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Tuesday, August 14th

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The world of sports never stops to catch you what with the latest here's the rundown. On WFAN seen. Nick Wilson Josh par shall Stewart Mandell the athletic joins juice in fifteen minutes for an ACC preview he'd pull one up on the athletic will. Ask him about why he picked things the way he did what he likes is there anybody they can challenge Clemson. And irony. Irony defined at 130. So. Excited to get to this one. In the meantime Sirius XM's Ross Tucker joined us at 11 o'clock as he will do every Tuesday. At 11 o'clock throughout football season discuss the Panthers he shared his thoughts on the Panthers receiving corps and the absence of gallon Benjamin. ID DJ Moore is going to be fantastic other the best receiver. In the draft. You know they've got a bunch issues similar to Benjamin. In a lot of ways to still have Torrey Smith pitchers speed element entertainment so and I remember. Don't amend your mood in the out of a lineup for buffalo last year he was banged. I don't think he'll have a great year. And I think they'll end up playing tomb maybe even three quarterbacks this year buffalo. I know they look pretty you can the other night. I don't expect them had a pretty a very good he's been the only way you would put up numbers are probably beat frankly a lot of garbage time sanity in numbers. When they're behind I think the bills. Probably win five maybe six games this year. Just a reminder the rundown is brought to you by mark Spain real estate now with a guaranteed offer your home sold to guaranteed march Maine dot com. Built gonna struggle this year and there's no question they have the more struggles coming their way quarterback in the app with the absence of Tyrod Taylor so Kelvin Benjamin I don't know is going to make Carolina play. For him being now of north but as far as the Panthers receiving corps is concerned DJ Moore to India breakout player. DJ Moore the more exotic and to see him on the field I think he's going to be a tremendous rookie I think he's going to be a candidate for ovens a rookie of the year I think he really could be that guy I think he's going to be the best receiver on the painters and I'm including given funds it. I would be blown away is an offensive rookie of the year this year wasn't a quarterback given how many were drafted high I think one of these. So look passed by the I don't know what we would bat I have no dignity your shameless Tibet. Died I'll say this about DJ Moore I like DJ Moore a lot. But BO Ross they're referring to him as the best receiver in the in the in the draft that he thought of OK that's great but but you're one expectations. You are equal we get into what are the rightful expectations to have free young player. I think she needs to be if a real. Strong point of the offense but to say he's going to be offensive rookie of the year I say let's get a lot candidate he does that say one Barkley let's let's remember that this idea what is it my credits but I I think. I really hope that he is. 6070800. Yards five with Ford and nine touchdowns. I think anything within there your EU should be thrilled about I feel like people are really taking Smith these words to heart that this is gonna be the guy that performs like Steve Smith. A lot of guys have a lot of people out there compared him to Anquan Bolden fumbled was rookie year on it 2003 draft night included Carson on though. Ams and literal with your comparisons cry and I'm I'm not saying he's gonna win rookie of the year but I'm saying I think you could be the best counsel to the same type of thing which Tennessee dad. DJ motorists minorities in my novels and he's. That I can't help it I'm Todd is you start to show it to go to the today we come full circle I thought about it and remind notes say this is rated him number two to remove the brothels advertised on Thomas Davis is PD's suspension expressing that it's common for veteran players to get caught up involved PDs. A lot of times the guys that are using PE these are big guys. You know in their early to mid thirties. You know have put lunchtime in the league and might have a good track record but they're trying to stay in the lead. But they're trying to get an edge to be able to continue. To play at a high level so there'd be a lot of guys that might fit that category that's pretty good looking for. I think it's got to be evacuated. To manage it won't be the opposite like thomas' thirty fives you know how are you didn't know. That you don't put anybody. Without the team approving it is like beyond me and I'm very very surprised. They put himself in this position. Ross is a really unique thought process on this being a former player I certainly respect his on and respect as it is his. His experience of somebody who fought for roster spot whose career was ended prematurely by neck injury. I will say this though I do not give a rip about PDs just don't. Is as long as what somebody's taking is not endangering their life honestly. I just don't care I don't care I'd people say that they are cheating the game. I'm sorry that's a great line you didn't play foot you you were not an NFL player when admiral players feel that way I understand why they said don't care at all. I do think that if there and what we're going to have a sliding scale and any thing. Domestic violence let's wait until the the court case or whatever is over dead in the NFL examines the case. Firm punishment if there raise it if if it's not proven within a reasonable doubt or what every wanna call it. When we get into DB's let's let's address the human element of this. They are veterans that are fighting for their career for the end of their career it is a human thing for somebody who's been and that does the league. Is long NCAAs I just think it's a very simple process you allow each guy suspended for PED's to have an independent hearing. Where they have to go around and say why they shouldn't be suspended the full 44 games. And they'll still be suspended they have to be suspended at least one game for PD's. But giving in to look what I do in the community look what I've done listen it was a lapse in judgment. Allow at least allow them to defend themselves because that's what is never given in the court of public opinion. It is just constantly no bitch into the game bleed them. Nick I think you're opening a pandora's box if you start to allow character and lonely spot away there's a date coupons in the top. As the days go by I don't listen might I want you on TV quite okay all right. My girlfriends and interior designer it is under the Shays was a week ago so it's I got a damning part of Al longer day care part of accounting reform anyway Thomas Davis will be on the couch for four weeks to start the season because it's the rules. He broke he broke all the rules in place for reason. You can argue whether or not the rule is a good one but the fact is he broke it and you cannot allow character to start to impact. The length of those suspensions you can't do that it matters important Jack character. Guess that's the plane is subjective nobody's. I had to try final. No it's this is not this is not where there is. This is not a trial you either fail the test or you pass the test if you build it test you pay the price. Now you could argue whether or not the suspensions before games but if it should be three. Sliding scales of justice in the American court systems this is where your courses and it is a first time offender do you not get. A lesser sentence for most crimes other than what Clinton that as I do a character that has to do with first time offender for anything like all alone no character does matter when you go way and you're defending your character even if you admit that you curry committed the crime. You do get your day in court disable this is what happened this is where my momentary lapse of judgment caught up with me. I understand that this role is something that I think is so easy for the NFL to be consistent on. They do not need to open this up to any sort of subjectivity and Todd Davis has been one of the most valuable people in the community in all the NFL but bring in Errol can't do it. This morning on the mag intact former West Virginia mountaineer entity backed stopped by to talk ACC football. And gave his prediction for those Clemson Tigers. They're impressive that I mean their defense is good of people are not enemies can be hard to generate options. Against this football team. You know you're looked you're schedules. There are on the road it to restrain them which you know listen to me bolsters your nose. A lot about beats the beast this team and these players and it'll be a challenge but. You know I don't I don't see any game on here that that that poses problems for them. In particular the fact phenol. Florida State at Florida State. That in October 27 were pristine going to be cranking up so in a constant for sure that they're not sure amber about nuclear. You know where they stand right now I'm at a news here. The tigers are the overwhelming favorite in the ACC for a reason they've made three straight playoffs they have this so many guys returning especially on defense by it to. Do not sleep on Florida State and do not sleep on NC state Florida State has the talent to compete with Clemson do they have the experience to they have beat the coaching the continuity. Maybe maybe not but talent wise they do and he saved the team it's gonna scare some folks as well so I think Clinton's going to win the ACC but I don't think this is just an automatic righted off forget about it it's over. What some people like Anthony seemed to believe. I I think true that we needed to climb Senna I think the only thing we can bring Clemson down as Clemson. I thought that I don't have stayed for a few years Ohio State has brought themselves down in the years that they didn't go to the playoffs talent is never been the issue. Dad I understand that Florida State is a very talented program. I still don't see it coming together form this year and I wish somebody who like Dion reference while quite a bit. I'm going in the last girl I really was hoping that he could put up a better game up against Alabama but they were really clued in and shut him down. I think it is if if Clemson loses a game in the ACC this year. Will be looking back as Clemson and slept through a game. Or or did the wake up and time I don't know that there's anybody this year next year gold Ford with five Florida State may be. You know you start going into year three of raked in Miami or or just in Flint Taylor really like it Virginia attack. Okay what would get an a conversation but right now I just don't think that's the case why no one. Number four Panthers head coach Ron Rivera addressed the depth issues with the media as they wrapped up training camp he said there's still painful positions they haven't decided on. But certainly seriously talents cause I'm in nerves there's only a few decisions merry moment knock on Kudlow were found. Yeah also. The match did you go sit through it's OK this guy that does what. As far as depth at key positions now what does so far said there's at least maybe a couple more. Yeah I would say you're probably looking at I think they're going to be bringing in four or five guys once the cut down happens to to read. At a cycle through the bottom of the roster I think date this team is very top heavy and I say that the best possible way you have everything you need to win. With impact franchise players. You still have that from probably 53 to forward these five I think you need to kind of regenerate get some it's a new town and their wants to dance at the. There's some depth on the defensive line not a whole lot and a lot of other places bill lot of questions still remain for this Kantor team in the coming weeks.