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Saturday, August 12th

Tommy Viola talks about the world of baseball with John Ennis and Kannapolis Intimidators own Justin Jirschele.


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These fees that Schieffer baseball reports an inside look at America's pastime. Read all the way to the big leagues powered by North Carolina you triple ASA baseball and fast pitch. Now here's your host former Major League infielder Jeff Schafer. And Tommy double B. Cool well good morning to you and how do you do welcome to the shares are based on our report on WFAZ. Each and every Saturday in right here in the clean city. Beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina. As he talked about the world baseball from Little League get to the big leagues good morning everybody Tommy knows he viola. Love and in studio today and happy to be hearing me a lot of fun big shield plan. And the the that's an historian Jack Shea through his honest Simon today low one not to let us say sell low rule have him back hopefully next week. She's she'll be missed Kimmel certainly we think and have you. As we did we showed today and always on the baseball field somewhere as usual he's a busy busy guys so he'll be back and us next legally do you have much youth. Really good guests here and will join us today a big show planned the big power of baseball talk here on WS NZ. The duke it John Maine and it's gonna join us in and there's two here warehouse him and of course the Charlotte knights. Our plane the Lehigh Valley iron pigs in now Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania and and John a former I am pigs pitcher we'll talk to him about that. Plus a lot of Major League Baseball talk and then have to be on top of the hour we'll take a quick break and won't come back enough are our guests will be the manager of the intimidator is of course countless intimidator as manager just enjoy actually a former Charlotte knights player. Who is not the youngest manager in my only based on just 27 years old so we'll talk to adjust and idea top of the hour so lots to do the let's bring him in now. As he he has also. On assignments and any joins us a lot each and every though weaker couple weeks here and there it's none other than John Harris good morning John paid on. Very good and well and do here is gonna get rid Dylan while lower and so were you today designed Lewis and everybody's on assignment done you know she's design is somewhere assignment and you are on somewhere where US today. I'm a lot of fun and I'm going to the PGA ups ridiculous I'm and I can IRA. High yield and are now are you you just you know beyond you lay there we don't. We're auto right now it can't get into the course and a few minutes and Parkinson do in the long walk in our shade that them. Scary with that thirteen year USA in PIX series straight. He's is that there are sort of the most. It is it is I know I'm sure he is and that say you know John obviously though you'll talk us talk baseball but. It offensive many don't have CP GA and golf and not that's going to be on fun. Are yeah I'm I have always been take Senegal but what I'll be in men I don't know 8910 microphone coming out on a course for the first time and Tommy you know the basics of the game and you know. Through years have kind of its. Started following Netanyahu cut up in the tiger mania and you know it started off with you know root against them and then toward the end though injured or amend. You know I have just kind of a lot of always really enjoyed a particularly the major soured so so it's really exciting to have that here here. In the Charlotte right now. Yet there's not a lot of good buzz about that tell you I don't know anything about gossip I mean I really don't uniting my dad and I played one time illustrated three stooges out there you know just. A drip and off the field so I don't know much about golf split that. Always a lot of fun to talk some baseball let's get in all of baseball John not yet mentioned before the other than nights are now or in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania taken on the iron pigs your former team. The fans thriller singer and now and and following the night's. A man they know they're Coca-Cola party you had a chance to take steering your career well as a ballpark like tree holier opportunities over there as a as a pitcher for ER takes. Osgood good yard. They played fair witches is you know the picture when you go under the new ballpark you're always kind of trying to figure out now. A mushroom prepared I have on Bible and stuff like that's so they're still left fielder takes pretty good to get it out of their yards. Left handers have a little bit of advantage out there and right it's it's a pole vault itself. It's not real are so there will slowly give up a little bit of slime ball home run out there but good and you know it's a new venue so it's been built with defendant mines so a lot of great seats are out there. It can't defend and that area. You know reading and Allentown. That they're known as you know some of the best Minor League Baseball fans that are out there are so it's a fun place it's a great adventure go to go play. Dad really as you write an opportunity to work there for a couple of years like Eliot you're your former team and on a couple weeks back I Jolie Hammond nets you are in studio that was a lot of fun now sharing some. Iron pigs memories Fauria you believe that that's. That's franchise is now on their tenth season I mean you go back to the first you know first year's first two years and that a franchise and their ten season now it's amazing. Yeah just keep reminding me how old I'm giving up did you love your little guy. If a careful on the golf course that you. ARA. LB LB got right around one of those cards. There you go to union. The other you're right I mean not ten years of that franchise and it's it's been a good ten years for them enough. You know he nights now go in there and they played two games they won both of those games and you know they got two more games to go in that series and in the iron pigs will be here. I'm next week a week from today the iron pigs will be act obedience he ballpark John good buddy of yours. Is the manager and a guy who you know works and you guys at CBC. Another and dusty Watson whose done a good job with an iron pigs team. What we're you know what what kind of manager is a dusty lots and. Odd duck species and it's awesome. And you can just tell and from and let you know it is normal mannerisms and as normal. Behavior the way he did he is really relaxed. You know he's he's a listener so you know is it that they're taking in the information. And he's not out there reacting and then there's been players. You know from that aspect it's a great manager to play for because you know. He's got your back and an investor that's interest in mind it is gonna let you go out and do what you train to do. You got to remind I remember that took kind of Symantec enough. John Russell over the manager he had and that blaster which it did bring ought to bet I'm gonna kind of what political what he did as a manager. And did Gupta take a lot of that and art and great players. Yeah yeah John Russell of course your manager not an Ottawa right 07 if you guys are there before you went to Lehigh Valley. Everett to have any opportunity is there ever think about John for you maybe coaches are managing a. Oh I mean it's always been her and something that's interesting to me. The kind of what I've retired though that the thought process with with what I kind of chose to go into. Initially was to be stationary for a little while with my my family with a young kids. So you know be in doing that I was able to kind of stumble into Schaefer. I see what he was doing. And influence of that I you know more local or order over the younger level coaching where I could stay. It you know here with my family so that's kind of I think that's you know ideally that's that's. That's where I would all kind of keep it must be a Major League doubled to right. Yeah exactly they got line and obviously I you're talking about CBC here in Charlotte and all the things that you guys do. She finished and dusty in the offseason and Allen Cochran only offseason of course Jack McDowell here as well. You enjoy doing that John I mean you know listen we have we've had in your number of times we talked to a lot and be an opportunity at the ballpark every once in awhile but. From a day today I mean you enjoy we are doing on there. I yeah I mean it doesn't feel like good job about 90% of the I'd get aren't just gone mountain. You know it's it's it's it's kind of what I trained and has young adult and Andy and in the end but in my twenties and all units of the until I was thirty you know sister base also. They are just watching the game and and I kind of understanding what the players are thinking and going through and end up passing along the information they need to know that that I would come kind of natural that you know that 10% that's where we have to deal with putting teams together. And you know it's it's it's a tough situation because we're dealing with kids and you know where we understand how how important these years are lies. So when you when you go out there are you have to you know kind of player of the good kid and he did everything right you know that's that's the only part I would say that that difficult. Yeah I'd say that's going to be harder in a sense then then immediately I mean you know you dealing with with young kids a meaning in your right I mean a kid that you know maybe as an opportunity suited to make the team just doesn't you know link and his is one of those guys that. Might be the last consummate. That's gotta be tough as you know someone like clicking on that did you do I mean it's got to be a tough thing to do I mean you're you're exactly right now at 10%. Com has got to be is going to be tough times. Yeah absolutely nights that you lose sleep over you know you got these decisions and trying to view it. And yeah it is obviously you know we got to keep moving forward and art. If our our our our priority in the game baseball. We are dealing with kids and also there's a very delicate balance they're making sure we're doing things the right way. Are making sure that their understanding. Overcome them from making sure we're getting feedback whether it's good or bad problems. So yeah I mean that's that's that's by far that the rockets are all bill. Yeah I know you're right and we we talk about that a lot here Michelle obviously I mean all the different things I mean they're good to show here I mean. You know literally to the big leagues and we talk about all aspects of the game of baseball. And it's always honest on the due out in certainly with the chief here each and every week talking about that. Always a lot of fun though we did get the Sox a Major League Baseball and I wanna get your opinion I know a year a year Dodgers Fannie nine leave Cora Dodgers fan I mean. EC would dive team has done this year I mean 81 wins now it's just that health. An amazing amazing season historic season we'll hear impressions of what the Dodgers have been able to do this year. I mean it is it to be honest it reminds in the Golden State Warriors saw that shifted if everything is lining up. They've got the star power they've got young guns they've got the pitching that befell bullpen they've got speed they've got managers that players well placed source. I honestly I I kind of delegates World Series about that share. Yeah I think you're right I think he's exactly because if the Dodgers right now. Let's and then they made the playoffs and you obviously they'll dole had still walk into the playoffs this year because of their their record how could DR but you're right I think if you know right now. If dale win the World Series this year you what is is it a disappointment. For them if they don't the Reuters. I mean where we sat right now. You know with a plan for our shot coming back healthy and having that rotation in order. It would right now if they didn't want a World Series you'd consider that a disappointment. Now you know September 15. No it is everybody else we are we still are we still going mad traction and you know so it is it is it does change it is a fluid situation but. They're aware that there right now I expectations are that ball. Yeah and year in nine and you have to meaning they've been so good and you look at the teams doing their belt I mean so many good young players and in the good Cody Ballinger is done and seeger and and all these young guys but the pitching has been. And even now that Kershaw and you're right and he'll be he'll be back here pretty soon but. Well Kershaw you go how can you get an illegal did you Darvish I mean what was that move I mean how important is that move going to be for them don't solar. Well it's huge because you know nice like Kershaw under the once but Darvish and that the two slot and a five game series. Our and it's got a patent to Brinker shot back on day four now you can bring him back some awful rested they've fired. Which I mean I don't care who you argue would rather have responded by the BitTorrent. So that's huge from that aspect and then you know gets Rich Hill into a better matchup but it's you know whoever whoever the you know Alex Lloyd into a better matchup in the report spot. As opposed to those guys passing the slide into the two spot facing. You know Strasburg that are lower. Pitcher of that like it just it really increases your odds as you move down down irritation. Yeah you're right and I mean you know you think about some ladies other teams are built right now meanwhile he's he's may have one or two. He really good pitchers here I mean I had Rich Hill Alex could I mean you're just four guys right now that at the top of that rotation. Are going to be tough Owen let's not forget about the bullpen McKinley Jansen I mean the Dodgers from top to bottom merger stacked. Gather there and they're in good shape they're really good shape and then they've got a lecture right now making sure that they can you know give a little bit of extra rest here there too. Believers and you know they've got enough of attrition and that and that division where you know it it would that they have a great chance to go into the playoffs really healthy. Yeah they did on your right imminent and maybe it's a good things for Kershaw I mean Ellison not a good thing for him to be heard but maybe gets a little time here they don't really need him right now obviously the way they've they've played but they will need him. Down the stretch. And if he's a 100% and and ready to go down the stretch immune it's going to be a tough tough thing to do is is the face and now occur shot. Let me ask you this I mean what they're doing a division has gone away a nationally is gone. You would think he needs do you imagine the Dodgers will be there in the World Series what are what are your impressions of American link media a lot of all races right now Red Sox yankees still battling. Indians twins royals still battling. Obviously the Astros guilt pretty much run away with Activision only the best team in the America link right now. Yeah I think they're the best team in the division they've got young pitching that's that's really good. They've got young exciting talent up until that got our they've got speed they've got defense. You know it's I wouldn't put them I would say they're necessarily as deep server Dodgers but I would say that it's a pretty similar. Our comparison when you look at the way it goes to all wheel to set up. Well I guess the the probably when it comes down until at the difference will be. Potentially is the lack of experience the Astros have on that roster. As far as playoffs and and the current World Series experience it's it is the young roster. And now let's go two ways you can be a good thing and they're because they don't know they don't know that they should be nervous or it could be a bad thing as you know just because they haven't been there will Wear. You know they tighten up and aren't able. Keep the momentum that they've created in the regular she's going. Yeah you're right and they are and you know and they didn't do anything in the eye to trade deadline and you know Dallas cycle was. Was you know was out there talking about it and and really thought the Astros should the should remain a move they didn't make the most they picked up Francisco Liriano that was all that they did there have been talks of maybe getting Justin for land there are nearly started heating up a little bit this week but now it seems like it cools off a little bit. Were you surprised at the Astros didn't get better there and and maybe make them all for Tim. I know because you know kind of when you look at that rock struck me there ahead of schedule. You know this bit you know bid to the division being a little bit now as far as they they'll well. And and where they're out. I mean they're they're setup right now three years to come. So much and I think you would wanna do as a general manager and that situation. Is go out start giving up you know those guys that are gonna. Come in them but I'll just continue three years to come you know do you prefer us to sit here look at it as. There's just this season but I mean that's that they're set up lately first several years. And yet now you're right I mean you look at what teams like the cubs and even the royals and it seems that continue to deletion every year you have a lot of pieces in. It don't wanna get rid of those pieces but you know right now they hear that they've had. He almost feel like they're just one maybe one good starting pitcher away from from really make it a special season. Yell or you know one of those same sort may be may be. They have more faith and that's third starter that's young guy ought to come in and end and give no great playoff experience. So I mean you know they may be on somebody than them than us on the outside now. Yet now you're right lawyer let's go let's cuts continue America only real quickly. Wanna ask you about your Red Sox yankees Mallon last night that's going to be. A fond division to watch down the stretch here yankees of course listen they went out they made some moves in on a Dave picked up a lot of good young talent last year. And a lot of young talented suited to move they move some this year got some good young players you got some guys that are gonna help him down the stretch here. Red Sox I mean look days. They went off on a big loss season and they brought in David tries who's really not been. But they could've hoped for on the Wendy eight can't cobble Siena loss fifteen million dollars. But the Red Sox and yankees when it comes down so who who do you see in that division there. All of the Yankees have made the moves. You know they saw you know they were they kind of smelled the bay they smelled the chance there's so they made the moves. I think the Red Sox are are in better shape. Right right now this season to to take that. I think good. Early autumn with that Yankee that Yankee roster. I think we saw a little bit about lightning and Apollo there at the beginning of the season they're kind of it's easy to get caught up in it but it's really hard to maintain throughout the course of the 160 cheek. 62 games so. I you know if Qaeda I think true I think I would put money on the Red Sox. Yeah I know I'm right with the I think guys listen I mean we talk about starting pitching I mean doesn't get much better than Chris Sale. They ask Chris sell the top of that rotation is probably gonna win the Cy Young Michigan he's been that good. And you're idealists in the Yankees and they came into this year and we know it's funny because like every year the Yankees are always. How so when an all alum and always seems like if they don't win all it's a disappointment but this year they came into the year list. In no rebuilding we've brought all these young guys in and out here they are these young guys all got off to great starts Aaron judge and all that phenomenal start and you know Gary Sanchez had a really good year. On these guys all got so now the Yankees like well maybe this is our year but I still think it's a little too early for the Yankees I just don't think. When it comes down to it on the even though they've picked up Sonny gray and they have a couple of you know they don't have much pitching I just don't think they're died in the Red Sox are now. Yeah yeah and I completely agree but I must say you know about the moves that they may have been march. In other market kind of moods where they they they they lost a whole lot you know I think they're they're very long term moves and just as much as they are. You know. Looking at this season and yes some engraving on the younger side. I mean you can count on several years of productive pitcher and barring any injuries. That that's a good move you know left and that's a good Smart move where you know you're keeping the future in mind also you know trying to bolster your staff. This year yes now you write and anytime you can make a trading get a guy for a couple years you're right I mean you're not just picking up but you know a guy that's going to be a free agent deal and you're picking up Sonny gray who we do have. For a little while longer I'm you know I look at that division and I and I really do think it's the Red Sox but you know one or the other divisions that's gonna be tough to figure out right now it's got to be the American League central division. You know they didn't think the Indians are just been so good and I mean obviously they go to World Series last year. Twins those of hung around all year I mean they were and they were the first for a long time. And in the royals you know they've now lost five in a row in a good good stretch there where they were playing some great baseball. Any chance of royals get back in this at five games back or is it the Indians division the win. I think it's Indians division to win but I'd I would help oil completely out I mean they do have a lot of experience on that roster. Kind of the way the contracts are set up on that seemed to the guys you think of as far as Kane and all learn the stock is. You know this is this the kind of vehicle with their last straw right now so. You know just there's you know cover. You know kind of a stand of the game. You know like to see those teams that have their you know they're they're they're talent that's come to the system and under if they've got a good push on ya gotta root of that. Yeah I think after I mean isn't that the good story in baseball that deet. Royals you know like to trade deadline you know they could've gone are guys I mean there's there's no doubt about it and maybe the old royals. You know the team that is a small market team that that has to look to the future and may have to get rid of some guys. And they have a lot of guys are gonna going to free agency this year. They could certainly camera some of what they do they kept them. They add it's MP pieces they added Melky Cabrera they they tried to do that here and that's a team you have to root for I agree with you there. Yet now they they are you know it it's you know the David and Goliath story about small payrolls. Homegrown talent you know middle America came a minute you know it's a good story it's a good source I'll definitely for the Indians I have no problem at the Indians you know call over the top and that rotation and I mean that's often got Andrew Miller coming out of the penny got the doors and you know a lot of you know a lot of young needle on players to watch out of it it's added it's a little bit of you're not in the Indian Dicey some of the Astros you know and I think those detained I think about that you know that young. Talented players and you know just that bit and their setup that they're good structure for quite a few years I believe. Yeah they really are you Ryan and you know what they did last year to get to the World Series and it was they came down to the and the mean they almost beat the cubs and out of an interesting story as well yeah those two franchises that. I don't want a World Series in a very long time in the user their cubs of course wanted. But Indians can get back this year it's gonna be a lot of fun down the stretch here. And I'm sure you'll be watching now how much baseball do you get do get to watch a little bit here and there are a lot. I watched based all the time sometimes is a Major League Baseball what are your old little interest in the Steelers. When I first stop violence are you tired I love it like how pulled away from that a little bit I you know I just. You know seeing seeing you at the beginning of April to give the election and stuff and I kind of backed away promoted but a little bit but got back into it now I you know whenever there's a baseball game on. I'm stop it right there. You don't hear it please I'm all MLB network is on the house is on all the time right. Oh yeah. MLB network gone but I do have to do little crossover right now and make sure that I'm. And attention to what's gone on and also that I you were young like in their trek produced some kind of fantasy draft well and editor the end that is is and now you got to get done and now my. There what do ya think that the fantasy draft you got to start doing your researching and get back Owen not. Live I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun doing that did you guys doing it CBC. Diaz did you get to get attache from does that shape but that's that's my question is safe place Jesse focal. Now Alex. And I mean that's like if you're good jab satellite how seriously you really take what I used you know he can't name. He should have been here probably senile we got the word leaked well we have Don it was a hoax right we can't pitch talent captain Nicklas Jimmy jet this whole blood that was a fun on set. Oh and your nose Luther is well. Senate foreign their quarterback situation and I and I you know just from a player standpoint you're definitely can't can't blame them for at least they're investigating that. Yeah no buildings in the city wool wants to talk a little fantasy football at Tia again one of these days and we'll talk us some golf until one day as well. Will let you go John always a pleasure talking to you are a lot of fun. Why come out of the ballpark next week you're your former teams play in the Charlotte ninety iron pigs will be in town does Steele be fairly early jets again. Yeah albeit they're depreciate our call direct. Are right I will definitely do that don't always great to talk to you John nice house on the day in nine thanks so much. It's on the hi Terry is John no lien and estate duke who's the former Lehigh Valley iron pigs pitcher. And of course I'm now a CBC is good good friend of the show always great to talk to him not. A guy that let you know as being a little funny was a good thing you know he locks on baseball online Major League Baseball guy who is who knows his sudden those again inside and out. And those are really good job their self we are gonna take a quick break when we come back. At the top of the hour allowed. SNC. 10256. KWNBC. Yeah. We're creating senior PSL source sports glass. The third round of 2017 and 199 PGA championship was under way here at quail hollow. Notables on the course right now JB Holmes was three birdies in his first. Seven holes is plus eight from the turn at three under for the day Webb Simpson has won over through his first four holes. He's plus five to determine if they can south Carolina's cereal can accuse America Dickey Marciano sit atop the lead at eight under. They tee off a little bit later on around 2 o'clock A Dickey Nostradamus three wins by the way. This season title in Jordan speed Dustin Johnson. For the most on the PGA tour this season. He is looking and we consecutive tournament for the first time it also grabbed his first major. Chris Stroud finished off a strong second round this morning with a birdie to par so he's in a tie for third and Jason Day at six under trouble tee off at 150 along with Italian. Francisco Molinari. Crushed of course yesterday. In the second round at eight under 64. Matching Marciano for the low round on the championship Louie. Who's the highs and often Tina who wanted DOC Molinari. Are tied for fifth at five under other notables teeing off later on Ricky Fowler Justin Thomas Paul Casey starts the day tied for seventh at three under. They're set for 1:40 PM tee time Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson begin play at 810 shots off the lead. Rory is set to go twelve when he Dustin Johnson at 1150 you can catch hole by hole action beginning at 2 PME tailers are there. And a great folks in Westwood One right here on WFAZ as we bring you live coverage of that championship does leave a more complete. This proxy by key why island golf resort. Crowds I'll be 20/20 one PGA championship. Tony hit man and that's no fly. 102560. At WNBA season. It's now we have. Stereo vision is an amazing new technology that lets you hear 1025 WS fancy stereo on the MM dot. 10256. Hit WNBA and see. Good afternoon talented team around him and he still is an issue every baseball report update John Carlos standard and again last night launches Major League leading fortieth home run of the season. Marlins a 63 win over Colorado Iraqis. Yankee snappy Boston Red Sox in game winning streak last night's five run eighth inning did the Sox in it was a 54 victory for the New York Yankees analyst Chapman load the bases in the ninth when no out. Yankees however held on for the victory former Charlotte nights earlier Reynaldo Lopez who is White Sox debut last night was sharp over six innings. Sox scored four in the seven beat the royals six to three. Tolerant city internationally nights when their second straight game last night a really I value our pigs who Coca-Cola park in Allentown Pennsylvania series continues tonight. At 6:35 PM fisheries sort of hard drug July North Carolina you triple SA baseball and fast pitch. Visit their website at NCU's triple SE sports dot com I'm telling Indians I know that's happening UW offense he studios. Then minded Chevrolet Buick GMC in Concord has been vehicle for you for a new or premium vehicle we had an incredible selection and guaranteed lowest price and minding concorde is the Carolinas truck headquarters and we're proving it every day we have over 100 trucks to choose from like 2017 Silverado double can boast 36195. Now only 28977. So if you're in the market for that new or used vehicle comes CS today at minus Chevrolet Buick GMC in Concord shops some moderate minded. 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They're like they think really the biggest thing for me is that this is trying to continue to learn every day you know I got lucky to come and the Panthers where there's so many seasoned vets who can. You know show me the ropes and a lot of people who learned from. Welcome back city she remains glory for a little Bruce Springsteen and get us back here time and as you know allowed in the studio and oh yes Lindsay each and every Saturday. Chase are a sign they'll be back next week in thanks to our guests are John and as for joining us. Always great to talk to him enough really excited for our next guest really really Exxon had an opportunity meet him of course. Has to PR director for the Charlotte knights an opportunity to meet that the him and then 2014. As he came through as a player for tonight's and now he's the manager. Of the canal plus and simulators and has had a lot of success is a great job. And it's not low and Justin juror Sri Justin Tommy loan Charlotte, North Carolina you Dylan. Not a very good or good good thank you so much for first for doing this so they really accretion got a busy. Nine heady it's an idol let the little double header action forests and Aaron. Yeah we do two games first forms start at 5 o'clock tonight. Yes so two damsel her into Annapolis tonight of course I you to check amount of the tickets are available of course and some New Year's baseball dot com. Just and it's been a really really good season a first season for you as a manager here for the intimidator is. Oh let's start let's start right from the beginning here you get the job as a manager of the intimidator is. What was that like Soria. Obviously very Boston very fortunate. You know what does this should go Lloyd sucks okay in this goal and I was just very excited to get going this year with sit. Got a great staff here at Annapolis was you know Jamie does Newton had the last team took Derek goalies seven. Yes there are great years spending that's been a lot of fun I think we've we've done a good thing he's in and discontinued and it can help develop these young guys. Yeah I know you're right in there's a lot of you know look at. He'll allies have been on the White Sox so smiling system this year White Sox have made a lot of trees have brought a lot of good young players in. Our free you just and as a first year manager there and meant the 127 years old and help a lot of people make that as a thing is he now. Here is the youngest manager Marley and his final look at it like that I'm no look at a guy like you who. Who has the a great pedigree and a guy who hasn't a grandfather and a father who's been in the game and of course your dad. Third base coaching Kansas City has this always been something you wanted to do a growing up as is not only be a player. But then turn on an Indian manager. Yeah I think so you know obviously wouldn't say group in the game you know every day and other summer I was goes around baseball for the most burden the child and I would want to be in baseball. Quite I don't know what was said but. Nowadays that's what can expect to be coaching by by Tony five what I was not only seven managing that tax. You know I think seven Hillary don't have firm believer that he and I guess that I'm just very fortunate and blessed that the boy's side to give me this opportunity. Yeah you're right in you know they they've given you such a great opportunity and you've done such a great job with that. Take me back to you know when you guys won the first half this season will lose out like Jimmie and boy what a great experience a must have been for you and for all the guys there. There was you know it was started 17. Not the start obviously that anybody wants but you know it really proud that the groups that we had. I think they you know have very little rattled off a few wins to go 17 I think this stared get a little conference call on him. You know start to look around and see each other in Encino we have some special so we're very very capable of doing. And you know they like has said they they really came together and sub so the light at the end of the tunnel there and said let's go vote region. Unfortunately they did. He had a dead end and obviously now on the second half here as a manager and again. A semi looking at guys they're all you know you're in an intense single like young players and an ago I got a Shih Tzu strategy this year and you guys bring him in and immigrant also is how does a very good year and you guys on either delights I make a trade with the Yankees and you bring in Blake rather for itself there's been a lot of moving pieces and a lot of guys coming going that's my league baseball for yet hasn't been as as have been tough for you to tell manage or is it just something that comes natural. Yeah I know I'm I would say it's been tough it's it's very and therefore any you know that a lot of mote like certain. Lotta Lotta long long meetings start on doesn't. And it just making the transition for the activities are ordinary guy kids that they have come from college. You know started their years and then in January this year. And another kid who got in the trade obviously they're coming over and then there's their brand name of the organizational don't know anybody so. But it said you know at all one piece here together just trying to make it as smooth transition we can for these kids then. And they in the most comfortable because we can't every single bit that you go in there and do their. Yeah absolutely in no talk in the Justin's usually get a manager of the temple is intimidator is and other home tonight for a for a double header. I just and he knew in the us some of those guys have that a jazz the one guiding the name is Jay Berger how much is he impressed you so far this year. Jason tumble little kid first and foremost food which aired very brings you know on and off the field. And visit this says. It's realistic likely to see how much politics and have. Our baseball field needs is for sure that that type the cared you know it got a smile on stage you know. The news here three days in your third here for two weeks. The waiting that's been but and obviously you know what he does cynically as physical talent. You know it is goes without amnesty or you know been in our first round pick this year you know it's going to bed obviously very very well. Is that we get tremendous talent he moves well at surveys. There's are more flow over there as well. Yeah and now he's done a great job for yes when you guys I mentioned Tom. The current Al folks who a lot of eyes have been on him I just a twenty year old kid and he's had a a very dear it seems like you know obviously what would my jobless deny each year. I keep denying all the young prospects in this organization in. Yes they are now the Lopez goes out there we've seen mark kind of go up and we see always guys. A continue in the move levels and here's a guy that does had a very good years there with the only year maker Adolfo what have you seen out of this great twenty year old kid. Small fortune have to to see Michael Lester in Annapolis and unprofor here visiting guys here and and now obviously not this year but I think the biggest since we're in the cheers is the confidence well you know he's. Because our success this year is. But tremendous years horses didn't in the middle of the orient them or all since. Well when. But you know just the competency he brings to the table every single mind and it ought that swagger a little bit her and it's extremely fun to watch. Yeah now he's a great job and it seems like you know Hammond and analyze these kids have all. Put together is very successful seasons for ya. When you when you think back in when you sit down as a manager he ever again after Syria may be or is there ever been an opportunity come up where may be if he giving data call and ask him for a little nicer is that is it is that too tough to do and and it kind of grind that is the baseball season. Oh no doubt no dove on consulate writing things down and you know well it's certainly game or before or after. On transparent they found you know that's that's so people are not so I learned in. And you know that's one thing my dad told me you know or David Stern coach and was you know you're gonna learn you're gonna learn some new cable or learn some every day in this game and and the daily thank you know it all and you learn it all the time in my book factor bags because you're never gonna know Obama's game. If you think it. Well he's done a great job all year this year and you know you mentioned your staff. A great stassen a guy. There we know very familiar here and now Charlotte is on his mantle ASCII who. Who started the most games in Charlotte knights history. And I go no successful career with tonight's how much has he done for you as the pitching coach. He's an absolute tremendous you know that the relationship seminar have as they're not someone. That goes right along with the relationship he has with all the pitchers you know have good videos come in every day parade to work very analysts in the animal and what he has. So for them and I think just seeing some of the shirts so our pitching guys that made this year that are pregnant all the years. It is a testament to what Matt doesn't and from what Matt able called Dora the Christian guy. Yeah well you listen I wish you guys all the success I continue and to keep benign you just in it was it was great thing to get to know you hear a little bit din know Charlotte. When had an opportunity to play for tonight's in an and 1415 and I wish you a lot of luck the rest of the year it's been a a lot of success story and and we're so happy for yet continue doing what you're doing and we don't do six to keep in touch. They often thanks again for having me and don't forget first thousand fans and I get a free. Cap was until there's local baseball. I saw somewhat to make sure let down a couple times Justin thank you so much. And I don't does baseball still. I IRS. There has just dangerously thank you so much for joining us are really appreciate them a great job I mean he really really has. That team is playing well I'm you look at what they did. You know and listen I mean being in my early this morning you see on the moves at that these. Marley teams especially an organization now like the White Sox were there are so many. You know good young talented prospects in this organization and as a manager on the you know and listen a guy who's a former player. He he he knows these guys and he's he's worked hard with them you could see it. And now you look at this roster up and down and you look at some of these names and these are guys that. Charlotte knights fans listen you see these guys and a couple years guys like T Berger. I'm Gavin Shih Tzu is you know it got and is there is loses a son Larry Shih Tzu. I don't forget play from the Charlotte goes Bakken and myself to be fun to see him come through and then of course Mike you're Adolfo hoot. He like I said you always see his name out there because it seems like. Each and every night he's doing some consult. Really appreciate. Just injure actually first time tonight they do you have a game tonight in the double header it is a global baseball giveaway tonight first 1000. Fans will get that done it's a double header you get in. You're the C two ball games tonight so we know what that's like over a BB Tebow talk always not a fun when you get to see to baseball games and that does star sat 5 o'clock tonight. In Annapolis we thank Justin. For joining us and not give a shout out to to Josh Feldman to first from you can happen so. Appreciate that very much and I certainly wishing employee and his team and Angela scheme a lot of success there twos and a great job and of course. I spent a lot of years. When TI Charlotte knights so good luck to those guys the rest of the way. Let's go back to amaze and Isabella. It on a couple things before we before we go today in just fifteen minutes or so left in the show it's always a lot of fond. A talk in baseball but you know I saw some denial opulent argument doesn't belong crazy about this Derek Jeter. Is now gonna own. The Miami Marlins I don't know what to make a list I really all in all honesty and we know they listen if it's got to be good for baseball. Right I mean just past the beach when the Marlins have had a lot of troubles over the years I mean you listen. He Jeffrey Loria is on that team. They've had success they've won World Series on this gotten rid of a lot of guys over the years and they just and a lot of trouble drawing fans. And now. You know Derek Jeter's coming in does that mean they're urging the people right away are gonna draw fans out SA Derrick what is mean is Derek Jeter going to be there every night. I mean what's how are they gonna just all of a sudden star Johnson and Selz. I'd love to see what what comes of this size certainly wish to Miami morals a lot of success with their G if my one big question as to the Yankee fans. Now this does Derek jeers does that is he going to be around the Yankees anymore probably not I mean he. Won't be able to beer and the Yankees as much as he once was. Now owning and the Miami Marlins so it's going to be interesting to see what this does. Listen the money Mars and had a lot of good young players they have a good young lot of young players right now mean Jon Karl stand here and we see any update forty home runs. You got to expect him to have another a big year this year India next year and for a lot of years to come. Listen though the Marlins have some good pro prospects and some good players. It's always tough to win. And for the Marlins they've had a lot of troubles over the years so we'll see if this translate to success. On the field and at the gate so so good luck two then certainly in no militia who wish Derek Jeter a lot of luck there with the Marlins. But other things have talked about of course dimension the the Charlotte knights who are in the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania. Tonight they wrap up the series against the iron pigs that's tomorrow. Off day on Monday in your packet beatings he ball park on Tuesday big big week. Don says schedules for a six game home stand. At of course BBC ball parks are in on Tuesday 7051. Pitch is he too little much tends. Coming into town and and of course to Lehigh Valley iron pigs will come in next week logical and honestly can no one of the guys a warning don't shown there was an opportunity again this week but that Jack Morris. Will be at the ballpark on Wednesday it's moustache bash. And that's going to be a lot of fun so if you have a moustache if you have seen a sort of a mustache like I have heard goatee or a beard. Come on out from moustache bash is present by sheer excellence on Wednesday Jack Morris will be there signing autographs. Taken pictures with the Imus going to be a lot of fond lot of good things coming up this week at BB NT ballpark make sure you check out our website at Charlotte knights dot com. And you know one hit on a couple of Major League Baseball topics too because as we we talk each and every week you got to think about. Just the way this season is being going you look at you know listen I'm nineteen in the Nazi youth who have just had a you know. Not a good year I mean they just have not mean he'd think about. Teams that have taken a step back this year. And teams had a lot of high hopes going into this year the Mets was certainly one album and they certainly under achieved. This year and it's been I've been a tough tough year for the Mets who have the vision. All right now you look at them just talk about the Marlins rainy at the Marlins who. Listen hill six games on the 500 OK I mean you know you've had a tough offseason. And you come into this year but the match right now has been the team that you have to look at and say. Now when you think about underachieving teams they have to be number one I mean nine games. On their 500. You lost about all the injuries he could do that and we need to use in the guard out and party out. Max was out all these guys that were out more hurt and god that's certainly been a big part of it. But the matches didn't do enough to make themselves better this year I think that's what's gonna be a when it's all said and done and then they don't get Richie Bruce. You save some money Danny disable little low little money there so they did that. Sixteen games out of the nationals and of course the nationals who'd just had these very good year in the nationals send me right now. When you when you also and I I was gonna win that division. Where they gonna fall when the season is over. I don't know I I don't look at the nationals as a tough team I really just don't I mean that the cubs. And the Dodgers obviously doctors we'd better. And the Dodgers had a phenomenal year we talked to John and us about that that was a lot of fun but I'll we'll see what happens mommy can look forward to. What chase and I always look forward to its playoffs and the playoffs. Are around the corner of course she got one more month here and an August. Wrap up the month in September. And then get into the postseason and before you know it you be talking post season baseball. And is going to be exciting to see you're still our divisions to win and right now you have done the American League east is still up for grabs. American League central still up for grabs and then you're done of course the American League central the national essentials up for grabs as well I mean I did I just. The cubs to me should've run away with Activision already and have. And that's to me has been a big surprise that they haven't been able to do that they were so good last year and they went out they get can kind of can Thomas Dunne. You know he's OK I mean he hasn't been in the contaminated you'd hope for me still listening so they could not. And that's gonna help them but the cardinals very disorganized and a few weeks ago the cardinals' season was over. I mean Nene just you know they've they weren't doing anything needed they've lost a lot of games in the bullpen. And the cardinals were Jewish drug. Real I mean just honestly struggle and so it's a play consistent baseball. And what do they now done it now won seven games in a row and they're playing really good baseball therefore reams up over 500 adjusting team back of the cubs. And it's gonna be really exciting to see if the cardinals can come back. And win that division on people were down on the cardinals for a while there they were playing you know listen it was struggle. I mean there really. And you know as he said. This could be a division that the brewers can win this could be division that the pirates can win this can be a division at the cubs could win. And the one team he almost forgot about. Louis the cardinals. And now they continue to play good baseball they've won these last 107 in a row and listen I mean they've done a good job here recently. Another good win last night you look at what they can do going forward that's gonna mean if that's in me right now. If I had taken division right now and I just I don't know what to make of it because you know lemur you know national and east as one by hailed the nationals. You know the national west is won by the Dodgers. You know an anti American west is won by the Astros. I could I'm pretty sure and even John Minnesota the Indians had a good chance to win the central. Red Sox and yankees are gonna battle in the east but I really think that the division the watch is going to be essential because all eyes have been on the cubs all year. And they've been up and down a lot of the year they may some good moves state has some guys. But that's a tough division because the pirates are gonna hang around the brewers the brewers still hang around at 59 and 59 they knew that. Strong start was gonna come back down to earth a little thin and has. But the content cardinals right now. The cardinals. Our team the lot so we'll see what happens here on the as we move forward because the St. Louis Cardinals. Have a good opportunity we'll certainly be inferred from Mike Schultz and the guys out there. It's been enough on the watch him play this a good baseball that they complain now seven in a row and eat. Otherwise sending good opportunity to the play against the Atlanta Braves that helps a little bit of praise of loss for around seven. Of their last ten on a lot of fun soccer and baseball what DH in every Saturday we certainly miss our buddy here Jack Shea truly back. Next week and now certainly thanks to two duke. John and us for. Joining us and not always a lot of fun talking baseball and there's so many good things talk about. Each and every week on the show and that's what's so special about the show I think is that. He doesn't say in the beginning you talk Little League to the big leagues and there's just so many good baseball people that have joined us you know you think about to shill from. They won and now all the great people that have joined us over the years we've had guys like Al Leiter on and we've had. We've had hall of famers on her fingers as Julianne we dead wrestler is. I mean Jerry King Lawler joins us this year so saw a lot of fun and ill of another. A great guest makes a million dusty wants an end. Next weekend a lot of fun to talk to him is he'll be in town as the iron pigs will take on the Charlotte knights at PD NT ballpark. And then looking forward got a big week planned on the week of Labor Day weekend and done a lot of announcements coming up next though weaker so. What the Charlotte knights to announce some really exciting things happening PDT ballpark on September 1. So stay tuned for that and will she be updated because. Should NASA greet guests coming in the week of us September 2 and open to do that should only be lied to deviancy ballpark we would do little remote. Now we can have some fun there. So always a lot of fun talking baseball idea and you know it is a lot of fun when you think about. Gaza just injure Sri join the show. Who is been you know in baseball his entire life and you know one of the questions was asked to Moses. Now is that I mean look look does he gets sillier he talks a little bit. But does he gets a follow his dad and just see what they've done I mean obviously with the royals now and what they've had no done this year with his own in the past few years. And it's certainly been a lot of fun there are so. Boston you'll get Justin back on one of these days and certainly wish him a lot of luck with the intimate eaters who but who do have the double header tonight in ten apple us. I'm done so shares were missing yeah we hope pure doing well on the baseball diamond today. Somewhere I'm Carrie. North Carolina of course in nine do a lot of good things here in USA baseball. And Don you know it's certainly always great to talk to you and I'm looking forward to being back in the studio. Hopefully Bakken studio nothing to back. I'd be back next week it's mostly joins us. Next week. On the shelf RE a few minutes left to saddle solid. Appreciate you joining in each and every Saturday here. On the shoe for baseball record one thing I did want to mention. As we are coming up on nine. You'll tonight's coming back home next week is going to be and a busy week in the ballpark wondering element is to Xeon. Big Bobble head next week the ballpark and there's John Hancock bottle right next week that's stimulus fund the real Paul Cameron Bobble head. On August 29 in the ballpark so some great getaways. Fireworks on Wednesday as well to Feyerick shows next week. And deviancy ballpark on Wednesday August 16 and then more more again on Friday August 18 so a lot to do is there. And deviancy ballpark it's going to be a lot of lot of fun. The Baltimore won I think no one imagine till I just thought of that. My body Tim's birthday and mentioned that happy birthday to him I don't know if he's listened to Asia he listens to us. Each and every Saturday and distraught and I think is seen as an enemy like it don't opening up its act. That's enjoyable funny self. I'm happy birthday to my buddy Tim. Thanks for us for listening always and we really appreciate into just a lot of fun to talk baseball lithium. I was always a lot of fun talk India were alert LO let this go here we appreciate yet. He joining us today it's always a fun issue of a baseball report each and every Saturday. Live on WF fans C she's back at us next week time is via viola. Thanks for listening. He's out.