Snap Judgment: Divided Over NFL Protests

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Monday, September 25th

Kyle sounds off over the newest round of NFL protest and gives his personal take.


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It's not every single day we get to have one of the top 100 greatest comedians of all time one of our personal favorites in the studio but today is that day. And here we have Sinbad welcome back to show. He had to show and I just wanna say link. Your I know we can on the red eye. But you were connect. I love your hair color and your blue tinted glasses and it's working with you scan and you look so good it just Bluetooth keys mean Melo. Does it. What good does a little yellow revenue for while they yelled Tim was and is dead yeah irritated you Bafana it actually. Did you kind of angry I was ever gasoline rose eleven above the ultimate but the blue Q she kind of just just like ran almost certainly true that. A combination of your skin which is sort of political war termed kinda caught cappuccino we color sepia me a seat video with the the blue and then there's the beautiful ginger hair and face are I'm really like it. China Beach is trying to do what you say you're actually written. We had really grown up like you know all the Islamic Brothers back in the day the red did if the Astros with a new and Jim Kelly martial artist number hadn't. Love Joseph McAlinden a sudden laugher because now is that yeah him Redd Foxx even Malcolm X. Natural redhead yeah listening really. Yeah I didn't realize well you know that on redheaded men have never been harder than you are right this minute marks are saying it's an shear an effect is out. He's the he really give it is she seventy unpopular and I know right now he's not what I consider like the sexiest gingerly you're as I say I. Hey if you're as good as that he this is like maybe by shows who has the power abuse. Dad yeah I think that says the music the music and override everything else right or you know you've I didn't crew Sumitomo Dave gruesome from you know. My backhand yeah yeah yeah I thought that he was on the first. It was too often you saw a redhead the demon you know it was a sexy and yeah all yeah ask Sean can you think is in the history of movies and TV even know the. Ronald McDonald but no yeah. Yeah I'll assemble right hasn't been integrated big man. Let's about it there must be somebody leaned back an old Hollywood days I got enough and I was ready to emerge Danny Bonaduce. I. It was was Denny K no Denny K wasn't okay but no I think you're right it was Danny Kaye I think. That's how does that exist for ginger man. That we're having delayed go that far back we must keep a doubt we're missing a really obvious is it less you know hot gingerly hamburger at my phone right now NC. There must submit to or pay any case Sinbad you want your Google's search to include hot sexy red heads and looking at it already W could you gotta get ago. And what that won't end and aren't you know it's there's a guy that's true women say they want a guy with a great sense of humor but you got a guy with a guitar you can compete. A man see that's true of the CI do both got. A plea to operate based in England sex phone now you were you period veto before we went on my Q appeared at a fund raiser for wounded warriors yeah Darius Rucker and yeah. Was around Ron we can we got him in the studio is a great guy over it think it's funny because it was so known that's who do you blowfish that it yeah RB out. And now down radio and early 2000. Dude it was happening it was great people couldn't make it could not make two suites. From Houdini of loafers and yet. They need to switch to country music that somebody accusation Seles she's opened the flipped away dad and I. That aren't being the thing for me like I think Darius could and would sing anything luckiest it's just got that talent. Coup and the blowfish are just a couple of lake studio arrangements away from being a country act though she humor about it yeah you think I guess yeah lyrics to send ability especially new country as was considered country and you guys are indeed record and he was just a couple of those student that was I was zero good album a city starter army doesn't know who he move his car took off. No he started army he is this storm Darius Rucker that they that one of the other guys in the band heard him singing in the shower at University of South Carolina isn't that how he. Kinda connect you don't miss a guy that's where they're from but that you got me on that night or maybe I just like to think about Darius Rucker had a shower I'm making. Coming up right after I ask where that came. Com now you know what day in Mexico could that would that was a very unique group. There was a period of time moody blowfish. What what the because you know sometimes people go to a show and they're they're for the music yeah and then they did you can do the best comedian in the world. We've had as an artist tell us ask that a harder Iran lit by a member. I was a musician forums com new solace I was jealous I want to be in a bank in so I love from me when I first got us and that the Bafana or the bands are open to ban it. That to me band's music and comedy goes hand in hand to the public the first big tours is Luther. Our all of the Van Jones made is that our that you put more pressure but now like this a mob on the tape where I do second buildup to lose that go along. Can I just say that if you wanted to find a room. With a bunch of women I know about Obama and you could meet yeah hello Luke did you just say it did you tailor because you knew there are going to be women. Taylor on his family are well when it comes to show us that guys have no idea that women left of the minute home there they had just listen to serenade. I said yeah Smart single man come to look your children and artistry no bathroom just about a half. Now what are. East wind around you. You wanna get you can double the bush style there's links on the DOE AMD has HE RI dot com sponsor. Annualized rate is Bob series dot. We have the one and only Sinbad and win us this morning. Else Torre era on the United States we had just done a month. Earlier and he was telling us about appearing in other countries. And I never think of our great American comedians appearing elsewhere put in the United States have have you period in. Outside of the US yeah he left and we're trying to do the European tour and going over to and go to Australia of home. So that's gotta go yeah I can of course Canada's yeah yeah replacement but right to be able to go what blew my mind was Rouse walking through. And eighties. They eighties a walk around Europe people run and up to assess it. Distinctions when it translated I gas over here. A solid weird was that for you and grace so you're you're new European country and up comes somebody who's not an American and they know who you are from the check your figures yet while. Does all the things did you think about so much comedy is really culture specific and very and and and yet funny is funny and your great storyteller. So I think even if they're not a 100% plugged into the culture of it you bring them thereby. The way he told story I think the group were more. Expressive in the stories basis and is like even a kid does snowstorm up an issue which adorned in the nation they still puzzles and laughed at kinda. Let me ask Marc Anthony. One biggest expense or just amazed Killen is utilities Killen main asset CY distressed. Marc Antony better when I don't understand the words have to and I do understand the words and like I. It is it's that it's distracting form which are gorgeous woman baby girl forced yeah. On the bigger works component yeah. Were so quiet girl girl. Gerald. You know stay away from. Just sit back when you say hey hey some baby girl that sex you know you try what's up baby girl yeah. I guess that's great to celebrate the syllables out. Don't know what they're doing that they don't Zaragoza in Europe seat baby girl. And girl says it it's restraining order tied up well yeah. Let's light candles okay why why is it that you know some bad that's not what one man can do. Another man can not necessarily in a way to do right you gotta have your own lane as a man. When you're being so I could give a great tour ignoring them lighthouses I don't think you have game for doing that now RIA tournament though going to tour brought him back in the line is that line. I got to the last house that's true does not have an abrupt slide up over here Betty parallel on and I'm not in a so why is it that we are who we produce so many great comedians like yourself. Well you you don't here of late Belgian comedians coming in touring the United States are usually comedians you know greatest comic now we love ourselves on the I'm nurturing dad then finally we still chose. They ask of planetarium a funny inside the election to a new drive read aloud embers come to funnies meant dead Trevor Noah. Children are so I'd say there are horrendous guys out there that's true their. Hours to green when you ask people name a comedian. From a country that isn't the US or Great Britain the best they can come up with this Yakov Smirnoff Gary knuckles race almost erased year yet exactly mink of Hawaii and speaking words mean we don't -- that that's true but English is spoken and so many countries is yes you know and its engines and we have one. German number this was years ago we I mean rim of the guy's name is a German comedian he called himself the only German comedian. And he opens companies said do you have ways to make you laugh he was there can be from that point on it people love them out yeah. But you know let America have something that was still the best yeah you're right after your standup your priority now sector and then yeah. So we got this that we most of our. Curious about America. I think people love America you are when they say they don't random questions to fans askew when you're traveling. However parts of the world about open it up at a happy in the audience that we were so when we talk about. Decreased and they shot stuff idea on idol. And that's working without a net undid that and you're very improvisation a lot of not every comic kids in this assists. A lot of people find where you're going to be what's the web SI thin bad. Putters than bad bad on is to grams Sinbad on FaceBook and you're up there for awhile yet we have. Forever from the sky harbor going to be pushed all the links and tour information that. That are totally work. Person.