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Tuesday, February 13th

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We'll get back to that in a little bit we go to the technique come guess lined we keep talking a little hornet's they're frustrating. Other sad end that's just were at 33 and I took 33 losses 23 wins ten games under 500 in seven games back in the final playoff spot in the east. With 26 games to go on eleven of those are on the road those numbers don't sound good is welcoming showed seventy from the sporting news' Sean are you doing man. I don't look at are you. I'm not good that's a mass sounds bad on that right that's not good manager of the corners right now. No well I mean it did at the map that's fine you're you're correct but but yet doesn't look good in terms of what the outlook is that really think that. The road trip that they went on. That they just got back from before playing Toronto on Sunday at that that was sort of the key moment for them that. You know if they were going to have a chance does this serve rescued this seat that was going to have to be then. That ruptured did not go well that you know now got four straight losses to Charlotte and I think he can putt. Pretty much even though we haven't eaten at the all star game yet and you pretty much say that's probably would have to put their play up. All right so Soledad and easily discover CMBS for the sporting news he's on Twitter at Sean Devin he's with the summit tech become dislodged if if if I told you Sean I don't know even go all the way back to. Milledge July early August rig started it really are ready for the season to ramp up and after summer league and all that stuff that the hornets would be. Ten games under five under with this week in that at this point of the season going into the all star break Dwight was a New York near all star. Campbell would be an all star even if a zillion on alternative still is an all star nonetheless for the second straight year Jeremy lamb would be leading the Eastern Conference in bench scoring. In points per game. I if I told you all that supported starting five actually is a point differential plus 58 is crazy is that sounds neat to missed twelve games. What would you think that would you believe that there record is 2333. Were George thought no this might be a kind of wrote a fun little team making a play off fraud here. Yeah I don't think that they'd be at least around 500. I you I thought that like our commander of the C that was going to be the determining factor of big get something out of them. Than the than he might push them. Back over the yet to be you know that 4546. When teen that there were a couple of years ago. But you know DT he performed well. It's just everybody else you know it is it's. It's one of those tricky thing where you give out a bunch of big contracts because you're kind of not a good season. And then everybody who gets the bad contracts seems to teams. Seem to slip away a little bit. It has been the law and not that they had been spigot all sports really but they yadda. That that seems to be you know. What has happened is that does like the to the mother wouldn't just that ever lived up to the view that they would do that. After the order at detonate these in a couple of years ago. What do you think that the are homeowners need to do to turn a corner to become a better or playing organization. You know I I think they're going to revisit the kemba you know I don't think that they really wanna trade him obviously but that they can accomplish. Three things. By trading him that I think that it's not that they've got to look into the terms of trying to rebuild the franchise the three things are you've got to get back young player you've got to get packed. A drastic. And you've got to be able to package of lit you know with the nick but to quote one of the bad contract that the way that he's got to the crop result we spoke then he became M. But I think that you really do consider trading him if he can't then. They did that then you've got to find a way to get out of the cap situation that your hand. And and that's not going to be easy to do you've got a trap that are happening there let's let's look at. You do look at because they've got and a lot of their wounds have been soaked in like that in in terms of what they've done in the dress. Sharp Denny's with this from the sporting news he's talked in some NBA talk and some hornet's where there's so on that note rich Joey Juneau had his contract the following year of his contract the option ticked up. What do what do you what do you think the likelihood is that the ease the one called the shots again when the draft rolls around this summer. You know I think it would be a mistake I you know I think that they've certainly given him plenty of time. And in a given and the resources it's not like date they can go out pay players as well like it'd go out and do the things that. That that that he was that men to do so. Yeah I think that that that that's probably going to be we start in terms of changes as it is rich Cho. You know there's a lot of good young ejected is out there that. That the that that that probably. Deserve a shot and he's surprised that Pete is Pete back. Or even if he's still around. On draft day. Chris Manning said at the kind of lobbed this out there it is a blur Baghdad Yahoo! a few days ago saying that. He seriously change order he made Mitch Kupchak for obvious reasons Carolina guy. Guided he's probably still feeling like hey I wanna do one more thing to kind of our resurrect my career after how the lakers thing ended in the Kobe contract and all that stuff that it did daddy is it says something with some real merit to a do you have you heard general what do you think about the idea some little uncomfortable with the idea Mitch Kupchak seems like not fit for more smaller market like this. But what what do you make of that of that notion of Mitch Kupchak could be a guy who came to that. And yeah I mean certainly I. I think that it is Mitch work to come it would sort of be an end to end sort of a bigger role. You know maybe maybe not being the guy doing the do in the nuts and bolts so I think that there would be a GM who's actually doing more the running of the scheme in which might beach. You know sort of who more of a consultant you know that sort of role sort of team. Team president or are we wanted to say it where and then you'd have somebody blow the who's doing much of work I think that that. Would be the likely scenario. You know I think that that that that would like to get back into the game to a question of do you think that they need somebody. You know younger will dynamic and and and you know Mitch is. To have of the old school so I I think I can see him going back but. But not as really the guy. Who do than not that well. So we're talking to Sean governing from the sporting news he's on Twitter at Sean Devin he's with this right now. On the technique come guests lined so it's interesting Sean I know you've talked about this over the last few years but you know I go back as recently as a year ago a year and a half ago Steve Clifford. Widely thought to be one of the most underrated coaches in the NBA league circles stands were really around here start to love the idea that you know guys like you and mandates and whoa draw say man you guys got a diamond in the rough and cliff as a head coach appreciate that and now the winning hasn't come recently. And the general tenor of the fan mesa seem to turn to. Fire Clifford or if he gets fired idle mind but I ask you what is the reputation of cliff around the NBA and how much blame does he take for the season. I'm sure nobody accepts some of the blame but you know again I think that a lot of this person now and I know a lot of that is is is the drafting that that you know there then. It just just so little wacko world where you whether you wanna call luckily what college Kipling political insights. 88 bit that they haven't dealt while the draft and edit you don't have. Those players especially if you're charlatan and then you're having trouble. You know attracting free agents. Is it it if you don't have those players that you bring in. On a cheap contract you get a four years on on on that rookie deal deal. If you don't have that if it is it's really tough to win and it's really tough to. To ditch effort for any coach to be able to to build up and so the you know I think what we saw a couple of years ago and they won the sport to gain then and and were in the playoffs I think that's indicative of what Clifford can do when he has the right. The right talent but but right now obviously. That that they're just black it. We were talking about this a moment ago Sean and I think it's probably more from pipe dream than anything else but if you're if you're hanging on any sort of hope of a playoff Ronnie get hot after the break. Backup point guard and a mess in Michael Korda Williams has been a good very good defensive player but obviously is offensive game he's he's physically broken I'd say it's amazing from what he's fallen too from his rookie year. Rookie deer season a few years ago. Is worst or gross going is I mean is that even though a light one possibility for the hornets were seedling and in this by Al market. Yeah I mean he he he's probably looking. For more winning situation by juries there's they would you look at acting that I had a chance to win and I bridges and bring in Derrick Rose. Don't agonize and it could wind up being that that that Charlotte is the best available spot form they'll be others suitors you know you might see Milwaukee and so we're in like that. Jumping and but but yeah I I think in terms of I'm Derrick Rose I think I wanna win first well below a look at playing time you know I've I've got to rebuild my my reputation a little bit year. And and an he'll play. In Charlotte and and you know he can play. Alongside kemba as well doubts yeah you know I think that would be certainly and it just think that it's it's it's it's it's good that matter to him. Oh what will matter to him it is is is where he cares more about you know try to make the playoffs and it ain't going that route. We're just being a guy who cannot. Who can get the you know that that that those twenty minutes a night to try to let we do the valley little bit. Do you think outside of Milwaukee that are just a really helped their forma means especially given this past history. Now right then and now and that's exactly right now I you know I think. The fact that Cleveland was so eager to let them go is. Is indicative of where he is right now. It's so yeah you know I think Milwaukee would who would probably each. In terms of a playoff team to probably be the most likely suitor. But after that it be if you look around perfect intended out of the is going to be a lot of teams. Who are willing to take on the risk that. That comes with their mostly probably going to have. I can just outside of the playoffs that that looking to make that push like the order would would be a more like landing spot for. Our Sean Debbie real and going moment sporting news IE I leave you with his skis I'm. I know mom and a minority on this but I. I do think things are gonna be different this time around with the raptors come playoff time their top five in offense and defense or the warriors join Eminem mark and those are the marks of championship caliber teams in nine or you don't bet against LeBron and that's all well and good I probably would neither. Well if this were a year if I tell you warriors in raptors and an NBA finals which are surprised level on that on a scale one potential and I. A guy aggregate Spezza watched them over the last month. Because the big that they did coming into the year they changed their offense they made themselves. More football chairing off and let them do but pick and roll with flowery let's piccolo with DeMar DeRozan they don't do that quite as much in what they believe they have much more emotion often sponsor or not but that is much more likely to lead to accept the player up it's one reason why they were so used to eat in the playoff. Because if you could take out one of their star players. They didn't have a whole lot out for the the other thing that that's really come on a lot more commitment this is why might Mike to what would change on them if their bench that they that. It at the end and and they can really come in. And and any and changed the game so they're starters of course a very very good but when they go to that bench at that give them a big advantage. They have a lot of depth that they that that that in right now from Boston at Cleveland. I I would not consider myself the favorite I think the rappers are the favorites and he threatened. It was wild to us all is said the other day at the raptors who have won now while what five in a row but for four straight wins now by at least double digits are by fifteen pointed and their starters have never logged more than thirty minutes. In any of those games that I mean that is Lyle so there beat the crap out of teams and get some rest while they do it that's how you're good basketball team right there Shawn dead any. From the sporting news he's on Twitter at Sean Dennehy shot it's great talk. Good. Don't miss Garcia and Bailey weekdays from 10 AM to 2 PM right here on WS NC. Whatever that rolls on Kemba Walker sits down with Kroger to talk about the upcoming all star game.