Snap Judgement:Kyle Rants On Minor League Soccer Fans

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Wednesday, March 21st

Kyle has had it with all of the fans of Minor League Soccer and wants to get it off of his chest...


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Yeah. Lost supplied. I'm so sick. A minor league soccer fans. Blowing me up on Twitter. And elsewhere on the Internet. Demanding to know why we don't talk more minor league soccer on the show or on the station. Jackson militia of Charlotte independence fans US so fans in general listen. I've. I I just became aware of this guerrilla warfare. You know carpet bombing tactic that you're using a noose found out that we got that minor league fans are calling our corporate office. Demanding to know why we don't give more airtime suit to US old seems to minor league soccer. The update listeners are or tweeters Cummins saying it would really Killian has been ten or fifteen minutes to talk about you know the independence on Friday. That night. And here's the thing they all wanna play the victim to what you pay soccer broke why do you hate soccer. This why don't you appreciate soccer bro what's your deal. And it's not about dating soccer. It's not about being anti soccer it's not about being anti Charlotte independence or what's the lacrosse team's name the house. It's as cold the puck alive but it's not about being inside those things. This is not a charity we don't give away air time. As part of this this giant's Philanthropic effort that we do for four hours every single day clear in the interest in business we are in the entertaining business. Weren't keeping people engaged in entertain business you give me a compelling reason to talk about you I will. You go to player who is from a war torn country got his arm blown off and he's still out they're planning kicking ass that's a good stewards Alltel all talk about it. Give me his story to tell. Winning your first regular season game in at least for a day being in first place and whatever conference your ran in your minor league soccer league is not big news. OK I came from Charleston before I was here the Charleston Battery has played in Charleston for many many years nobody talks about. I know the little WS LT missed 40000 Twitter follow were scrape there don't talk about a very much. And especially on the top 25 medium market about to be a top twenty media market like Charlotte is you know talked about minor league soccer lessons compelling. It is not an everyday thing. Is Chicago one of the top 58 markets in the country they have the Chicago fire in the MLS real professional soccer in this country if they don't get any air time. Give me a reason to talk about you and double talk about a no one's aborting you know once anti soccer here OK I went to a World Cup in South America fright grew up. Playing soccer we don't hate it. OK but it's not to aid the you have to give us a reason. And more than that. Stop acting as if this this soccer counterculture but you've all created where you're just all in the craft beer. In naming as many soccer players argue I as you can ensure great divisions in Germany. Somehow make you cooling gives you street cred. Okay no one cares its not funny it's not cool you have an elevated so far beyond the regular sports figure and like does not so far beyond the regular sports fan that the rest of us don't get the nuances in the complexities of the beautiful game. Kiss my ass with that stuff you wanna be talked about be compelling give me an interest and reason to talk about you. This is not a shot at Charlotte independence to soccer club. I knew issues with those people whatsoever I'm sure they run a fine organization and a fine operation. The fans are being petulant baby could you talk about this more because anybody gonna know looking into tennis he'll talk about him or not be marketing arm of the Charlotte independence this isn't a charity you wanna be talked about Beatrice to. Give me a reason to talk about you otherwise stuck carpet bombing me on Twitter and elsewhere what you're Tennessee volunteer football Frist. Tweet something negative but the volunteers and and do hash tag vols are VF FL it's what's your computer melts from their online trolls you're approaching that right now. Come out big about to a game once you see you might like it I like how come to a game. The stock expecting to people are just supposed to talk about you because you exist. The Panthers and the hornets and college basketball. As so many other things take precedence over Minor League Hockey I can't believe I'm having to explain this right now. Nobody big soccer gear. We'll talk about you when your interest think not what are your regular season game.