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Friday, August 10th

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It's been a long week in Charlotte and that means it's time to blow off some steam. Letting out. The sports or pop culture give nick and Josh this statement a name an ideal or a topic and they'll decide whether this wife right. Or his wife collapsed its radio and hear it. It's Friday nick Wilson Josh par sell its time to just have a little fun loosen up a little bit. Maybe get a match Friday mine said get those ships to move and if you know what I mean and just start this the idea is a name an idea a topic. And we will swipe laughter swipe bright we're gonna get started unnamed 704 I'm just gonna say everybody says unnamed and is gonna call unnamed Simoneau four. Luke that quickly gets the defensive player of the year award. You know slip right because they don't ever have anybody on the and got us a wide. Left cracked I think it's gonna. I think it's going to be a technical outlook we feel like what do I club may be Marcia allow animal or maybe not as innocent one of the top defensive ends of a comes back inside and let into our New Orleans or Tampa Bay may be. Now now now I think it's going to be out of its vision of but I like you trying to poke the bear I go to the bear just a little bit. I'll put Obama in the bare jail clouded our course if there. Yeah I'm not I still hate that one idea Judith McLeod always tell us magic. Not because I the more I thought lodge dating clown AM like I watch him play in their moments where he's electric and and there are other moments where I say oh well. A candidate wants this guy play football I would if I'm saying outside of Carolina. I'm I'm I'm gonna go with colonial Mac. Oklahoma is a little maggot the most fun most dominating play wherever the hell is gonna play this year. That was a swipe left for me is why bright from you. Also different unnamed 704. Christian McCaffrey has more receiving yards rushing yards that's not a tough one that's a slight bright. And let's I wanna get George personable engage on it. Swipe right there barely. Yeah it's more carries this year than the a year ago. Yeah I don't ignore of his unit on use and CJ Anderson not appearing in so when he did yesterday wasn't a great sign for how they feel about him and we'll see what happens the rest of the pre season I can't I pretty much that I can't take too much here's the thing north he's going to want to do the power rushing game. I think Christie can do some of that I can't I don't think he can do all the heavy lifting plots be utilized in the the passing game the way you want him to. I see Christie getting fifteen carries a game and eight or nine catches a game. I think he does most of his damage in space that to me says receiving. I would like bright I think he'll I think going to be fairly even. Cecil Wright Curtiss Samuel has a breakout year. This one's time off I OK I get it I did grow up in Ohio State fan I like courtesy Daniel as a player. It feels a little bit late in the game to have this I'll swipe left. Swipe left. Now who if we're told the kind of player that could do it. I do think his skill set jives with you know what what Campbell wanna do what can can can really utilized. By just getting him in space but. You just said that dude on a streak in your five do there's a chance you could have a couple fifty yard plays this year. Show it to me on the field the guy's got all the potential in the world he showed in college was got the person army comparisons when he was at Ohio State would love to see that from him I think at their fans are eager. For the courtesy and he'll break out. Canada this year may be boo and we see among the field and it's about health absolutely Frazier Ryan what else do you force money. I had some consummate this one Cam Newton wins another MVP with Norv Turner. Rule. Meg does that makes it sound like a causal saying like Cam Newton wins another MVP. Because if there is there all I actually swipe left but because the Norv Turner part of his long. So blessed really didn't know now give your. You can plug level you have to give a reasoning for I was letting the audio play my soul to collect my thoughts. And giving you a moment that. Kim is that one NDP season and it's it was spectacular if you look at the rest of his career he has been have. Eight to twelve best quarterback in the NFL on the news at seven yesterday now you're lying bastard on there stereo home and messy really were some good drummer and we're gonna number that you Shell Oil do you well. He he is a above average quarterback in the NFL over the course of his career and do it again though does he have the ceiling to do it he does have the ceiling to do it okay guys like right I heard a slight bright of their pro British Iraq did you hear that. All right but looks like we god that I find ourselves in Camden apologist Josh Bard's Ellen's studio with us right now. Also. I'm named seven of four Mac will gain more pounds this football season than there. Covering season and even when your married is the toughest season the fall season for a offer for man who enjoyed their food. I mean this is the time where we really get to hunkered down on some ribs we had to hunker down on some chicken wings were getting ready for hibernation season Carolina barbecue I am getting ready to hibernate for that there's been Kimberly hibernate in the and Charlotte. If it's still gonna be like you know forty degrees fifty degrees. All I'm actually gonna swipe left I think I will gain more weight and act while. Or room to grow and this is Matt and I was like Brad on this for sure. Is Matt Cassel more. Left in the tank Minnesota speak he's got more and level is. People are home for his Audi to grow. A bunch abruptly phrase on that as well. Unnamed saying a Panthers receiver and it's all coming on the building shattered text line. I'm Panthers receiver will have a thousand yard season. I like this on disallowed because it into weapons here are a hell of a lot better. And I loved what I saw from DJ Moore even if its appreciation game but here's the thing though there's a lot of weapons of all my kids run around I don't that is one thing that of people talked about. The distribution with cam. I think that was one of the reasons that hurt him with Calvin I think he was trying to get killed on the ball and trying to make Calvin what he thought Calvin could be. I think if I think one of the things cam does I think cam. I think he goes with who trusts. Also that there will be a swipe right appears. She will have a house energy and this year I am gonna swipe left but that's because I think there's so many well. I'm not saying if you look at it. Greg Olsen has had three straight 1000 yard receiving seasons Intel last year when he was injured but even then he barely eclipsed the 1000 yard mark and that was when he was like don't go to guy now you have DJ Moore now you have DeVon fun just from last year because Olson was Alphonse has became the primary target and got a lot of balls thrown his weight and eating -- get close to a thousand yards and so I think that because of the all of the guys like McCaffery we talked about as well there's too many options for -- that's a good thing for Panthers fans are okay if you don't have a thousand orders favor as long as everybody's making an impact. Can swipe right do there's nothing stopping you from slightly right of us has ever known around on deciding against in this game it is like last. Or swipe right you can do bowl. For a lot of laughs here just let you know I named my standards say yes that's clearly what it is you work with me after all. We did the same three times this year Imus like left on that from that's not a realistic expectation. A line to me come on I EU I want them here's a thing if you she added we go or above 500 in the division of maybe that's something I get tossed around I still going to be far fetched. I I add a best in this division you wanna split if you split. Meaning you maybe go one I what does that one and three against Atlanta in Carolina are Atlanta New Orleans. But you pick up a couple extra winds up against. Tampa Bay I think I'd still feel pretty darn good about that. Swipe left on that it just can't can't get behind now from. What. You're happy New Orleans three times is not happening slightly left maybe it happens like that keep it for the rest of his career.