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Wednesday, May 16th

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And we are welcoming now on the Pentagon guests on Renaldo Wynn former NFL defensive end his own NFL color analyst EST into real citizen council Boswell follow him on Twitter. At Renaldo wind and also you should check out his event this weekend charity event the launch party golf tournament. Adding peninsula club in Cornelius. The game plan for life you're gonna have little holes coach Joseph Gibbs there. For his event emirate also give me on now to talk a bit more about that how are you and although. Hey Josh and David I got dormant I have mail moved to a little. A man's a everyday man it's always pleasant but it could be vertical and not care bill. I notice right. The thefts and other before we get into Jorgensen NFL also tell us about the that you guys are put on this weekend. Yes are all part of a great team of course in the also bit of course coach Joseph gives lead the charge. As up out of the game plan let them an opportunity to be a part of the state initiative. In terms of prisoner rehabilitation. And all of this. Golf term limits for their company and town adult for a great calls. And it's going to be a peninsula from six to nine poor's. My one among mid tour than Lou vote is coming to speak on our behalf joke Richard did. Clinton portage your W birdie there did. Those other guys and of course if you want more information you want to go to the ball a bit and also supported great call. You can go to web site game plan polite dot com and be able to go ahead and pushed. Sign up for the band. Go ahead and bought some tickets go into our community. Time but we will look for this meted that's about the calm we got a little capacity issue but. We got a few tickets well we will look people come in and purchased tickets in the court but it also donating their. Think time. So we're not a what is the goal in the purpose my turn to prison minister what are you gaz duel with the film's only inside the karma. Took this thing you're gore. And so you know we've we've heard a lot about the the negative things that are going on and it's a dark time of course that helped Carolina edit it today recently. But you know this right here is an opportunity to be able to change the culture of the prison not just domain to cut but also. Guys get out as we know 90% Damien no ball. And may it will be released into our communities and so. Beat steel minister says we call we want to have an opportunity to be it would be quick these guys and he's still ministers to have an opportunity as they are right now as we speak. They will go to four years cement there and so they gradual weight. They with a and B could deflect a pastor would to be able to build churches from with inside the prisons they are 56 supplement state and North Carolina they did dispatched to but to. No doubt will be living with their congregation toward export not optimal wanna go up pastor does when he finishes and all they've got to do what. He's gotten heavily in that light source. And so that's one of the characteristic of the field minister program these guys delight first. Every year there's a new thirty goal and an insult. Every dollar is. Privately raised there are no state on no tax dollars. To be able to support of field ministers so we are raising funds privately in the world go towards that don't wanna take our communities. Because we want these guys to be fathers husbands. Back in our community contributing enough. Contain unity to to have any victimize yours and sold this right here is is a great way to be able do that and invest into our state. Fantastic event once again that's made Tony first this weekend in Cornelius at the peninsula club a game plan to transform lives and communities Renaldo Wynn joining us on the tactic on gas fund. Arnold that's in the annual earlier he was gonna come around to Boyer Debbie little scared is gonna shoot in the high ninety's. Effect. If you look like in golf double the 21 but got right the end game and it probably came taleo these. We got the two bit on the twentieth. For us play a golf. But you wanna just come in here which you won't come in and kind of rub elbows with dad like Damien Lewis and and lose votes in and Steve Smith your teammate there in a purely. Want out of there and don't much have been on the twentieth stick denied but maintain that I had no I'm not planned Novo lock. Doom and put on my did not vote green. Almost got there comes show McCain is about 1030. And I'll get to get his emotional and I knew somebody about their room. A man I would auto let's move on Kosovo bonus of the news today is Charlotte is that Dave tepper has agreed to by the Panthers 2.2 billion with a B dollars that he will. Purchased the Panthers that that should I be finalized in the coming weeks and months. As a Charlotte resident right now what is keeping the Panthers in Charlotte which is on the tempers going to do what does that mean do you. Oh. Well that's always also when you can have an older than it. Please send in and in the community and wanna say about that they PRD no definitive base. I mean are you earlier that you kid meeting even the public view moving the team is is nonsense and so. All the people that I meet in the area. Both the Panthers RB and you Obey and a player all the other teams ops are root for the guys Leo on the field and and so that is means that you have an older that buys and I don't know. Legitimate worries from both male vocal in the Charlotte. And we thank god if he's keeping the bad news here in Charlotte. Do you think William stand that he wants that do things come like with the Steelers of darling how Carlyle this the lose weight. Do you think got to be a benefit to the purpose. Well male what we know the Steelers man's six super boat and as an adult players you know. David you know we you know we always one of obstacle to the highest bidder but one thing we know about the Steelers they always deal. From within and they they'd they'd they'd keep Dole's guys there in Seoul. You know that the deal would still have been always looking for the holidays created signs there all. About dealing in developing their diet and that's how they've been able to be so successful were alone here to console when I hear you say it damion stepped. Great I think for the organization not to go to an important it's going to be a model oldest all the scouts. And the front office BA finals diamonds in the rough like the old game. Here is sentence you know and it'd all the different guys over the years when you talk about the Steelers still were found no third fourth fifth. Dixon's seventh round so that's great the year. You gotta do to the question I was gonna ask and we'll kind of spend that for because everybody would wanna be the Steelers right I mean we we hear this all suburb comes from background of being a minority owner in Pittsburgh and yes sounds great on the surface and wanna have continuity we wanna be just like Pittsburgh but. What is the difference between Pittsburgh and any other franchise and obviously some of had a lot of sustained success. The debt as it never had back to back winning seasons what is the difference when you played you've been in the locker rooms you've been apart organizations. How can you keep that continuity going what are the most important roles in an organization in order to keep that continuity. What they mean it probably in April side as well litigated storage with the front office in the coaching staff working hand in hand and Lotta times. There are not always on the same page you know a lot argued how. The front office. That. Like a different world in terms of their. Well and what they see you in terms of the direction of the team in talent. And then you've got coaches that own a different page from the scouting and brought all this so unthinkable thing about the Steelers all old guys on the same page so. You know in terms of that type of defense system that they're running. We know that distill it one at 340 that's an out of court defense to be able to. Put together you gotta have the right personality to Abbott nose tackle mean that is the system and and we've seen teams try to transition to get 34 don't always work. And if you build it patriots though amid just know what to type scheme which you have in the membrane and the right players for their particular stain. In there when you look at. Without temper and his relationship comedy and with Mardy with a Roman Verne with cam all these Gaza into 20/20. Do you see any reason for him a connoisseur of the border changing thing. With you know with the head of this football team being in place for the next brief for the next two or three years. Novelty and it being different I mean like you said Damien mean gold guise of science you know loan term deals slope. I mean you'll continue to build on the continuity and an end that candidate is if he's older. If you're not broke don't try to fix it you know me you've been that you won't add. To what they're already dueling. And do what they do do continue to do it of course since and so again. No ownership I mean I don't know what it is to be an older but it not been around this flu I'm sure you have game in the round and great owners. And so most of the time this just hard in the best guy for the job and that Dole's got a big job just be a. Our support. You talk about one of the moves the Panthers made recently obviously in the draft going with wide receiver would DJ Moore that first it sounds like he was fairly impressive in the first. Rookie camp although I don't put a ton of stock in things like that but. A guy like DJ Moore what are your opinions on making that move and adding another weapon at receiver as opposed to maybe go somewhere else in the first round. Well it's always great day had a extra. Weapon you know with the with with Cam Newton in an evident next option on me that. That's been part of I think the draw back in terms of you know have an at extra received there have been some injuries you know to the receiver position. And so DJ Moore who I had an opportunity to cover. Win you know I October if you ATP gains got mail and from the DC area. You know I think he's got to have a look at a height. You know like great app lead. Can make Dole's court catches. I'd be doing from Philadelphia man it's so you know he these guys he's got a little bit this way and it's tough this. You know sought thinking don't be a great addition for the Carolina campus and in their arsenal would well receivers. In watching him play for Merlin last year did you see him coming emerged. As offensively you don't this football team I know he's played for more quarterbacks and nothing mean new book by the way for a you don't it's sort college of what he's found a way to stay consistent did you see that leadership in that respect from his teammates. It won't be about self from him as I was 7UP due to cover the games there will you know I mean down always plays with passion. You'll plays would excitement. You know loves playing the game that's which you look for Damon Hill. That you won't and big game I mean a rumor plant which shot Taylor what you're. I'm not that you got there you know make in this new low point in the game and yes the dead and he gave Mort is infectious. You know he's don't make big plays split. People to be out there it it can be a leader in and you don't be a great young guy and a great talent for alone I'm a big advantage. You know as a former defensive end a guy you know is not that much older than Julius Peppers the peppers are so all they're doing his thing how aggressive exit you know to see him still on the field plan that that that many snaps and and and playing at a high level. This is humble it would that the Delhi dues deducted immediately to age must wonder like why is he did this romantic. Mail when you crawl this thirty year mark. And it ain't got historically you've grandpa. I mean whatever he's taking a bent on beatle look bit of that and I don't retire so. It is the patent at the level he's playing. They cannot say crew goes he'd make it all the old guys may make an out proud of public like that this deal but it would not just be on the field at just the body. But also what you gotta you've got a gay player or Julius Peppers so it's great field steal. Planet Hotmail. Just amazing to see how productive he's continued to be over the years. I don't know what they are going to own homegrown these Cosa Nostra our budget that we cannot let him get in a bottle though so we are regular monoclonal. I feel refreshed. And I know Kevin Carter pretty well assure you guys by crossed paths with along the way that you looked like he is still play right now you can do Damien at the U guys U three and Juli is fabros go a lot of the front four I think you guys you give us a gamer to. We do rebound play in two. A man I would Otto we got Alessio thanks again for joining us on its I think on gas line and don't forget that game plan to transform lives and communities the launch party is on the twentieth six to 9 PM down there at the peninsula club in Cornelius. And the golf tournament may 21 at 9 AM and all the thank you so much for joining us. They dominate outcome ought to hit a few balls on Monday to our viewers is the guy.