Radio Host David Glenn discusses day 1 of the NCAA Tournament

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Friday, March 16th

Radio Host David Glenn discusses day 1 of the NCAA Tournament. 


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So some about these ACC it seems we only have two teams left now in the state of North Carolina. As it Alston is Carolina duke carrying the banner. Let's talk about them David Glenn joins us. David Glenn radio network all around great state of North Carolina and also the ACC sports journal DJ what's going on brother how you doing. I'm doing great Mac it'd give to DeWitt did get a look like all here though so that we do not develop this inaudible without. We were I love the fact we had six from the state that was a nice little thing to be proud of four of them have been eliminated. And here we are back to the old drill but wool we'll talk state to onshore. While you well you with us and I'll start there we were just talking about states. I mean I guess the the micro is frustrating right you watch those two games out of there in the post season ACC determine NCAA tournament. You fall behind you can't stop penetration and you're trying to fight back the whole time like. They were frustrating games but the macro picture is still has to put a smile on state fans face right. I agree entirely because the macro. Yeah that'd be fully what it but that is in the bottom for the ATP and well and I'd prefer. When you see who buried there at the other end of the rectum. All in the more you why in the world and people want to do I think they're very doubtful debut with the wolfpack. The more real laws didn't want to look what board. Has slowed down the bullpen petition. It won't even global. Long Will mean Walton did the city the first of all people that we're in deep that the well. A book called the per Walt what what is important for the most part. We did not have a good defense has been beaten Britain do what you all equal in all if you add it. The world junior college first one minute and three more major that first and all of those doubt. You won't go way you want the war practical basketball terms of their length they want all this is and so. Until this isn't huge success story but it won't put it all being at war you're gonna crawl all bowl is always won't want to miss it. You can develop that popular within the ball well potent is good but that's not the time to stop it in microwave you know under for your coach in a matter more. Bomb what do you think can abouts about Duke's. Against Rhode Island I Mena. This he'll run island obviously is talented man they condescending get after you. But I don't feel like they played their best basketball down the stretch and then when you beat Oklahoma in overtime it's not impress me much because they have men. Brutal you know since about the start of February or so. What do you think about duke Rhode Island Howell how much fear or should duke fans had this Sammy. It should be concerned about the same thing that they've been heard about all you law motive mainly from the wrong side of course in points go. If you want great and on and the first printer on the ball I think I noted today they were off the chart the path and then the ball so flat out called Souter. Eddie and we're out of greed and yet and we've all been. They hadn't been that Preval and the ball very often you and all of the good food in the early and on the import involved there. So will point guard all the pain at all when the Pope has been the topic and then they're they're a bit. Rhode Island that it won't be most experienced teams in the NCAA tournament and duke it you're destined always. Any team because they won't work well in the bottom line up too cocky Indian I have. So it got to be a problem maybe there's been a period in general respond to a boat people within. It did inexperience being maybe even if most is that you don't put the ball. So it's eighteen. I think the only way he goes along with you it is great that won't evolve involve both more law and the way it is yet. No absolutely X-Factor status on that seemed note no doubt about some about David good talk with David lent. David Glenn radio network ACC sports journal heels getting going today. A mom what do you think. I mean what do you think they're their fear meter should be I mean Providence is a team that comes up the most days. What I'm talking the basketball guys about you know who is who could give Carolina the biggest hits this weekend do you agree. Well I agree with that title but probably the perfect like they're part of a day earn their keep the great. Experience a team in the entire practice and that's always in there. I think not but are healed now Mac you gotta be able to hit three. And let's don't integrated greed and the possible around 32 opponents effective bit of a problem. Neither really stroked the Gloria I want of their great strength to boil. I do think profit would be the proper how it becomes the that I have Carolina all on put the sweet sixteen. And that might prove to accept it because. AP PT to drop like well I just the way beta or there are a lot of he dropped by. But I'd do it basic you know the double that and kick it aren't the best bet would go to the sweet sixteen and beyond. Now they say is that the three big dogs are still there I mean what what do you think I mean Miami losing. To Lola was one that in both means he bone are working bruiser we both had that one on our brackets like. Miami is inconsistent those garlic does like Newton likes can be great they can be inconsistent. Virginia Tech was kind of a coin flip game stays coin flip game like has any I know we've got people like. SEC fans also and again our basketball aficionados for the second straight and are cut up and their bus and our jobs but did anything really bad happens in the ACC yesterday. I don't I remember a year ago account while the BP well that is all I'm not that we're most news in the cymbal pattern and added an. And it was the celebration. And then by the way the community all of April all the old Walt the walls and you did it work ball and then the pendulum swung all the way that the governor. All the ethnic people people broke it was just an apple and then what happened. But I don't want all the about the other local that there all the water that there be with you need more than that although the wall. The little off button at a remote city more so I didn't we didn't do until I know it's like well. We all know that would be a good point there is really well put keep the ball over there and in the NBA BP will be one of those little ending with somebody in the final four. And it did most of all it made it is other all it's green probably won't even though is to repeat it. I'll tell you this idiot did it if you feel down about what your conference did in your buddies or bust your chops. Just break down the pac twelve just say pac twelve I thought I mean the ads that is definitely a full on emergency out there could. At half forever I mean well all. Over the city are loaded logo all of ball. All the world want to open all the all brought it all happened and for all well and you're right all in between well we're. All the loot we celebrate what is nobody more multiple bit more. He dated may till Friday. The nevermind never mind I did the second read it and they until Friday of the force are still of 48 teams are Mandela the last 48. Mom are DG last question you touched on Virginia and hotter injury. To me what my hardest bracket calls and and I spent so much time as it's really I'm going to nail that one year you know and I never do it. But that Arizona. You know of course the match symbol members say but I at Arizona and in Virginia I was Hammond Holland. I wanna win Virginia anyway I've decided after years of questioning Virginian saying why don't they get it done in March in being skeptical. A buying in with this year's team even without Connor do you have them in the final four also house forty you have them going. I do a compromise on your route a miracle and a what you're talking about. Because they have fallen there were a few pounds before the Tony Bennett and mark let it. I came back a bit of all work we put all Robin and you know broke onto the portable equipment. Ever present and all that it was the Virginia and everything built in defense that was still well within all is the lead dog. Every single one is either qualified that we didn't or. I Jarome there's now be what point guard or DeVon all the while the all new world would the lawyers in the entire eight DB and got a day. What it while they're prep NBA all over prevalent and it they run the Kentucky is formidable the immediate problem. Many different between this being an Internet as a Christian as any team has been. It was 31 years is what going to beat the and that doesn't know what it is that there's your route to. Let me beat beat that man albeit. Those other seven no we won't know you don't want them to do. Our bit and upload bothers regard if they've been the model for I don't have one in at all but I do not follow or. I DJ great stuff brother we appreciate it and we'll talk jump short down the road take some time man. Always want to tell exactly clear what.