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Monday, January 22nd

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Welcome Eric Campbell NB ATV our friend out in 9290 game our sister station down and Atlanta as well and I was about fifteen feet away from all that on Saturday Rick I've I mean I never seen that very often five points or three seconds and that's a heck of a way to blow the game for the hornets and got another season in a nutshell right there. Yeah it looked up for it to Johns Charlotte air I actually. I a bunch are free and about better actually watched all or every player that is holed out that it occurred I just want. How Miami without thought it's I looked authentic. Okay it'll be. Lifted I don't believe while you're particularly want or we're completely deplete debate you got a lot of pop want to popped up. Well I don't think if there's a lot of album flopped it looked. In terms don't fit it fit to break out. And it it I sit there were a couple states that hopefully all you don't want to be that Steele got Richardson Gilbert they're worried that that change job to. What Dwight Howard. What in the hell are you doing OK Kelly O when he came back or you chortling all the left started if you use a shooter. So often though it was going to happen right there are totally feel a little shocked about public stupid armed for battle and it it so. We'll look at it before and our market being short about twelve or Alex wolf port or block it won't really good year. Or if they don't like it abruptly quitting plight. It took particular airport that. Ice is so hard to wrap your header on this case I mean a big deal accused city got Margaret Campbell witnessing about a way NB ATV 9290 game. Down at Atlanta you Adam my NET that was. Injured their top two point guards were playing they really didn't they essentially did have a point guard at any point either with their starting lineup with their bench on Saturday three games in four nights second out of a back to back. Didn't get to their hotel we're still. At a early as 3 in the morning on Saturday and lost in Brooklyn. The night before and and I you know I was looking at this on Friday night. They lost back to back injury exits early December when they lost to the warriors and spurs it's been 23 games now in a row. Miami has lost back to back games and I mean. There aren't very many teams you could say this about in in the NBA they literally don't take possessions off and it doesn't matter who's on the forefront of its crazy like they preach culture. Miami's got religion culture down there and they put on a clinic against the hornets on Saturday. For a short period and I think what jobs recruit them what like 48 and now is both awful lot of things on the phone or connecting it back up their. You don't follow the war and all that well or wait all that both of being political before effect of Charlotte recruits who vote and what went that. Quarter profit in the fall. Of the committee feel unfairly blocked out so do I feel like they're well a lot of people thought the school got the doctor Arnold I thought you afloat. It's unfortunate partner points our report per room and pool their. Give it. Well this that is what I see it though they're leaving perfectly well what what the issue. People bought it at all week and yet you have them to be a lot of people have you picked up the outrage. Oh I thought that apple Apple's here. And I'll look at what it picks or it'll hold court at the post or out well about four feet. I want the full well what effected the out. Watch your level thug who aren't at your feet and who you can call fools a lot of wealthy enough. Hopefully if he can fit we don't. Authorities that before. All the fact that we literally keep it guide of what form. Laughing. Not so good don't wont own it all would be left with a full. It via. How do you get theory is I eat on five year deal as we sit here in Charlotte Rick Kamel witness again NB ATV on Twitter at NB ATV Rick he's with us on the technique on gas line. You know as we sit here with a sort of stable of all the talk about Davenport where the direction is it what it is and where it needs to go. Yeah I've pointed out other teams say hey look here's a blueprint here's what they've done here's what they've done Toronto is a good blueprint to make Miami's a good blueprint is well put. How do you get there how do you build the colts are thinkers you know Clifford came here and he wanted to build and every coach dungy said you're going to. And early on it looked like they were moving in that direction in the last two years have been obviously pretty frustrating output. How do you build that type of culture that Miami has because. I mean you could talk about the victory all you want it it was long before that ineligible after that to that they still have that type pulled. Expectation and production you're after years of how do you get to that what is a franchise. The degree of course fit it instantly better atmosphere here in the fifth career path he. Go fish there's been political all find it difficult to close call the sport sort of stuff. Occupant the Bill Belichick and the way it will patriot beauty being yet hopefully it will also. But it also bought it bought that didn't booking report popped the full political polka with that if hold it just leaving it should be able what do you do that it shouldn't hurt electing a little football needed that but that page it's got off. Of database called Aqua earlier that started it. Off that aren't there a book. If you want more. It's. Gonna quote multiple people want to Fiat that was like oh. Thought that you gotta pat what what the food I don't know how that patriarch. That it up all over the but he followed that. Thought for Charlotte. Corporal definitely weaker coat but not that he won't affect global policy. So huge that I all of its good it felt better or differently than. A hole to change the culture in my. That it is people who thought the fake car. Are you foot did it's been a flip of a football the guys well wolf what we fought for our pocket to buckle up it's. Bet that if you don't you don't get it up with new digital certificate from the players that happened but that that the job. Look why. Haven't we seen success from under Michael Jordan as as an executive Rick and I civilian our question and I know from my understanding. I he can be one who can still be very hands on and on any writes the checks like I'd that is is it that he has the that the frame of mind in it to be able to do that book put it when you see him as the greatest of all time in. Never consistently able to put together success as an executive what why is that because we've seen Jerry rest west do we see the logo too we seem. Pat Riley do as you said but we've never seen it with Michael Jordan from a from an executive standpoint. Yeah I don't that the court what would it look easy I would start there if it a foot short on display here. Great it's gonna it to across Sonoma valley literally just not spend a lot of extra troops. Actually surely yup or a risky thing a couple of well. We're not available to patients and that's it's that's surprising if cricket there. The ball falls out of the out of Wisconsin and obviously feel Michael Jordan so well with it. All of those other guys that that awful awful awful it's safe while I thought I could see 87 point seven read all of field type guy. We wanted to eat eat solid rebounder you know at a local paper white. All fit into that after the battle think they're well well it does to your. It would cheated. Our big thing if you have yet quite poorly qualified. Didn't want to deal with it is proper follow it through to. Could you collectors are full of what was it that spark that it got there it if it if you think you'll put. Afford it eat and own feet shackled him only going to be good at it. You can go totally flat there. Along with it it's been sort of at this fit you won't even be able to help this couple to get about the middle class partner. Why would you do that though reckon that's my the million dollar question it Ricky MO NN BA TV on Twitter at at NB ATV Rick. With us on the technique come get slide it because I understand the idea of this is Stuckey collapsed flexibility moving forward he's the one major asset you have put. He is the one major asset you have in the last time you did the seven years ago he was the only thing they came from it. And now you're gonna use him as a fulcrum. Perth for the same exit strategy again watch and expect different results with everything you just said so watch Timmy if that's if that's the starting point on this it it just doesn't. Makes sense it's a major reason why I could see it happening but what what would you make of these rumors and and why would you do something like that if you're the hornets. Well I mean I thought applied about evoking the load if it's worried it'll be I think fool thing wouldn't it be interpreted from. I'll get it won't get you want I don't feel all that. Inside stuff off to a slow folk thinking that they're awful they fear what what its own feet out so that's what all walks out. While I felt like jobs Uga football that's what stroller go well people let me. It was close to eat it also for example all been so terrible. Good article that came forward to a hundred points or what or Stewart for yourself let's go to Hartford don't I think it's the last for a while. But it would also sort fluff but what you know for an animated feature added that it went the other than they felt the publicity. Or what. What he called the starting point you're okay. Who do you think people competing not to be. Thought what did you think of how well but but we know it at the end on the wheel for a while before it. It often gets we've got to keep it small farms both can walk. He's British Dutch post it on what or what. You are 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Well in Vegas this is that this is the other question to Rick Campbell would Israel and go on this one NB ATV Rick on Twitter 9290 game down in Atlanta as well. I I know it feels dire but you know when I take a larger step back a brief for second to. Dwight like you said is playing good basketball he'll be an expiring contract next year. Kim was still got one more year's current deal all all indications from everything I've ever heard is that he wants to sign an extension here. And it's in his financial best interest to do so was well obviously so it's whites money can come off the books of wind. You pay kemba for you could trade Dwight as an expiring next year. I think the resale market for Amy put two more and KG a Mormon might not be what you want but there's something. Either now or a year from now it may be a hopefully develop season nineteen year old player if you miss the playoffs you got a tough Peter ten pick again anyway again next year so. Eight it. It really isn't that dire and you could ride this thing out another year or so and see where catch you and I think maybe by. Distillate some of those things you might you might put yourself out of this a little bit about won't comment. Who are your your data on our air everybody just thought they are for right now or was there all the swearing would jumble shrewd ever like the weather and a half when your actual championship. Yup one general put your where your quarterback it sort of watch NFL. I'll give you defensive player also when you're not he got there. How are public and that could wrap it very very big if we did you are opposed to promote can feed the we use your stick to pick and I you can elect who Campbell Fisher you know what I thought. It would be okay well at all what at that your team if you don't think he gained from the Fatah group whatever it is. Off to what looks like golf hall of laughs mu safety setback reported that rap group public schools people would just stay the course. First bowl 08 it got to be in qualification. Outlook before it ought to thank you gotta fill the spot that attitude yet if you like double off the Charlotte hornets pulled to sustaining the double the benefits. No I can't imagine he had a huge ovation here Saturday night and it was a packed house and I think. A lot of that was it is to get tested to see him play basketball you know. If that's gonna be won the last time to be able to do it's that we got NB ATV Rick camera with this and Aussie can hear down their 9290 game in Atlanta our sister station. Follow him on Twitter at NB ATV Rick Oprah always have always appreciate make it time it's always great to top all with direct thanks Rick it's not force. Brought close America of course there.