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Friday, August 17th

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The world of sports never stops to catch you what with the latest here's the rundown. On WFAN seat. Right guys welcome back just ourselves take you up until 2 o'clock we got the rundown coming up presented by mark Spain real estate. And we're gonna get started with number one if you miss it earlier tradable ally former NFL defensive back UNC star as well he join us at 11 o'clock. To preview tonight's Panthers and dolphins game Dre way to end on rookie quarterback. Dante Jackson. Whether that is you know beginning to flee the fans to the speed of the game that they get is that. That's when it went in the space a little bit. Look at it right. It would do well on its back into what they've got with the very clever. This struggle play at all. Probably delete it out when it paper fell more I don't know what that. It that you know he had this almost straight stuffed it back pedaled it the people who is. He's really lit all covered. It's so that would probably be his biggest yet I think in an up. All. Learning how to play NF or quarterback of the NFL level rather is a very typical art no matter how athletically gifted you are no matter how talented you may be. And Dante Jackson is no different he's going to have to learn. A different style of quarterback that what he was able to do LSU he has been able to rely as talented as he says he has been able to rely on a lot of those natural athletic rates. At that level analysts you'll. Now that is in the NFL it's going to take him a little bit it's time to adjust to this obviously the speed of the game but also the technique in the art of the game and drape like touched on it right there there are certain things you need to know where how to play off. Is that a plane bump coverage at all times you saw some clips from odd training camp just a few weeks ago him lined up against DJ Moore. And how he. Bit also double moves but it would recover because of his speed that's not how. Happen every single time you're going into hall of fame and VP level quarterbacks in this division and across the NFL you cannot rely. Just on your athletic god given ability he's going to be fantastic I didn't need the drug for Dante Jackson all camp long and not. So excited to see all of the field tonight because I think you're gonna see a glimpse of what will eventually be one of the cornerstone pieces of the Carolina Panthers defense. He's gonna have some bumps along the light that's okay that's to be expected with your rookie. Dre' Bly talk about Marshall Lattimore for the New Orleans Saints the guy what defensive rookie of the year last year. And it was smooth sailing for him either so what happens it can be tough at times. Which you are alerting the to play the position at the next level Dante Jackson is gonna get a crack the starting lineup tonight against Miami and we're gonna see. What he looks like on the field in a living colors of your. The other stick it out of that game because Jackson's going to be an exciting player to watch you buy here in Europe and even a high as well because Peta is not afraid. To run has now but number two speaking of players not afraid to run their melt. Jalen Ramsey. Of the Jacksonville Jaguars made waves earlier this week throwing some major shape an NFL quarterbacks including a falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. He had some comments of his own following Jalen. You know way out but I played her litigators in Seoul. You know I've heard mark my fair share of trash talking for a lot of different people and it could Scott get me up tonight. I wanted to do well so I don't take too much mind to. I'm about winning game sit in a look up in the absolute best player the not so. That that's kind of my thoughts on. Yep well said by Matt Ryan are I mean look this is the guy Hogan has won an NBP's there for 4000 yards in seven consecutive seasons. I don't think he's very concerned with eight GQ article. And whatever Jalen Ramsey has to say. Within that Matt Ryan is one of the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL and yet it was all good fodder for Jim Ramsey also by the way thanks again Dan Patrick show. Is where you heard that audio that interview coming yesterday with DP from now Ryan does not give up at night. What's gonna keep it up at night is. Julio Jones contact situation is Julio Jones head in the right place. Is Calvin Ridley adapting to the playbook Atlanta has bigger fish to fry in worrying about whatever the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive backs are saying. They don't even worry about facing Jacksonville this year they play the AFC north you're not gonna see Julio going up against children yet although they'll be a fantastic. Fantastic match up. I loved what Gillibrand he had to say I love that we see this in the NFL it's all in good fun Jim Ramsey yet is calling out quarterbacks all across the league. First of all he was giving an honest assessment of most quarterbacks in the league. And also. This is something that we have been acting so desperately in NFL it's a great trash talker if you think about a guy in the NBA who brings something similar to the table it's too well and beat. Sheila Ramsey is trying to become the goal and beat. On the NFL and that's the NFL needs we need less talk about concussions it left when others are less talking we want to make progress boo what is the negative publicity to go away that clashes that helmet rule that catch ruled the protest. Everything is negative around the NFL this was fine. Yes it was the heat it yes it was some pretty intense trash talk but it was also interesting it was on it was invigorating as a fan. It was something they got me fired up to watch the jaguars which how many times did you say that. So thank you Gil and Ramsey and put on Matt Ryan for responding the way he did this is of no concern. To the Atlanta Falcons and VP quarterback number three in the rug out today moving years to the NBA with free agency and pending for Kevin Durant in a year. We're already talking about I know it's August it's 1181 not let's look ahead to next summer. There's plenty of speculation as to where he made playing next the woods young was on the jump yesterday with Rachel Nichols he shared his thoughts on a team. Might surprise you. That could be a good fit for Kevin Durant. The opportunity to four feet and that's something this is very difficult to do right largely unprecedented PGA. And to me I don't see governor doing that I'd do it a look I don't believe Kevin Durant will finish his career with the Golden State Warriors I believe that very strongly I will go somewhere else. It's just a matter of when. And I think teams on that list would certainly be the knicks but I think he would consider the lakers this summer had had LeBron logged on there right and I think the thunder on that list I think that eventually Kevin Durant when he sits down and makes a decision. I think he will look at Oklahoma City even. Our rights they have of having to rant. Could he possibly be current Oklahoma City I agree with Royce young I do not being Kevin Durant. Wolf remain with the quality awards for the rest of his career this is that in nice little field trip for Kevin Durant up to debate for a few years. But this is not sustainable long term to be honest they're gonna get bored. I don't think Kevin Durant as a different kind of catch. I know that Kevin Durant is it LeBron knows he's not Michael Jordan be motivated by the same team as some of the other star players out in the past and it's really hard there may be not be more complicated player mentally. And Kevin Durant he's just completely changed his persona and his attitudes and leading Golden State. Our plea deal the city rather two years ago he really did seem to care. If you hate him although the burner accounts might suggest otherwise I guess is it raised the bill general to an extent almost too weird degree. But he returned Oklahoma City absolutely when he left the thunder it was not because of the community it was not because of the city that loves him he enjoyed his time there. But he is likely Russell Ezra. And you can say what you want about how they've acted since then they've had their heated moments on the floor they had there bye gobble it all star weekend. It's tough to say what the relationship is like as it stands today but. I do not seek Andre going back though the city in less Russell Westbrook is gone which may happen eventually Westbrook is locked in for four more years big contract. But I could see a return later in his career Kevin Durant came back I'm sorry I'm LeBron James came back to Cleveland. There's nothing stopping Kevin Durant from conduct Oklahoma City but where I would look first for a possible destination for Kevin Durant. In the future. Is New York City and Madison Square Garden he makes all the sense in the world the New York Knicks he could be the guy that rings a championship back to New York you'd be the start of something great. For those New York ticker baucus got one more in the run down note the jury's still out on DJ Durkin. Following that tragic death of Jordan and air Jordan McNair. At the journey on Turkey's future at the head coach of Maryland the nearest parents spoke out on coached there in expressing their concern for other athletes on Good Morning America. Paula Paula. Can remember it is and well thank you. You either armament is considered it. Kids today. And assure me that he would take you much. He did anything of I think he should be. You lose job. I don't think that he should be allowed to coach anyone else's job in the environment like this. My job. So we'll never get back. And he's exactly right we've talked about the story all week long this is one of the most tragic stories I can remember in college football. And we have the facts we have the information needed. To sit DJ Durkin on his way and get him out of College Park look the reality is. May there should have been sent to the hospital an hour before an ambulance was called. There is no other information we need other than that to prove that Maryland was negligent. In this situation that led to Jordan there's debt. Yesterday on the showed nick and I had gave cloth and on from Wake Forest head coach of the demon deacons and we asked him we knew it wouldn't comment specifically on Maryland. But I asked him I said. Date what's the relationship like between head coach and a strength coach and coach Claussen said. He is an extension of our staff he is in the meetings every day gain in day out the people who's who literally listen to this story. About DJ Durkin and respondents say well circuit was there to be on the trainers on the on the straight days ago. You tank. Is dictating everything that goes on. In those workouts your tank is talking to that is coach day in day out we honestly think that DJ target. Just sits around and says hey coach courtship of coach. I just take them for a few months it is let me know how it goes in August we see him forget. Absolutely not he is its lockstep in sync with district it is in coach every step of the way and because of that the buck stops with him. And DJ Durkin all I believe should lose his job over the death the toward me there not to mention. Everything else that went on in Maryland that ESPN's shed light on with a report last week and the continued reporting this week.