the I get respected it's much as deep do do is let go off. That certainly doesn't rate the status of the job people. Will wonder about that you look around everybody knows what a great job he did. If they're letting you know you gotta wonder about leadership and everything now so. You know pitched well if I don't want to over thirty years. Would actually target very vocal about that than I he would let go to Orlando and talking about jobs they're good and bad the point is only thirty or so even if they know the pitfalls and the problems. They're only third you do yup so people the you know they'll be out for this subject great but it certainly not one of the yacht. Vote tightly sought out throughout this yes yeah without. Stand what do you think of Michael Jordan as an owner and executive. I don't know where you are the judge that I know you got a good relationship where they you know like they respected my goal. Are bought Michael would be an older you'll love. The war for. Now whether you the the re fortunate better needed all of yeah I don't have any yeah. Well outside but I do know it's silly talk. Skit which gave. You know good relationship where they are both like respect that it is addiction and street which it would be good. Can you speak to this dynamic standing down easily is because it's not Nona so even just your Charlotte but just in general you've been in so many different organizations. You're running a business where everybody's aware you're trying to make money but you're also trying to win next. So motors care more about the basketball some care more about the business some fun way to balance both. But when decisions are made it I'll give this example sand. You know this the hornets traded at 31 pick in this past year's second round. Our 31 overall pick first pick of the second round one of the most valuable assets in a market where you obviously need assets like that they traded it away for cash. That type of decision it might seem like small and that's not a small decision correct that's a that's a decision that. I eased is one that can be costly form or organization like Charlotte correct. Well I didn't hear about it what they've you know we're here in the smaller market. At Charlotte area that we are now. You know it is it. Machine should it become necessary and if you've got to it's such things that you do want to win. All but what did you do it it out there so the bottom line it all so and so a lot of those decisions are or. Ordinances Jerry it's on fortunately. For seems like that. Certainly that's coach's job or herb page everybody's job art. But they're just not that you can do. You know doubts sometimes when you're in the big markets and you've got. Huge local TV deal they you're gonna make money no matter what they've period and you know New York to LA and things like that. You've got any damage on people buy it up like Charlie. Perhaps go watch the bottom line it's imperative that they do. And it naturally there's some difficult decisions there's no question of the smaller mark it's not impossible but it's a lot harder to do that it isn't a larger core. Sting Andy wood how do you feel about the in the NBA this this idea of rebuilding and rebuilding through. Honestly sustained losing to stockpile Don MacKey used the T were designing a stupid sonar can use that word the what do you what you think of that idea as a rebuilding process and as he rebuilding process in the NBA is it actually proven. Is that we have to do are there are different act different avenues of your hornets right now. But I got four grand and there are certainly people look better on the way it is. You know. So it was Philadelphia that the church now they won't really salute that. Which sport league. Low level. Our level what are upper right waters says were extended period stardom you're talking about Judy at one. 78 games over Swedish or year. That that's just not so but that's ever done. Well what we're about I don't like it it seems are not like to win I think it destroyed the integrity should be added that the second time. Say that every game and every organization and that's to. The picture decision on what that's war. What happens and it's not easy to. The bill that it's not easy to win exactly sure how I'm not gonna knock if anybody or whatever decision they made. That they think they have to do to make their he's done. Stand how dangerous would it be. For the hornets to trade Kemba Walker and other side good or bad how dangerous is that proposition. Well I might like spaceship ever consider trading him to would be that this students you know you know they got within the state attack. Yeah I don't much. Which you know you shouldn't cheer your. Your flight or that your career would you do it there it is sure boy that. You're born it's start all over. And they got big unit that got them out such a good deal or not it's sacred part of money now you know which strict would be to move to try to look day. The united considered big money so I don't think the message there is. If you're great one but yet. The other procedure and Michael Jordan didn't and now it's got checked out the medic at the best way to. Try to billboard it sort of been trying to do. That's what we're trying to do it here. You do is try to win it much UK and it keeps getting better at this say. It's not an easy choice it's it's not like it's been. Big popular but up. You don't have been trying to like the same battles were like you here. What's up with you or you're okay what's going always you how you are you doing right now. I don't know well what find out about in the coming days I gave. You know this suited right yeah there are under contract. And it's been blocked decision. Our order great if we move forward or rivalry goes dignity out. Different directions. Dutchess and are you guys made about a big splash with a trade and bring in Blake Griffin how you think that's worked out O Ford. And I arms understandably you guys inland where you guys wanna tune the play Elsa here but go forward in the make up review team do you see a positive thing or do you think we need to or you guys need to. Kind of retool a little bit to play you what you wanna play. Going to be great trade act recorder shut. To be getting a lot better next year the probable it would mean they betrayed. Red injection which still out we we fought at the time. We would get those guys back to that at an album together for a 418 to twenty games out we got four. We got who Wear them together Reggie didn't come back until twelve big black in the year than Blake went out with eight games left so. We didn't get any time with them together so. We have no right yeah. How it all would work hard court of now but. You don't if you like if you are a great lawyer who brought a lot of attention. Who is also equate what it make reveal which of what court got it to leak. Average mortgage sit and Blake were mobile rotting and now until it shell. You know we got it we give white rural. Public don't want that spark lines did you have the united. Well we had a North Carolina got Reggie Bullock really emerged this year as a legitimate starting June 2 in the league didn't. Reported shooting if we get Ricky back. I think they score in good shape like it betrayed that. Poised to make big moves next year but what are we still need to be how big I mean we're not in the position where. We cannot lose one of our top three guys for an extended period fact. They're not they are. They stand it I know a new euros disease thanks sir thanks for drop them by and kind of shared some insight and I always love getting to talk to you so thanks thanks to make it some time forests. Probably gotten through pure hopefully.