Solomon Wilcots On Garcia And Bailey

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Monday, June 18th

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To Selma Wilcox are favorites were sent doubted the Super Bowl and you probably isn't mister Steele was the hottest temperature you've ever been in Solomon. Does that include big impact it's an exit yes it does all included. We go it well over water bottle uttered it when he. I grew you know I I grew up in hall in river site gallop when it your all brain. And we'd go out there at the plate game court running track meet in palm brain in gear you're pretty hot particularly in the summer. You and I lower talking to Selma wrestles terrible stated. We're told the sun sticky it's dry heat it's Palm Springs it brought it all I want you said Wesley I was a US home. I feel it very you omit. And that where they needed that there would be. Yeah and you sip on b.'s I wanted to west called two very different climates that doubt about it. We're we are sort of assault will cuts in the award winning broadcaster NFL analyst and a former NFL defensive back joined us on the technique on gas line. Let's start the Panthers so hot this season I was gonna ask the question or to think that Arizona. Where choir and a hot it was going to be so this season. But I. Well you know I like yeah it's good nor are everywhere he's there and an awkward that they've played well we already oh come get back round it lineage I think he was brought in that you got a note debate with different. With the quarterback Cam Newton and oh different. Wouldn't call it that rank in nineteen total lap heat that. We we know that you'll continue to run the football well the key is you need much more a bit. Cam Newton who had not completed that it is an epic patent or more and eat it a lap or eager to repeat it become more equipment and the op it. And they do appeal Iran the bought people who compliment what it always the really bit beat at the airline. What what's interesting here on the offensive side as I brought this up a couple times the last week you look around the skill positions and you see. And what's a first rounder is in a couple of second routers and guys who have high expectations were those is going to be an actual rookie in DJ more than very excited about him though. And that they expect him to contribute it in a big big way so if the offensive line is yet at that time has been attacked him maligned bit. Really this group has not been all that bad so what do boils down to it Solomon and outside the but the Panthers should be talked about a month via maybe the top three or five offenses in the league this year but I don't think it's outrageous to believe they can be too far from the. Although there that you got a weapon at quarterback the pitch he now job acute critical and span. I don't think he we don't talk enough about you know mark around the league it was a talked about the idea of going. We got it does allow deeper when you don't feel it. One on one opportunity it's hard to double every you've written your idea of good grateful that. And the quarterback pat all right that Brett take off that meet their favorite all you gotta be opened one on one. Cam got to do better job checking now with that being more it is. And avoiding me or that he spoke more bits and it firms that it complete super that it. And get all that being blocked. Could be that one batter in all really make I think it about the little pink but. Frankel who argue if you don't have adopt the lying offing because of the art although they don't. No doubt about his starts this with a heartbeat is offensive defensive line is we win football games you know that as well as I do Solomon and I want you to talk about you know the wide receiver position because there was talking about the town that we have been in all the first and second rounder is but how does it take. Every guy that played against these guys on a regular basis or use your hands to jam him up to use your technique for these rookies to come in and make an impact because everybody thinks that DJ Moore. Is going to be immediate impact player. I think that's the really record setting that's why you see some people say it Koppel Bayer current that. They met Dick I'm winning column. While you are merely the white with a 70 all it is what they're seeing. Our guys really play all out at the paper for new. Result remember he played and that the met where Virginia ballot more or one of the rare. Are they in the and out thing here Mari who were came out there are they're arguing with some of our wrap packs were there. And I struck a wet that we are Miramar who were Kmart Alabama I wrote law that. That prepared him to do that number one being that we Ebert and you know they'll have to be able to do an order what. Yeah you fight it out. You're right out of that he'd been that you're gonna get sometimes you don't know. That congress and it beat at the bell after the ball and so you better or that you review that in the earth right now. Play at all and that can't buy it 40 dial. Option which is that awkward than any of the vote on Kerry Biden got that. It would be an opt out there right now steep learning her. But it's about that in college. And Ebert Ebert. After a while now a lot if it back Gavin Hewitt to grow. And you ought to comfort you an ally in it you know new that would appeal back from doing what they have to do so well he came out Eller you know people to get credit for. But the real pro meld that beeper if you can't buy it at a copper. That declared that they'll only vote when a quarterback read it you gotta be artery that bank you can't do that you cannot play and hopefully. It's almost -- side of the football really quickly I just gotta we've given our I'll miss a missile top 100 list like a lot of people have been. We talked about him 24 Thomas Davis came in at 73 and it looked physically it is is it is a guy that I wish I would rescue. If you were gonna try to make a case for anybody else belief as a better linebacker Luke typically if you did you make your case for anybody and we realize we were partial here in Charlotte got about a but I. We see this guy every Sunday and it's hard for me to believe this is not the best linebacker in the national football it. Well you guys are bought got saw it and that the daddy I I you know I watch it gave when he was dead. I think they are right who'll playing in the greater Catholic league in the Canadiens went on the ball in college when he. You know I rent they are Charlie in two. You know Cam Newton we picked them bot app be tracked it they were bid at my door. You know little note though that that old guy ago that the that the Ohio market could be. Just blue collar the ball love that game blow up the ball. And he could direct opposite but where. You goody everything you've been at present it. I think you're about whack or to meet a standalone that they're but they're they're. I'd like to be loop they help bearded bear while they'll gay. I get it going but in my mind a bit cooler or you know that they want that we would be it be that the player the right dealing with all that. And now Utley got all the bank simply all the fame career out of being. But he got app they on the field but every year reason why are. You're quietly arc of the hit Ratner the obvious obviously that probably David the weight they worked together. But that that's why there's people all week the thought he would be it the longer completely. It in the middle. This all rivers are about the south is maybe potentially the best in the hardest toughest division in football and you know they're talking about the falcons are talking about the Panthers are talking about the saints but the the got a snow we talked about. Is Tampa Bay had they done enough this offseason to. Make that jump defensively by signing some of those free agents and how big of years after James. It could be your name because he. You know. Game got a lot of talent he mart knew that he got to do a better job protecting the football. I I think to meeting at the bit wary careless with the ball for the ball into coverage. I don't know but he's not sure what he's saying or because he's an overly confident in his ability. But in the day you got a dot. Turning to all now. The game relatively getting better the problem is that that they happened to be at a debate like we're all about where the game part. Phenomenal good and that army dominant quarterback with their. Or through reed and it and Mack Ronnie cam knew. And I why are no it retained if you've got away at the level but our guys are all being very. All MP3. Up or are now. No they've gone and now I've only got up with more for the quarterback got the better the been the late. But he's gotten better dot dot earning it Olmert has not been loses game back where and when a quarterback or that'll. They seldom more federal turned it loose I'm curious your feelings on his rookie quarterbacks. You know there there's some guys out there that I think could make an impact. Know their first year others humane and have the same opportunities but it was or die darn old rose and mayfield earth. Any of that you that you think is just going to have a standout rookie campaign. Yeah well hey look I threw me. When we start it. You know now agree people because of their re pro ability to read all the quarterback is this there we start this battle like. Personality her. And now. I'd like that I liked the football player with a look that occurred at a that got Luke for Lee rank lower on though a little doll. And though they are very right now that the book or any doubt. Quarterback you know you've got to be of the plate and enact. You can't eat at the old Buick the guy that did you gotta be it diet though it be quick. Al baker made bill late morning in your quarterbacks or great year but I wrote it. What can go and are just the way he could make check that a wider remit diet no property it. And gain he'll figure it out it may be playing. Game it won't consider it a video quarterback I'd that they can narrow belt. We're you don't play early in her career and Larry FitzGerald and a bit of really short game around a we do much to take that team back to the playoffs though I think the you know being acceptable earlier. Patriots Steelers are the two favorites probably in the AFC. Who's the other team we should be talking about. The raider. An op well because there are phenomenal. Meter arm down and it and they get back to running well on that great he'd been here. Oh yeah it is part doc are you he's not normally get a it's open media idiot the raider. Completely under a cheap one year ago now we. We've gone through puberty in pebble but the raiders have what it. All right so on the Wilcox former defensive back in the NFL Emmy award winning broadcaster and NFL analyst joined us on the ticket John does slides almost got a lot of dogging him he really does shared he sure does always good to catch our brother. Yeah I've read it got there yet thank Brett.