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Colorado may be its final Mac attack or days Thursday on SNZ. Talk and it's not a Panthers. That did the good news for our next guest head coach of the Panthers is they can't their passion has always is absolutely. You know the needle I mean it's it's out of the park you guys are engaged. The bad news is it we're all trying to sit near telcos what he's close to deal. Well it doesn't give detail about that. But we care and on coach Ron Rivera your Carolina Panthers. Joins us here on the Mac attack on WS NC coach watching rats on there and he wanted more out of season but congrats on a great play all year how you doing. I'm doing good man I'm doing good we're still sit near everybody still engaged still pumped up. About panther football. Armed do you you wanna make any announcements on the show coach you're free to judge I can't imagine if you were making announce that we do we grow the red carpet out for you right now coach. I'm on Americans are. That's it that's your announcement expected this is the offensive coordinator saying it. I do is it close. There are all kind of reports about Norris he's in Charlotte and what's going on like is it close we ignore what can you tell us right now. Racquetball or improper or going through this you know this step by step well we don't we're we're we're we're looking. Measure that you know we we do things right we're doing the right thing. You know again about making sure that that everything we have to it's been quite ready to roll we got ported to 28 GRC. A guy on our last question this way and if you wanna slotted away coach like you would you know a pass in coverage back in your day you can do that. But I'm just got a curious you've talked last year about Norv Turner you work twisting in San Diego who under your clothes sweats and you raved about his offensive acumen. What what is it it makes him a tender I'll just say that it makes him an interesting candidate to you because at this point it's only as well which. Good luck to the success she's had coaching I mean do you go back and look at what he's started the well with Pallet of you know work it would Troy Aikman and haven't successor Aaron. You know developing players and working with quarterback. You know paper meet our most racially haven't worked with Iran in in San Diego work with the reverse of just saying that. And then again that's. I think it's one thing that that that really motivating me and in terms of going this direction. We're soft and Ron Rivera head coach the Carolina Panthers and enter right now com the only announcement he made is that he's on the Mac ads ads ads weren't Torre went with the announcers we'll see what happens with this process. Coach. You know this isn't this discussion did it started you don't get this question you know may be everyday life from somebody saying in media members somebody. As we look forward to next year I really love the way the offense got going there. Once camps are to run the football more last year you guys really thought of his well being in one indices can think we might have to run him less. On is that going to be up to the new coordinator or you kind of having your mind that hey we've still got to use Campbell and designed runs in zone re runs to get the most out of. The best part about it is that. Are people missing after what I say that we have to run him him or are gonna run and judiciously. The team that will continue to do well look at ways to use him judiciously. Medical decisions the big part of something that he does he does on and a potential impact because. Yeah I know I talked about you know the opposite avenue ball. What is it we wanna do it was what we find that back that we need to bond who has cancer early. And let him make moves to make things happen we saw that we thought at its peak and more lame the other day went. We're Christian McCaffrey write to the middle of the the defense and the payment took for the touchdown. Well that type of paper yeah we're looking to continue to develop and grow our system. You don't want a bit nor have when Houston and San Diego and at a town and he's still playing today. Parents sprawl and you Daryn just about the visibility. You know and again this is one of those things that somebody that we we we we wanted to do. You know I've seen done firsthand I wanna work for norm incendiary. They coach you know you talk about McCaffery you know I love McCaffrey also excited when we drafted him. And it just kinda yet that we've had to deal you know when a segment of people out there listen to our show we love the listen him and I just couldn't disagree more. Colin McCaffrey a bust story hey he's a disappointment look at him trying to run the ball. How would you grade out his first year light did he would EU which I'm pretty sure bust wouldn't be the words you would use but how would you assess what he did in the run game and the pass game fortieth. You know I saw him again I picked up and understand there's so there are a lot of elements to think that happened the football team this year probably that we had to deal with. Com and and I think that really plays into the development our entire football team not just our running back not just our quarterback but aren't tire well all they. When you're you're starting quarterback doesn't get do think that you need to do during OJ and many can't help propel the team. They come in trying to get continue to develop team and the team developed at this season goes on. What we accomplished I think we did a pretty good things because of that I think our quarterback is accurate job. In terms of trying to get himself into position where he could practice every day. And have a cavity every practice where we do well decreases machine you don't up it to be successful. You know we want eleven guy. I mean that. I mean it's pretty doggone good on this coming from where we do it. So again I think what everybody needs to do take a look at what to debate that we did we get a armed by by no means what I do everything in that we did we're about this year can we do something better absolutely. What does that spirit and say that based on aren't aren't what are so for me I don't look at the entire season I look at the entire offseason and training camp. And great on I don't give letter grade. On that because again I don't wanna put myself in a position what answer did you guys. Pretty good about what we've done and I like Artie like to direction we're headed I'm also a bit to restore a lot of work to be done. Yeah I did no doubt but up to play else for the last five years have been some good work being done to an ad netstat has to be knowledge. How cute cute don't we gotta win in the playoffs that's more like act that that in our I. I think we have to do I mean it is due to get plus it is good human bit which you have to win and play out and and and again. You know that that was on paper really disappointed me about this year I think this team was good enough to win and clout support you waiting to depart we needed. We didn't make the brakes were needed and we didn't play the arc building on our outside and that's army coach. Olympic and you know that will be corrected as we go ball. So next like what's missing though coach Chris you guys are getting there there are a lot of T I think one of five teams to get their four last five years. But that attitude is one you have to have we gotta win the big one we got close the week like what's missing putting your mind right now do you feel like man this is what is separating us. Well one thing that is you know a tough time and time and yet you know regroup regenerate is is a wanted to bring a new side. And new way of looking at bank arm and enacting a new way of well working what's something that would. No we need to improve on I think we can be better in all respect I really do very consistent I think we just a really good I. They returned a punt return to return trip copper cut out. We didn't give up big. Three touchdowns but they are kicker that has not disputing your peak you obviously are under really stepped up our return men were inconsistent part that is our blocking. Our part are we gonna get a better blocker and and again you know I think we can be better there. These badly you know porky there's one thing that we look at that hurt us especially our game we gave a big place. We just kept doing expect to win games as we we shot a run now. Tom but we gave. Declines so. That's something we've got to get corrected as well be better prepared now. Offensively we've gotten better continue to work to protect people well better be better in the red zone we pretty Google we got to be better the reds up arms so that we were really good on defense. And demo we got to be more consistent on the hot shot. You know we're solid Ron Rivera head coach York Carolina Panthers. I mean a lot of fans obviously have an aids and it's it's it's gamble side when you see up. Ted Ginn are former wide receiver make as huge playoff play against us. It's like man that's you know we we lost him we need to get more speed in the wide receiving corps do you look at this and think to yourself. Guys like Curtis Sammy when Byrd why did they take can be that speedy guards you look at it and say someone's got to be added to that wide receiver room that has those skills. Did not go to most certainly we kind of got forced you know we thought the mayor's ability we saw that there are also in personal start to develop a community is hurt. And and same thing for demeanor so. You know all those guys and they have an optical did at the numerous stop looking at players I mean we most certainly are. You know there's going to be good luck that got them out create you're going to be good looking guys come out the drop of we're gonna take a bite hard look at that position. And again not because we don't think we have the type of what we pick out there that weren't helped. We've got to help you spot we really do Rihanna finally got to help compliment take a lot of the pressure he. You know up to DeVon but is there a lot of pressure want cal we made the move with Calvin. DeVon would not mappings step up well and don't forget now you know DeVon still developing young player who doesn't do attack but. I guess we go on to compliment him. Getting Greg Olsen back on the field you know showed flash. You know we we saw that against Green Bay we saw that against New Orleans when a guy with his ability can mean for our opera so that was what was exciting. No we got to get we've got to make sure to sort out our running game we we we we've. You we've got to we've got to give continue to give back to their ground and pound you know there's an excuse that this year that an end and been thirteen games that we played that we out rushed our opponent. And and retro hundred yards we are eleven and two so again I just tell you how important it is restaurant to poke ball running successful. No doubt about it it's. I do get around a fairway this I had this conversation would Greg cosell NFL films couple minutes before you came on. And you know there's so much emphasis on teams mechanics and you know armed. I asked him about Norv Turner he knows north pretty well he's friendly would Norris. And I asked him you know do you sinks. It would nor is how would that work you know would Norris come in if he speeds he was the coordinator and what are you try to change cams mechanics which can be open to that do Tim's mechanics need to be changed or we make it too much of that. What's your answer that question like do you want a new coordinator norm or someone else a new quarterbacks coach ordered Scott turner Soros. Do you want him to try to change and work on campus mechanics or is that does that do more harm than good at this point someone's career. I think what we've gotten just continue to refine the we've sharpened up I'm not popping it's about changing tires are about call you find yourself a Papa. I think it is complete rebuild your your golf swing when you're in your forties or thirties or twenties what you gonna do it ought to go to work we do to make a better I think really with Cameron. Just about refining what he'd done and continue to batter. Again if you're doing everything based solely on this year I think the very fair picture look at what you'd wonder what he's done. You know you've got to take him on the picture tickle the 25 can't look at what happened there. I I just think right now there are you know there'd be result Lotta people wanting to recruit them and without really take a look at the big picture like I have to. At the end of the day I think it's about refining things he does make sure that we're we're we're emphasized in BP does well. Intend to improve on though. And again correct those are critical things that he does that that we asked them to do that. Well I don't suited Al has the ability so again you know this that to be seeing you know we go through this process that you know we get our coordinator and play our and our. Quarterback go to play you don't know we'll go Florida and will work on specific things that we believe need to be cracked. OK last question Lisa less serious question I'm on askew here is you know you do you what you guys an amazing job as a staff I thought. In getting through the adversity you know the dame gentleman situation right before camp cams injury other key injuries Olson Khalil. Bomb had a little cam dust up you know winter it was the media would George Rodrigue and I just assume would you guys just kept on trucking through adversity. Maybe the biggest thing of adversity is what has happened wiz with your owner Jerry Richardson I know how you guys feel about him. Do you think got a sect to the team in hindsight do you think it affected the team and all because that I had to be an emotional thing to try to come to terms with while you're trying to make a run in the playoffs. I I don't I've met sir thank you heard us. I think there there are a lot of things that we were able compartmentalized. I think it. It kind of gave us so little more sense. Urgent work. Did you know we talked about you know happy to do what the media. And you know we were some guys talk about what his value is to you talk about what he meant to EU and how he's helped you and and you know could we have a number part of it impacted by Ankara mr. Richardson and stuff you really don't look at epic. From Thomas Davis you know go to believing and Thomas tomorrow morning promise to be part of what we did after his third knee surgery. You know being part of ground ball outs situation is somewhat more of a heart ailment. Ten paper per common when his that was what are. What article bit of a little bit of a medical concern from the original was carefully got you know and I hell how we help you know and and and and the growth that jewel. Well duly copper coming here they are so many things that he's been involved with. Our players and our staff and our people here I think that some people you know you gotta go look at it okay this is what he was. Army and what he means to me and I got a patent to guide enables us to separate from the whole situation and then focus and on football you have little sign that it was we will be where we treat our. You know you Peter com your home your family you you beat your current state to be here at the state you know you're on the field be on the field well. Well you know we were I think we're able to poke you know things that we need to do. At the time we needed haven't done. I'm all right last thing this will not be very serious but I'm curious I have a Syrian asked concocted here coach are right. I think you are just messing with a lot of bus stands. Because I think you've got word maybe a little birdie told duke that when you say missed opportunities after a game in which we did truly missed opportunities in certain games. But stands are like oh no I hate here missed opportunities he always says that always say nick. I think you're just messing with us now when you are saying it on purpose to mess with us is that true or do you just. Like have you heard the backlash in a fact that you always say missed opportunities and pay the fans are always upset while you're saying it and it seems to upset us even more. You know Max. Opportunities. Rose to about. I mean. You think it's too. Early using net for my pot is my chance to sit there. And and think about it and and quite honestly. A lot of times I don't want anything right after talking attacked asked. And so I missed opportunity. When whenever right at the pop topic but okay give me a chance to look at the death. And there are other reasons too and I'm not gonna sit there and American arm patched if I think reprimanded bat the makah past player until I get a chance you don't put in the past. Huddle call well we don't play call Obama coaches until I get a chance to and grout and understand and pastor questioned why so again meeting missed opportunity really true in my opportunity deposit bank. And to say OK guys that's the topic of Brad this emotional thing. You going to wait a little bit well for you started to could probably not quite are wrong you know me Mac and you seem like a roadside. I start to roll and things are coming out. That's a good way to almost protect against yourself you know I don't know throw someone under the bus just called a missed opportunity and I'll find out okay want to miss a doorknob. Opportunity. Arm when she went about this because I you have a strong T shirt game their for a while. If we sensual and I hate missed opportunities T shirt would you where it's. And I love it doesn't have your guard logo on the. Coach we want to make a marketing move that would put back maybe you won't even though it's back there may be all right coach she'd be. Upset. If you're a man we like you are disappointed this season ended last Sunday. Much but I think on all you guys done a good job I'm very curious to see. One happens as far as a coordinator saying goes bombed so this is a user this is only interviews scheduled the one you're currently doing right now right. Well we're going through the profits. You know and it acts to this you know I really do appreciate what we are here with Mike Shula. And Jimmy Dorsey middle guys really came to work and it did a great job Orson and I just think it it's important that that our brand really you know at least understand that that's how we do feel about that and this just you know 8888. He can't trust is like hitters to bring and it knew that I think that from their perspective. I coach I I do I wasn't gonna miss one last opportunity to try to dig up some dark but you be you do not done away pretty well coached pretty good I hope you guys skillet it's all season and we're I'm already ready for training camp and you're not but some of we appreciate it man thanks for coming on. I appreciated thank you very much Barbara I coach good to go dig around Rivera head coach. Of North Carolina Panthers just hung up on a mosque associates any difference I've we know is we appreciate his time someone Sosa hit that button that we we miss an opportunity to say goodbye. Could you do this and operatives so he is buying time to see the tape so John Fox would sag total unsolicited staple on that. What Ron does is he Johnson missed opportunities I just like him to vary it up we get a chance everybody a chance presented further and hold a hate on Ross for saying this opportunities and I've been a part of that as well. Let's remember the Sox years. Well he's got a knack also Izzo is gone afoot he's got ahead. We wanna go back to them. We're really seriously we put to bed did have a good day you know and it's a post about one thing that's after. And then we found out I hate that saying forever and then I found out what he meant when they beat us 173. Because they didn't do anything but to run three plays and punt against us. Are we come back are met we doubled as a wholesale we'll get you guys you have things to say about what you heard from brother a lot of people are trying to rebook around saying. And they feel it is it's sort of turn our. On I got to do you want to talk to us about that 70457096. And it's it's Norv Turner I'm kind of in the middle on its arm but we did some extreme opinions and extreme heat to its Mac just act.