Sporting News' Mitch Lawerence: "People wonder if Kemba can lead a Playoff team"

Sporting News' Mitch Lawerence joins the Mac Attack to discuss the Hornets coaching candidates, as well as their off-season. 


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Let's focus on this horse and we talked about Devin 7 o'clock hour one of the first guys have a report about a potential candidate to the hornets have been checking out in and had an interest in. Was our next guest long time MBA. Rider also law works for MBA radio rights sporting news and Forbes. Mitch Lawrence he joins us here on the Mac attack in Charlotte's talk about the hornets and where they goes from here Mitch it's always a pleasure man how you doing. Are doing great work very I'm doing good all right so on Friday UNQ you had the first reported seeing a couple other guys kind of mention candidates at CNET. Stackhouse report CNET. You know bomb Messina reports the you know low grade international coaches and assistant with the spurs it there's interest there. Mommy you talked about David C is dale I mean it. Is he is he like I have since then have you heard any other names as well as this well is still kind of seen as a front brought errors or just kind of the first name you heard about. But the hornets have interest it. Well I heard he was what I created with that even before they have equal parts fire and they were looking try to get background information on its belt by the way. David there's still might be more popular than anybody else that comes out all BP at opening day victory adjusted income while Phoenix. Definitely just spit on because he's got a relationship with James Jones. They were together Miami Abel brought era Gene Jones now former player of course with a broad. In Miami Cleveland James Jones but he but president that's cooperation we'll all be all he stopped for the pretty up bump up a lot of powered out there go off is still very pop well I don't know we could get an interview would throw I don't know where that is. You mention the other thing that I heard about Charlotte we see that the guy who has your relationship. With Mitch Kupchak wouldn't you know they're not what went between the lakers to a poor will that there's been under Mike Brown. So all know the names out there are back I think people are connected dots there too because you're not a guy obvious you've North Carolina side. And I invite in our long young coaching that you are you guys done a great job for the throttled and they both Bob mentioned. Failure to BP and a lot of people feel like because. Former raptor virtual executive yep well in the lot in Orlando yeah. Are you not going to be a guy's gonna get a very serious look. Obviously well Orlando or in a situation where you know audio or are trying to go out changeover there there's a lot of great laugh. But Jerry the well that it is what could really really young player that help that the belt. Well ball players sharp will sit there and because it would make up a lot. Well a lot of veterans on their contracts. So we'll see what direction they want a group. And I wanna get into that in a minute with you about what direction to move Mitch Lawrence is with us NBA radios for news for longtime NBA guy. Mitch let's talk about once let's go a little more so the sack now saying because. We obviously start talking about him in the others in the 7 o'clock hour and there's a segment a lot of them to honestly do good state fans that are dead tired of all the tar heel standards and represented your front office court coaching whatever it is. And there are odds are he'll overload it's just came in Buzz Peterson Z assistant GM and on and on and on. I want to talk about Stackhouse like honestly how he viewed around the league is my point is. But this guy is on the verge of getting a job he is extremely well thought of as an up and coming coach. And and I don't think you I get why you have the tar -- city around here but I don't think they should hold it against him what do you what's what's the book on him as a coach there. Well there are involved. We have a remote situation in New York. Where parents walk it's got to be out. Walk bought up these in New York. What went wrong we. For next hire more hire the die because you'd think he'd be a great fit because he think he would he would help you. Turn this thing around that you you know going in the right direction. So they hold it against Gary stack up for the error a lot about it Michael Jordan are not that would work. The book want to act out there is hard worker. Those who while we really great young player hold them accountable we Bob Dole are very well for that the firm well. Development of important to wobble there at. Great bench seat belt will be your yeah a lot of them are you so yeah. Are you know it's very be aware he's not just being mentioned by. You know the people hoard it because there are a lot of guys you got what he including and including Orlando. People are really no connection. Well quite the while other connection to Roger back out while that you ever played New York when viewed upon being advised yet. He's going to be successful coach. Because at the type of criteria and methodical all of the case that date came upon you want it basically that the job of that and everybody got a part of you know Denny is dale. What in the sit there with Erik Spoelstra years. And you're in the Miami is the people white guy that we've got a lot of positive and they violated. At the methods that work now. That's that's what it's all there were all a lot more well all we got what they were Cold War. They need to get a chance somebody up in a chance at a rate well what you hear from people probably backed out wording of we city shot. Now that's that's kind of above I guess from just you reap what you guys are writing you know in terms of you know for months to one of the hot candidates and his name has been on their for awhile. I'm what do you think obviously Mitch what sure opinion on on the hornets is this situation. What they have to try to do what they can do to get rid of some of these contracts like you mentioned that they're stuck west. And rebuild or is this a situation where they should try to bring in a new coach new x.s and o.s new schemes and try to make it work with this group what do you think. What I'm hearing some people. Is that they're basically not going to be changes because they feel like what they can really move boats popular battle were thought about. Well Margaret Williams you're able to do with federal law and so you know I'm not perspective. You're gonna basically go with what they have. Probably feel like so they'll probably fought a war Kemba Walker trade off it will be about well probably yeah trod path that would always. You know navigate their contract to act which. Yet there is like a lot of what went well want that lot of people want to negate that. So it is indeed like the upper body. With this flop is to try to work with this laughter active and you make it happen operate just in terms of we're going to be directed you know it would ever bought. Like the fact that the other gave there'll that would pick up truck and Alec and have somebody got a common and they want that they would try to be more supple with the corporate law. We'll see about that if they can do. And what we experience there and you know where you know that approach before will be interest but what are what these forward is built. Syria and other cruel and the true it would chip object of this very being dropping out of that. And they're we want to real recommend Michael Jordan are. How do you feel Mitch Mitch Lawrence is Willis here MBA radio sporting news source magazine NBA guy. How do you feel about the kemba situation does listen I love him as a player I love the tenacity level he's made himself into with hard work to Belgium is. His three point game I mean the guy's class actors I can't say a bad thing about him. But you wonder. Yes in order to rebuild it might have to include letting him go. You know getting worse as a team in order to ultimately get better on down the road what do you think about this Kemba Walker dilemma they have. You mentioned re building I don't know they're water buildup there there are some you know some form organizations that don't wanna read all got their team. What a lot of what you stated tumble walker correct. I think they're all solo line out there were people wonder if you could be here we are in play off latch it all the lights in. Contender type BP in my piece of concerns about that you know you're an undersized. You know well bought the paper don't look so forward I think it's all the player like that usually as the lead player can't go there or not feel not so important is that well that. Well right now. All everything you hear about what terrible yeah added they're pretty much besides the fact that what what they get what what we could replay and we've got to get three point. At a very open the premier premium position he had gave the knicks with what the what Kemba Walker ability to have won court food trade for a manual movie like you know you know you know they don't have that I'd order. Well they're very hard to get there are we always thought they. Well they're gonna make a group up by Bob temple wat they've got a note is that somebody. Complete ball player back helper act up there. Part to do it is in effect probably I probably would have to shell out your problems become Walker's statement. Okay are good deal I'm Mitch we appreciate the insight man that was great stuff. Obviously pretty locked in the minister also is great to have you on MBA radio sporting news. And check him out on Twitter you'll follow Ossetia to stop a year MBA playoffs and the coaching stuff going on. As Mitch underscore Lawrence thank you so much rich. Our.