Ray-Ray McLoud On Primetime

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Friday, January 19th

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First and foremost. Congratulations. On taking that ill Burres out. Our policy of come on many national saving a doctor Gregory way our podcasts I can't claim that you've got a kid. I can't claim it really I would like to know leagues obviously but what happened in the Sugar Bowl is now we you guys would want to go and it is as the one seed in the playoff boy it is it is it is tough but it is still so awesome that you guys were able to avenge that loss a year ago. After what happened in 2000 in in in sixteen in and beat Alabama in that comeback win when you guys that are down 21 and you got to be national champions for the first time since 81 so I think that's it's kind of tough to handle this year but may I mean you you leave Clemson as a national champion and that's something that people been waiting generations for. Yes we're blessed you that's what the good thing you know these. And that 31 god that was my class we besides go to group that would have them shipped in doubt that go out there. Where are what are what are your liberate our backlog weather's dried up Hudson wider series going to be an NFL draft what do you remember about the draft priority issues and he recruitment process and and the first time he met tableau and that guy's got so much passion in just beat the buy in is always there what do you remember about your first meeting with dabble in and we were like beyond this is this is my place is in my god this is where one day. There are atmospheric. By the way. That's where jail and if so what are going to quit going up groups in the game left yeah and the way it's big I don't go out and if it happens what they're about is attracting everybody that well. Oh. And I think there are very. Very family oriented and into gravitated mock Bennett well. And apparently. The former bear. We're race fastest guy and Clemson team this year was that who's the guy. She should. We go. Oh. Okay so that's that. That's a name off the beaten path a little bitty. League I don't know if the average they would do what is it would've been the answer going into the year. Yeah I have a mark. But I got it. We already. Better. More or or what what what are you working on right now what the next few months gonna be like you could this is a bit of a transition as you go from. They can team team team all the time to start thinking about yourself what it means your draft stock in your future so what are what are you working on the next few months. Describe it. Wait and see. Oh. Working aircraft. It all the people out of there. That process smarter about it in court order you don't fall for. I. I rhetoric so as I see. Gregory stand around 510511. Lewis under six foot. With the way the watch Anna tells going with 63646. Why are receivers. Wash your teen takes you over somebody like that what makes you stick out woman was going to help you. Make your name in a leak. Never did business. But. Yeah. When you put it in order to do whatever. Our web site may be. You can general bit my it's. Development by the Fed. And do we how would follow by. Let me about voted at the now dark in. Thought there. People read it what you can't speak. It is all of them. Prairie McLeod with a sponsor wider series coming on the NFL draft is with us right now on the technique congress on his slack loved his sly little is is that is that a 100 right now I would love to know where you're talking talking NFL's best scouts and draft guys personnel guys. One of the things they're saying hey we want to see more this for you we who we wanna see the you can prove you can do is on an NFL level and you're in your game what one of those things are asking about right now. Definitely sped out yet. Well I think that everybody is we how the game of football so apparently it. There's going to be enabled. Pop. Well they're different from what caused can't. They're being able to. We tell about the accountable. And that's really work out but like photographs that we go out very often there cannot well but there were up to me. Developing it grow our six out of the. Rare what's the best part of this duke Clemson athletic performances so it was the best perk you guys have in his brain noose. Awesome building it's the moon may be the best and all college football what's the best for you guys have for players and a building. All you people all goes well and so. So I mean you guys got some good stuff in there right labor talks about dislodge you got better stuff than that there what's the best version and build. On the Poland or the NAFTA what's the natural. We met a guy like is an apple bite out like a fish tank and there would like is but the real. Well well let me go out what Bentley did you you look stare at you look at these are there just in the law. It's definitely right off the lot but you wake up well muck through this got to do it if buddy yeah edged obviously we need extra. You guys are says he doesn't SourceForge you got a nap room where there's fishes swimming around in the role wall writer crosses right across the hallway from the locker room. Thumb and you guys are spoiled rotten narcotics or Melissa and I can't I can't be the place just gone up your game I can do. Talk to a lot of detected all I did beat us until other graduates and out NASA's question. The kid knew. They would allow that okay it was a vital ask you this question. You ready to. Are you don't. When you get to leave are you prepared to take a pay cut. For Clinton. You stop it right now. Re right through the electorate there are rare McLeod clubs a lot of receiver he's going into the NFL draft he's in the states his senior year and we we wish him a the most direct and nothing but the best free rates low bid documents did you sleep did you drop by golfers. Out there. Absolutely.