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Tuesday, January 23rd

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Jack Thompson now on the technique I guess lunch actually doing man. Firmed up or don't we're doing well if I would have told you were a year ago that your defensive coordinator Steve Wilks would be on the job in that role for just a year many B a head coach in the NFL would you would you believe me. Yeah acceptable without me well it looks dividend who will soon to great guy anyway good to know our players. You know that's what he gave. And we became real close when I am there's like gramley. And ma'am I'm happy or lower Arnold speak very so. There mercy and a great coach what do you think he's gonna bring over to the cornice. Are they saying and it deal lot of that and it didn't know it's clear that on the report both saying about. Agent Barbara a lot of that in our. The cardinal you know read over what it meant deepening credit team right now. And only going to be big and try to get bored social ball. We're talking to Shaq Thompson Panthers linebacker course will always follow him on Twitter at Shaq Thompson underscore seventies with this right now. On the technique on guess what he's got a way about Josh Norman was colonists like soured Shaq and you say and mean this guy could tell you go run uphill ten times and based on to a faster than the next and you do when he's just. Master motor graders leader amend his his personality and the way he leads people just how on how infectious is that how could you explain that to somebody. I've read this Elop there's edit everybody thought well run him off in the building you know albeit it verify that there you can do they'll but it. And it ended new energy and always good but maybe not up and down. It's always the stamina volley that I energy. And that the older men and not only love about a video out there your bracket. My hero but whatever 00. And that's the one out there employee or. Well and can now it's going to be edited the defensive line coach Eric Washington who's got a lot of those same qualities about him he's going to be your new defensive coordinator what would you what what's this what's similar about a coach coach Washington compared to coach Wilson what puts a little different between the two of them. The ball back up both bring energy coach you always bring the energy what did you learn you know it was a bad I get more well. So the bigger role brings that whole payment not really get it go on and respect the furniture but so well. What are you looking for are expecting play call Alonso is anything going to be different it is a proceeds are game planning. Get ready for games then what we'll talk to the table. You know well we don't know yet and still we've. Our oh BA you know that would get a bill forward on doing what electric car and now I'm not quite certain things well. Tonight we have Shaq Thompson painters linebackers with us on the ticket come this line. How how how much football as you watch Jack Danny have you been able to watch these playoffs or does it hurt too much you like not just gonna turn yourself off like you watch right now. Of course the last two and European air did you ever Shapiro. What would you would you think goes awesome performance for silly you guys saw them here in October and gave them. A heck of a slate and they looked like you guys looked in India and the NFC championship two years ago which you think the performance they put on. A dominant former army unit there is paying great throughout the game from the spurs and last play. It because they're great. Well the run and what the fact you know and nick both just on fire was set off spent. And David if they found that momentum and they just can't go out. There you got that opportunity to play most of the teams that spread in Super Bowl after the play in new England and and an entry and there are Philadelphia Eagles was do you think for our you can win by two weeks. And you can never tell radio output I think if a bullet through it really deep and that. Very and they did BP has not compete with a wide receivers. And that deal side and I'm back Kruger on got them I think there are them well well well. How much I Timmy Shaq Shaq tells his list Panthers linebacker I've been saying this I feel like all year. It's a team in their Lebanese dudes on off on defense could. Fletcher Cox from what he presents is a matchup nightmare on the inside like dad like guessing game changer right that's a big that's just everything with their defense of other so good. Yes. The whatever you on the Viet vet tackle. Legit dependant like Brad we have our Kate yeah have burned there dale we oh got the truck. And didn't make the whole different especially in a run to end debate about racial big. But there really crucial big tuna patent game so. Well back to much appreciated on it benefits them I know you are gone Bala. When you eat a surprise them Brady did it again they came back with you even surprised. I mean Brady making great thorough well you know we don't call their and I've. And that's not gonna you're biased uninsured to figure linebacker you're on defense your biased on this I don't know we can trust you on Alan do you see you feel like it calls. We're going Jackson goes away when it mattered here. That's what I Amanda left bill on hand but rarely has their fame but you like they feel like if they can't outnumbered yes it's great. Was solid in the come what was determined it can't just wasn't sworn. Memorial homeless who. I might bring up very senior until you bring you know then it's not. What we. And there. Now found out what the ball. The only person out and you mr. I think one would strip the deal. Was recently run. We're out of I feel like boy am I wrong on this like bullying and there were some hand fighting on that on that on the DPI but that was going both ways and he used to boundary out of is that it's not a penalty to mink. All. But they would not eligible ball well. You know not out there. Crazy referees are only. I just tell us the senators linebackers with this right now on the technique come guess like did you know all. Odds at any you know in that locker room about TDs decision before he may got public about two weeks ago now or did you guys find out just like everybody else. Are we are now just like your body up. What was your what was your reaction. Murray actually do their religion taught there and compete threat yes. I got a Garnett that the new year so there numbering in the hotel at. And my book Airbus part of my ground. Do you get that I Shaq is we talked to Marty gosh a couple weeks it was right after them there until I lost it to New Orleans and you know he wasn't naming names or seen anything but you can tell me it seems like he's got this. This vibe about demos yeah army we we've got to mix it up a little bit you know we got to push this thing Ford to try to keep up with Atlanta in New Orleans what those guys redundant to close the gap honestly would what you guys did two years ago do you get done by both men in this offseason could get. Thinks things could get a little sideways here we got everybody's got a group had that mindset of competing and trying to put the best foot forward. You know what. There that you know I think I think there aren't you. Any being impossible debate this team better. That sort of jump start well. Yeah I know Mardy are very bringing great talent to go off better than a defense and not. Italics and that there's. You lobbying is pepper and also are you you've been saying a minute mr. Jackson did the source of fuel left in that take you talk the talk about this at all. I had. That analogy as. That. There's a long line on a Monday right at his locker of everybody trying to walk a thin swapping Jersey side and Helmut there is a long line in front of Julius Peppers his locker that day. It says may have the pleasure Iowa and that is what what player voice to be a moment of person who. It way better partner and is in Bhopal where the great go on and off bill. Their bodies and debris at the very. Contribute to unlock will show. Just been an attorney with him in the locker room is there anything in particular that you are going to. Be able to take it upon what you do well on the field every day. I'll do the weight practice I mean I asked them a lot of questions via prior periods of bad beer and game meant. Just watching this man practice. And it's fear they'll donate it and they being here that took the mayor didn't want to let them build that it is an inspiration to participate in artist. Check tosses for this cantor linebackers with this right now. On the technique I'm just slide and it wasn't all that long ago we have Mike on the show Mike Tolbert gosh two weeks ago now was not all that long ago Shaq thing you're saying. It tweeting at Mike Tolbert come back a little earlier what's your feeling on Mike Tolbert who played under Norv Turner in San Diego he is a free agent right now after your ball slow your feelings on my toe over your teammate your former teammate. I don't know you know in my opinion that a matter of foot. That is not there you know he's Islamic you have to isn't just suggesting is what that was so this. I think though we're would be a great. Pay off debt especially in the Alec farmer at some veteran out crippled well at their position but I think over they're great. Very short but very impaired or leadership there are. How much HGTV ish as Shaq Thompson been been washing and the last couple weeks here what we watch it. 000. That's that's totally an answer but he's gonna answer it seems hard to believe. Look at. 88. How has your body's feeling you come back we kind of feel like all right I did the seasons behind me and now on I'm starting to feel normal again you still go through that. Off when really this the big. As it gets enough obsolete by the body if there is a good look closely. All right Shaq Thompson Panthers linebacker he is these Sacramento Kings coat and a lesson about the way he's a Sacramento proud and I know former husky Panthers linebacker and die shack best of luck during offseason and I'll stay in touch you talk too soon okay. I.