Ryan Finley On Garcia And Bailey

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Thursday, July 19th

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We got a conversation coming up and the folks here shortly ago wanna hear and we'll throw heads that ought to so we talk a little football with I definitely. We're back we have these state wolfpack you gotta side kick your it was a must I catered Concord north coach torrents on it's the thing. Which is put it that record had little while ago not adorned. But we're gonna do with Ivan tag team in the days they kill some analysts say something really quickly the NC debt doesn't get mad at me that people back daughter. Look like to be against that football. Yup there's very player. All probably crying for help drive and only because that's it and it is it's it's it's helmet hit that home and say that's all right so well but your perspective first to dig stuff but were expected to talk to and he popped in the and it's an audit. This feels like program with a lot of momentum right now does it feel that way in the locker room I think so I think for here. Think you know we have a cold bill and standards that were we're excited a couple things when apple game it's that fashion. It's you know in that ninth land and then seamless. Our guys then moved on to. To accomplish. There their quest for their dreams. I don't know we got a lot going for us right now in recruiting just you know see him. All forward. You know we have a lot of men were excited about it. How do you replace which lost a meal that night and with the implication is that you can't just have no idea that it looked like. While I think the first part got. Are our wide receiver corps. With Helen's death and to coach. You know closer comfort three stars behind him back here. See today. Really really town to do with a lot of game experience. You know look on those guys they're very hard workers like team would disagree with the Hartford group on the team. Com and obviously with the off line here at republic backers sinners that he's the only he's really taken the band of Brothers offensive line comment. And let them. You know Tyler Jones picked the at left guard left tackles though. We have a lot of experience a lot of lot of dispatcher players. I think. It's exciting and the laws that's opportune. A lot of guys there are way too often did to play. And I like that have learned from those guys. Pain got. To have the Steelers. You know that differences you know that it looks like there. The slide into that Robert's article goes on. How how have you gotten better. What you've done to change within minutes. No picnic for me is that stance art mentally. I mean streak with. A lot of studies expert. You know game situations. And it. Watch. Before half you know form drive to cut different ways that we keep it better situation law. You know from need is always you know worked on the accuracy on my mind it's more activities and be better in the pocket. Can run tougher. It's where the first announced that run its line. We'd take off when human influences but it does on it does things like that it is. These instances he wants. And you know all of this talk about your lives to the first priority when it state known as a football players I would imagine what with football for long on him or a lot of that is about prepared yourself the next level yeah course. Who knows fund. You know to possibly have the opportunity contemplated leaving early you know that lots right guys. That's draft process. So but that's the triumphantly quarterback of the audience least it will vacuum is. Here on radio row and shortly what you don't want. What it would as you're leisure activities with. Well it's not very easily but like all. Tough but a note true hurts. Words a play a lot of golf agreed to. Why that's on top of shows. That facility what does. That is the summing it. It's right now. We just finished Kiki blinders is that accurate it would don't watch that for months. Yeah yeah it's had to miss that promise this Watson's again love mom it's. Iowa. What's the gist of what's that about. Cottages. Mobs. Yeah I like like a mob in Birmingham just controls everything. The columns that the peak blinders. Now. You cord cutter which would you Netflix. But he did up to that really just depends on account yet you know. I love the we don't do it yeah we don't yet it is what is it. And Max out Max out accounts on all the side of accident watch the to veto authority kicked up a little choked all the time. Like on my blog at the account from. It is the passwords. This ridiculous you educate me out you're out there that if that. I would get a football that the defense there you go has lost a lot of the distance and I know you plan on replacing it did defense and run not. If you're gonna see those guys there recently practiced yet these statements you can't see it every day with the defense. Well go back to spray as well. Yeah I think well. The giver of what to. So he got there and rose around the flames in big. Should Fraser well. Grant and transfer Al so it is just a lot of guys that are we're looking at the just you know give him and then to see others on the and his. The defense alliance obviously. You know press press on your summer but Pratt Pratt's got the linebacker. Please. Led by hand and some really really like athletic talented dancers mark one. An honest in our secondary. You know a lot of like leadership would decks into areas and then I think huge addition to our team was thieving Griffin's transfer to Tennessee. In Houston before us. In. It's a great quarterback and he's here he's surprised it is our. On his approach to the game so you're going to be exciting just to watch kind of both forehand. Target before which ago me you look at this schedule. If you you can navigate this judgment that's. That's tough start meant that you've got a team that played that battle played yet the FCS national championship game last year 112 years ago you know James Madison distorted due West Virginia weep every. You're at Marshall that's no slouch of this. Right before you get to the conference play you guys have been tested. Yes I mean it's it's going to be fun it's it's going to be a challenge obviously. There's not one team on schedule that we're gonna take lightly and you know hollered to answer right now it is on James Madison. What's on I was on ourselves right now but we'll quickly we'll get to James Madison it's going to be full force towards them there's not taken them lightly there they're grateful faulty human. The company and our place. 11 beat him. What statement mr. and he got robbed last year. That. They go. Back. North Penn right from the stuff on radio citizens. And we appreciate the op on the ball.