The Rundown With Nick Wilson And Josh Parcell

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Friday, August 10th

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The world of sports never stops taking issue with the latest here's a little rundown. On WFAN and seen. Nick Wilson Josh paar show with you the final out more of tonight show. We've got to The Today Show we've got a lot to get to including Brandon man going to be joining us at 130 Panthers left guard will get his thoughts on his job performance. In last night's pre season opener we've got the garage door guru handoff coming up at 146. By the way I just wanna say the Carolina pulled tables plus Twitter feed right now lot of response of the previous segment. Twenty years of experience in Charlotte knowledge you know how to educate you and your family on a new or used pool table before you buy 4445. East independence boulevard. Lottery action none of which I did share on the error. Given that it is time for the rundown which is brought to you by march Spain real estate now with a guaranteed offer your home sold guaranteed. Mark Spain. Dot com we get started as earlier this morning. On the four letter network we did have. We listen the national media loves to talk Cam Newton. Usually we get frustrated with the they're takes usually we hear them say bad things about cam noon it's like the national media is set to default. On Cam Newton and Calvin Benjamin while the first take crew discussed Cam Newton approaching Kelvin Benjamin a blast nice pre season game. And Max Kellerman weighed in on the matter. That was supposed to be an off camera settings he was not doing it in a way that was grandstanding you know. There are ways to do that I suppose that a war private you might remember what I told you. Camp won this by tko. Like let's throw in the towels stopped the fight like Apollo vs Drago you know let this. Blue corner that is what most of all of Al that's hotel management that it can't handle this whole thing. Start to finish perfectly. In a wouldn't go that far he handed a very well very well good on TM. For pros and approaching Kelvin Benjamin face to face. Like a man I say just and crawled back to his corner here your charge what earlier value you were very much saying Kim won this one Kelvin Benjamin takes a loss of the chair and you accused scam of grandstanding as did Max Kellerman disagrees with you dip did you what what does that make you feel. NBC still fun I am I'm embracing debate I'm I'm I'm look I think I think that they could have chosen to do that in another place and that wasn't in the middle of the fifty yard line. Where there are cameras around and he's they're very aware that they're being recorded these guys are idiots they've been under the scrutiny under the spotlight offered a decade now. And who knows when he's being recorded he knows he's always being recorded is another point. Well no me not and not end the block of rooms not back behind on any front stadium on with the press around and that's for sure. Not well you can you have some that say about that earlier. I thought there was an element of theatrics to yesterday that I'm OK well. The theatrics where disease big green mist into the air. Where does he walk around and as well but shouting. Where where the theatrics. Look I had Blair are the theatrics at the fifty yard line right in the middle of everything happening before the game. You know you're okay noisy me let me meet you in the under parts of the it's okay. Abiomed I'm trying so hard to defend cam here and and tell you that he won in your your trying to push me further. All I'm saying is a little overly dramatic it was a little overly dramatic see this is can be flipped it both ways. They're troll I'm just trying to defend Cam Newton Joerg yet you are dying on a hill of a new ones that does it did they are nonexistent did not feel like there was a WWE. Aspect to this the there was no theme music there was no diva alongside Cam Newton you can. Have a uniform on by mean I mean my guys I bring uniformity in uniform on. Eat in Bali was in his underwear which made it and I knocked him down one point for that like one camp and I know you have these you you're built like a Greek gods and I guess if I guess if you're billing now walk around tiger and if I was like that I would guys out of Nevada close on a final look like that to look at it as a reenactment an incident afterwards do we have to be in our underwear for the I don't have to be. I thank god when I was dressed up yet you've got to be that actually my wife makes Sony got the fat part down that path of very well for actually either the only thing about that is I actually don't want you on our hands to Graham and your underwear you good looking bastard nation feel how about that all right Deborah sued Kevin Donnelly was at last night's game needs all the whole exchange between Kim and Calvin unfold he joined the maggots at this morning. From six to ten he shared his thoughts on Kelvin behavior worker. We have to stick it to look back maybe get really boring day chapter. You know played so much once we can't start around the birdies on the field circuit comic acknowledge appointment talked to all that was. I was in the Booth watching the whole thing out of our old ultra kind of a closer here will go on all but about. You know it it you gotta be manner not you know like a lot of what coaches serie. To the players you know you got to welcome back comets of the pediatric like that which made Marco Vietnam like AP discover. Org for certain that it happened irate and not be Hispanic vote effort to reduce our our back you know whatever. I'll say this IE. I never had a problem with Kelvin Benjamin. Previously. I don't fault number one picks if they don't work out a 100% way the the way that maybe you thought they would. I knew I knew that Cam Newton stuck up form there was so much about Kelvin Benjamin. That I've been willing to say I was rooting for him in a new place a week ago we as his comments they're questionable one ever. He doubles down on them what ever. This when a man comes to you. And out and a man that you thought of as a friend default view was a friend of thought he was a close friend that moved after you got traded. When a man does and tries to level with you and you can't do that you said pumped I'd say a different word I am. I am really kind of ashamed for Kelvin Benjamin who I didn't previously think of is upon. He's got a lot to prove this season he's gonna have to back up this. Kind of talk and he's gonna have to do with Nathan Peter men or Josh Allen as his quarterback as a fact of the matter the guys opens his mouth runs is now that you got to prove that. What you said was true he said Jim held him back good luck with the agent Peter men although it did look good for a series or. Ed Ed. At worst Josh Allen. Who is supposed to be a worse iteration. Of what Cam Newton can do a big guy who can hit the broad set a bond. Eugene Robinson joined us at 1230 to share his thoughts on last night's dentist bills pre season game. Eugene had a positive today from cam Newton's play and predicts he will be more of a facilitator in north Turner's offense. But he did it noted that race. It would. What. Like that pop but. We. There. All the suspect that have been there that the debt. I think that it is so terrible. It. Oh. Well. Quarterback what. Credit got a double. Double that. That. What. Are. Pull. Off. What coach. Would you. Guys look at. It that. Eugene knows more about the Panthers and I do or any of us Dubai it. I don't know the that was norv Turner's influence I think that was a pre season game came news I'm gonna tuck the ball and run in the pre season. I had the stats in front of me I I would be willing to bet that Tim has fewer than ten carries in his career in the pre season he's not gonna do it. It's if he's still doing that week one if the lions not roaring we'd won our site we can talk about new and improved Cam Newton. I need to see more than one pre season game I don't think the lions ever gonna stop roaring. I think we need to understand I think the question is not is Kim noon going to run in the regular season. I think deities can you can you find a way to incentivize him and get him to run it. And do it to pick his battles to pick his opportunities I think that we would set a vice him is by finding a way to run those that the news the ball. With force and and in a way that he could trust that running game might thinks that's how you do it. Keyword is trust does he have enough trust in the guys around him this year which may be hasn't had in the past as much so guys like DJ Moore who looked pretty good last night. McCaffrey's gonna have to step up of course weapons around him are going to be the key. Number of four alas and on the rundown today the observer jordin rod reaches just a great job covering the Panthers every day. She stopped by the Mac attack as well this morning and one of the notion that touched on with jordin. Was the left guard position as the Panthers started Greg van Rhoden over Brendan man. It in the game they really wanted to have an effort he is the kind of that they have at that position right now I am not gonna Benton Becker and with respect you know what effect it's strange because he wanted to see if he can really step in and eat a better president at a party at yup that we're taught. Byron Babbitt and bandwidth at what's start but obviously you know I think tap in my and it. Is he supper out apple look at it but I thought they apparently. With the ballot I thought that Fannie Mae and but it did really solid job. When he came and it sounded fairly quick that it's great both the bit that last night at and it is cup conference at. One of the things that you can figure out company and it is it true that right now I'm so much. I know I'm outlined right now they've really eat in an eye patch it's got up so that he could barely at half chemistry on ally. Well last Brennan Brendon man about that in about fifteen minutes of the show I am curious when he learned about this the reality is I was disappointed. I I'm not done not you know forget Ron Rivera I did wanna see Brandon with that first line I wanted to get some. Taste of what we can expect from these guys we didn't get it. Yeah I get I don't draw to any conclusions from the first pre season game we'll see where man lines up what unit he's with in the next game against the dolphins died on the offensive line looked okay in that first series last night.