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Monday, June 18th

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Ryan Bailey with. With Yahoo! Sports video editor around talk as a soccer with a dry and first thanks for being here are you are you keep it around this game right now. I had yet like you know I think Mahan thank you thank a bit BL I think we've stepped let them their. So I want to I was in Heathrow this is long time ago and I was waiting in line to get on a plane. And my wife and who who's from the UK from Scotland. Actually says the girls to an excuse patsy cans it. And sure enough it was in the course sailors that are was William Gallagher at the time they were dating. Much smaller than you think he has. I. He wears the park oh well right it kind of helps bill amount a little bit but let's talk about what we seen so far I'm really quite frankly there there have been a few shocks in the first couple days of the turn the first of all let's start with the big game from you know from yesterday Germany you're defending champs. They lose their first game here in the states of course we are all panic mode. One loss is the end of the world is at the end of the world for Germany two gonna lose two to frankly a very good Mexico to put a great game. I don't think it into the look. And panic yet you left hooking up looking to become about it B duration Hewitt I delegate at. That the moral more regroup a wool carpet tumble we get brought. And when you look at previous waited they don't always get off to a flying well when I want to look up and went deep and fatal bet a game to put them in pretty hectic action and I'm gently and not 1982. They went for the final I don't think all out to be Geico just yet. The week in any give a lot of credit to make bigger they. Sydney at Germany number at Mac game they will they look period with that take they were counter acting like crazy and they may can be looked pretty amateur by comparison. Yeah this is the Mexico team a lot of fans and soccer jurors have been watching waiting to see for quite awhile to be able to put the complete game together Ryan Bailey is Willis from Yahoo! Sports in the tech become guess I talk a little World Cup and it really isn't trezeguet yet Germany won't panic but there's a lot of pressure on Germany has a lot of pressure on Mexico but there is a ton of pressure. And Argentina. And one early in a messy and that was not the opening game that they were opened force they end up. Within a draw with Swiss Icelander 11 draw by the way I Ryan would we had decided here that. We were gonna root Streisand's since the US team was not as a world we're actually taking credit for this amazing draw between ice RT. Until they appreciate your get like you very much but I yeah out how to indicating that all one draw. We've gotten a very disappointing result brought him in a sixteen to three final and that all three major competition they find it in the look of course in quite people. And also story just a fantastic story than they got a dentist for coach right there at their goalie who stopped a nasty penalty shot is that directs commercials I mean what's going on here. Yeah threat that the law. I'm glad that it. It any thought I picked it up we quite evident do well beaten it yet it basically gotten so light it up Allah ought about been eight or the other game and it culminated up all critical they keep it. That they look don't look at it you England and Europe what you speak being too Dominic iron in which angle now a well. Ought to CNET should have beat call competitive because they had that spending was terrible all credit I learned the art computer at not to spend a good game we we know they're ballot but we got the call made it. Acting led and probably the best player in the world lately I've met bait and the old and a Dutch. Count epic it I think you can AT and people in championship. And when he got had a good beat and Argentina there and you probably don't Brazil don't eat now than it connect what you trouble. You know. Size is not the defining thing in soccer watching that game ice and ours that was struck by the fact that it literally looked. Like men playing with children just the size differential between them these vikings from Iceland. And these guys Martina. But that amount of pressure we were touchdown on Leo Messi I mean especially after what we saw Cristiano Ronaldo duke with Portugal in the opening game. I mean Messi is is is great as he is. He's been disappointing in times. On the biggest international stages. But it exactly you know we we cannot you'll pay we've degraded I have been able spot between right now though it may be I always sided with right now they're. But could it be great. Think people let any bullet different kinda go be that big guy beaten get get to play it. Bottle that he's been up in the big moment. When it Matt we being met the eye but they go to three final and all year. He didn't wait and I think he didn't write the occasion we Ebert out there playing I think Portugal made a bet you'd rival. Get hat trick people a law made it free kick to get the pearl at at the chop. Not many free kick. Edit and it'll all you can say they're different they're the man out at the big I think we're now they're definite at the edge and he showed it. Brian Kelly I was forced windows on line and Ryan. Listen I went to bed last night dreaming about soccer I woke up with a fistful anymore Jersey where the officials too lenient. In the way they know how many martyr just did bang man grabbed and knocked over and it seemed like there there weren't. A lot of serious fouls golden. It was an ugly saunter. Bleeping get. But I'll be up a untamed. If you beat a girl I think we might be out of the car caught eight bit aren't I in the nearly every single week you get. You can't tackle like crazy people begin to about it ornament and they looked bang bang you what are twilight you wanna. I'm being what it regularly open sorry into the yet that I don't know one of the big things about it well how is that they'd pay off that video that rep. Referee boat that the red wreath at the hole. That be a little bit more lenient on the BO. I think that the controversial call will go to media Macon give up that that under the broke it a bit older. So right we have fast because you know there's a little bit of the controversies. Swirling around former US international player and and you know frankly American soccer legend Landon Donovan. Who got to put out a snow statement saying that he was rooting for Mexico in their win over Germany and you know in the Mexico US rivalry is intense if you've ever watched those games you know whether it's in the states are down there and Azteca. So people are given grief to landed which when he gets a lot of grief let's be honest about that vote is it isn't a big deal are all as this you know really just you know you got to pull for your CONCACAF teams. I am the pride not a big appeal are really don't let it be on it beyond that I mean look the lack compare it it. England weather it well cop it's been made yet England soccer thought they'd expecting that I think you go to the vote Germany at the Portland or if you go to the bowl prop. He's an icon you're a doubt you know it will not be that. I get the fat evil that the ordeal local cap but but their. Biggest rival quietly back then I I codified I don't have the bad medical. Last question for you rhyme barely from Yahoo! Sports with a solitary to come get signed and it was still early. Who's your pick to win and on does that change it all based on what you've seen in the first couple games. Oh boy well I pick my pick the model quit or Germany because you never dedicated to Jenin that basically a law. Talk. And I kind of built a big Google Lauren and all and I think a repeat the ultimate. But are thinking of all the eighteen of them a kind of all the Gemini bolt that brought only typical Australia we ought to 800 built. Not quite getting there and Derek in game. The only people think cute really showed they are at many ul. He ate I mean daily they'll look record outright reject it a lot minute. I think they might go I shop at a feeling mate might they might get it well. The doors open very Canaan and then the lions right. So fast. I'll take I mean that able parity the Indonesian idol I've made. Iceland all the way Ryan Bailey thanks for joining us to talk a little World Cup soccer and oh well keep it and on the days will be keeping an eye on you Yahoo! Yahoo! Sports. I.