Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch Joins Primetime

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Thursday, May 18th

Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated stopped by Primetime Thursday afternoon to discuss all things Lavar and Lonzo Ball. Deitsch weighs on why sports television networks keep putting Lavar on air, as well his other thoughts surrounding the NBA Draft.


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Richard died -- joining the program Richard welcome good talked again but. How are under a lot of little ones and romance. Are there are limited and while a backpack. For those listen you don't know I have said the twins my own so rich and I had that common but let's get back to business. As normal so the deal VAR ball Christine Leahy viewed happens. On TV for everyone to see let me ask you outside of the form that we zine or kind of those fights that have been. Good for programs as far as ratings are concerned. Well I mean listen I would say dissertation staged fight but I think he could bring a bar ball and and that at a that's what has brought and then multiple. I've multiple chose. You go your brain injury in your try to milk. Is being provocative that is being outrageous and and think something that could again take up. So it doesn't necessarily. It may not necessarily bring a rating that day. A what you really are sort of compelled to listen to. All ball at that time but what it does it helps your social media traffic it helps you get. Some kind of viral videos it helps you had this is an important one to tell you get some narrative. Over the next 2448 hour haven't checked that one out today but I certainly seen their social media feeds. Especially Lavar ball is the story of the day or app that's 130 provided them with endless amounts of contact so be it may have a negligible impact on the ratings it except if he'd come back on a big promoted that would go up. But the C they're the reason they do this of course is. You're trying to get some blood in the marketplace and that's what you bring well I'll bought it make that that's one and be honest and make the FD add another step. Is staying WinFS one is coverage and I genocide dot com they announced a new morning show at nick writing Cris Carter into the lead in for. Collin cower showed the book the number and it FS one says the numbers bump up because of undisputed do you expect that same result happen for undisputed not a bad morning show. I think though it'll give me again we're talking very relatively small numbers in the television universe but I think it will give. A dispute a little bit of a bomb because it's more dramatically. In line with what undisputed that the votes do you. Funding between six and 930. You know that it is sport opinion that it is sports debate. That doesn't sort of you know go through the same general ground. As. An undisputed think our show. Six era I will say it is not respected tech writer our order. They have a very very hard job try to get any out of viewership. There aren't being entering what you can argue be safe democratic candidate space which is morning television could not only competing against other sports and these. You're competing against cable news in here about trump. Which there's massive interest and cookie issue traditional morning show today Good Morning America she's yet to show which there are always gonna draw. Big numbers and finally you're competing against ESPN machine which is going to market debt hack out of Mike Greenberg Misha. So like if you think you're inundated would have to get Baylor up fox hernia a playoff picture up all hold yourself because ESPN. Starting in December or whatever is going to inundate you with ads from my Greenberg's new morning show are starting in January so much. But the very top torque nick right Chris Carter and I think it yet my guess is that they're almost there essentially to help the rest of the lineup as opposed being expect. Back to to get their armor and. He's richer diets of SI dot com Sports Illustrated joining us it is prime time accrual marginal in for Chris this afternoon. You mention my Greenberg's new show you know did the breakup of Mike in my case. Somewhat similar to Zack and Kelly on saved by the bell in certain ways but what. When Mike when Michael or was alluding to its not their story to tell or his story to tell what did you glean from that. Well I mean they're some traumatic in the air right now between Mike Ribery Michael future really stirred. I believe I believe that I go to pretty ticked off. And that's very obvious you is entire family basically one on a. Twitter wrecked at age. The morning. Armed that basically. Calling out ESPN management and why it keeps saying. Is that. A lot of uses won't know this but there was. It's there was an announcement that Mike and Mike we're going to mood she New York yeah I remember you who he just sort of com. I guess the best way to describe this sort of war baked Good Morning America export show what they're going to use. ABC it is these resource to get more entertainment tight gas and but basically what they're gonna do it they're gonna try to rebrand recalibrate and I can buy and Andrew Craig this whole new show. For this long running show. Andy pitched Greenberg goal or timetable clearly worried and it excited about it and it management pulled that out from under the rug. So pure cycle it could think all right that was what happened now on main etiquette wit my longtime partner and then lo and behold what happens Mike Greenberg. Goes off. And as he is certainly is right in the business. Goes off and get their own solo gig I get paid a lot of money I think hating not talked to him. Directly I think Michael it is pretty ticked off but he feels like. You know I had its long running incredibly successful show. And now everything changed all that said. Peter first world problems. Mike Greenberg has been paid millions of dollars by ESPN during restoration each countryside. Is going to continue wanted to show the train Ringo. And is son Michael and junior. I needed enough landscape you know sort of people's problems. You know that's why in the millions but would any ecosystem sports television. He's clearly ticked off and that was just injured exactly because. You really did not have to go to speak to sort of retreat a lot out at. Is Richard I turned SI joining us in his prime Tom crow were marginal in for Chris. You know as far as the the landscape of sports television is concerned it you as you just mentioned. I wonder. Was ESPN. Prompted to change the format of Mike and Mike because. On the money situation or is it because they felt the program is getting stale because I mean. Okay eighteen years is a long long run put that that doesn't mean that they were losing ratings are losing revenue. I think the latter I think there was a perception. Vote among management. That's certainly among viewers but certainly maybe a bar. What mattered was reading it sort of anecdote but yet they show woods. Getting a little routine a little wrote. They had Durbin pitching forever you know here in this sex a ballplayer ears as dirty guys that are under Garrett created and ironically no craziness that macho but it. All and so I think what they were thinking what we got a likes order. We get this new energy. Yeah we're going in the war against competition. That what did you traditional local local sports anymore but you don't stop on Syria whether what a. Sports specific about what India radio stirred up a big hit it I think they want to get to become like shock radio like it it just. They needed a new. Come marketing that they can put out to. Listeners but not least pleaded outside on the opposite of course huge economic at eighteen years and incredibly successful brand. Whether he ended up being local shows which generally speaking are not very good fortune 500 Billy. And so there in so many markets that they you know the shirt still makes money you know they're still selling advertising against it. And so it's a risk because there's no guarantee. Tray only so when Michael junior comment and people are gonna want. Look from fanatic mark you know Israel radio amateur radio it. Name. Or were just there are millions of Americans who have to happen attorney ESPN radio on in the morning expecting to hear Mike Greenberg might. Go so now the question is will they maintain that habit or would a different voice are all different shell prompt them to change a guy gets. I guess we shut sushi but it's it's a risk only and it's a bad. They're breaking up what it absolutely but it successful brand and there is no guarantee and I think it's actually a launch my own opinion that might bring birds can edit out partnership. And our agreement the WFAN New York princesses facing same challenges and only going to be as successful as they walk away from that Richard Dieter Desai joins us. On the NBA ratings on TV or are big this year over last year. Now if Adam silver ends up with a situation where both these are conference finals are suites is an eight day lay off. To gain one of the NBA finals is that like a nightmare situation for the NBA. No not at Cleveland on face fact I think it's. Will be their first he'll get I'll look like it will all mature get a data build up before. Gave bought it was a oh in not a vertical people look it's it's you know it should not LeBron not Golden State. Bottle but yeah I think that's a bad scenario you're never wanna sleep but sweet in the conference finals which he could have been so they're gonna get you had to guess take and it's. Off on the play out if you're open for game seven even out of liberate Europe. Pretty dramatically but no I don't think that impacts that at all I think people are very excited about being Golden State. Verse is Cleveland again and particularly this year because of the way Lester finished you know cap coming back 31. That's that's a great narrative based and it worried it plants. So there it'll literally. It's what the final word is literally like you know forty story lines that are. Really really if she actually not a lump on I mean you literally could just went down the list. Four that theory you could spot like twenty different things to focus but I'll tell I don't think it's an art and at all. I think the reverse what happened and I expect the rating be just as big as they work last year and texture Brady's Brady. Singular best and it bottle and Michael Jordan last autumn of 1998. Follow on Twitter at Richard die each check out the work on SI Sports Illustrated SI dot com is Richard Geist best in the business sometimes it was brother appreciate it. Thank mark.