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Tuesday, January 23rd

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Now we'll get to him coming up in an hour now we go to the second count yes and we talked to this man Robert Congo from Sports Illustrated in the MM QB dot com I think he's done at the recent Senior Bowl and we'll talk Panthers and NFL and Super Bowl and all that but we start the most important thing which is this tweet from an hour ago where he says there's somebody using a Polaroid camera at the senior ball players are blown away by it because they don't know what it is tell us about this Robert what's going on down there. Yeah that's what I apologize if there's the way underdogs Specter of extortion the other stuff in back out that their mobile but. Yeah you know there was the Denver Broncos dot com who have forward and ready to individual player a sign of media fortunes we. And that the players were just what they were visibly shocked when that when it moto would come out of the Polaroid. Is this. Below what is this what is this sort Surrey British blood in this sort there you answer our ironically. All of these alternate boy oh boy and think you know back in 96 and more about oil and a lot of people out of you should. Sisters. Anymore at new. Hugs all. That's certainly many men and is ready Mason is really important worked on their three sustainable Robert tomko on Twitter Robert clientele from CNN UV Sports Illustrated. We were just talking about the staff changed -- crazy Robert because you know the one thing that's been consistent competitors over the years is inconsistency that never had back to back winning seasons in the you know here we go into this offseason where you'll have a new owner certainly made about a time the draft is over Marty tourney will either be a full time GM or you have another new GM in here ideal of new offensive defense offense special teams coordinator and probably a lot of fan favorite bettering is that I I think are going to be on this offseason is also its its pretty crazy what what do you make important interstate and all things considered what they're going to be battling here over the next few months. Yeah I mean he's credited with a great career in the NFL I haven't seen that has you know I served well and I got that player. Now about a part of decades and still has much. Coaching change Okur and I advocate through. You know the unique coaching approach you have to pay the coach and Cam Newton to be successful. I'm ready to be recurring in any but he dispute had not torque turn it was a great choice just because he's been around so many off but that. And you know you look at this the best but I think that the ethernet or are you Norv Turner didn't help memo on that top. Respect. You know haven't brought in player but yeah and Eli. And helping doorstep via our starting quarterback. I don't sought you know I think if the great hire and I think that. Is number one priority. Probably due by the number two receiver. You know certain supplement that offense. I think if I'm Christian McCaffery I'm extremely excited because he's. They're an old and then yeah go ahead from the the most prolific your it career. What Norv Turner and you know very similar. Style player. What could be a particular it'll be more of the same and an air washed and have a good understanding of you know what you know done well I think if the national top ten laps I've been here you know that's the kind of change your back and it's for your coordinators that go on. And yet head coaching job and then to be able to promote somewhere and in that situation and they've IPO. Robert clunkers was from the image QB dot com Sports Illustrated is with a stride now on the technique come guess like doron you look at the Panthers what does this start word is that. More key position that they have to look at it seemed this desire you we are there's room for him the most the fastest. You know I think thought per year it's been wide receiver. And I think Burkle and as you can. You know kind of open not a lot of the income debt problem. I'm when he had a cat guy you can get open and in into a situation that could cook very he thought that the more well. But you know that Dave and and and Europe they've. It is here to get playoff game. In the week. You have two competent wide receiver that elevate your game that there are you know going to may and get opening the zone. And they haven't had that. When you judge we non U players seem to have been run intermediate route running backs and tight end and debate and a well. And you can't just below one wider deeper we've got them all options out there on and that he has been critical but there are and I think I go to nor. Number one priority to help the doubt and now. Find a guy who can get people. Out. Can you see it and I think you're spot on Robert Williams was crazy to us to so many times fans I think he'd get caught up with the idea of having. No deal Beckham or Antonio Brown when you think it it seems especially the ones to make deep runs in the playoffs for. More than anything it's it's about who is your what is your wide receiver corps overall how does it as it would melt together does that fit in that maybe that was the idea with punches and Benjamin just never worked good. You know you would never say about any easy these receivers for the Eagles of the patriots and vikings individually or the jags that they're the best wide receiver in the NFL but there are all really good at what they do they complement the offense overall the panthers' offense just failed suited to build around Camden and that way. Yeah I mean it's great gamble your own and it gets under all year under guard for that purpose in your you've got you in the playoffs no doubt it would well. What I mean you're going to do well this is when Mohamed and do it ever under dirt which it. Richard did it that somebody that you can then. You know the pride in where at the end that they can come out of nowhere if it were oh you're you're you're keeping the Atlantic that oh. Eight north several big game. Went in order to limit what Julio doing. And just you know he's pretty particular liking being in. That they're more you know what blog where it. There are eight albeit without what are the what the playmaker but. Adam Eli and if it's making unbelievable and chip and end it the most important former on that yeah. You know I think I think you can get through. The coffin and get to a simple ball well it you know. Average quarterback play what you can't do it it's not have been out and it still don't position player I'm according to acquire. We're talking Robert and company MM QB dot com Sports Illustrated on Twitter at Roberts one can always with us right now down in mobile with the recent senior always with a shred now on the tech becomes just like silk a lot of fans Robert always wanna get at that big name is a higher whether it's a head coach or coordinator in Ron Rivera now is making a point to say on any keep promoting from within so I'd go Steve Wilkes second time in his many years at the panthers' only two. To have a new defensive coordinator and Eric Washington gets it gets the call but he's got strong ties to some of the best. Defensive lineman in the NFL where every day and Julius Peppers is one of those what do you know about air Washington what do you think it's going to be introduced painter's defense now. How what about Eric Washington is what debit and noted that people apply and are or in general have been emote because there. You get on the scene for the better part of a decade. You know people go to Asia. I'm not a guy who you know he's been that a big name in the media paradigm that was you know really rumored to be used in line a lot of other. You've got the coordinator job. But like I you know. I think you'd ideally when. It's the did not grow you know so I just promote somewhat and until they're seeing even that it didn't even coached the evil. That they're I'm sure they'll be on the road they're washed that. If you look at team that went from the coordinator move on to greener pastures and become a coach. We try to hire an outside another great example of Atlanta they are here since Aaron he'd be he'd be underplayed. Palestinian. You know I think a lot of these coordinator and a stumbling. Either tried to call something that. Good deal or try to replicate. What was done or I I think you have to promote on it and apply if there's all our candidate in that situation. Robert we're we're talking about dislike the rest of America yesterday about the patriots and their greatness in the dynasty and everything they've built over the years eight Super Bowl appearance is now between Brady embellish check. And I was I was saying it's a fun little game when you really try to encapsulate what their greatness or one statement if you can. And I think you could boil it down a couple of different ways over the weekend but to me Sunday for them to come back again from a double digit deficit in the fourth quarter against the number one defense in the NFL without their top two weapons does elements and gone on here all your grunt didn't play and you're not even surprised and it doesn't register in the grand pantheon of the out of comebacks in their history. That's the patriots dynasty what would you say if you could wrap it up in a tae Bo and safe this speaks to what the patriots today and I since 2001 how do you encapsulated. And it may have mentioned it in my mind is. The post game ceremony at their championship. When Bob Kraft who have been great on its state and Bill Belichick the Lamar Hunt trophy. And Bill Belichick tree so much just catch and out of oil underwear. Apparently who didn't that would block the job and crap. If they don't place her in the title you know. That I don't I don't even debate display don't throw it and our planet receivable and and they expect to be there. Every year audit they have the best for people all. And a quarterback. Who. Historically over the past decade. Belichick had been able to be harder on in notes meeting. Two of the tournament that everybody else that if if I can. You know that bike in chew up that the best player and it in the history of the mission you know you keep it out here. You think Brady finally one teacher do we just recording thanks this may be. I don't know man I am reminded of a book all Americans might have model known disagrees literally passing for embellish Exley who wants us against seven of these men and this is they don't need this on not only the other seven I got who wants a new one opponent and early August and. So rob what is it is that Charlie always is it true isn't out there is it to have. Look at it did Brady is clearly the best overdo it is to go right and to go god do you go about our. I think here I mean you never know what would happen if they don't directed by the crowd and they're brought a coach. Well according to achieve it but what are just about every quarterback that ever played that the I think that wins are all horrible way to. Judge quarterback and part of the argument being made it you know is a ripple effect much to the ground and penny and but then you look at the turnover that they have just been the last five years of that laughter. And I'll be all right and if that piece of but it had concrete. I think he I think he demonstrated. Here and let the year but he about the ball. Have I know I I I'm with you and ET on the other side of the coin I I found this analysis really interest in presenting both things future robber Willy go this. Boy portals I think had a game of his career on Sunday yet. When the game was on the line and yet to make one troll just one throw some Foyt the fourth quarter he was incapable of doing and I mean that says it all right I mean what Furl is all they need it from one poor housing and he couldn't delivered on Sunday when he needed to. Don't weird I think they got I think they themselves out a little bit of the ocean that. But not been that they were doing. First intermediate passing being really aggressive on offense where they stopped doing it. And I think the public you know if they got if they kept going with what they were doing that Belichick and figure it out. And and stop there and make big plays they expect. But it that they just you know Richard what would let them out. I think a lot of America it would look like the people of the underdog dad or an awful but it so it took almost inevitable. All right Robert you do great work done at the Senior Bowl we want to next story on what's going on it down there we now know that Polaroid camera is a foreign object in new technology this city's young young young gov NFL draft prospects to other threesome Senior Bowl Robert Clinton co from the MM QB and Sports Illustrated to talk to you thanks for making time.